Latina whore jessica gets fucked in front of a tourists camera for a few bucks

Latina whore jessica gets fucked in front of a tourists camera for a few bucks
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Dawn read her instructions and quickly completed her tasks and went to bed. She was glad not to have to go to school. She didn't consider herself a teacher any longer. "I am a slave, I obey my mistress, I love cum, I need to fuck, I am a slave." Dawn kept repeating over and over in her mind.

The more she repeated the phrases the deeper her submission. As Dawn drifted into off to sleep her mind was filled with erotic thoughts. She was dreaming of standing in front of her class. Then Susanna arrived and creampie for shaggy oriental beaver japanese hardcore her to strip and drop to her knees.

Dawn was mortified at the thought of exposing her slavery but was unable to resist. Just as she finished stripping and stood naked for the first time in front of her students her body and mind exploded with arousal and humiliation. When she dropped to her knees and bowed her head Susanna grabbed her hair and pulled her head up.

She was forced to look at her shocked students faces. As Susanna turned her face to look at each student Dawn was struck by the many expressions. Several of the girls in the class had shocked expression, but an almost equal amount had a look of lust. The rest of the girls simply scowled at the submissive teacher. Looking at the boys was, as expected, ninety percent typical male behavior.

Openly ogling her tits and chains, the rest were split between shock and what could only be described as evil.

Just as Susanna commanded her to crawl down each row asking to serve each student, Dawn woke with a start. Dawn was out of breath and sweating. Her cunt was soaked and there was a large wet spot on pornstars and avn freaks expo reality amateur bed.

How could this humiliation be such a turn-on, or was it just submitting to her mistress that was so exciting. "I am a slave, I obey my mistress, I love cum, I need to fuck, I am a slave. Over and over erotic scenes passed through her dreams.

Always in front of her class, always being commanded to do degrading things and always the same result, intense arousal followed up with: "I am a slave, I obey my mistress, I love cum, I need to fuck, I am a slave. When evening finally arrived, Dawn was totally drained; her body was quivering with excitement.

There was nothing she wanted more than to obey her mistress to get that feeling of total freedom, to have no responsibility to make any decisions, only to do as told and to satisfy her mistress. Dawn rose from her bed and padded over to the bathroom. She took a quick shower and waited for her mistress by the door. Dawn was not concerned about what to wear as her mistress would provide everything she needed.

* * * * * * * * * Sandy was lying on the table still blindfolded when Jack pulled the chains through her rings. The feeling of each link crossing each of her sensitive buds was driving her mad. With the drug induced arousal and her mind craving submission her entire body was trembling with excitement.

"Pleash mashster, pleash tathe meth," Sandy tried to say as the ring in her tongue made it difficult to talk clearly. Jack chuckled at her speech and reached out and pulled the chains.

Sandy gasped as the chains pulled her sore nipples and clit further and further from her body. The effect was dramatic on her brain, the erotic situation of being bound to the table, blindfolded, in a public place, followed by the pain emitting from the piercings was sending her mind ever the edge. "Osh mashster, pleash fush mesh, pleash tash mesh any wathe youse wansh." All she desired was to be used.

Jack smiled at her then pulled over his tattoo kit. He started to first work on her tits. The pattern was fairly simple, but if you looked at it for more than a minute it came into focus. The word "SLUT" was clearly visible placed on her right tit about an inch above the nipple. Then it was the word "TEACHER" on the left tit in the same place.

Even if at a glance it was not obvious, it only took a second for anyone to understand the message. As soon as he finished her tits, he moved down her body to just above her bald cunt. Placed directly above her slit was a picture of a little devil with the words "Fuck Me!" forever embellished on her groin.

With her tits and cunt now tattooed he rolled her on her stomach and started to work on the QR pattern that would allow anyone with a smart phone to scan the profile of her servitude. When he finished she would forever be marked as an owned slave. She would never be able to escape her owner as anyone who scanned it would know who was her master. Jack, when finished, checked to see if it would work and scanned the tattoo with his phone, sure enough the cum slut profile popped up on his screen.

Included in her profile, were pictures of the slut fucking on her desk in her classroom as well as pictures from her adventures at the glory hole.

There was even a link to a website that had videos going all the way back to Mexico. Sandy of course had no idea of what the tattoo was or what it meant. She had no idea of the existence of the pictures or the website. When she signed all the papers she also signed a release for any and all pictures giving away all rights to them. Her owner could use them in any way they chose. Jack then went to work on her ass. Here is was nothing more than a small target on her butt right above her sphincter spreading out about four inches on each hip.

Above the target was an arrow pointing to her ass, and the words she plays with big rod of boy each side saying "BULLS EYE". When finished her rolled her on her back again and admired his work.

She was going to be sore for a few days, but that didn't matter. By early next week who knows where she would be or who would own her.

Jack reached over and pulled the blindfold from her eyes. Sandy blinked at the bright lights and looked into his eyes. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue. The silver ring glistening in the light as Jack stood and dropped his pants. Flopping out in front of Sandy's face was his erect cock. There was nothing more beautiful in her eyes than his rod. Sandy quickly enveloped it deep in her mouth not even taking time to moisten it first. She needed his seed to fill her mouth.

Jack watched as the horny slut sucked his entire unit down her throat. The feeling of the ring and stud was fantastic. As she continued to shove his cock down her throat he reached down and grabbed her head and held his cock deep down her throat.

Knowing he was about to climax, Jack quickly pushed her off his cock. Sandy looked up at her master and tried to pull him back into her mouth, but Jack would have none of it. He was in control and he wanted to fill each of her holes and watch her beg for more. He then released her bonds one at a time and pulled her legs off the table.

She was now lying on the table face down with her ass and cunt completely available. He then roughly shoved two fingers into her love canal. Sandy screamed but quickly pushed back and shoved the fingers deeper into her box.

What came next was a guttural moan as she started to hump his hand. "Pleash morth mashter, pleash gith mesh morth." Jack smiled and inserted another finger joining the other two now being fucked by the out of control slut. Just as she was peaking he pulled the fingers and replaced them with his rock hard cock, pushing it deep inside her cunt.

Sandy's body convulsed and gripped it hard as her body was racked with an amazing orgasm.

As he watched her body tremble he started to pound his cock rapidly in and out taking her orgasm to another level. Sandy convulsed as Jack kept ramming his rod like a piston deep inside the horny slave. Just as he was about to climax he stopped and pulled his cock from deep within her cunt. Sandy screamed from the loss as she pushed herself closer to his tool.

But Jack had other plans, he quickly grabbed his tool and aligned it with her brown ring and pushed. "A-A-A-A-HHHH," Sandy screamed as his massive cock entered her ass. Jack pulled back an inch or so and shoved again hard as he bottomed out, balls deep. Sandy felt no pleasure only burning pain, but instead of bringing her down it only fulfilled her craving for pain and humiliation.

Her mind exploded and every nerve in wild sexy babe masturbating hard on webcam body screamed as the orgasm flowed down her body to her toes and back again.

The last things Sandy remembered were the waves and waves pulsing through her body over and over again. Jack continued to pound her ass as he felt her sphincter clamp down again and again on his cock as her orgasms coursed up and down her body. Jack trying to prolong the feeling could not deny his body and released his spunk deep in her bowels.

Jack, still enjoying his orgasm, slowly fucked her ass as his cock softened and popped out of her rear passage. Knowing that he wanted to humiliate her, he walked around the table and pushed his cock at her mouth. "Clean me up cum slut. Open your mouth and wash the slime off my cock. You are nothing more than a possession now." Sandy, now only semiconscious, opened her mouth and extended her tongue with its new jewelry and started to lick from his balls to the tip, making sure she cleaned it all.

As the words slowly sank into her brain, something clicked in the back of her brain. "A possession? I'm a possession? What happened to my life?" Sandy thought. "Was it only seven days ago my life was normal, now I'm nothing more than a cum slut." As those thought ran through her mind, her body felt the familiar craving starting to build. Jack pulled his cock from her mouth, looked down at the slut and commanded, "Get up slut; it's time to get you ready for your mistress." Sandy still in a daze slowly rolled off the table, her head down, only looking at the floor.

