Blonde wife fucked by black guy interracial housewife

Blonde wife fucked by black guy interracial housewife
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Fbailey story number 250 Horny Little Niece When my sister asked me if her daughter Brie could spend the summer at my place of course I was all for it. We hadn't been able to spend much time together since they moved to another state a couple of years ago. However, since the divorce my sister said that she was going to come back home where her roots were. She just had to settle things out there first. I had really missed her but Brie was almost as good company as her mother was.

Brie was just fourteen years old, five feet zero inches tall, and just a hundred pounds even. She had short sassy dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a very pretty face. I could certainly see her mother in her. The farms on either side of me contained children about her age. On the one side of me were two boys about twelve and thirteen years old while on the other side of me was a fourteen-year-old girl as well as twin fifteen-year-old boys.

Of course Brie gravitated toward the girl and her two older brothers. In less than a week she was in a routine where she helped me do some morning chores and then disappeared until around suppertime. One day I decided to spy on her and see what she was up too. I took my binoculars up into the loft of my barn, climbed up high on the bales of hay, and peered out the door in the peak. I saw Brie walk over toward the neighbor's farm but then turn and head back toward the woods.

I saw the neighbor girl join her. As they headed on a straight line toward the woods I got down from my vantage point and went out through my field. The girls were not in any hurry so I gold digging slut is convinced to take a wad of cum for a wad of cash to get there first and waited.

I had an idea of where they were headed because it was my woods and I was very familiar with them. Sure enough the two girls came right to my favorite spot under my hiding place. The girls giggled and sat around for a while before the boys caught up with them. It wasn't just the two older boys either it was the younger boys from the other farm too.

Obviously that was not their first time to meet like that. The younger boys had brought some homemade moonshine and the older boys had brought some home grown marijuana.

I couldn't help but smile remembering doing the very same thing with my sister when I was their age. To be able to drink and smoke the girls had to punishteens hot teen fucked by masters cock living room large cock topless and remove their shorts until all they had on was their panties.

Those boys were good. I was really checking out my niece's tits. They were pretty good size and a very nice shape too. The other girl had smaller tits that were kind of pointed. Both girls had nice asses, rounded tummies, and firm legs.

The bottle was passed and a couple of joints made the rounds too. Soon the girls stood up and removed their panties when the boys undressed. I got more curious. Both girls had hair on their pussies. Then the two girls knelt down and the boys put their small cocks in their faces.

Brie got the twins while the other girl got the two younger boys. I watched as Brie sucked both boys taking turns with their cocks until they had both cum in her mouth.

When the girls were done they kissed one another while the boys cheered them on. Then they got into a sixty-nine while the boys played with their cocks to get them hard again. I had to admit that I was playing with myself too as I watched them.

Once the twins were hard enough they split the girls up and each one of them fucked one. Nasty pretty nymph likes riding on schlongs hardcore and creampie through they traded girls and fucked the other one.

When they were done the younger boys got to fuck both girls too. Then there was a little drinking and another joint passed around before they mellowed out. I stayed hidden until they got dressed and headed back toward their farms.

I waited a minute or two and then went down to where they had been. I found Brie's panties in the pricker bushes where the twins had tossed them. Then I headed toward my farmhouse. I surprised Brie when I opened the bathroom door and saw her sitting on the toilet. She wanted to know what I was doing.

I answered, "Well young lady, I'm horny and I want a piece of you too." Brie had a shocked look on her face but I continued, "I saw you today. You and your little girlfriend stripped down to your panties, drank some booze, and smoked some pot. These panties!" Then I held up her panties that I had retrieved from the woods.

I continued, "I watched you suck the twin's cocks, eat their sister, and then let the four boys fuck you." Brie was a smart-ass and said, "So because of that you think I'll let you fuck me?" I smiled and said, "Yes!" I could tell that she was thinking that one over so I kept talking, "I know that your mother caught your father fucking you and that led to the divorce.

I know that she caught you with your boyfriend and his two brothers in a triple penetration and that is why you were sent to me. I also know that you are a nymphomaniac and that you will let me fuck you all that I want too. If not I can see to it that no one else fucks you either." Brie resigned herself to her fate and asked, "Okay, so just what do you have in mind?" I replied, "I don't exactly know yet.

However I kind of like the idea of you being completely naked unless someone else is around. I like being able to kiss, suck, and to finger you anytime that I want too. Oh yeah, and I would like to fuck you anytime that I want to too. That includes all three of your holes.

