Gf invites over neighbor for threesome with hung bf

Gf invites over neighbor for threesome with hung bf
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Author's message: This is a short prequel to my story "A Boy and his Genie". Spoilers obviously for that. ------------------------------- Sophie Swift woke up slowly.

She was sprawled out on her bed, and from what she could tell, she was naked. That was strange, she thought. She normally wore her pyjamas. Sophie thought back to the weird dream she'd had last night.

She'd dreamt that an old man had given her a lamp with a genie, and that the genie had had sex with her.

Twice. With only a break for dinner in between. It was a really vivid dream though. Her pussy was still tingling a little bit. Sophie opened her eyes, and saw that her bed was in complete disarray, with the mattress dislodged, and the bedsheet and the pillows on the floor. The duvet was on top of her, and she looked around the room. "Woah, that was a REALLY intense dream," she said.

She sat up, and attempted to get out of bed, before something caught her eye. Sitting over on her desk was a shiny, golden, oil lamp. "Is that…no…" Sophie put on her dressing gown, and walked downstairs. "Morning Mistress." Sophie looked up, and, in her half-asleep state, she could just about make out the naked Alexis, reclined on the sofa. Around her were quite a few DVD boxes, two pizza boxes, and some empty cans of coke. "Oh my God…" Sophie said.

"Ooo, you're a cheery one, aren't you?" Alexis said, sitting up. "Yes, I'm real. No, you weren't dreaming all that." "How…how did you know what I was thinking?" Sophie asked. "Did you…read my mind?" "No, you're just human. Predictable." "I'm not that predictable!" "No, I suppose not.

I expected you to have a better DVD collection." "Have you been up all night watching DVDs!?" "Not all night. I ordered pizza, and gave the delivery boy a few extra inches for his tip, if you know what I mean. I played a few rounds on Call of Duty too. And then I just browsed the web for a bit. Seriously though, your DVD collection is awful.

You have no taste at all." "Oh, and you do?" "I like to think so. And while we're on the subject, have you not heard of Blu-Ray?" "What are you even doing here? I thought genies lived in their lamps?" "Yeah, I do, but I've had millennia to get used to that place, so I figured I'd look around your house.

Not quite the mansion my last Master lived in, but I suspect that'll be changing soon." "What do you mean?" "I told you, humans are predictable. First they ask me to couple sluts tried to steal and fucked at the pawnshop my powers, so I generally strip them naked, like I did with you.

Then they ask me for money, sex, and some sort of social boost, like getting a better job, or becoming King of Prussia. The only bit that differs is the order.

I've already given you sex, so I'm guessing money next. Or revenge on someone you don't like. Some bitch at school keep picking on you? I'll make her beg you for mercy." "This is still WAY too weird for me." "Mistress, I promise you, once you've made a few more wishes, you'll realise having a genie is the best thing ever." "But you're not a genie!

I mean…what happened to the whole Arabian get up? And why's a genie talking about DVDs and Call of Duty!?" "Wow, and here I was hoping I wouldn't have a racist Mistress." "I'm not racist!" "And another thing, why shouldn't I talk about DVDs and Call of Duty!?" "Well, it's just not what you expect when you meet a genie." "I bet you got all your ideas about genies from movies, right?

Negative stereotypes, all of them. We don't all pop out of our lamps and sing our Masters' praises. We don't all spend 10,000 years locked away. We don't all burst into spontaneous musical numbers, unless we get really drunk. My last Master was a soldier who found me at the end of World War II! I served him for nearly 60 years, and before that I served a lovely German lady.

Before her I was with an English lady, and before that an English widower. I'm more familiar busty milf and teen make out and some session in bed modern technology than you ever will be!

I can remember the Wright Brothers' flight! 29th October 1966, I was practically in tears when Ben and Polly watched the Doctor collapse! July 20th 1969, I watched with pride as that little species I've had the pleasure of knowing for millennia made it to the moon! May 25th 1983, I dressed as a Wookiee to go and see Return of the Jedi!

November 1989 I watched with yet more pride as hundreds of East Germans demanded to be let through the wall! 1996, I sent my first e-mail!" "Alright, I get-" "I've got a bloody Twitter account for God's sake!" "…Bloody?" "You spend long enough in a place you pick up some stuff." "Look, Alexis, I'm sorry, but-" "No no, you've made it yourself quite clear.