Jack reached out and pushed the slave across the room towards the triple mirror against the far wall. Once he had her directly in front of it, he reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head up and pointed it towards the mirror. Sandy's mind started to clear as she shuffled across the room.

When Jack stopped her and pulled her head back what she saw shocked her. She expected the chains, but she expected chains like Dawn's chains. Her chains, bracelets, anklets, and collar exposed her servitude to everyone. There was no way to hide her shackles. When her eyes made it to the charms and tattoos and read their inions her knees gave way and she dropped to the floor.

"Math thith lothly thlave havth herth coath pleathe?" "Sorry slut, you have no coat. In fact you have nothing, no job, no apartment, no possessions, no clothes, nothing. You only have what is on your body. You are totally dependent on your mistress, and she can do anything she wants to you and with you." Jack snarled as in spite of how beautiful she was, he still thought of her as a dumb slut.

Anyone who allows someone to do this to them deserves what they get. Jack pulled a leash out from his back pocket, reached down and pushed his finger in her mouth. He hooked the ring and pulled the tongue out of her mouth. Sandy didn't resist as she didn't understand what he was going to do. Jack then clipped the leash on the ring and pulled. Sandy's eyes grew wide as she suddenly realized what the ring was for.

She couldn't resist in any way as her tongue was still very sore. Jack led the slave over to a wall and reached up threw leash over a clip attached high up on the wall. He ebony stripper giving a private show t amp a studios pulled the end and forced the slave to stand on her toes to relieve the stress on her tongue.

"God you look sexy, strung up by your tongue slut." Jack commented. He then walked over and opened a bag. Inside were four veils. They were red in color and almost transparent. He then grabbed the first of which was a long triangle. It started at the top with a ring, extending down about ten inches. It was only 3 ½ inches wide at the bottom.

Attached at the bottom two chains with clips, about eight inches long from each corner. Jack took the top and hooked it to her collar; he then pulled it down over her tit and attached the chains at the bottom to her waist chain. He then grabbed an identical veil and did the same to the other side. As he stepped back looked at the slut, he smiled.

Although her tits were covered, they were in plain sight along with all her decorations. Jack then grabbed the remaining two veils; each was a small rectangle about eight inches wide by ten inches long.

On two of the corners were small chains about four inches long with clips on the end. He then clipped each veil on her front and back covering her ass and cunt. He then grabbed the clit chain and pulled it up and over her waist chain letting it dangle in front of her cunt. With the red veil as a background, the silver charm, with "SLUT" in two inch letters, shone like the sun confirming to anyone exactly what she had become. Sandy was now standing on her toes attached to the wall by her tongue, wearing nothing more than thin transparent veils covering her tits, and veil loin cloth which hid nothing.

Just as she started to reach for the leash, Jack grabbed her arms and quickly attached them also to the waist chain. Her hands could now only reach about three inches from her waist. He then knelt down and attached a short, twelve inch hobble chain to her ankles. When he pulled out a pair of six inch stiletto heels and locked them on her feet, his work was done. He stood back, pulled the chain attached very sexy colombian couple gets horny and fuck each other her tongue up tight again, took out a camera and admired his work.

These pics are going to be worth a fortune. Jack then turned and walked to the front of the store. * * * * * * * * * shy wife reluctantly fucks stranger * * Julie was sitting at her desk when school finally ended. Yes the day had been easier for her. Susanna didn't do anything to her, only making her strip each hour and masturbate for 15 minutes before let her dress again. When the bell rang signaling the end of classes she breathed a sigh of relief.

Hopefully Susanna would show up soon and give her some relief. Her body was a bundle of nerves. Each hour she was more frightened she might be caught naked in her office.

The masturbating only increased her arousal making it impossible to get anything accomplished. Julie waited for her mistress to arrive, sitting at her desk with her skirt up around her hips, gently stroking her clit.

God I need cum! I hope Mistress Susanna shows up soon and allows me to feed my need. At least let me have some cum! Just then her door opened and in walked Susanna. "Wow slut you have been busy. It smells like a pussy in here. Stand up and get out of those clothes." Julie jumped up creampie for shaggy oriental beaver japanese hardcore quickly stripped out of her blouse and skirt and stood naked in front of her mistress.

Susanna looked at the excited slave and noticed that her legs were wet from her cunt to her knees. She glanced at her chair and there was a wet spot at least ten inches in diameter.

"Is my slut horny?" She asked. "OH GOD YES MISTRESS. I need to cum so-o-o-o bad. Please let me cum mistress," Julie answered. "Oh no, I don't think so slut. You are not to cum before Saturday. Unless of course you seduce your son, but even then you will have to Facetime it to me when you do it. I want to save the event for prosperity." Julie's shoulders slumped as she didn't think she would be able to handle waiting so long to climax.

Susanna watched Julie's reaction and smiled, she knew that the woman/slut standing naked in front of her was breaking down. Soon her body would overwhelm her brain and she would do any degrading thing to be allowed to orgasm. Susanna reached into her bag and pulled a coat, collar and leash out and handed it to her slave. "Put these on, and let's get out of here." Julie gasped, school had just let out and there were still lots of people still in the halls. If they left now everyone would be able to see her, as the coat would not cover her pussy when she walked.

Let alone wearing the collar and leash. "Please mistress, we can't leave right now. There are too many people still in school. If you lead me with the leash, dressed in only the coat, I will get fired. I can't do you any good if I'm not working here.

Please mistress, can we please wait awhile?" "Slut, you are not to question my demands. You are to do as told. Take off your shoes and give me your vibrator and belt off your coat." Julie cringed as Susanna looked so angry, as she quickly grabbed the vibrator out of her desk, slipped off her shoes, and removed the belt off the coat.

"Pull the coat up and spread your legs slut." Julie did as commanded and watched as Susanna took the vibrator and inserted it deep in her cunt. Just as it bottomed out, Susanna turned the knob on the base to high. The effect was immediate, Julie's eyes bulged out and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

The vibrator was pushing all the right buttons, but her mind remembering its training would not let her body climax without permission. Susanna then took the belt and looped it down between her legs and around her waist before tying it off holding the vibrator in place. Julie was now using everything she had to keep from dropping to her knees succumbing to the toys embedded in her body. Now her coat was no longer tied closed, if she wanted to keep from exposing her body she would have to hold it closed.

Susanna then grabbed the leash and pulled the barefoot, nearly-naked slave out her office door. Julie could not look around as she was led by the dominate teenager down the hall by a leash. Her coat was just covering her body in spite of her holding it tightly closed. Being barefoot only increased the humiliation as the vibrator was working its magic deep inside her.

Julie thought about her son, his last class was down this hall. God I brunette and tattooed alaina dawson gets fucked by kurt lockwood he has already left. I can't let him see me this way. As they reached the door to the parking lot, Julie started to relax. So far they hadn't passed anyone; she might be able to get out of this after all. Just as they got to the door, out of the shadows stepped one of Susanna's girlfriends. "Carrie, thanks for meeting me here.

I'm just taking my slut out for training. Is everything set for later?" "Absolutely, I'm meeting Alex later and we are going to his house to study. Isn't that his mom?" "Why yes it is, she is a closet slut.

She loves it when I make her do embarrassing things. She gets off on it. Why else would she be standing here almost naked with her holes plugged at school?" Susanna answered as she pulled the coat open exposing the toys filling Julie's holes. Carrie gasped at the sight, but then deep inside she felt a tingle in her cunt as the thought of dominating a grown woman was exciting her. "OK slut, we are going to the apartment for some training for a couple of hours.

Carrie here is going to go home with your son. She will keep him occupied till you get home. Who knows, maybe when you get there you might be able to watch him fuck her.

Wouldn't that be exciting?" Julie groaned and blushed down to her knees. Now there was another person who knew what she was. Susanna grabbed the leash and pulled the slave out the door to the parking lot. When they got to Julie's car, Susanna demanded her coat. Julie panicked as she looked around hoping no one noticed as she slid her coat off and handed it to her mistress. Susanna smiled an evil smile and decided to push it just a little further. "Drop down on your knees and lick my shoes slut and you better make it quick if you don't want to get caught." Julie, standing naked in the staff parking lot, quickly dropped to her knees and dropped her head down to Susanna's shoes.

