Handjob using her feet too from brunette milf on couch

Handjob using her feet too from brunette milf on couch
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After a long, hard marriage, Jeff amazing brunette gets a nice big cock finally going to fulfill a lifelong dream. He waited patiently in the busy Airport terminal waiting to board a plane to London. He had always been a history buff, and when he had researched his ancestry, he had traced his family linage to Scotland. It had always been his dream to go his homeland to trace the footsteps of his forefathers.

He had wanted to make it a family trip, but his family never found it a priority. His now ex-wife never found anything about him a priority. At first, as most, their marriage was nice, but as time went by, they became more like business partners that husband and wife.

When their last child left for college, both decided to go their separate ways. That was three years ago.

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It had taken him that long to save the money up so he could take a month long vacation to visit his homeland. Now that it was finally happening, he was so excited and nervous. The loudspeaker announced it was time to board his plane. He turned off his cell phone and slipped it into his carry-on bag, stood and walked down the ramp. A friendly flight attendant directed him to his seat.

He walked down the narrow aisle and sat down. He enjoyed to people watch. He sat in his aisle seat and observed the other passengers. The first passengers were a young family. The way they were clinging to each other, he assumed they were newlyweds.

The look in the young woman's eyes was a look of passion and love. He remembered seeing that look before. The young couple walked passed him. He smiled as they passed. The next passengers was a family. A mom, dad and two kids made their way down the aisle. The dad was busy trying to find their seats while mom was trying to sooth the uncertain nerves of the kids.

He remembered the family vacation to New York and how his kids had been nervous about flying. The family sat two seats up from him. Mom and one kid on one side and Dad and the other on the other side.

Many other passengers filed onto the plane. Some were old, some were young. Jeff smiled at everyone that passed by him. An elderly lady stopped at his seat and looked at the seat label above him.

" I have the window seat," she politely said. Jeff rose to his feet and allowed her to sit before he returned to his seat. Within the next half hour, the plane was full and taxiing down the runway.

Jeff laid his head back and closed his eyes. He had not problem pretty blonde chick takes huge cock and gets fucked from behind hardcore blowjob, but it was the first time he had flown over the ocean.

He was a bit uneasy, and hoped to be able to sleep most, if not all of the flight. However, his seat partner had other plans. "No ring I see." The elderly lady started.

"Either you are single or you want people to think you are." He lifted his head and smiled. "Yes ma'am I am single. Divorced actually for a little over two years." The lady, Sylvia, smiled and looked out of the window. "I am single too, recently single. My husband of fifty-two years passed away about a month ago." Jeff saw tears begin to build in her eyes. "I am going to his birthplace, outside of London, to spread his ashes over a small pond that he loved when he was a small lad." She pulled a tissue from the side pocket of her purse and wiped her eyes.

For the next few hours, Jeff and Sylvia talked. They talked about their kids, their lives, and pretty much anything that they could think of. Jeff listened as she talked about her late husband. She told him how much in love they were, and how they had never let their passion die. Jeff was so envious of them. What they had was what he had always wanted.

The plane landed and people began to exit. Jeff stood in the aisle and allowed Sylvia to walk in front of him. He accompanied her to the baggage terminal and helped her get her bags and helped her to the car that was waiting on her.

She thanked him for helping her. When she sat in the back seat of the car, she looked up at him and smiled. "Jeff, you are a good boy. You will find love again, when you least expect it." He smiled and thanked her, then closed the door and she was off. He took his bags, and walked caught a cab to his room he had rented for the month. Once he was settled he went to get something to eat, then returned to his room to plan out his first full day in a new country.

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Sleep did not come very quick. He had never been one to sleep well in a strange place. He sat up in the bed and looked at his watch. He got up and slipped his clothes back on and went out. He had chosen to stay in a small village outside of London mainly because it was cheaper and quieter than being right in the middle of the city.

He wasn't sure if there was a bar near by, but he needed a drink to relax him. He walked a few blocks and found a quaint little pub and went inside. He sat at a table and ordered. While he waited for his drink he scanned the structure of the pub. The stone walls and his research of the area suggested that the pub had been build in the late 1800's. The environment was friendly and welcoming. The hostess sat his bourbon on the table and smiled. As she walked away his inspection of the pub continued.

In the back there was a pool table. The sound of a woman laughing caught his attention. He adjusted his seat to see better. There was several, younger people standing around the pool table. He quickly found the one for which the laugh had come. She had his attention, and didn't even know it. Jeff looked at her and tried not to make it blatant. She was beautiful in his eyes. Long blond hair with the bluest eyes he had ever seen, but her most distinguishing features were her height, and long legs.

The young lady was close to six foot tall, with the four inch heels she was wearing. Her legs looked like they went on forever. He looked away, before returning his gaze upon her denim covered legs. She wore a long t-shirt that covered her bottom and was very modest. Then his eyes moved to her beautiful face. Again he heard her laugh. It was a contagious laugh. He found himself quietly chuckling, not knowing why. He looked back at her and their eyes met.

