Cute teen gets naked and fuck her pussy

Cute teen gets naked and fuck her pussy
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It was a nice Sunday morning as James wakes up and looks down seeing his 2 slaves sleeping on his lap both covered in his cum he slowly stood up and started to make breakfast he made some scrambled eggs and bacon for all of them he set everything ready and slowly wakes them up " hey girls wake up we have a lot of work to do now go and have breakfast with me " he said as he started to eat and soon after the 2 girls joined him at the table.

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When they finished there breakfast James started to talk " alright slaves here is what we are gonna do today we are gonna get a shower together then you two get dressed and start to clean the house as I go and explore the powers I got understand me ?" He asks looking at them" yes master" they both answer together.

After they put their plates away the girls and prepare the shower as James thinks what he can do with his power " shall I make myself higher ? A deeper voice ?

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Or shall I make my girls go into prostitution to make money ? " he said to himselfwhen the shower is ready James stands infront of them and they start to undress him softly not to make him mad they soon followed by taking their lingerie off and joining him in the shower as they start to soap him in and wash him off while he explores their body's with his hands playing with their tits and ass also shoving a finger in from time to time making them moan in pleasure playing with them for a tirthy minutes before getting out of the shower they dry James of and dress him in a suit making him look more like a gentlemen as the girls put on their other lingerie putting their old ones in the laundry James walks downstairs as his slaves followed behind him side by side he dropped himself in the sofa and looked at the girls " alright you busty evie has her orgasmic beaver hammered start with your tasks now " he said and turned on the TV as the girls got to teen suck first time compeers sisterly love cleaning the house removing the cum stains on the kitchen floor from last night and doing the dishes also putting on new covers on his bed because there was a cum spot on it from laurien when he enslaved her.

He started to think what he could do with his powers and slowly starts to test them making him higher from 6"0 to 6"3 and back to his normal highthe made his cock from 11 inches to 15 to test if it could work he let it go back to 11 because he didn't want to break his slaves when he pounded them as he looks at his slaves working he starts to think if it could work on them as well.

"Laurien come here I want to ask you something " he said as he waved her over to him with a smile laurien rushed over to him and got on her knees infront of him " what do you want from me master ?

" she asks as she looks up to him with a naughty smile "I want you to tell me what you don't like of your body " he said to her as he waits for the answer he stands up infront of her she hesitate a bit but finally answers " it would be nice if I had longer legs I was always jealous of my friends for their legs why do you ask that master ?" She asks looking up at him confused He looks down and smiles " stand up I want to try something " he says as she stands up looking down he looks at her and commands the rings to grow her legs after a few seconds her legs grow making her a bit higher " there you go do you like them ?

" he asks as she hugs her " thank you master I will always be grateful for this " she says almost crying in joy James smiles and breaks off the hug " good you can reward me with a blow job " he says going trough her hair as she fells on her knees and starts to suck his cock right away letting it grow hard in his mouth looking down at her he smiles as she happily sucks him off he didn't think she would ever do this 3 days ago but now she does it without even protesting.

As she bobs up and down on his cock deeptroathing and gagging a bit he looks over to his other slave scrubbing her cum away from yesterday fingering bit as she sees laurien sucking his brother off " stop working mom and finger yourself " he says as she immediately drops her stuff and starts to finger her now with full attention making her Wetter every moment. After a while he grabs his sisters head holding it deep and silent as he starts to unload his load down her troath directly into her stomach.

He pulls out and looks down at her gasping for air " Thank you m-master " she stutters out " you are welcome now get back to your tasks " he says as she stands up and gets back to doing the dishes. He smiles as she walks away looking at her ass knowing someday he will also pound her ass as he sex cam xxx 18 school com down in the couch he looks down at his cock full of cum and spit from the blowjob he looks at his mother and smiles " slut come here and lick me clean " he commands as she stands up and kneels down between his legs slowly licking his balls and cock inch by inch clean while he doesn't pay attention and watches TV.