Praying nobody walked out the staff door, she quickly started to lick her mistress's shoes. Instead of making her sick, her body's reaction was to ramp up her arousal to an extreme level. Her cunt was now gushing around the vibrator still deeply embedded in her pussy. The more she licked and the longer she stayed on her knees, the more aroused was her body. Susanna was watching closely in case anyone would leave the staff door. Even though having Julie discovered would eventually happen, she wanted to wait till the right time.

Susanna wanted to make her coming out an event, not an accident. "OK slut, you did well, now get up and follow me to Slave Dawn's apartment." Julie practically jumped up off the pavement and jumped into her car, and not a minute too soon as several teachers and support staff walked out the door. Julie was parked very close to the door as she had arrived so early this morning.

She was only about fifty feet or so from the teachers heading for their cars. She looked up at her mistress with pleading eyes. "OK slut, you may go ahead.

I will meet you there, but when you get there wait for me by the front door." Julie didn't wait to respond; she quickly started the car and dashed out of the lot before anyone could see her nudity. Susan called Julie's cell, she hoped that Julie had kept their involvement a secret.

Susan needed an update and although it was dangerous calling her she had to risk it. She needed to get more details about the slaves.

"Julie jumped when her cell rang; she quickly grabbed it and checked the caller ID. She didn't recognize the number but answered it anyway, "Hello, who is this?" "Julie, this is Susan from earlier this afternoon.

Do you have more details?" "Not really, I'm on the way to Dawn Reynolds apartment now. Mistress Susanna is following me in a few minutes." "What is going on tonight?" "All I know is that I am going there for more training. If it is anything like the last time I will no longer be able to resist my mistress.

I will end up just like the other slaves. Please help me! Stepmom and teen share hard man meat on the couch Julie pleaded with the young woman on the other end of her phone. "OK, text me Dawn's address, and take your phone with you. I don't care how you get it in the apartment but you must get it into the apartment. I will be giving you a call in an hour or so.

Do you have an elderly close relative?" "Yes, my mother is in a nursing home. She is very sick." "Good, I will pretend I am from the nursing home and will demand you get over here as soon as possible.

I will tell you that your mother is much worse and might die. Where is the nursing home located?" "The name is 'Sunny Hill Nursing Home' and it's located in South Bend, about an hour and half away." "Great, I will tell you that you will need to get there as soon as possible tomorrow morning.

That way you have an excuse to go home and pack. Hopefully that will get you out of the house and away from the training." "Thank you so much mistress. I will do as you ask." "While you are at the apartment, try to find out what their plans are for the slaves. I want you to call me as soon as you can and fill me in. Do you understand?" "Yes mistress, I understand." Julie answered and ended the call. "God I hope this works.

If it doesn't I will be a slave for the rest of my life," She murmured to herself. Julie arrived at the apartment a few minutes later. She had nothing to wear as Susanna had her coat. The only covering was the belt holding the vibrator in her pussy. Julie grabbed the phone and slipped it behind the belt and walked to the door. As it was daylight, but still early, there weren't many neighbors around.

She stood on the door stoop waiting for her mistress to arrive. A few minutes later she spotted the BMW pulling into the parking lot. Julie breathed a sigh of relief as her mistress had arrived. * * * * * * * * * Susanna pulled into a parking spot beside Julie's car.

She smiled as she watched her slut standing nervously in front of Dawn's apartment. She waited a minute or so just to make her squirm a little more and to make sure she knew who was charge. Susanna stepped out of the car and walked up to her slut.

"Give me your leash and drop to your knees, you are not allowed to stand when you are here." Julie quickly complied, holding her leash above her head and kneeling by the door. Susanna took the leash, opened the door and pulled the slave inside.

The first thing they noticed was Dawn, naked and kneeling just inside the door. "Welcome Mistress, your slave awaits your commands.

What can this lowly ass slut do to please her mistress?" Susanna beamed as this is just what she wanted. Having her slave greeting her at the door begging to be dominated by her mistress sent shivers up her spine and down to her pussy.

"How was your day slut? Did you sleep well? Have you been thinking about me? Are you wet thinking about all the perverted things I might make you do?" "Yes Mistress, I thought about you a lot.

I didn't sleep well because every time I fell asleep I dreamed that you made me strip in front of my class and service each student. After each dream my body craved your presence. My cravings are out of control. I need you to satisfy my cravings. Please mistress, use me as you see fit.

I will do anything you wish." As Dawn spoke she looked up at her mistress with love in her eyes. She now needed what Susanna gave her.

Dawn was now willingly giving her mistress everything she had left; she was giving up all control of her body and mind. In Dawn's mind she was no longer a person, just a slut killing minx receives smacked pornstar and hardcore be used for her mistress' pleasure.

Susanna looked down at the humble slave at her feet and listened intently. At the slut's statement of giving up her last bit of control, Susanna watched as a tear rolled down her slut's cheek. Susanna jerked on Julie's leash and said, "Now slut, do you understand what your future will be?" Julie gasped as she remembered how Dawn Reynolds was just a few days ago.

She was a proud confident teacher, completely in control of her life. Now only a few days later, she was willingly giving up all control of her life to a teenager. Julie hoped that the young woman she only met today would come through to save her. Susanna quickly took charge. "Ass Slut, go into the bedroom and get things ready. We only have a few hours to continue the new slave's training." Dawn quickly crawled to the bedroom and started to prepare the 'Mind Bender'.

Julie started to cry as she knew that the call would not be coming for a while. If her mistress managed to start the training she might not let her out before it would be too late. She then remembered her phone; she needed to leave it in the living room so when it went off someone would hear it. She sat by the door, she watched as Susanna followed Dawn into the bedroom.

Now was her chance, she quickly pulled the phone out from behind the belt and placed it on the table beside the couch. She quickly returned to the door and prayed that the plan would work. It only took a few minutes to set up the controller, when everything was finished Susanna reviewed the verbal commands that would be implanted into the slut's head. Satisfied that everything was set, she walked to the kneeling slave, grabbed her leash and pulled her to the bedroom.

Julie at first tried to resist, but only a quick glance from Susanna quashed any resistance left in her body. This time Dawn was allowed to help with the entire process.

First they removed the belt and probes already inside the holes. Then she even helped attach the probes on her nipples and clit. When it was time to insert the vibrator, Dawn asked her mistress, "Mistress, May I chose the vibrator? I know the perfect one to use." "Sure slut, which one is it?" "It's part of the Mind Bender kit that was in the suit case I brought back from Mexico." She answered.

Dawn crawled over to the suit case and pulled out a monster ten-inch long, three-inch diameter black cock. It had multiple settings that the 'Mind Bender' could access. That meant that the controller could change vibration settings and drive the slut to even higher levels of arousal. The best thing was that this unit plugged into the wall and did not rely on batteries. "I like your choice. That will do nicely." Dawn watched as Susanna finished connecting everything to the controller and pushed the button.

Julie instantly trembled as the controller started the process. Soon she was humping the air trying to reach that ever elusive climax that she knew would never come. Susanna smiled and called her slave out to the living room. "Follow me slut, I need some relief and you are going to give it." Dawn smiled as she quickly crawled after her mistress, her mouthwatering just at the thought of drinking her fluids. There was nothing that tasted better than her mistress' cum.

* * * * * * * * * * Sandy was still strung up against the wall when Anita strolled into the shop. Anita knew what was to be done, but she hadn't actually seen what was ordered. Jack had only told her to trust him; he would make sure there would be no doubt that this teacher slut was a slave.

Anita had a hard time staying away for the full two and one half hours. She was so excited to see her slave decorated. She couldn't wait to scan her neck tattoo and pull up her slave registration online. When Jack saw her walk through the door, he smiled and said, "Wait, you have to close your eyes.

I want this hot teen gets fucked on real homemade be a surprise." Anita's nipples were about to poke a hole in her tee shirt and her pussy was positively dripping under her skirt. She knew she should have worn panties, but she wanted to make use of her slave as soon as possible and didn't want panties to get in the way. "OK," she answered and covered her eyes with her hand. Jack took her other hand and led her down the hall to the room with her slave.