Any problem so far?" Brie gave me a very nice smile and said, "I'd like that very much. Do you want me to douche or would you like sloppy fifths?" I replied, "I'll take you dirty." Brie stood up and said, "I thought that you would say that. Now all we have to do is figure out where. Right here with me bent over the sink, up in the hay mound, or maybe right in the middle of the pigpen.

Yeah, the pigpen. I think that I would like to wallow around in the mud. What do say Uncle? Up for it." She looked at the huge lump in my pants and said, "Oh yeah. You're up for it alright." With that Brie kicked her shorts off, stood up, and then removed her top.

She did a little turn so that I could see her fine little body and then she took my hand leading me through the house and out to the pigpen. I had half a dozen young piglets that were going to be butchered in the fall. The one named Charlie was going in my freezer. Brie walked out into the wet thick mud. In reality it was mostly pig shit and piss. She stood there looking at me so I started to take off my bib overhauls, T-shirt, shoes, and socks.

I had no need for underwear. As I walked into the pen and up to Brie she smiled and said, "Hey Uncle. You have a funny tan but you cocks a lot bigger than my dad's is." I smiled and replied, "I know. Your mother told me. Now suck it." Brie smiled at me as she grabbed my cock and knelt in the filth.

She wrapped her sweet moist lips around the head of my cock and started sucking it like a pro. From what my sister had told me Brie was a pro at cock sucking, she loved to be fucked, and she didn't mind it up the ass either.

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As I looked at Brie I got mad at myself for wasting a whole week before spying on her. I probably should have done that the very first day that she was here or at least the second one. I could have been fucking her for the last four or five days but that was all water under the bridge and I would just have to try to catch up.

Brie had a very talented mouth but that was not what I really wanted at that moment. I pushed Brie onto her back, opened her legs, and smeared pig shit onto her breasts. Then I got down, shoved my cock into her pussy, and then laid on her. As I fucked that sweet girl she sank down into the mud. She never said a word about the mud but she said that I was everything that her mother had told her about me. I just smiled. Apparently my sister had told Brie all about our childhood.

About us fucking in every room of the house, in the barn, and in ever field too. Brie wanted to experience it all with me too. That was fine with me although I had never fucked her mother in the pig mud, however I liked it and I certainly liked fucking Brie.

She lay there rubbing mud onto my back and shoulders while I pumped 10 friends old 1 grils xxx story forest cock into her. I was pretty sure that I was forcing some pig shit into her pussy too as I fucked her. I made a mental note to douche her out with the hose afterwards.

She seemed to enjoy wallowing in the mud as much as the pigs did. She kept twisting her head to get her hair all coated, she kept moving her arms, and she kept moving her legs too. Then I realized that Brie was creating a 'snow angle' in the pig shit as I fucked her. She had more than one orgasm before I filled her with cum. When I was done and sat up Brie could not get herself out of the mud.

It was as if she were glued in there. With my help she managed to get to her feet and into the barn where I had a shower for emergencies. There was no hot water there and it was freezing but Brie and I got cleaned off.

I surprised her with the hose up her snatch but she held it there while I turned on the water. After her douche Brie asked top strapon glamours enjoy perfect lesbians fucking pantyhose erotica if I would milk her. After she explained what she wanted I hooked her up to a milking machine and plugged the two extra nozzles.

She wanted to stay there longer but I figured that five minutes was more than enough for her first time. She had heard somewhere that a woman could induce breast milk even if she weren't pregnant and that she wanted to try it. She thought that the boys would get a big kick out of it, I knew that I would.

The ends of her breasts deformed to the shape of the cup but I told her that would just be temporary. That evening we ate supper, fucked on the kitchen table, and later fucked on the living room couch.

In the morning I fucked her in her bed, then we took a shower together, ate breakfast, and then I fucked her in my bed before we got dressed for the day. Brie helped me with more chores than in the past and told me to come out into the woods if I wanted to see her get triple penetrated.

One of the twins had a bigger cock than the other and she wanted that one in her pussy with the other one in her mouth. She wanted the twelve-year-old boy in her ass because he had the smallest cock and she really wanted to give the little guy something to remember for the rest of his life. She had already taken his virginity and been the first one to give him sexy milf india summer pounded by two men on massage table blowjob too.

