Milf two cocks xxx prostitution sting takes pervert off the streets

Milf two cocks xxx prostitution sting takes pervert off the streets
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Chapter 1: Babysitting Kyle tonight seemed like a bore. I'm a 14 yr old girl who needs excitement and pleasure. Kyle who is 9 was excited I'd be babysitting.

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Apparently his parents forgot to mention jake my friend from school would be home too. I've had the biggest crush on him since 4th grade. As their parents left Kyle went to play his video games leaving me and Jake alone on the couch watching some jersey shore.

Right as the part where jenni and some random dude were getting it on he glanced over at me and started rubbing his junk through his pants. I pretended not to realize but it got to the point that I had to have him in me.

Both of us were virgins and I knew it was time. I looked at him and ran my tongue along my lips.

Sitting there in silence jake reaches over and passionately kisses me. I slowly run my hands up and down his abs much like he does to my breasts. He slowly reached to unbutton my short shorts and plaid hollister co shirt. Underneath I'm wearing a matching purple lace bra and thong. I unbutton his jeans and yank them off when he pulled his American eagle shirt off. Now I'm straddle over top of him.

He's massaging my boobs and I reach into his boxers and pull out a massive 6 in dick for a 14 yr old. Not knowing what to do next, in the heat of the moment he leads me upstairs and into his bedroom. There I pin him up against the wall and kiss his oh so sweetly. Blonde and brunette share dick in piss some a few minutes I lead him tithe bed and position myself for him to enter me. Talking his time to pop my cherry and hymen he glides his cock into my virgin pussy.

It felt so amazing to feel jake inside of me. It hurt like crazy that the faster and harder he went I cried and moaned in pleasure. Getting used to the fact I wasnt a virgin anymore I bucked my hips to the rythem of jake fucking me hardly. After a while I pushed him onto the bed back first and straddled his cock with my hands and month pregnant black hoodrat fucks black step brother on his cock. I jerked up and down gradually gaining speed.

After that I gave him a bj until he came all over my face. My first orgasm of the night was him eating me out. Ever since then we've been together. I live when he fucks me every day after school. What cute fuck buddies/couple. Btw this is a totally true story. I'm still dating jake and we still constantly fuck(: Chapter 2: As we finish up we hear moaning and groaning coming from the living room. I throw my bra and thing on and he puts on his boxers to go see what all the racket was.

It turned out after we went to his room to fuck for the first time we left the tv on.

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Playing on the tv was some teen porn. Shocked by the sight it turned us on once again. Ripping each others clothes was time for some rough ass sex! We jumped I top of each other and rode each other like two horny horses. I knew it was time again so I grabbed his massive cock and worked it with both my mouth and hands. He bucked his hips in pleasure as I sucked him off. He gained a hard on boner and came into my tight mouth.

Swallowing with pleasure I layer back and let him take control. He stuck his head in between my thighs and began to eat me out for the second time tonight. It was around 11 pm now so we knew we had only an hour left of fucking.

Taking control after I came into his mouth and onto his tongue we bolted up the stairs for some wild steamy shower sex. He ran into the room sized shower and turned each and every shower head on. Thinking ahead I grabbed the lube and a dildo from his bag. Forgetting about damn protection we lubed each other up and kissed passionately.

Fucking for a half an hour will have to do until next time so we did exactly that. The rest of the time we spent cooling off and washing caught on tape cuties school medical examination cum off our bodies.

As soon as we heard the door shut we jumped out of the shower not knowing how to explain our nakedness or the fact that our clothes were left downstairs on the living room floor. You could hear the pounding on feet walk up the stairs. Panicing we ran into jakes bedroom and hopped under the covers. We figured sex in a bed was better to explain than chubby kim the real bukkake cum bucket gangbang and brunette in the living room and shower.

In walked jakes dad who didn't look an inch mad. Matter of fact he looked happy. He said he's been wanting jake to fuck me forever and told us whenever we want to fuck I'm welcome here. We were amazed he took it so well. So tired and all out of cum we walked down the stairs to receive our clothes that were just lying untouched on the carpet.

I ended up staying the night with jake. Surprisingly my parents agreed and let me stay as long as I slept in a different room than jake. What my parents didnt know would t hurt them so we slept in the same bed fuckig each others brains out the whole entire night. Knowing my parents would never approve of this whorish behavior I never told them.

I kept it a secret until one day they could make and I in the midst of one of my numerous organsms. They were picking me up from babysitting and decided to see what the racket was upstairs. Low and behold we were fucking. Jake and I were banned from seeing each other be we found our ways. Now he is my live and we enjoy fucking each other each babysitting job(;