Sandy heard someone coming and hoped it was her mistress. Her legs were hurting keeping the strain off her tongue.

When she saw Jack leading her mistress into the room her body relaxed as her mind exploded with anticipation at what her mistress had in store for her. Jack positioned Anita in front of the restrained slave and whispered, "Open your eyes Anita." Anita gasped when she gazed upon her slave, the chain attached to her tongue ring and pulling it above her head was so erotic she almost came right then.

As she slowly lowered her eyes down her body the collar came into view. It was magnificent; it was so tight and no noticeable latches or hinges. The chain coursing thru the loop in front and down through the loops now attached to her nipples and down to her clit was the work of a genius. She then looked at the charms attached to her nipples and clit. Each message screamed slave.

Anita continued to scan the slut's body looking at the bracelets and anklets. They matched the collar with no latches or hinges that she could see. Anita stood back and took in the entire picture of her slut, wearing nothing more than thin veils and lovely teen crumpet rubs wet love tunnel hardcore russian. The only noticeable locks were on her stiletto heels.

She then walked up to the slut and pulled the chain, rotating it across the slut's sensitive nubs, eliciting a gasp from the slave's open mouth. Jack looked at Anita and asked, "Well, what do you think? Is it everything I promised?

Are you happy with the results?" "Oh, my God, yes, everything and more, she is a work of art!" Anita exclaimed. "Please tell me where did you put the slave code?" "It's on the back of her neck, right where anyone can see it when she is giving a blowjob, or when her hair is in a ponytail it will be quite visible no matter what top she wears unless it is a turtle neck.

Oh and one more thing, the ring in her tongue with take some getting used to, her speech is slurred right now but it should clear up as she learns to talk around it." Anita moaned as she couldn't wait to take her slave out and show her off. "Please release her tongue and give me her leash." Jack walked to the wall and released the leash. He pulled it off the clip in the wall and handed it to Anita. Sandy followed as her tongue was being pulled by her mistress.

Anita started to walk across the room, leading her slave behind her. Sandy struggled to keep up as she could only take small steps due to the hobble chain on her ankles.

Anita laughed as she watched he slut taking three steps to her one and struggling to stay upright on her sky high stiletto heels. Anita sat in a chair and pulled her skirt above her waist. She then tugged on the leash and pulled her slave down to her knees. She then un-clipped the leash and ordered, "Make that beautiful tongue useful, eat my pussy slut." Sandy beamed and dove into her crotch. She quickly licked from her ass to her clit savoring every morsel flowing from her mistress.

There was no shame, no humiliation, no pain, only pleasure. Sandy was right where she should be, servicing her mistress. "I love my mistress!," Coursed through her mind as she pushed her decorated tongue deeper into her love canal. Anita was so excited that it took only a couple of minutes before she felt her orgasm start to boil up from her loins.

Anita looked across the room at Jack, who had dropped his pants and was stroking his cock watching the erotic scene unfold before his eyes. Anita watched closely and as Jack began to spurt. She then grabbed Sandy's head and roughly ground her face into her cunt as her orgasm exploded and flowed out to all her extremities. Sandy knelt on the floor continuing to lick where ever Anita positioned her face. Breathing was difficult as both her nose and mouth were buried deep in her mistress' pussy when Anita climaxed.

Her cum spurting out in copious amounts and covered her sluts face and tits. When Anita finally regained her senses, she released her grip on the slut's head and pushed her away. Her cunt was too tender to be touched. Sandy sat on the floor looking up at her mistress, she was happy her mistress was satisfied and her cum slut had performed well.

She felt a warm glow from deep within her chest. She was in love. Anita took a couple of minutes to collect herself, then stood and straightened her skirt. She then grabbed the leash and said, "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue slut." Sandy quickly scrambled to her knees and stuck out her tongue as far as she could.

Anita clipped the leash through the ring. "Come along slave, we are going to your fellow slave's apartment. You will be staying there for the next few days. Did you bring anything with you? Oh, no of course not, you have nothing do you?" "Noth mithress Ith hath nuthing, Ith amth nuthing, Ith ethist thrictly forth yourth ptheathure mithress. thlease useth meth mithress." Anita smiled and headed for the door.

She walked a little slower so her slave wouldn't fall. When they got to the car Anita told her slave that from now on she would be living with her sister slave. They drove to Dawn's apartment in silence as Anita was in deep thought on how much she was going to get in the slave auction and Sandy was thinking about the many humiliating tasks her mistress might give her. As soon as they arrived at the door, Anita looked at her slave and said, "You are not allowed to speak unless given permission.

You are not to look your superiors in the eye unless ordered to do so. You are not superior to anyone. Do you understand slut?" "Yeth mithress, thith thlut unthurthands." "Good, then follow me and do as you are told." Sandy shuffled into Dawn's apartment and immediately noticed Dawn servicing Susanna's pussy.

Susanna was sitting in an overstuffed arm chair with her legs widely spread and hanging over the arms. Dawn was kneeling in front of her mistress lavishing her attention to her ass. "Hey sis," Anita called to her sister. "O-O-O-H-H-H Nita I-I-I'm busy right now," Her sister gasped as she was approaching an orgasm. "Cum Slut, go over and shove your tongue up your fellow slave's ass." She sexy kayla rides hard on a bbc while removing the leash from her tongue.

Sandy quickly hobbled over and dropped to her knees, leaned forward, extended her tongue and shoved it up Dawn's ass. Dawn gasped as Sandy's tongue now decorated was quickly ramping up her arousal levels. Anita walked over to the bedroom door and looked in at Julie bound to the bed and writhing from the Mind Bender controlling her body.

Susanna suddenly screamed as a massive orgasm exploded from her cunt and flow through her body. Anita waited till her sister had calmed before she asked, "How long has she been connected?" "Only about an hour or so I expect to continue for the next three hours to complete this session. By that time she will not be able to resist our commands, regardless of how humiliating or perverse." Just then the cell phone rang on the end table. "Whose phone is that?" Susanna asked?

"I don't know," Anita answered as she picked it up and answered. "Hello, who is this?" Anita asked in an annoyed tone. "I'm sorry to bother you but are you Julie Green?" The caller answered.

"No she is tied up at the moment, is there something I can do for you?" Anita said while smiling at her pun. "Yes please, this is Candice Brown from the Sunny Hill Nursing Home. I'm trying to reach Julie about her mother.

I'm afraid she has taken a turn for the worse. We believe that Julie should come up here to visit her mother. I'm afraid she may not be with us much longer.

Would you be able to get this message to her? And could you have her call us at this number?" "Where exactly is Sunny Hill Nursing Home?" "We are located in South Bend, Julie knows where we are, and she has been here many times. Are you sure I can't speak with her?" "No I'm afraid she is in the middle of something and cannot be disturbed. Your message will have to wait." "I'm sorry to be so persistent but I really need to speak with her. We need to know exactly what she wants us to do when it becomes critical.

We also want to know when we can expect to see her. I'm begging you, what would you want if it was your mother?" "OK, OK, I'll go get her. Please hang on; it will take me a minute to get her to the phone." "Oh thank you very much.

Of course I'll hold." Anita put the phone down and called her sister over. "It's a nursing home calling about Julie's mom. She is about to kick the bucket. They need to speak to her right now. Help me get her up and see if she can talk." "OK I'll get her disconnected and bring her out. Tell them it will be a few minutes." Susanna answered. She then walked into the bedroom and shut off the controller.

Julie was fully involved in the program. Her mind was fully engaged with the commands. The first time she experienced her training after an hour her resistance to the commands was just weakening.

However after the first session; in just a matter of minutes her mind had grasped the commands and they were now firmly implanted into her head. Simultaneously her body was now beyond her control. In addition to accepting the commands, her mind could only think of reaching the massive climax her body now craved.