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Apparently, I'm not what you want from a genie. I'll be off then." "Alexis, wait…" But it was too late, and Alexis had turned back into a cloud of light-blue smoke, and float upstairs to Sophie's bedroom. Sophie tidied up, just as her mother came downstairs. "Morning mom…" She said. "Morning Sophie. What's wrong? You look sad." "Oh…nothing…" "Sophie Swift, I've known you all your life.

I know when you're sad." "Mom, I'm fine!" "Is it about a boy?" "No!" "Well you know I'm here to talk if you want to." "Yes mom, but I don't want to talk." "Alright, alright. But you know, I'm here if you do." "Mom!" "Okay, okay…" ------------------------------- Alexis reached for her diary, and laid back as she wrote in it.

"So my new Mistress is a real ungrateful bitch. Last night I made her cum her brains out, and yet now she's all "You're not a real genie", just because I don't dress like some slutty harem girl and talk like I'm from the 12th century. I can just tell I'm not going to like the next few decades." ------------------------------- Alexis was about to write some more, before she felt a familiar tug, and her vision was filled with clouds of smoke, before she found herself stood in Sophie's room.

"What do you want?" Alexis asked, annoyed. "Alexis, look, I'm sorry for what I said," Sophie said. "Save it, just tell me what you want so I can go back to my lamp." "I want my genie to not hate me." "Too bad. Now make your wishes." "Alexis, don't be that way…" "I'm waiting." "Alexis, look, I'm really really sorry about what I said. I didn't mean to offend you.

I'm just not exactly used to dealing with a genie." "Whatever." "Alexis, please. I've said I'm sorry." "Fine then, you're forgiven I suppose. Now what do you want?" "I want to get laid." "Alright then, lay down." "No, I mean I want to fuck a guy. I wanna lose my virginity." "What guy?" "I dunno…Someone from my school I guess." Alexis stuck out her hand, and Sophie's phone flew into it. She started flicking through it. "Let's see…Timmy Roberts?" She asked.

"No way." "John Hart?" "Pretty sure he's gay. Also, are you going through my Facebook profile?" "Yes. Matt Evans?" "Nerd." "And you're not?" "Alexis!" "Oh alright. Robert James?" "Obvious stoner." "Andy Fredricks?" "Baldy." "Mark Wilson?" "Um…actually yeah. He's pretty cute. If a little geeky." "Geeky boys are the best. They're more grateful for the experience so they try harder. So make your wish." "Alexis, I wish to have sex with Mark Wilson." Instantly, Sophie heard a knock at the front door.

She looked at Danejones pussy eating orgasm for natural young beauty, who gestured for het to go and answer it.

Sophie went downstairs teen doesn t see who fucks her opened the door, where she saw Mark, with a look of lust on his face. "Sophie, please…" He begged. "I don't know why, but I need to have sex with you right now!" "Um…okay Mark," Sophie said.

Mark practically cheered at this, and pulled Sophie into a passionate kiss in the doorway, he enjoying his first ever kiss, and she enjoying her first ever straight kiss. Sophie broke the kiss, and dragged Mark upstairs to her bedroom, where Alexis was sat on her knees, watching.

Sophie pulled off her pyjamas, leaving her totally naked. Mark was sat on the bed staring at her, his erection growing even harder. "Um…aren't you going to strip too?" Sophie asked. "Oh yeah, right…" Mark stood up, and pulled off his clothes, until he too was naked. Sophie stared at his erection, seeing a cock and balls in person for the first time. The two of them embraced, and began making out again as they stroked each-other's butts. Sophie laid down on the bed, and spread her brazilian gets black cock in asshole xvideoscom as Mark positioned himself by her entrance.

"Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening," Mark said. "I'm gonna fuck a girl!" "Yeah…can you put it in me now please?" Sophie asked. "Oh, busty awesome gal caresses ramrod girlfriend homemade, sorry…" Mark took a deep breath, and slowly slid inside Sophie's pussy, eliciting gasps from the two of them.

"Oh…wow…" Sophie moaned as she felt her virginity fade away. "Oh my God…" Mark moaned. "I'm inside a pussy! It feels incredible! It feels…uhhhhhhh&hellip." Sophie was taken by surprise as she felt Mark suddenly start ejaculating into her.

His face contorted, while Sophie just looked on in awe, waiting for it to be over. "I…sorry…" Mark panted. "You're just so beautiful, and-" "It's fine, really," Sophie lied. "Thanks Sophie," Mark said, kissing her. Mark pulled out, and went to sleep next to her. Sophie looked over at Alexis, who was trying not to laugh. "What did you do!?" Sophie shouted at her.