She wanted all of her holes to be his first. Lucky kid! Brie said that I just might get to see Pamela get triple penetrated too if she could get her high enough. She also mentioned having Pamela spend the night with us if I wanted to fuck her too. Sure! For this I would need my digital camcorder to record all of the action so that Brie's mother could enjoy it too sometime.

Because she was so late Brie walked to the woods with me. I went quietly to my hiding place while Brie made a lot of noise to distract them.

They were worried about her and she just said that she had to help me with some extra chores that morning.

Being farm kids they knew what she meant. That day Brie just stripped naked right off the bat and asked the three boys to fuck her at the same time. She assigned them their hole to plug and got into position on the one twin's big cock. She had to help the little guy get his cock in her asshole before sucking on the other twin's cock. While they watched the action Pamela let the thirteen-year-old fuck her from behind. He wanted her asshole but Pamela would have nothing to do with that.

I just smiled remembering what Brie had told me earlier. The boys were surprised that Brie was letting them fuck her without them getting her drunk and stoned first. She told them that she would still get wasted but that she wanted to feel them cum in her first.

Those boys gave her their all but of course it was over with in just a couple of minutes. Then Brie got down to some serious drinking and smoking. I could hardly believe the way Brie gulped down the booze and passed it over to Pamela. The joints were the same way. Brie and Pamela shared two joints while the four boys shared just one.

When Brie thought that Pamela was ready she had the twin brother with the smaller cock get on his back, Pamela to sit on his cock, and then her brother with the bigger cock to stick it in her ass. Brie then had the other two boys feed their cocks into Pamela's mouth one at a time. In essence Pamela was getting it from four cocks at the same time.

Whenever Pamela would complain about the cock in her ass Brie would tell her that she would get used to it and then had the younger boys keep a cock in her mouth to shut her up. Since the four boys had cum recently and they were pretty wasted the whole process took much longer.

When it was all over, Pamela was sore everywhere. Her jaw hurt, her pussy was sore, and her ass felt like it was on fire.

She said that she was going to tell her mother. That shook the boys up but Brie just told them to go home and for the twins to tell their mother that Pamela was spending the night with her. The boys took off real quick. As soon as they were gone Brie started making love to Pamela. She told her how great it had been that she had the four boys gangbang her. Brie told her that she had never seen another girl that could take it like she could.

Pamela listened and took it all in as Brie kissed her lips, sucked her nipples, and fingered her clit giving her a couple of orgasms. Soon Stepmom diamond is envious to teen amara having intimate sex groupsex milf had forgotten the soreness and was smiling.

When Brie suggested that they walk to my farmhouse naked she was all for it. To make sure that she didn't chicken out Brie suggested that they leave their clothes right there in the woods and retrieve them later. Hesitantly Pamela held Brie's hand and off they went. Somehow I knew that I was supposed to take their clothes with me and beat them back to the house. I was not sure if I should stay out of sight or just catch them coming into the yard naked. I liked the idea of sitting on the porch with my camcorder and catching them off guard as they rounded the house.

Besides I could capture most of their trip from my bedroom window as they got closer to my house. I just wondered if I should be naked too, then I figured that I would scare Pamela. It was best if Brie called the shots. I zoomed in on them as they came through the cornfield toward the tractor path, down the path, and into the fenced off area. I went down to the porch and waited as they rounded the corner still naked and singing.

Pamela looked at me and then at my camera and panicked. Brie calmed her down by telling her that I see her naked every evening after supper and that I had fucked her several times too. Pamela thought that was strange but apparently it also intrigued her too. So still naked the two girls came up on the porch and sat on the railing directly in front of me. Brie told me all about her triple penetration and then all about Pamela showing her up with all four of the boys.

Pamela wouldn't let Brie tell me the story and told it to me in her own words not realizing that I was still taping her. Apparently Pamela knew that she had been set up and that her oldest twin brother had a much bigger cock than that twelve-year-old boy had. Brie just laughed.

Pamela accused Brie of taking the smallest cock on purpose. Brie admitted it and explained to her friend that the twelve-year-old had now had Brie's three holes as his first and that he would forever remember her as his first.

Brie then said that back home she had been butt fucked by her boyfriend, his two brothers, and her father. She also told Pamela that she wanted me to butt fuck her too if I wanted too. Sure I wanted too after all I had only fucked her pussy so far and I got half a blowjob once too. But that was just to get me hard enough to fuck her again. Brie then told Pamela about our first time in the peg pen, getting an ice cold hose douche, and then being hooked up to the milking machine.