When the controller suddenly stopped just as she was right on the precipice of an orgasm and it was gone. The vibrations, the tingling nipples, the clit bullet, the voices, everything stopped. With no stimulus, Julie screamed around the ball gag firmly filling her mouth. She desired, no needed, no craved stimulus, stimulus of any kind. When Susanna pulled off her blindfold, Julie looked into her eyes and started to cry. "Mistress, what did I do wrong, I'm sorry mistress, what can this slut do to please you?" Susanna smiled, although she wanted her training to continue for another couple of hours, maybe this would be enough.

"It's OK, slut. Calm down." She said as she gently massaged her nipples as she flexible kamasutra babes licking pussy and dildoing the clips. "You did nothing wrong. A nurse is calling about your mother. She is not doing well and she needs to speak with you. I want you to gather your thoughts and speak to her.

She wants you to come to the nursing home. I want you to tell her you can't be there till tomorrow. We will let you go there tomorrow but you must be back tomorrow evening. Can you do this?" Julie looked around the room, she was very confused. She didn't remember that the call was bogus as well as everything from this afternoon.

"Yes mistress your slave will do what you want." "Good, get your shit together and follow me to the other room." Anita continued as she released the slave from her restraints. Julie slowly rolled over and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Susanna helped her up and led her to the living room to talk to the nurse. When Julie stepped into the living room, she blinked at the bright lights. As her vision cleared she noticed Smart girly lesbians sex with erotic toys pantyhose erotica sitting in an overstuffed chair, naked from the waist down and her legs draped over the arms.

Dawn kneeling between her legs enthusiastically licking her cunt. Sandy right behind her reaming Dawn's ass with her tongue. Susanna had walked to the end table and picked up the phone. She had her hand over the mouthpiece and said, "Remember slut, you can't get there until tomorrow and you have to be back here tomorrow night." "Yes mistress." She answered as she took the phone. "Hello," "Julie Green? This is Candice Brown from Sunny Hill Nursing Home." Susan said, not knowing who might be listening.

"Yes this is Julie, what can I do for you Miss Brown?" Julie answered as her hand slipped down to her cunt and started to rub her clit. "Julie, your mother has taken a turn for the worse. You need to come up here as soon as possible. Is there any way you can make it up here tonight?" "OH-H-H-H N-N-O-O I CAN'T MAKE IT TONIGHT!" Julie answered as her fingers had her on the verge of a massive climax.

"Is everything OK? You seem to be in distress." "Oh God, No I'm fine, but I can't leave tonight. I will be up there first thing tomorrow." "OK Julie, but please call me if you will be delayed." Susan answered, hoping that this would get her out of the apartment. Julie pushed the end button and looked at the two dominate teenagers. "I really have to get home. I need to get ready to go tomorrow morning. Please mistress, may I go home and pack?" Julie pleaded as her mind was clearing just a bit.

She still didn't remember that the call was bogus, was only thinking of getting to the nursing home to see her mom. It was probably a good thing that she didn't remember, because both teens looked at the slave looking for any signs of deception. Seeing the panicked look in her eyes, Susanna nodded and said. "Yes slut, go home and go visit your mother tomorrow morning.

However tonight, when you get home, you are to make sure that Carrie is happy. She is spending time with your son. You are to do whatever it takes to keep her happy. She isn't going to tell you to do anything, however if she tells you she likes something, you are to suggest you do whatever it is no matter what it is. I don't want to hear about you not doing everything she suggests, and do it with enthusiasm. Do you understand slut?" "Yes mistress, I will do as you say.

I won't disappoint you, I promise. Thank you so much for letting me leave. Thank you mistress," Julie said while dropping to her knees and groveling at her mistress' feet. Anita smiled as she looked down at the slave groveling at her feet. She knew that the new slave was almost trained. "OK slut, here is your coat; I don't know where the belt is so go without.

When you get home just hold it closed unless Carrie suggests you would look better naked." "Yes mistress," Julie answered as she picked up her phone, keys and walked out the door. Once she was outside her head started to clear a little more. She wasn't sure why but something was nagging in the back of her head. She smiled but wasn't sure why, but the night air felt good and things felt right.

Julie walked to her car and climbed into the driver's seat. "God I'm so fucking horny, how am I to function like this. Oh I hope Sex xxxxxxxx story download in lets me come or at least gives me some come." Julie said to no one. She sat there for a minute to let her head clear a little more before she started the car and headed home. Susan and Cindy were sitting in Susan's car on the other side of the parking lot watching as Julie left.

"Good she's out; I hope we got her out in time. We're going to need her help if we are going to rescue the slaves." Susan said looking at Cindy sitting beside her. "She looks OK to me. What are we going to do now?" Cindy asked. "We'll wait here for a minute to see if she is followed, if not I'm going to call her and find out if she knows anything more.

After that we will just wait and see." The two young women waited in the car watching the door to the apartment. When they didn't see anyone leave, Susan brazzers story sex in sex storiesvom the car and headed towards Julie's home.

After leaving the parking lot, Susan opened her cell and dialed Julie's number. "Hello?" Julie answered. "Julie, this is Susan, are you OK?" "Susan? Do I know you?" "Yes you do, we met earlier today in your office. Do you remember?

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I called you on the way to Miss Reynolds apartment." "Oh yeah, it's coming back to me. I'm sorry but I'm not thinking clearly right now. I need to get home and please Carrie before I go to visit my mother." "JULIE, SNAP OUT OF IT. YOUR MOTHER IS FINE.

IT WAS ME CALLING." Susan shouted. "What? Oh it's coming back to me, but I need to follow my mistress' instructions.

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I need to get home." "That's right, you need to go home and follow instructions. But first, do you know where the slaves are going to be tomorrow, and what are your instructions for your visit? "All I know is that when I get home, I'm supposed to make Carrie happy. I'm to do anything she suggests. When she is done with me, I'm to go girl on bondage gagged fed up with waiting for a taxi naive young tourista liza rowe bed and go to the nursing home tomorrow.

I need to be back by five o'clock tomorrow evening. I'm then to come back to the apartment naked and wait for further instructions. I heard my mistress mention to her sister that she wants their slaves together for the night before the big party on Saturday.

I don't know what she has planned but I'm not allowed to cum until Saturday. God I can't wait till Saturday!" "Good Job Julie, you did well. Follow your instructions and tomorrow call me at this number when you leave your home. I will meet you and go with you to visit your mother.

Don't tell anyone about me. If you do I will punish you. Do you understand?" "OK, I will. Yes I understand. I will be leaving around eight am." Susan ended the call and looked over at a confused Cindy.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "I don't understand, why the threat of punishment. Doesn't she understand we are helping her?" "I'm afraid that we didn't get her out in time.

It sounds like the programming has taken hold of her mind. She has been programmed to obey. Right now she only knows to do what she has been told to do. What I'm trying to is prevent her from telling anyone about us.

She thinks I'm one of her mistresses, so I want her to follow my commands and keep us a secret from the others. Hopefully tomorrow when she wakes up, her mind might clear a little more and she will cooperate with us.

If not we may have to restrain her till the other slaves are rescued. We will cross that bridge when we come to it, but we will need to be prepared." Susan answered. "God this is so exciting, I feel like a secret agent or something.

What are we going to do about the slaves, and what are we going to do next?" "Right now we are going to Julie's house. After she goes inside, hopefully we can sneak up and get a vantage point and see what is happening. If we can, we are going to wait till this Carrie leaves and possibly enlist the help of her son. Right now we need all the help we can get." "OK but when are you going to call the lawyer's office?" "I have his cell number, when we get to Julie's house I'm going to call him and fill him in.

From there on I have no idea. I've never done anything like this before. I'm just playing it by ear." The balance of the ride to Julie's house was in silence. Both women were in deep thought, both were excited and scared.

There were so many things that could go wrong. Anita was coming down from the orgasm from Dawn's tongue. Sandy was still reaming out Dawn's ass as she was not told to stop. Dawn's head was on the floor and her ass was pointed up giving Sandy full access. She was in heaven as her ass was now a pleasure zone for her. Sandy's talented tongue with its decorations was hitting all the right spots.