He smiled at her and she returned the smile. Feeling he had been caught staring, and not wanting to be tagged a stalker runna sakai screams while a group fo men fucking her more at hotajp com his first night there, he downed his drink and paid his tab. He looked two hot chicks got to play with two dicks at the young lady as he opened the door to leave.

She was talking with her friends, but he saw her blue eyes shift to his and she smiled. He smiled back and left. The drink had done its job. He was relaxed. The next day, Jeff was well rested and ready to start his adventure. He caught a ride back to London. He visited all the popular sites. He visited Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and ate lunch in a small café.

After lunch he visited a couple museums and shops. Late in the afternoon he caught a ride back to his room. He had enjoyed his day, but he could not shake the thought of the young lady he had saw in the pub.

Her smile had be hypnotizing, and every time he closed his eyes he could see her blue eyes looking at him. It had been a long time since a woman had affected him like that, and he liked the feeling. Once back at his room, he showered and dressed. He went back to the pub hoping that he would see her again. He sat their a couple of hours, and she never showed. He repeated this for the next four days.

He would tour the country in the day time, researching his family, and at night he would return to the pub. When the fifth day rolled around, he left and visited Scotland. When he arrived back at his room it was late. He had mixed emotions about going back to the pub. He had gotten friendly with the bartender and the hostess. At that point they were his only friends there.

So he showered and headed down. He walked into the pub and sat on the stool at the bar where he had sat the previous few days. The bartender fixed his drink as they talked about his day and his findings. He was busy telling the bartender the information he had discovered when he heard the familiar laugh. He quickly turned around on the stool. There she was. The young, nameless woman who had been in every one of his thoughts. There eyes met, and she smiled at him. He returned the smile.

He turned to the bartender. "Do you know that young lady?" He asked quietly. "Ahh yes, that would be Lisa, she lives nearby. She is a sweetie, she is." He replied in a deep English accent. Jeff turned back to look at her, but she was gone. He turned back to his drink and took the last swallow. He sat the glass back onto the bar and starts to stand. When he does, he feels the presence of someone near him. He turned. In all her glory, there stood the object of his thoughts.

He immediately became nervous. His palms became sweaty and a lump formed in his throat. She seductive babysitter giving blowjob and laid by nice dick even more beautiful up close. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. "You must be new here," she said in the sweetest voice. "Y-Yes I am," he replied with trembling voice. "I am Lisa." 'Hi Lisa, I am Jeff." He extends his hand for her to shake.

"An American? We don't get many Americans around here." She touched his hand to shake. Jeff's hand held hers as they shook. Her hands were so soft, she smelled so good. He offered her a seat beside him and she accepted. He reordered a drink and bought her a glass of wine. They talked for hours until the bartender said it was time to close. Jeff walked Lisa out. He had forgotten how tall she was until she bowed her head and kissed his cheek.

She gave him her number. She wanted to take him on a tour to places that were off the beaten path. He offered to walk her home, but she insisted that she would be fine. He stood there as she walked away.

He smiled as he walked back to his room. The next morning, he didn't feel like touring, so he pulled out his laptop. Even though he was officially on vacation, he logged into his email and began to put out fires before they grew any bigger. When the coffee was ready, he poured him a cup and picked up his phone. It was still early, so he took out Lisa's number and programed it into his phone. Then he sent her a good morning text. Immediately after he hit send, he hoped she remembered him.

His hopes were soon reassured when he received a reply. He went back to work, and texted her throughout the day. He asked her if she would like to have dinner with him, and she agreed. She chose a nice place in town and they decided to meet later.

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After sending some emails and having a video call with his assistant, Jeff showered and prepared to meet Lisa for dinner. The night before, he had found out that she owned her own business and worked from home.

After today, he could see how inviting it would be to work in the comforts of home. Jeff was never one to be late, so he arrived at the restaurant almost a half hour early. He sat on a bench outside and waited for Lisa to arrive. It had been almost twenty years since he had been on a date, but could this really be considered a date, he thought. Lisa was a bright and beautiful young woman. She was probably just being nice, he sighed as he thought. She didn't keep him waiting long.

She arrived about ten minutes after he had. He stood as she approached. She leaned in and kissed his cheek again. They talked for cute arab teen penelope cum sucks cock for tuition few minutes and went inside. The food was great, but the company was even better. The two talked like they had known each other for years. Jeff had never laughed so much.

Lisa had a great sense of humor and made jokes about the things happening around them. As dessert was served, Lisa placed her hand on the table, and Jeff took a chance, and laid his on top of hers. He waited for her to jerk it away, but she didn't.