With a gleam in Pamela's eye she told us that she had always wanted to do that but that her father didn't have any milking cows anymore and had sold his equipment. I laughed because I was the one that bought it beauty takes meaty cock in face gap hardcore creampie. The two girls followed me down to the barn still naked so that I could hook them up to the same machine.

With four teats I would not have to plug any holes. Brie requested more than five minutes and Pamela was all for it so I left them connected for ten minutes that time. Later they both complained that their tits were sore and held ice packs to their breasts. That evening I had both girls lean over the edge of the porch railing with their titties dangling twguys sucking women boobs and drink milk I fucked them both from behind.

I would poke my cock into Brie for a while and then into Pamela. I went back and forth giving the girls a good feel of my cock, especially Pamela. I was first 'man' to ever penetrate her and apparently my cock was about twice as big as her brother's cocks. Anyway she sure enjoyed it and even more she enjoyed sharing the experience with Brie.

Of course I chose to cum in Pamela and then watched as Brie sucked my cum out of her friend's pussy. That night I just fucked Pamela in Brie's bed and then left the two girls there while I went to my own bedroom.

In the morning I woke up with a girl on either side of me. At Pamela's request I fucked Brie so that she could suck my cum out of her friend too. I got to fuck Pamela after breakfast and then we all got dressed. The girls helped me with my chores and then went to let the boys fuck them.

The girls returned much sooner than usual saying that Pamela could spend another night with us. The girls had fucked the boys dry and had then left them before noon while the boys got drunk and smoked some pot. I was pleased to have them around. Their first request was to get hooked up to the milking machine again but for just ten minutes again.

They said that they wanted to get used to that time before going any further. While they were in position I fucked them cumming in Pamela. Old Blue my farm dog got very curious as he watched me fuck the two girls.

Soon he was slowly walking toward them. He smelled them and licked at their pussies. Surprisingly it was Pamela that convinced Brie that it was yoga sex xxx sex foran and that he was just horny too.

Apparently Pamela had been fucked by her father's dog a few times and said that it wasn't all that bad. Pamela said that she had seen her mother let the dog fuck her one day in the kitchen and that was why she had let him fuck her.

Brie was nervous at first but when Old Blue fabulous lassies get nailed in the club her and started thrusting his cock into her she liked it. Old Blue liked it too, I could tell. He fucked her like crazy trying desperately to get his knot lodged inside her. Brie relaxed and let him fuck her as hard as he wanted too.

She even liked the extra thrill at the end. Then when she found out that Old Blue couldn't get out she started to panic. Again it was Pamela that calmed her down and told her that it was perfectly normal. More than ten minutes had passed before I could release the girls from the milking machine because I didn't want to disturb Old Blue while he was fucking Brie.

When I roughly slamming dick in to brunette whore kumberly kanes ass hardcore anal the girls that they had been hooked up for fourteen minutes they liked the fact that it was also their age.

About ten or fifteen minutes later Old Blue released his grip on Brie and let her free. Then he sniffed around Pamela. She leaned over a bale of straw and let him fuck her too. Brie watched intently but was disappointed when Old Blue couldn't get his knot inside her. Old Blue didn't care, he was happy and went back to lie down in his bed. That afternoon the girls held ice packs on their tender breasts again but stayed naked for me.

I would fuck one or the other whenever I wanted too. They never objected. That evening Old Blue got another turn at them too but he didn't get hung up in either of them. That actually disappointed Brie who was looking forward to it that time. We had a return to the pigpen that night too with both girls and I. First there was the nude mud wrestling. Now that was really something to watch especially when Pamela got Brie down and kept filling her pussy with pig shit.

Pamela was a farm kid and much stronger than Brie so she could pretty much do whatever she wanted to do to Brie.

When they had their fun I climbed in and fucked them both. I packed pig shit into their pussies as far as my cock would allow me too. I cum in Pamela because I liked too and then we showered and I gave the two girls a cold water douche. They offered themselves to Old Blue but he had had enough for the day. We walked back to the house and took a real shower before going to bed. The girls just got in bed with me even though I told them I was done for the day. They fooled around a little and then settled in for the night too.

Pamela got fucked first thing that morning and then Brie after breakfast. The girls let the boys fuck them then Brie told me that Pamela could not spend another night unless she stayed with Pamela once. Okay but I need to get fucked before she left. She liked that. That night it was way too peaceful around the house. I had not realized how much Brie had changed my life.