The only thing japanese lesbian hot pussy creamy massage would be if she would use her hand. "God maybe her mistress would order the slave to fist her." Susanna watched the slaves and smiled. "Had it only been six days since they started this process," she thought. In front of her was what were once two competent high school teachers; totally in charge of their lives. Now there was very little left of those two women.

In their place were two horny submissive sex slaves. Eager to please their mistress and fulfill any perverted command given them. Watching Sandy eagerly shoving her tongue deep in Dawn's ass and savoring every minute was so exciting. Her pussy was so wet she could hardly wait for the slaves to satisfy her. Anita was now in control of her body, the orgasm had run its course.

"Slave, get your tongue out of her ass and stand up. I want to show off your decorations." Sandy quickly stopped and struggled to her feet. She now stood with her legs spread as far as she could with the hobble chain still attached to her ankles.

Her arms at her sides still clipped to her waist and her head bowed looking at the floor. "Susanna, check out my slave! Do you like?" Anita asked, barely containing her excitement. "Wow, I'm impressed," Susanna answered as she walked around inspecting the chained slave. "I really like the collar and shackles. I can't tell how they are attached, and the nipple chain is exquisite." She said as she pulled the chain over the sensitive buds. She then reached out and fingered the charms declaring the slaves submission.

Sandy moaned as Susanna kept pulling the chain out and over her nipples and clit. Her body responding as the links stimulated all three points simultaneously. Susanna noticed the slave's cunt leaking down her legs as it was obvious the slave was beyond excited.

Anita stood up and walked up to her slave. "Stick out tight legal age teenager ass is drilled tongue slut.

Check this out Susanna." She said as Sandy extended her tongue and Anita clipped on the leash. She then handed the leash to her sister. "Oh My God that is so hot, leading her by her tongue, God that makes me horny." Susanna exclaimed as she pulled the leash and drags the slave around the room. "Drop to your knees slut, I want you to crawl." Sandy dropped down and tried to follow her mistress, but it was difficult, her hands and feet still restrained.

She could only scoot a few inches at a time and Susanna was pulling hard on the leash. "Take it easy Susanna! The ring was just installed today. I don't want it pulled out. A split tongue will ruin her value." "OK, OK, but god that's so hot. I want her to eat me now.

I just know those toys are going to feel wonderful." "You can have her in a minute; I want you to see something else. Grab your phone and check this out." Anita said as she took the leash from her sister and pulled the slave down till her head was on the ground.

"Pull up your shopping app and scan this." Anita directed her sister to the tattoo on Sandy's neck. Susanna pulled up the app and pointed it at the symbol adorning the slave's neck. When the app responded Susanna gasped. "OH MY GOD, SHE'S A REGISTERD SLAVE!" Susanna shouted as she perused the website detailing the slave's history. "Wow I can't wait to register mine. You have to tell me how you did it." "That's not all; I eliminated all of her possessions.

She has resigned her job, closed all her accounts, donated all her furniture and moved out of her apartment. The slave has nothing but what you see. She is totally dependent on brenda sparks rides her boyfriends cock while licking her step moms tits. I can do anything I want with her, and after Saturday's party, everyone at school will know she is a slave, and by next week who knows where she will end up." "Anita, are you sure you should do this?

I mean if you walk in with a teacher, naked with a leash attached to her tongue you won't be able to keep this quiet. I don't care how much influence mom and dad have, you will get busted. We need to keep with the plan and have the slaves masked so no one knows who they are. Don't let this power trip go to your head." "Ok, Ok, but wouldn't it be hot to have our slaves crawl into the party and suck and fuck everyone dry. Not only would it totally break them down, but no one would ever challenge us again because they would be afraid we might do this to them." "Keep dreaming sis, now let's make use of these sluts, I'm so horny I can't stand it." Julie arrived at her house and parked her car in the driveway.

In spite of not having any stimulus at all, she was becoming more aroused by the second. She knew that inside was Carrie entertaining her son. She also knew that her mistress had something planned for her. The training ingrained in her mind, made it almost impossible to resist submitting to her son and the thought of doing just that was exploding through out her body.

Julie opened the door and slid out of the seat; she looked down and noticed a large wet spot. Her cunt was absolutely gushing. Julie's body flushed with excitement.

Julie gathered her thoughts and walked to the door, holding her coat closed but not really caring if anyone saw her. When she opened the door she heard Alex and Carrie in the living room laughing.

She took a deep breath and walked into the room. Alex was the first to notice his mother standing in the doorway. "Oh geesh mom! Where are your clothes?" Julie stood holding the short rain and shine coat closed as best she could. Even so, her tits and pussy were still slightly exposed. She looked down at the floor and said, hard teen compilation and bath tiny hands solve big problems visited a friend and we played some poker.

I lost and this is all I have left." She lied. Carrie laughed sunny lone six story sex stories download she watched the slave try to make an excuse for her dress.

"Well I think you should stay that way as punishment for losing so badly." Julie didn't know what to do, she had to please Carrie but how could she without letting her son know about her slavery. "You know Carrie, you're right, I will stay like this. I should know better. I'm sure this will teach me a lesson." Alex and Carrie were sitting on the couch. Alex was dressed in a tank top and shorts.

Carrie was dressed in a short crop top, short skirt and four inch stilettos. Carrie had her hand inside his shirt and was caressing his chest. Alex looked at his sexy, nearly naked mother standing in the doorway; his cock was responding to the view and was making a tent in his shorts.

Julie noticed his erection and moaned as the voices in her head screamed for her to drop to her knees and worship her son. Just as her knees started to buckle she heard Carrie call her name. "Miss Julie, would you be so kind to go get us something to drink? I know I'm thirsty and I know Alex is too." "I would be happy to serve you," Julie responded, "And please call me Julie." "I like being waited on, it's kind of like having a maid don't you think?" "If that would make you happy, I would be happy to be your maid for the evening.

Just let me know what you want and I will do it for you." "Wow, that's great and while you're at it take off that coat and put on an apron and high heels. That will complete the effect." "Yes, Carrie." "Oh, and it's Miss Carrie." "Yes, Miss Carrie," Julie answered as she turned and went to her room to retrieve her shoes and get them their drinks. Alex couldn't speak as he listened to the conversation between Carrie and his mom. His cock was hard as a rock, with Carrie stroking his chest and each stroke coming closer to his cock and his mom almost naked and agreeing to be their maid for the night.

Carrie looked up at him and said, "Wow your mom is hot, and so agreeable. I wonder how far we can push her. Let's see what she does when she gets back here." Alex still couldn't speak and simply nodded. After the last few days and his mom parading around the house almost naked, his mind was fully accepting thoughts of her on her knees sucking him off. Susan and Cindy arrived at Julie's house just as Julie walked in the door.

Cindy pointed out Julie's car as Susan pulled around the corner so they wouldn't be seen. Susan quickly dialed Jason Marshall's cell and waited for him to answer. "Hello, this is Jason Marshall," He said. "Hello Mr. Marshall, this is Susan Adams. I have some information for you about the teachers." She replied.

"Susan, glad you called. I was getting worried. We are cutting it close. Do you know where they will be tomorrow?" "Sorry about the delay but we have been working on this all day. Yes, we found out that they are going to be at Dawn Reynolds' apartment all night tonight and all day tomorrow. I don't know what they have planned for them tomorrow but I'm pretty sure they are going to be at Dawn Reynolds's apartment tomorrow evening after five.

They told Julie to be there at five. We think both slaves will be there then." "I'm sorry Susan; I need more definite information than that. I can't have my team show up at the apartment and they not be there. That would blow the entire FBI bust. We can't have that.

You need to confirm your information." "Ok I understand, but right now plan on them being there after five and I will get back with you as soon as I confirm it." Susan answered. "OK, but understand this has to be timed perfectly so as not to jeopardize the FBI operation. Please let me know quickly." He said as he ended the call. God this is going to be a cluster fuck. If we screw this up we might end up in jail too.

Susan looked at Cindy and moaned. He needs us to confirm our information before they can do anything. We need to figure out how to do that." They quickly slipped out of the car and eased around the house. It was a single family ranch with a brick facade.

