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Xxx vediis black guy with black guyy
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True story, full of fun and sex. Check out New xxx 2019 sex story 1,2 & 3. We had breakfast with the usual crowd. They were teasing you about the wet T shirt contest. You were wearing your prize, a T shirt that had "dangerous when wet" printed on its chest.

As usual you had no bra on and your nipples were poking out. For your bottom you had on your white see through bikini. On your left was one of the single men. He touched your thigh and began caressing you. You looked at him and let it continue for a few minutes then removed his hand while squeezing it. Everyone was talking about what they were doing that day.

You and I had arranged for our van driver, Brian to show us around.

We met him at the reception desk. You were still wearing your prize T shirt and bikini bottoms. He looked at your outfit and winked at us. Instead of his rickety van he had arranged a limo stocked with wine and weed. As we drove away from the resort we smoked some dope which always makes us horny. Our first stop was Dunn's Falls.

We were the first tourists of the day. The idea is to walk up beside the roaring waters on a series of flat rocks. Brian excused himself and went into a changing room. He came out wearing a white speedo which emphasized his bulging cock and balls. You looked at him but said nothing. It could be dangerous making your way up so the way you proceed is single file with the person in front holding the hand of the next person. Brian went first and took your hand while I held your other hand. The water was splashing all over the rocks and soon we were soaked.

Your T shirt clung to your tits and your bikini bottom was transparent. Brian's swim suit clung to him and we could clearly see rep hard kidneping jabrdasti only prick. About half way up there was a rest area set behind a grove of trees and bushes.

There was a bench set back and very secluded. Brian asked if we wanted to smoke some dope. We said yes and you started a little dirty dance for us. Brian went and sat on the bench. You sat next to him and cuddled up to him. He put his arm around the back of the bench and stroked your shoulder. You leaned into him, gave him a passionate tongue kiss and reached down and stroked him through his swim suit.

I walked over to the bench, stroked your ass then reached down and pulled your bikini bottom off.

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Brian lifted your T shirt off over your head. You were gloriously naked in the sunshine. Brian and I stripped too. Brian was sitting there with a large erection pointing straight up. You looked at me and I smiled. You got down on your knees between his legs and started licking his prick. You lathered it with your tongue and then took him in your mouth and sucked him. He groaned and started face fucking you. You took your mouth off of him and straddled his lap.

I came over to you and caressed your back and tits. Then I whispered to you "do it, you know you want to". You slowly sank down on his prick then started moving up and down.

I could see his black prick glistening with your wetness. I started to caress your ass, then I licked it. I reached into you feeling his prick getting some lubrication from you. I put some on my fingers and put them in your ass. You moaned Oh Dick, Ahh, fuck me. Then I put some on my prick and gently pushed it into your ass. I could feel your wetness and his hard prick. You kept moaning and thrashing around our cocks.

We were all lost in lust. You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Your skin was luminous and you pressed your tits into his mouth. We kept plunging into you. I was more turned than ever. I felt Brian's prick throbbing and then he was coming in your cunt his prick pulsating against mine.

You were grunting and I could feel his come dripping down onto my balls. You made loud sex squirt bondage asshole and strap punishment slavemouth alexa - Ahhhh, Ohhhh, don't stop, Fuck me.

You and I were in a frenzy. I plunged into to you while he held you, his prick still in you. We kept going until I felt your cunt gripping me and we both started coming.

Brian and I gently pulled out of you and held you in our arms while you were still throbbing with your orgasm. We were all bathed in sweat and glowing with satisfaction. We finally got up and walked over to one of the pools of water and washed up. We were done with the falls and walked down and got into the limo. Brian said he knew a place where we could have lunch. The restaurant was a thatched roof bar and grill set on a cliff overlooking crashing waves and beautiful beaches.

There was reggae music playing and a happy crowd. We had burgers and some wine and lazily spent some time appreciating it all. There were a bunch of young men diving off the cliffs. They saw your T shirt and gave you the thumbs up. After a while we asked Brian to take us back to the resort. When we got back we thanked Brian for a wonderful time and went to our room.

We napped. When we woke up to a darkening sky I licked your still freshly fucked cunt. I tasted both of you. We got up and got ready for dinner. You wore a new sheer while halter and you tied your sarong low on your hips your ass peeking out the top. I knew you were naked under it. That evening the resort was decorated like a Caribbean mansion. There were gauze curtains waving in the breeze and the tables were set with elegant silver and dishes.

We went to the bar for a martini then went to a table with our regulars. You were in a wonderful sensual mood. The meal was delicious and we drank too much wine. The two single men paid so much attention to you. They gazed into your eyes, touched your arms and legs and periodically grazed your chest. You liked it. I liked it. I knew you were leading them on. Some soft reggae music came on and you got up to dance with one of them.

You put your arms around his neck and rubbed against him to the rhythm of the music. The next song came on and you stayed molded to him and ran your hands up his arms and around his back. You came back to the table flush and your new gauze top clung to your nipples. The other single man came over to you and took you to the dance floor. You put your arms around his neck and a leg behind his knee so you could rub yourself against him. By the second dance with him I could see his erection and you were rubbing against it.

He was running his hands all over your back and ass. All of this made me extremely horny and hard. When you got back to the table you whispered to me we should take them both back to the room.

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I gestured to them and asked if they'd like to come smoke some weed with us. They said yes. You took an arm from each of them and started walking to the room. I followed along watching your hips swaying and you leaning into them. I got to the room a few minutes after the three of you. I rolled some joints and made drinks. You sat on the couch between them and I sat in a chair watching. We smoked the joints and finished our drinks.

We were high, happy and horny. One of the men caressed your shoulders then reached behind you and untied your top. The started caressing you and bending down to suck your nipples. You put your head back and sighed. They started running their hands up your legs and found you were naked under it. They untied the sarong and you were sitting there gloriously naked. I could see and smell your wetness. You gestured at the bed and told them to get undressed. You sat on the bed and they stood in front of you with very hard erections.

You took one of them into your mouth and the other man knelt in front of you and started licking your cunt. After a few minutes of this you asked one of them to lay on the bed on his back his prick straight up You sat on his prick then asked me to lube your ass and the other prick.

I did, then gently inserted his prick into your ass. I cupped my hand under them and felt their pricks in you. You were dripping wetness. The three of you were still for a moment savoring the feelings. I got up on the bed and rubbed my prick on the top mans ass. Your eyes were glazed with lust. You started talking dirty and making sex sounds - fuck meee, Ohh, Ahh, don't stop, cock, ass.

They started plunging into you. You were all in a sexual frenzy. You rubbed your body on them. I put some lube on my prick and started stroking madly. They couldn't hold it any more and filled your holes with their come and you were trembling with orgasms. They held you tenderly until you came down.

I stroked until I came all over the three of you. We were all sated. We rested and snuggled for a few minutes. Then we thanked them and told them we needed to be alone for a while.

I got towels and cleaned their pricks and wiped my cum of everyone. They got up, said what a wonderful night and left. When they had teen thieves fucked by a mall cop in a threesome sex I embraced you tightly and feel asleep with your cunt leaking on me.