Cum eating lesson from femdom mistress tube porn

Cum eating lesson from femdom mistress tube porn
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It all started out with my stepdaughter,Vicki, dating guy after guy. My wife always told me she was needy and dependent growing up. I just never realized how bad she actually was til I started to see the guys she would date. One afternoon she was over at our house visiting in the summer. She was on the floor playing with our dogs when I walked in the living room.

As I sat on the couch she raised her leg up exposing her shaven pussy to me. I was shocked but still had to look at what she was showing.

Not sure if it was accidental or not, I made no expression that I noticed. As the day progressed I couldn't get goth girl katrina jade takes hard dick in her mouth and muff sight out of my mind. My wife was getting ready to make dinner and said she needed a few things from the store and asked me to run. Vicki offered to go along since I usually forgot something. I went out and got in my car, when Vicki got in she leaned in and gave me a perfect view down her loose top.

Now she has small a cup breasts, I know this from folding her wash occasionally. My mind started to wonder if this was just a coincidence or was she testing me, so I came up with an idea to see how far she wanted to go. We got done shopping and went out to the car. I had bags in both my hands, so I asked her to reach into my pocket and get the keys. As she reached in for the keys I felt her take a quick feel of my cock. Now I knew she was flashing me purposely. After we got in the car and started driving I asked her if she liked what she felt.

She smiled at me and replied, "did you like what you saw?" I was trying to come up with an answer that didn't sound to forward, but all I could say was "yes, why wouldn't I like seeing it." After a moment of silence she said that she has wanted to have me fuck her because I had always helped her when she was in trouble, and she knew her mother wasn't satisfying me anymore in bed.

I asked her what she was talking about and she replied "mom told me she feels bad for you because she has no interest in sex anymore." I told her we need to have a private talk later on. We arrived back at the house and gave my wife the groceries. I told her Vicki needed to talk to me about something and didn't know what it was, this was common that she spoke to me and not her mother.

Vicki and I headed into the family room in the basement and turned on the tv. My wife shut the door saying she didn't want to hear our tv as she was listening to something else. Now that we were alone and I felt somewhat comfortable asking her if she was serious about having an affair with her stepfather.

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Without hesitation she said "absolutely, I know you and mom haven't done anything sexual in months and I just want to be there for you like you're always there for me." I was shocked and excited at the same time.

My cock was getting hard and she saw the bulge growing. She lifted her shirt to expose her tiny tits to me. Without me doing anything she pressed them to my face and said "go ahead I know you want to suck my nipples." In an instant I was nibbling and sucking her rock hard nipples. Suddenly I feel her fingers prying under my shorts and getting a firm grip on my mow rock hard shaft.

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Vicki sits up and looks me in the eyes and says "I want you to do what ever you wish to me." I grabbed her petite body, maybe a whole 100 lbs, and threw her onto the couch with her head hangin over the arm. She knew what I wanted without being told and opened her mouth. I eagerly pulled my shorts to the side and pulled my cock out. As I got near her lips her tongue was going crazy trying to lick the approaching head. As it slowly passed through her lips she sucked down like a vacuum cleaner.

Now I am starting to understand how she always got boyfriends. In no time at all I could feel my balls starting to fill. Vicki must have felt me tense up and locked her lips tight. As I shot spurt after spurt in her throat she just kept gulping it down. As the last drop shot out, I heard the door open and my wife yell down "dinner is ready." I pulled out of Vicki's mouth and she rolled over and licked up anything that dribbled out.

We both straightened ourselves up quickly and prepared to go back upstairs. Before we got to the steps though Vicki whispered in my ear "I loved my appetizer". All I could think sbout was when would we be alone again.

After dinner Vicki asked if she could spend the night because she felt to tired to drive back to her place. My wife told her she was always welcome to stay.

We all sat down and watched a little tv before heading off to bed. As I lay down next to my wife she asks me what Vicki wanted to talk about. I had to come up with something quick, so I said that she was having "guy problems" and wanted my opinion. This was nothing new as Vicki seemed to gave a new boyfriend every couple weeks. She then grabbed her bottle of sleeping pills and took her nightly dose. My mind now raced in about 15 minutes she will be out cold and oblivious to what happens for a couple hours.

I know this because a few times I was so horny that I would pull her shorts to the side and eat her while she slept and use her hand to jerk me off. Now 30 minutes have passed and I here footsteps in the hall. As cerita sex ngentot ibu ibu door to the bathroom creaks shut, I slide out of bed and go to get a look. Vicki left the door partially open and I peak through the crack only to see her looking back at me.

"I heard mom take her pill and wanted to be nice and cleaned up for you" she said. I smiled and was instantly hard. To be continued.