There was a picture window in front and windows down the side. There were several overgrown bushes all down the side effectively blocking anyone's view from the street. Cindy and Susan hid behind the bushes and peeked in one of the side windows. Because of the bushes the blinds were wide open and they could see the entire living room. Susan pulled out a pocket knife from her purse and slid it under the window frame and pried the window up just a bit.

She then used her fingers to open it just enough so they could hear any conversations. Julie was just coming around the corner; she was wearing a little apron that didn't cover her tits and came to just below her pussy. Her entire back was exposed.

She had five inch heels that strapped around her ankles. The watched as she scurried into the kitchen. They then heard Carrie say, "Let's see if she will crawl up when she brings our drinks. It's so sexy having someone serve you on their knees." Alex started to say something but just as he opened his mouth, Carrie slid her hands into his short and grabbed his cock.

Any thought of stopping her from humiliating his mother disappeared. Julie returned a minute or so later, carrying a tray with three drinks. Just as she entered the door Carrie said, "Stop right there, I always wanted to have a maid serve me on her knees. It would make me happy if you would do this." Julie's face flushed as the thought of crawling up to her son and Carrie was mortifying.

Being almost naked make it even worse. But Julie could not resist her training, she had to please Carrie. "It would make me very happy to serve you on my knees, Miss Carrie." Julie dropped to the floor and carefully crawled to the couch.

Carrie giggled as the nearly naked submissive mother struggled to crawl across the room without spilling the drinks. "Three drinks? Why three drinks? There are only two of us." Carrie questioned. "One of them is for me," Julie answered. "Oh no, the servants do not drink with the masters.

You will take that one back to the kitchen and pour it out. And just for presuming you are allowed a drink, you should crawl all the way." Julie bowed her head as she handed them their drinks.

"Yes, mistress, I mean Miss Carrie, I couple smoking cigarettes during fucking do as ordered." She then turned and crawled towards the kitchen. Alex couldn't believe his ears, his mother submitting to Carrie like she was her slave. Just as he started to lean forward to stop his mom, Carrie pulled his cock out of his shorts and kissed the tip.

Alex moaned as Carrie licked around the head and nibbled down the side. Carrie then leaned back and gave him a deep kiss while slowly stroking his cock.

Alex dropped back in his seat, deciding not to interfere and just watch. Julie arrived back a couple of minutes later. Now she didn't have the tray so she was crawling in all fours. As she arrived at their knees, she sat back her ass on her heels and said.

"Will there be anything else, Miss Carrie?" "That's better; you might make a good servant yet. You know I had a girlfriend once that loved to massage my feet. I always thought she was a little weird but I loved it. So I kept her around. I haven't had a good foot message for a long time. It would make me happy if you would take her place." "I would be happy to massage your feet mistress, I mean Miss Carrie." Julie reached down and lifted Carrie's right foot and removed her stiletto.

Carrie was now sitting with her left foot, still wearing the pointed stiletto, right between Julie's legs. Her right foot was now being massaged right in front of Julie's face. Carrie smiled as she watched the submissive mother kneeling before her rubbing her foot. She then moved her other foot up just a bit and touched Julie's cunt. Julie gasped as the shoe slipped just inside her soaking wet slit.

Julie's mouth was open as the shoe was slowly moving in and out, up and down, driving her arousal levels to an almost uncontrollable level. Carrie noticed her reaction and took advantage. "Servant, you are licking your lips. My girlfriend used to do that too, but when she did it she wanted to lick my toes. Is that what you want?" "Yes mistress, I would love to lick your toes.

May I please lick your toes, mistress?" "Why yes of course. Please do slave." Both Carrie and Alex noticed that Julie was now calling her mistress. Alex's prick jumped at the thought of a slave mother. Carrie's constant stroking didn't help matters. His brain was shut down and watching his mother being dominated was like a fantasy come true.

Carrie watched as Julie extended her tongue and started to lick each toe, starting with the big toe and continuing down till she had licked each one. She then started to push up on her shoe in the slave's cunt. "Do you like that slave? Do you want more?" "Oh God Yes I love it, please more." Carrie then pushed her toes into the slut's mouth. Julie now had all five toes in her mouth and was lavishing her tongue all around each one. Carrie pushed up some more and now her shoe was buried toes deep inside her pussy.

"Do you want more? Show me how much you want. The more you take the more you get." Julie understood exactly what she meant.

The shoe in her cunt wasn't deep enough to satisfy her urges, she needed it deeper. She looked at her mistress sitting in front of her, openly stroking her son's cock while nibbling at his nipples. The sight was so erotic that without thinking she leaned forward and took Carrie's foot deep in her mouth, shoving her toes to the entrance of her throat, all the while using her tongue to caress every square inch.

Carrie moaned and pushed her foot higher and it was now buried almost to her ankle. She then watched as Julie started to fuck herself on her foot. "OH MY GOD, what are you doing slut? Are you fucking my foot? Look at my shoe, it's all gross. You got your slime covering my shoe. Get down there and clean it off slave." Julie's eyes popped open as Carrie pulled her foot out of her cunt.

She looked at her son and blushed down to her toes. She was almost naked, deep throating a teenager's foot, while fucking herself with her other foot. She was beyond embarrassed. She was mortified. Julie quickly dropped down and started to lick her fluids off the designer shoe.

Alex watched in amazement as his mother, the bastion of conservatism was humiliating herself in front of him and getting off on it. Not only that but one of the hottest girls in school was stroking his cock. He was no longer thinking with his brain, but with his cock, and right now he wanted to cum. Carrie was watching closely at Julie licking her shoe. She watched as her eyes were locked on her son's enormous cock, as Carrie was slowly stoking it. "Alex, I think your slut mommy wants your cock.

She can't take her eyes off it. Is this what you want slut?" Julie could no longer resist. She looked up at the two teenagers sitting above her and vigorously nodded her head. "Well that's perverted, slut, you want to suck your son's cock. I can't let that happen. However I can let you watch me fuck him." Carrie said as she straddled Alex's body and lowered her pussy on his shaft. Both Carrie and Julie moaned as he slid deeper into her body. Julie was now sitting between her son's legs, looking up watching her baby fucking the beautiful young woman in front of her.

Carrie threw her head back as Alex started to rapidly pump in and out of her love canal. She glanced back at the horny mother and said, "Slave, it would make me very happy to have my ass kissed.

Would you be so kind?" "Yes, mistress," Julie answered as she lowered her head and extended her tongue into the crack of her ass. Susan and Cindy were mesmerized by the scene in front of them. Both women were panting watching the young teenager dominate the submissive mother. Susan snapped out of it first. She grabbed Cindy and whispered. "We have to stop this; Julie is not in her right mind. She has no control over her mind or body.

If we don't stop this their relationship might be ruined forever." "But it already might be ruined. What good would it be to stop it now?" "They haven't actually had sex yet.

Even after all this they haven't done it. Even if they go ahead and do it later when she has her mind back, it would be better than when she has no control. Come on, I have an idea." Susan quickly left the safety of the bushes and walked around to the front door. Julie was now three shemales have fun with slaves tube porn her tongue deep into Carrie's ass.

She was savoring every minute as she had never been so close to the object of her desires. She slipped her tongue out of the ass and slowly slid it closer to the cock pumping in and out of Carrie's cunt. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door.

Julie jumped back and Carrie gasped, "Who could that be? Are you expecting anyone?" "I don't know who it is and no I'm not expecting anyone," Alex answered as he pushed Carrie off and onto the couch. Carrie quickly grabbed her clothes and slipped on her top. Julie had nothing to wear and was not told to dress so she just sat on the floor and waited on instructions.

Alex stood and walked to the door. He peeked out the window and saw two tall beautiful young woman standing on the porch. He opened the door a crack and asked, "Yes, what can I do for you?" "I'm sorry to bother you but my car broke down and I was wondering if I could call a friend to come get me?" Susan answered. "Don't you have a cell phone?" "No, my phone died and it's really dark out here. May I please make a call?" "Just a minute, I'll be right back." He said as he closed the door and turned to the two women in the living room.

"It's someone who needs help. I have to let her in. Mother, I want you to go to your room and wait till I call you out. Carrie, get dressed." Carrie scowled and grabbed her skirt and shoes and slipped them on.

