Suny leon porn xxx new york

Suny leon porn xxx new york
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THIS IS COMPLETLY FICTIONAL AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY My name is Lisa. I am 15, curvy, with decent size firm sex com xxx story dwnolodg, a nice dark tan and dark brown hair.

Boys at school flirted with me regularly so I had quite the sex drive and masturbated at every opportunity with household objects. I lived in a quiet residential area in a nice big house. It was only my mum and me because my Dad worked a lot and he was currently on a business trip to Japan.

My brother, Carl who was 13 also was at the house. Me and my mum were out by the pool in our little bikinis. We were thinking of activites we could do for the summer. I suggested we surprised dad in Japan but she thought that woukld be too expensive.

She then suggested we go to a nudist beach a few hours away. At first I declined the idea but then thought of everything I could see like big floppy cocks of different sizes and status's.

I would also be able to compare pussys and tits with other girls my age.

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I told mum that sounded good then. She said we would leave tomorrow and I began getting wet just thinking of the sites there. I layed back spreading my legs. I noticed my mum looking between my legs and i looked down and noticed that my dark brown pubic bush was sticking out.

I closed my legs embarrassed and mum stood up. "What i'm about to do is for you." She said. She began slipping her bikini bottoms off exposing her completely shaven crotch with a smooth slit. I was shocked but intrigued. She asked if i wanted her to shave or trim my pussy and I agreed knowing that a dhange might be welcome. I slid off my bottoms and my slit wasn't even visible through the hair.

My mum looked in awe as she grabbed a razor and some little scissors. I spread my legs and she began trimming my pussy, slowly revealing my erect clit and wet, tight hole. She left me a little strip of hair above my pussy for a bit more character.

She then shaved my asshole as she thought men would prefer it more. When she was finished I looked down and was pleasantly surprised. She told me it looked sexy and it even turned her on. She told me to go show Carl, my brother and I ran into the house. Carl was playing his playstation and I walked in, stood in front of the tv and pulled down my bikini bottoms.

"Carl, what do you think of mums shaving job? Pretty nice?" I asked. He stuttered and couldn't take his eyes off it. "It's beautiful sis." Was all he could make out. I also noticed the nice bulge growing in his shorts.

It wasn't massive but not bad. The next day we drove down to the nudist beach not knowing what to expect. We got there and I glanced around at the other nudists. Mostly old people or babies but one boy walking past me was beautiful.

He had shaggy black hair, a perfect body and his cock.well it was uncircumcised, hairy and very long and swung nicely in the breeze.

I felt myself getting wet and horny and knew this would be a great experience. We set up our towels and stripped down. I didn't bother checking out mum because I had seen her yesterday nude! Carl slipped off his shorts and I wanted to see that cock that went hard for me yesterday.

His pubes had just started becoming noticeable and his cock looked very small and pale. I revealed my nice tits with small, brown nipples and my pussy with my new landing strip. I rubbed it a bit to expose my lips and clit to attract fit boys. I decided I would get no luck with my mum and brother so I headed down the beach to a quieter area.

I cute gabriella paltrova hot anal scene with lexingtong cock down and every time a fit boy went past I spread my legs.

Most of them sped up to hide their growing cocks but a few smiled enticed by me. I went into the sea for a walk around and out of nowhere I stepped on a sharp rock and screamed in pain. I knew it wasn't serious but it hurt like hell! I suddenly felt strong arms pulling me out of the sea and onto the beach. I looked up and a 16 year old boy was smiling at me.

He had a nice six pack but didn't look too muscular. I looked down and he still had his shorts on unfortunately. I thought he was a lifeguard but he said he was just visiting with his family who were further up the beach.

I said thanks and noticed him glancing at my wet, naked body. I looked at my foot but I could tell he was enjoying checking out my pussy from that angle. I told him to stay with me and he said he was embarrassed about getting reema khan xxx story boy. I told him it was my first time and he agreed. He slowly slid off his shorts exposing a nice size circumcised cock with the hair trimmed and the balls shaved which I loved!

He laid down and I loved looking at his big cock resting on his thigh. He asked if I wanted to join him somewhere more private and I agreed. He took me into a forest area but still on the beach and he told me he was horny and I said I was too. He began rubbing his cock head and it quickly grew to 7 inches. I was so wet now and his fingers rubbed me pussy. He then inserted his fingers which felt amazing. He took the juice from my pussy and rubbed it on his bell end as lube.

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He then began licking my clit and slit which sent me to heaven. My juices were almost all over his face and he loved it! I told him to stop as I was close to cumming and I took his cock in my mouth. I licked every part of it paying special attention to the head. His precum was flowing out very quickly and tasted a bit salty but it made me hornier.

I took his sexy lingerie lesbians fucks on casting stockings interview in my mouth and he moaned with great pleasure. He then told me to stop as he too was close to cumming. He lifted me up and got into missionary position. I felt his rod poking my sensitive clit and he entered me, our juices mixing.

He thrust gently and got harder and harder. I was in ecstasy and screamed with happiness. He continued going just pushing in and out until my pussy was getting tired of this position. He told me to bend over on a fallen tree and took me from behind into my pussy.

I was glad I shaved now as he was rubbing my asshole and pussy while his cock was massaging the tight walls of my pussy. He then said keep quiet as he stuffed his erect cock into my asshole.

I tried to scream as it felt painful but nice at the same time. He continued thrusting me until I told him to finish me off. He returned his cock to my pussy and pushed it as hard a she could until my juices squirted all over his cock.

I felt exhausted but exhilarated and sucked his cock of my juices. I pulled him off and his cock exploded all over my hands and face. He kissed me and licked some of his juices off my face! My legs were shaking and I had a look at his cock which looked tired and was floppy again. We said our goodbyes and returned to our parents.

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