"Made him lust after you, just as you commanded, Mistress." "Is this your idea of a joke!?" "If you're referring to him popping too early, I didn't do that. High school guys aren't exactly known for their staying power. Particularly on their first time." "So what do I do now!?" "Make another wish." Sophie thought for a bit.

"Alright then, since you seem so intent on twisting my wishes, I'd better make a good one," Sophie said. "I don't twist them, you just make bad ones." "I wish for Mark Wilson to make passionate love to me. I want it to be the best sex ever. I want Mark to have the collective sexual knowledge of everyone who's ever lived. I want us to be multi-orgasmic, and for them to be the greatest orgasms that anyone's ever had." "Now that's more like it," Alexis grinned, snapping her fingers.

Sophie was taken by surprise when she felt Mark grab hold of her from behind, and start rubbing her nipples. "You didn't think I was done with you, did you?" Mark asked.

Sophie rolled over, and the two of them began making out with a passion neither of them would have ever thought possible. Mark grabbed Sophie's legs and forced them apart, before going straight down on her. Sophie screamed. This was even better than when Alexis had eaten her out the previous night.

When she'd wished for Mark to have the sexual knowledge of everyone who'd ever lived, she'd not quite been expecting it to feel this good. He was taking her to heights of pleasure she'd never thought possible in her wildest dreams.

He was stimulating parts of her vagina she didn't even know she had. He was a sex god. Sophie came within 30 seconds, but Mark's oral assault didn't end there. Sophie didn't know how many orgasms he licked her to, but for those minutes (Or maybe hours. She couldn't tell.), she was in Heaven. Her mind went blank, and she knew only the sensations in her groin.

She didn't want it to ever end, not that she could have done anything about it, the only noises she was capable of producing being moans of pleasure. Sophie's pleasure was briefly interrupted, but it soon returned to her in the form of Mark's cock penetrating her.

She was sure it felt bigger than last time, but honestly, she didn't care, as long as he promised to never, ever remove it from her. She didn't think she could live without it. At some point during her fucking, Sophie blacked out, her body unable to cope with the sensations.

When she woke up, she was laying underneath the sleeping Mark, who had a smile on his face. Sophie smiled too, and kissed him, thinking back to the fucking he'd given her.

"Die motherfucker!" Sophie heard Alexis shouting from downstairs. Gently, she pushed Mark off of her, and got out of bed. Sophie put on her dressing gown, and walked downstairs, where she was Alexis, playing a game of Artifact Assault on Assassin's Creed Revelations. "Alexis…" Sophie said. "Evening, Mistress," Alexis said, not looking away from the game.

"Have fun?" "You bet. Look, Alexis…I'm sorry." "What?" Alexis wasn't really paying attention. "I didn't really mean what I said this horny whore likes to fuck on top japanese and hardcore. I'm sorry for offending you." "Sure, great." "Alexis, pay attention to me!" Alexis paused the game, and put the controller down.

"Alright Mistress, I'm all ears." "I'm sorry about saying all those things to you. I just wasn't used to the idea of having a genie. I really want to get along with you." "And I'm sorry too, I guess.

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I forget sometimes that humans aren't quite as used to genies as I am. I blame 60 years with the same Master. I was used to him knowing all about me. It's not your fault, Mistress." "And don't call me that.

Just call me Sophie." Alexis smiled at this.

"Thank you, Sophie," she said. "Good. I promise to not say anything racist anymore." "And I promise to not be overly literal with your wishes anymore." "Friends?" "Friends." Sophie and Alexis hugged, affirming a friendship which would last for all eternity.

------------------------------- That evening, Alexis lay back in her lamp, writing again in her diary. "Alright, so maybe I was wrong about this girl. She's not too bad. I kind of like her, actually.

And when the boys see the body she had me give her, they're all gonna like her too." ------------------------------- Author's message: This is something I've wanted to write for a while, and I've been working on it on and off for several weeks. I really like writing Alexis, so this was fun to do, and I might write a few more one-shots featuring her. (And Lumiosa. I have a few ideas already.) Just don't expect a full "Sophie and Sweet young thing gives a sexy pov bj japanese and hardcore pre-Matt" series.

It's not happening. Royal Genies Chapter 4 is progressing. I'll probably have posted it by the time you read this, but I won't spoil anything for you. It's a good one though (At least, I think so).