Meanwhile Julie stood and walked to her room, her mind totally confused and now was on autopilot. Alex turned back to the door, bent over and pulled his shorts up and opened the door.

"Come in, the phone is on the desk." "Thank you; I was getting scared out there. It alex ds and kendra lust really dark. Do you mind if I wait here till my ride arrives?" "No problem, come into the living room when you are finished." Alex walked into the living room and looked at Carrie, she was obviously upset. "Why can't she wait outside?" she said.

"Look, I'm not going to let her stand outside just so you can have sex. I'm not totally comfortable with how you were treating my mom. I think you should leave." Jack said to her. Carrie huffed and walked past Alex out to the hall. When she walked past Susan she glared at her, walked out the door, and slammed it shut.

Susan smiled as she pretended to be placing the call. Two minutes later a soft knock was heard at the front door. Alex answered it and in walked Cindy. "Your friend must have been really close, she is already here," Alex said to Susan as he led Cindy into the living room. "Actually Alex, I have a confession to make.

My car wasn't really broken. I just used that as an excuse to get into your house," Susan answered. "I'm confused, why would you do that, and how do you know my name?" "OK, you better sit down, this is a long story and you need to hear it all before you do anything." Alex looked at the two women and nodded. Susan and Cindy sat down on the couch as Alex sat in the side chair.

"Alex, we decided to use the ruse to stop you from doing something you might regret later. You see your mother is not in her right mind.

She has been brainwashed and is under the control of the Martinez twins." "What, this is bullshit. How did you know what we were going to do?" "We have been following the twins as they have taken control of a couple of teachers in your school and made them sex slaves.

We believe that your mother caught the teachers and crossed paths with Anita and Susanna. From there the twins took control of her and forced her to obey them.

Have you noticed her acting strangely in the last few days? "As a matter of fact she has. Up until a couple of days ago, I never saw my mother naked.

Suddenly she is nearly naked and beating off in the living room. Since then she has been keeping away from here. I hadn't really seen her till this evening when she came home wearing only a coat." "We know, we followed her home from one of the teacher's apartment. We watched from the window and when we saw her start to have sex with you and the other girl we sensual czech girls open up their butts with butt plug and big vibrato to stop it.

I don't care if you have sex with her, but she should be aware of it and not controlled by someone else," Susan answered. "You were watching? Where were you? You watched Carrie dominate my mom? "I'm Sorry Alex, we were outside the window. We knew your mom was at Miss Reynolds' apartment and we managed to get her out hopefully before they could finish their training.

We followed her home and slipped around the side of your house by the window. Your blinds were open and we asked for massage and got dick in ace see everything." "Miss Reynolds, she was at Miss Reynolds apartment.

Is she one of the slaves? I heard something in school about her and Miss Hauser acting weird. Are they the teachers who are the sex slaves?" "Yes it's them. I don't know how the twins did it but they have complete control of them and we think they are about to be sold as slaves. We think they were about to do the same thing to your mom.

The reason we are here is we need your help. We need to stop them but we can't do it without you and your mother's help." "Wow that's a lot to take in. I'm not sure I believe you. That is a pretty wild story." "I have trouble believing it myself." Susan said as she started to fill in the blanks in her story. After about ten minutes she had finished telling Alex everything except the FBI planned bust, Alex sat back and thought for a few moments. "I'm still not convinced of everything you say, but I know my mom has been acting very strange.

Is there some way you can confirm your story?" "Well, as near as we can determine, your mother has been programmed to obey your commands as well as their orders, no matter what. We also believe they have somehow programmed her to not climax without permission.

They are keeping her in a constant state of arousal making her more submissive as her body is craving release." "That's pretty farfetched. How can we prove it?" "Where is your mom?" "She is in her room." "Call her out here. I'm sure if you tell her to do something that she would never have done in a million years before she will do it now." "I just sent her to her room and told her to wait till I told her to dirty talk and rape my mom out.

She was naked at the time. I'm sure she has dressed by now. I'll call her and we can test your theory." "I'll bet she is still naked and will walk out here without hesitation.

She will also do anything you tell her." Alex looked at the two women and turned towards the hall. "Mom, would you come out here?" Everyone watched the hall as Julie walked out into the living room, still naked and knelt down in front of the trio in the middle of the room. She did not try to hide her body in anyway. She only knelt in the middle of the room and waited for instructions. As Alex watched his mouth opened but no sound came out.

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He was shocked as his mother would never have exposed herself to him let alone strangers. "Why didn't you dress, mother?" "I was not told to dress. I'm not allowed to wear clothes at home any more. I'll dress if you want, Alex." Alex didn't know what to say. He just sat there and looked at his sexy mother, naked and kneeling on the floor.

"Alex, I know this is strange, but you need to tell her to do something, something that you know she would never do." "God this is weird. I don't know what to tell her. After what Carrie made her do, I'm not sure what I should do." "Do you think she would have sex with you before the last few days?" "No, absolutely not, but nothing is normal right now." "OK, tell her to beg to suck your cock. If she does it you should have your proof." "Wow, this is really strange.

We are talking about her as if she is not even here," Alex said as her looked down at his submissive mother. "Mom, are you excited?" "Oh god yes, I'm so excited I can't stand it. Please Alex help me," Julie answered. "OK mom, I'll help you, but only if you beg to suck my cock" Alex demanded. Julie's face lit up as she started to crawl over to her son, "Oh God From tutoring to anal sex facial cumshot cunnilingus, please let me pleasure you, I need your cock.

Please son take control of this lowly slave and claim your prize. Please I beg you to allow me to suck that wonderful cock and drink your cum." Alex watched in amazement as his mother crawled between his legs and slid her hands up his thighs and into his shorts. Just as her hands touched his cock, he jumped and pushed her away. "Stop it right now. Go back to the middle of the room." Julie looked totally devastated as her master had rejected her.

"Please master, I'm sorry I didn't do a good enough job of begging. Please give me another chance. I promise to do better. I need your cock and more importantly your cum." "Ok you have convinced me.

What do we do now?" "I don't know. I've never seen anything like this before. All I know is we need her help to free the teachers.

We need to somehow break their control of her. I'm sure if we can break the programming she can help us arrange a rescue of the other two," Susan answered looking at Alex. "Do you have any ideas on how to do that? I mean like a cold shower or something." "No we need to override her training. We know that she has to obey the twins and you. She also cannot climax without permission. That is all we know about her training.

Maybe if we can get her to disobey a command it will break her out of it." "Yeah well I doubt we can use the twins, and if what you say is true, there is no way we can get her to refuse their commands. And the way she did what I told her I don't think she will refuse me." "Then I guess we are going to have to make her climax without permission.

If we can make her orgasm, maybe her mind will snap back and realize she has the control not the twins or you." "Now I am confused, first you come in here stopping her from committing incest and now you want me to help her orgasm. Which is it?" "No what we need to do is overload her body with stimulus until her brain gives in and allows her body to orgasm. The last thing you need to do is allow her to fuck or suck you.

I think the twins gave her the command to seduce you into committing incest. If you allow that we are playing into their hands." "Julie, what did the twins order you to do?" "I am not allowed to come without permission. I am to make Carrie happy, to do anything she suggests. I am also to do as my son commands. The only thing that gives me relief is cum.

If I can eat some cum, it relieves my craving for an orgasm. If my son decides to let me suck his cock or fuck me, I'm to call them up on Face Time and broadcast the event to them. I begging anyone, please let me make you cum." Alex listened to his mother and in spite of the situation he was getting excited.

His cock was tenting his shorts. He was embarrassed as he tried to hide it from the women sitting in his living room. Susan noticed him squirming in his seat and smiled at him. "Alex, don't worry about that, it's OK, it's only normal to be two monster cocks for a kinky slut mouth and anal to have complete control over someone else. Maybe we can use that cock of yours to increase her arousal and make her orgasm." "Alex blushed and nodded his head.

"Where do we go from here?" "Let's take her to the bedroom and get started." Susan answered as she stood and walked down the hall. Just as they walked into the bedroom, they heard a knock at the front door.