She just smiled at him. They continued to talk, even after the waiter brought the bill. They talked about work, family and life in general. Jeff felt a connection that was strong, and only hoped Lisa felt it too. Over the next couple of weeks, Lisa and Jeff spent a lot of time together.

On the weekends she took him to places that interested her. During the week, they would text all day, then meet either at the pub or another place to eat dinner or just talk.

Jeff had come accustomed to her being around. Their relationship had flowered into a beautiful friendship. They held hands wherever they went. He had met her family and her dogs. They had even kissed a few times, but only quick peeks on the cheek or lips. He loved how we lips tasted. The day came to mark his vacation half over. Lisa had invited him to her home for an early dinner and a movie. He arrived with a bottle of wine. He was greeted by her and her dogs. He kissed her cheek, and she led him to the kitchen.

They laughed and talked while she cooked. Before long he was helping her. He moved from the stove around her to the sink. His body brushed against hers and they gorgeous brunette chanel preston sits on a dudes hard cock froze for a moment. Jeff felt bolts of electricity shoot through his body. He continued toward the sink. He placed the pan on a pad and turned towards her. She turned to look at him.

Her blue eyes sparkled. He stepped closer and took her hand. She smiled. Jeff's heart was beating out of his chest as their bodies touched again. His arms slipped around her waist. Hers went around his neck. There lips touched. Their kiss lasted longer than any of the other ones. He pulled her body closer as their kiss grew more passionate.

His hands moved under the oversized sweatshirt she was wearing and his hands touched her warm skin. She moaned in their kiss. His hands moved up her back. He was pleasantly surprised that he didn't feel straps to her bra. He turned and pressed her against the counter and reached over and turned off the stove.

His hands moved from her back to her firm breasts. He cupped them in his hands and gently squeezed them. He felt her hands drop to his waist, and they broke their kiss just long enough to remove his shirt.

He took her hand and led her to the sofa. She stopped him and shook her head, and pulled him toward a part of the house that he had not been, her bedroom. Once inside, their kiss grew more passionate.

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He pushed her to the bed. Their kiss broke as her sweatshirt slipped over her head. As she laid down he slowly pulled her leggings over her hips and down her long legs. He gazed upon her naked, sexy body as he hurriedly unbuttoned his jeans and slipped them to the floor. She teased him by moving away from him, once he crawled onto the bed.

She moved up higher on the bed, but she was moving exactly where he wanted her to be. He kissed her stomach, and was rewarded with a soft moan.

He kissed lower, and her legs opened with anticipation. He continued kissing until he reached his destination. He kissed her pouty lips. His tongue grazed her clit.

He then sunk his tongue deep into her velvety love canal. He loved how her long legs wrapped around his back and how her heels press into him, pushing him closer. She tasted even better than he had thought and she smelled heavenly. He cupped her bottom with his hands as he feasted on her most intimate body parts. He licked, sucked and nibbled her through several orgasms before she took his arms and pulled him up. He smiled as he looked at her flushed face, and twinkling eyes.

He moved up her body slowly, kissing it as he moved. When his kisses reached her lips they kissed again. He felt her soft hand position him. She pushed against his bottom as her hips maneuvered with him. He slipped into her, and they both gasped with pleasure.

He slowly pushed until he was completely in her. They kissed as their bodies danced the most intimate dance. Their passion coming to life in their love making. Her legs wrapped around his bottom and his hands held her tight. blonde beauty tiffany watson gets fucked and creamed

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over them both. Their movements become more passionate as their pleasures heighten. The bed moved under them. The head board tapped the wall like a drum.

Jeff rose on his arms and watched Lisa as her pleasure climaxed. She gripped her muscles around him. Inside her, he could not hold back any longer. He looked down at her, and she nodded her approval. He thrust inside her and released his seed into her. The sensation pushed her over the edge again and the held each other close. When their wave of pleasure subsided, he went limp beside her. She brushed his face and smiled.

He smiled back at her and they drifted off into a restful sleep. Jeff woke up several times during the night just to make sure it wasn't a dream. Each time he woke, Lisa was still in his arms. The next morning, Jeff woke with Lisa straddling him. She lowered herself onto him as her caressed her breasts.

Her hips rose and lowered as her muscles gripped him. He rose to kiss her, but she smiled and backed away. He let his hands drift down her body, over her breasts. He continued to lower his blonde chick riley jenner recieves an anal pounding. He strummed on her clit as she moved her hips taking him deeper.

She tossed her head back and moaned as her orgasm washed over her body. She continued to ride him until she felt him swell inside her. His breathing became staggered and his moans grew louder. She sunk down just inside to feel him release inside her. As their breathing returned to normal. She kissed him, "I am hungry," she said with a smile. She slipped off of him and off of the bed. She walked toward the kitchen. He turned and watched her naked body, he knew he had found what he had been looking for all his life.

He also knew he was home.