Wild babe rebecca volpetti gets her pussy bonked

Wild babe rebecca volpetti gets her pussy bonked
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There is no explicit sex, just honest straight sex. Tom was serving 6 years for his crime. He had done 2 when I was sentenced and ended up in the same cell, we changed stories and this is his. His story starts some 4 years earlier. His daughter of 13 years, had been the apple of his eye, everything she asked for she got, this annoyed his wife but as she was busy with her own career, Tom gave his daughter Louise his affection and time and money. There had never been any sexual thoughts about Louise, the sex he got from his wife was enough, but only just.

Once a week Janet was off with her sister, pampering themselves, on these nights Tom would get a couple of films in and popcorn, with the lights low he and Louise would settle on the settee and pretend they were at the cinema, while he changed the film Louise would get them a drink and ice cream.

With their night over Louise would turn in and about half an mallcuties amateur teen girl teen on streets masturbate public later Tom would take a shower, not having central heating he would come back down stairs and dry in front of the coal fire, this had been tradition for years, even Janet did this, and as far as he knew so did Louise, but only when he wasn't around.

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This one night they had watched the films and Louise had been in bed about half an hour so Tom went up for his shower, he had put his clean clothes to warm by the fire. When he came down as was drying off he noticed in the large picture over the fire Louise peeking around the banister, he was going to say something but thought it was just a girls curiosity about the male body, so he just continued drying and dressed, all the time keeping his back towards his daughter, he was aware that she mom sex my son cerita porno be able to see his cock between his legs as he bent to put his socks on and step into his underwear.

Over the following few months each night after the films and his shower he saw Louise in the picture looking at him, then one night he thought he would give her a front view, pulling the towel up to dry his hair he turned around to face the open door, he hared a little gasp then a door closing up stairs.

Had he gone to far, what would she do or say, as he dressed he thought he should go and talk with her, but then this might make the situation worse, so he left it to see what Louise would do. In the morning Louise came down her usual self, she hugged him and thanked him again for the films last night. Tom breather a sigh of relief. The week passed and Tom and Louise went off to get the films, back home Janet was just on her way out, "Don't stay up to late tonight, you have a dental appointment at 9" "I know mom, bye" They had a normal night and Tom had his shower, as he dried he saw the familiar face in the picture, this night he thought he would show her an erect cock, he had been rubbing it gently and it was standing proud, again he acted out the drying of his hair and turned, he moved the towel a little so he could see Louise, she sat on the stairs, frozen and eyes wide open, turning back around he smiled to himself.

For the next couple of week the same thing happened and frisky czech chick stretches her tight cunt to the unusual amateur babe time he stayed facing her longer, and Louise was getting braver as she was now off the stairs and standing at the side of the door. Then it happened, he couldn't for the life of him think why he said, as he turned to face Louise.

"Well, you've seen me naked enough time's, I think it only fare I see you naked now" Louise just stood there, her feet refusing to move, When Tom held his hand out towards her, as if in a trance she walked to him, standing in front of him she just looked down as Tom lifted her night dress up, out of instinct she raised her arms so he could slip it off, as she had a pair of panties on, he knelt and slowly pulled them down, she lifted each foot brit teacher sucks sub in front of students he could take them off, looking at her mass of pubic hair he felt his cock twitching, her cunny lips hung low between her legs which looked puffed and a reddish pink.

He couldn't help himself and he moved forwards, lifting her leg he kissed her sex. She gasped but remained there, getting no reaction from her he kissed her sex again, then he licked up the slit to her clit, he was surprised to see it was hard and just showing it's head, he clamped his mouth over this and sucked and nibbled it for a good five minutes, Louise had put her hands on his head to steady herself and was moaning and groaning, under his tongue attack.

He didn't know if Louise could climax until his mouth was filled with her cream, she was so sweet and he wanted more, keeping up his oral attack he made her come another twice, by now his tongue was hurting, slowly he stood and looked into Louise's eyes, he didn't know what to say, Louise was struck dumb too, so for three minutes nothing was said, they just looked at each other. Then Tom felt his cock being touched, "Well daddy, I suppose I have to pay you back now" she squeezed and pulled on his cock and it didn't take long for his spunk to rise and splash up her stomach and the underside of her tits, now these were not too large, about a hand full, her nipples were naturally hard form the stimulation she had received and given.

Tom had no idea where this was heading, they were both brought back to their senses when the phone rung, Louise answered it, "Hello, yes uncle John OK I'll tell him" hanging up and turning to Tom she told him "MOM is staying at her sisters tonight, they've had a bit too much to drink and uncle John won't let her drive home" There was an awkward pause, neither knew what to do next, Tom was thinking should he take Louise up to his bed and make love to her all night, or what.

It was Louise who made this decision, she took his hand and headed out into the hall and up to her bedroom, leading her dad to her bed she lay down and held her arms up to him, "Fuck me daddy, I know mom make's you beg for it, I never will, I'm your's any time you want. Tom knelt between her legs and dropped his mouth back to her pussy, as he worked on her clit she cried out "Oh my God daddy" her legs opened as wide as she could get them, as she began to squirm on the bed she moaned "Eat me daddy, eat me".

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Her body exploded into a fantastic orgasm, wanting her daddies cock in her she pushed him over onto his back and slid on top of him, his cock nestled between her labia, she was wet and sliding lightly back and forth, she then grabbed at his cock and lifted slowly, his cock entered her gently, they had a slow gentle fuck, even though Louise wanted to go hard, she needed to enjoy this as it might be the one and only fuck with her daddy.

As Tom creamed in her she came covering his cock with her juices, she rocked a little more before dropping onto his chest, sleep came over them. For a few months the film night was their night for sex, after eating they stripped off and sat watching one film, just touching and teasing each other, then he would slip onto the floor and pull her legs up over his head and give her pussy a good tongue lashing, giving her multi orgasms, before she gave him a hand job, one night she went further and gave him head, she wasn't very good at it but it had the desired effect and he came all over her face.

Over the next few weeks she became an expert cock sucker and she had him coming two or three times. Then it happened, he had given her a skyla novea full fucking in shower of orgasms and as he was moving up to sit beside her so she could suck him off, his cock brushed against her pussy, it felt so warm and moist, he looked into her eyes and she just nodded, he pushed forwards and entered her with ease.

She gasped and shook as she had another orgasm, starting up his hip thrusts he reached up to gently play with her tits. It wasn't until later that night as they lay in bed, Louise asleep in his arms, that he thought about what they were doing was risking his marriage and her life. But as she stirred and reached for his cock, he thought no more about it.

Tom and Louise tried acting as normal as they could around his wife but she senses something was different, so she had the house bugged and a few cameras put in. When she saw the film of her husband and daughter fucking when she was out, she went ballistic and called the police straight away, they saw the film and Tom was arrested when he walked through the front door.

With everything being on film Tom couldn't deny the sex and he thai slut enjoys a fat white cock sent down for 6years.

His wife is divorcing him and she didn't want Louise to have anything to do with him, but she writs, every week, she's sent several photos of herself which Tom has over his bed, and she visits once a month.

I have had the pleasure of meeting her, as I was having a visit on the next table to Tom and Louise, she is a lovely young lady and knows her own mind, when Tom is released Louise say's he can go and live with her, as she would be 19-20 there is nothing her mother can do to stop it, this is what is keeping Tom sane, if it wasn't for this I think he would have topped himself before now.