Mom seduce son father out

Mom seduce son father out
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I went to my hostel on 28th,March,2015. At that time I was in the happiest of moods, not expecting that to live here would change my life forever.

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It was situated in a valley, surrounded by beautiful scenery composing of high mountains and a lot of trees. My mum and stepdad had come to drop me off. They dropped me off at the gate and went off without even saying goodbye. Anyways, I walked towards the hostel, hoping to find someone to tell me where to go.

As I entered sex lukel sex mom and son story coom huge building through the front door,I saw a lot of people, some students and teachers walking about in and out of classes. Hesitantly I walked forward, keeping my head down. You see at that time I was very shy with girls. As my head was down, I couldn't possibly see the lively girl heading up my way. Running wildly she came infront of me and pulled me in her embrace.

"Hey Brianhow are you?" "I'm fine Vanessa but you don't have to go all huggy on me. I am not your teddy." "Ooh, I wouldn't mind if you were. So, is aunt Tracy gone." "Yeah, Mom and Mr.Douche are gone. You know she didn't even say goodbye." "Forget that. Welcome to your new home Braxton High." Saying that she took my hand and led me through a hallway at the end of which was a room with a big sign saying "WARDEN". "So each and every new student here has to go through a kind of psychological evaluation after which you are given a room accordingly." "What abo-" I was cut of as the door opened revealing a woman, maybe in her mid thirties.

She had a pretty face with high cheekbones and black smooth hair falling upto her shoulders. She was wearing a navy blue formal skirt with a likewise coat and a light pink shirt with her collar open. "What the fuck do you mean it can't happen? I want those cooks here yesterday or else your fired!" She then put her phone in her pocket.

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I stood with my mouth open as this raging beauty appeared to stand before the door. "Ms.Evans, what did I tell you about being late?" "I'm sorry ma'am, this is my distant cousin Brian. I thought I would get him acc-" "I'll take care of that.

Now go to your class immediately." Vanessa then ran off to her class. "Well,do you want an invitation?" "N-No ma'am." "Then get in, now!" I half walked,half ran and sat on a chair which was infront of a large desk with neat stacks of papers on it. The warden then came and sat on the other side of the desk.

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She lifted a yellow file then spoke, "Ok Mr.Brian Stevens. Ag-" "16" "Boy don't you dare interrupt me again. My name is Patricia Davensport. You can call me as ma'am. Here in Braxton High I am the almighty and god help those that defy me. Now I will ask you a few questions. Understood?" "Yes ma'am." "So, why did your folks send you here?" "Mom has to travel alot and dad isn't around at home so they thought this would be better." "So it shall." "Are you a virgin, Mr.Stevens?" "Wh-What?!" "You heard me." The bluntness of her question definitely caught me off guard.

I must have been blushing crimson at that time. "I don't see how my sex life has anything concerned with the school." Ma'am instantly broke into a stare.

"Answer the question, you dimwit! " "Yes Ma'am! " "Yes what?! " " Yes, I am a virgin ma'am! " " Pathetic. Now listen carefully your sex life is the last of my problems.

I just wanted to see how pathetic you truly are. " I gulped. " FYI, this is a girls only school, but since I know your mom from high school, I was able to pull some strings and get her dimwit of a son in.

If you try anything funny with my girls I will punish you in the worst way possible, so be careful. Here's your class schedule and your room key. Now go to your class!! " Now that that was finally over I went outside of the warden's room and proceeded to my class.

So the schedule showed only one class and a timetable. So I proceeded into my class. Mustering up whatever leftover confidence I had in me, I opened the class door. "-and that is how an electric dipole makes a field around it.

Ok, class we have a new student. Please introduce yourself." The woman in the class-probably the teacher- gestured for me to walk in. " H-Hi, my name is Brian Stevens. So I, uhjust came in today. " All the girls were looking at me as if I was a ghost or something. All of them were looking at me except for one girl that I wasn't able to see. " Ok Mr.Stevens, please take a seat." School went on smoothly for the whole day. I checked my timetable and it looked like P.E.

was my last period but as I had come after the break time, my stomach had started grumbling. But that was the least of my problems. Apparently being a dude in a school of chicks is kinda weird. So mission one of my plan -making friends- was not going too well.

Not knowing where to go after this I remained seated until every girl left the room. That is I thought every girl left the room. " You look lost." "Huh, probably am right now." " Brian ,wasn't it. Hi. I'm Katie, the head student of the hostel, andaccording to Ms.Alicia - the science and class teacher - your tour guide." " Ok. Nice to meet you Katie.

Well then please lead the way." We both started walking out the class through the gallery. Katie told me that there was no locker system as the hostel rooms were quite near to the school. She then showed me the auditorium, the music room where a couple of students were practicing. And then when we passed what seemed to be the girls washroom, it dawned on me.

" I won't be hairy milf is not afraid of anal to use the bathroom."I muttered to myself. " You bet. But it would be nice to share it with you. " "Whaaa. .?!" She giggled. " Relax I'm messin with you." Sheesh, this girl is too much. Suddenly the bell rang.

"Seems like it's lunch time. Let's go to the dining hall." Apparently the dining hall was this long gallery with 2 tablerows. Just like the one in Harry Potter but smaller. By the time Katie and I reached all the seats were taken except 2 seats in the middle. We had our lunch then Katie dropped me infront of room. I was opening the room. " This is it.

I'll be spending my remaining teen life here in this shithole." As I entered my room I realised something was wrong there were ladies undergarments on the bed with a skirt and the school uniform too "Hey Mellisa, is that you?" A girl appeared infront of me naked and wet, with water of course.

Looks like this day can't be any better. Or so I thought.