When she laurien finished the dishes she got on her knees waiting for her next order as she looks at his master being licked clean she can't help it but smile.

When James is satisfied with his cleaning he pulls her head away and commands he to sit next to laurien on her knees she obeys without saying a word he pulls his pants back up and stands up over the girls " alright I have decided or next move for expanding this group of cumdumpsters laurien do you know who of your friends is a virgin I want a cherry I can destroy " he says looking at laurien while she thinks and smiles " the neighbors daughter Laura she just turned 16 and is still a virgin " she says looking with a smile " she is bubble ass booty fuckrd hard little young but that's okay she always acted like she is ready to have sex now she will have it " he says laughing After thinking out a plan how he will transform laura into a brainless toy he commands his slaves to put on clothes after a few minutes they are fully dressed hiding there lingerie under there clothes " okay slaves you will act normal we will go to the neighbors house when we enter we wait for Laura and then I will start to control them and enslave her in front of her dad letting him see his little girl turnt into my sextoy it will be fun and we will have a good time understand sluts?" he says to them as they slowly nod and follow him to the neighbors house They ring the bell and the father ( Brian ) opens up " hey James how can I help you ?

" he asks smiling he was smaller then James but had a more muscles them him " can we enter we ran out of sugar and we would like to borrow some ? " James asks smiling " off course come in and sit I will go get it for you " chubby asian mature licked and fingered and enjoying it says as he walks to the kitchen as they take place in a nice sofa he looks around looking for Laura and looks at his slaves acting normal and is pleased with how they act As the father comes back he hands the sugar to James " thank you very much soo how I everything with you ?

" he asks as Brian sits down " very good we had a birthday party for Laura last week she turned sixteen " he says smiling James tries to look suprissed " ooh I forgot about that where is she I want to give her a late present " he says to him Brian smiles and yells upstairs " Laura come down here you have visitors !" After a few minutes she comes downstairs wearing a blank tank top and a blue jeans " who is it dad ?

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" she asks and looks at James " ooh hi ! What are you guys doing here ?! " she says happy to see them. " we came to borrow sugar I also want to wish you a happy birthday " he says as uncouth wazoo hole toying hardcore and blowjob scans her body looking up and down her long brown hair, brown eyes ,cute little smileher thin hourglass waistwith some nice growing teen breasts she sure was going to grow up as a beautiful women he thinks to himself " ooh thank you guys " she horny lesbian teens have hot secret orgy pornstars and hardcore smiling and gives them a hug " they have a present for you laura " her father tells himshe starts to jump in the air " ooh thank you what is it ?

" she asks curious as James smiles and stands up commanding the ring to let them freeze right in their spot both look suprissed as they feel they can move but still can talk. " what the hell is this I can't move " Brian says frozen in his chair " I can't move to daddy " laura asks afraid of what is gonna happen when James walks over to her " your birthday present is that I have chosen you to become one of my sex slaves " he says standing in front of her as he sees her eyes widen in fear " what is this some kind of joke ?!" The father says as James keeps standing in front of her " no its not " he says as he turns around looking at his slaves " sluts strip and lock the door it's time for the fun part " he says smiling.

they both stand up and in matter of seconds they are naked while his mom locks the door laurien gets on the knees before James and starts to take off his clothes while he keeps looking at Laura " Laura listen to me I will be your black guy xxx vidone downiad goog master I will do whatever I desire to you and you can't protest understand me ?

" he said to her as the ring controls her mind without a struggle "yes master " she replied as James was know completely naked his 11 inch cock still not hard because he wanted to suprisse her with his size Her father looked in fear as her sweet little baby girl obeyed James " James I don't what you think you are doing but this has to stop right now " he said to him James looked at Brian and laughed " ooh Brian this is only the start I will own your daughter and you will watch me do it " he said as he looked back at Laura and smiled " why don't you strip your daughter for me to make it more fun " he said " why would I ever .

" he said as he stand up and starts to take of her shirt his daughter still with a smile on his face when he drops her shirt " thank you daddy " she says to him "baby please don't do this " he begs his daughter " but I have to daddy he's my master " she said as he took of her pants she stept out of it and walked over to James.

She got on her knees in front of James and looked up to him " sit down Brian I want you to have a frontrow seat when I transform her into my sextoy " he says while Brian takes a seat looking right at them James attention turned back to his slaves " laurien and mom come sit next on your knees I want you to see this to " he commands they came and got on there knees on the right side of them Brian sitting on the couch on the left.

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He looked around and was happy with the situation " alright Laura ever sucked a cock before ? " he asks her she shake her head no and he smiled " it's like a lollypop understand ? " he says and she nods yes smiling up to him " alright then come and suck your new masters cock let it grow hard in your mouth " he says looking down at her she slowly bended over first Licking the tip and then taking as much as she could down her troath.

Jamss now decided to grow hard letting her feel his entire length he started to grow from soft to his rock hard 11 inches he looks down smiling as her eyes widen almost chocking on his cock " aah that's it feel it grow slave " he says as she starts to Bob up and down working it as hard as she could he looks at her father starring in horror " did you even knew she could suck cock like this ? " he asks him laughing "James please stop " he begs him starring right at his beloved daughter on his cock He laughed and pulls out of her mouth " Laura get on your hands and knees facing your father " he says she happily obeys as she gets in position looking right at her father "alright very good first I need my cock fully lubed so laurien come here " he says as she crawls over to him sitting on her knees " yes master ?

" stepdaughter sally gets hardlybanged in all fours asks him as he grabs a flock of hair and forces his cock down her troath making her gag as he uses her mouth to lube him up when he is satisfied he pulls her off and trows her aside as she crawls back to her place.

He now grabs Laura 's ass teasing her pussy with his fully lubed up cock resting on her " alright are you ready to become a real cumdumpster ? " he asks laughing " yes masters " she answers as he slowly starts to push in her virgin pussy he makes her moan her eyes role to the back of her head and her mouth drops open her father looking right at it.

"Yeah that's it feel it slut " he says as he hits her cherry and smiles he pulls back a little and rams himself trough it with allHis force as she starts to bleed a little as her tight pussy gets owned and stretched by her new master " this tight pussy will be fun toy to use for years to come " he says as he starts to pump in and out of her slamming balls deep " w-what do you mean for years to come " Brian says scared as he sits there watching her daughter moan in pleasure " what ?

You think this stays with a one night stand ? I will use her for as long as I desire she will obey everything i say and maybe she will even give birth to my children " he says as he enjoys his newest property " ooh yes master thank you " she stutters out "and you Brian will see it all I will need man to do the tasks like cooking and making the beds" he says Brian looks at him and knows it's true as james feels himself close to a orgasm. " alright Laura it's time to be marked as my possession slaves come here and watch her "he says and slaps her ass laurien and her mom crawl over mom and son story french him sitting on both sides of him looking close at him " I will breed you Laura and you will become pregnant with my child you will love it and raise it like a god understand me ?

"He says to her as she moans out submitting to him " yes master I will be a happy mother ". He smiles as he grabs her hips rams him self as deep a possible and starts to unload in her shot after shot of his seed flooding her bowels to the brim making sure she gets nocked up after a few minutes of filling her up he pulls out his dick still covered in a mid of juices and cum his slaves bend over eager to taste it laurien and his mom sucking one side cleaning him with smiles on there faces as he looks over the Laura breathing deeply laying on the floor face down and ass up his load coming out off her like a river " look at you beloved daughter Brian now she I nothing else then a slave and a mother of my children " he says laughing while Brian hangs his head in shame James stands up and sits on the sofa as his 3 slaves line up infront of him all on there knees " good girls tomorrow it's Monday and we will go to school to expand our group and breed more girls " he says smiling as the girls smiled and nodded End of part 3.

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What will James do next on his school ? Will he go for his long life crush Lisa ?will he go for his classmates or will he go for the cheerleaders !? Let me know !