I slept well and was up and about early. Brie found me in the barn and wanted me to know that she was going up to the woods with the other kids and that Pamela's mother might have caught the twins fucking them last night. Oh shit! I wanted to fuck her but she was obviously in a hurry. When I came in from the fields about noon for lunch there was Pamela's mother waiting for me on the porch. Oh shit! Paula was a remarkable woman for having had three kids.

I noticed her whenever I saw her. She was tall, slim, and very pleasant to look at. I also knew that her husband had been in an accident and that he was essentially castrated. It had happened a year or so after Pamela had been born. I had often wondered what Paula had been doing to relieve herself sexually.

I had known her since kindergarten and even fucked her a few times in high school. I was too late to ask her to marry me because her husband had gotten to her first.

I never did marry, maybe it was because I still loved Paula. Paula told me about catching her two boys fucking their sister and my niece. She said that she was too shocked at first to say anything, then she got too excited to say anything. She confessed to me that she had wanted to trade places with those girls so bad that she could taste it.

She seemed curious as to why I wasn't upset to find out that her sons had been fucking Brie. I told her that I knew all about it and that Brie enjoyed it so who was I to put a stop to it.

Paula smiled and told me that was the same way that she felt about her daughter. Then she once again said that she wanted to take her daughter's place. Paula was so horny that she couldn't think straight.

She leaned on my shoulder and cried as I rubbed her back, fingered the top of her ass crack, and massaged her one breast. Soon Paula was taking me up to my bedroom and undressing for me. She unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra, and lowered her tight jeans, panties and all. She watched me undress and pushed me back on my bed. Then Paula climbed on top of me and tried to fuck her own brains out with my cock.

I was glad that the girls had been milking me dry but I wished they had that morning. I tried to think about other things but everything came back to Brie or Pamela. Thinking about the woods, the fields, the barn, or even the pigpen just made things worse.

All too soon I exploded up inside Paula. She didn't care and just collapsed on my chest. A while later Paula sat up and I looked at her wonderful saggy breasts as she told me that her daughter was on birth control but that she wasn't. She promised to get on birth control and to take a 'morning after' pill if I would please fuck her some more.

Okay! I managed to fuck Paula two more times before Brie came home for supper. Paula was still there and Brie was concerned, so I told her what Paula and I had been up too.

She just smiled when I asked her if she could get the twins to fuck their mother. Brie said that it would be no problem at all. The very next morning Paula went into town with both girls. Her doctor gave her an injection that would prevent pregnancy for three months. The girls both got them too.

Once everyone was safe from pregnancy Paula took them shopping for sexy underwear. It seemed that they were going to put on a fashion show that night. I found out all about the fashion show that was going to take place at my house when they got back. Paula and the two girls were going to model for her twins and I. If all went well; Paula's twin sons would fuck her. Little did she know that they were all for it. Brie and Pamela had something special in mind for her too. The fashion show was great as the three girls tried on sexier, skimpier, and more revealing items until they were in just see through nighties.

Then the nighties came off and the three girls were naked. Of course it was no surprise to anyone that the twins just stared at their naked mother taking in her beauty. She told them that she had seen them fucking the girls the night before and that she was jealous and had wanted to be in their place.

Okay! Brie had us guys get naked too and me lie down on my back. She had Paula squat on my cock and lean forward. Then the smaller twin got to slip his cock in his mother's ass while the other one got to slip his in her mouth. The three of us fucked her pretty well for a few minutes and then it was all over for the twins. I was still hard and still in her when the girls got under Paula's face and had her lick their pussies.

By the time that I filled wcp club first time anal ebony jayden pussy with cum she had satisfied all four of the kids. After that the two girls kept sucking our cock hard so that we could fuck Paula some more.

When we were all exhausted Pamela went out and brought Old Blue in the house.

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Paula was a natural born bitch. She let Old Blue sniff her, lick her, and then mount her before her children's eyes. Old Blue managed to get his knot in her too at the delight of everyone watching. After that the six kids seemed to take over my living room while I did my farm work. Paula and I would drop in to oriy real estate xxx storycom fucked throughout the day and return to our activities.

Paula was much happier. When my sister sold her house and moved back, she moved right in with me. She was pretty much my wife. She slept with me, took care of the house, and looked after Brie. The four boys and Pamela were always welcome and they could fuck if they wanted too. Paula, my sister, and I would share a bed in the middle of day on many occasions. The rule of the house was that any boy could fuck any girl as long as she was willing. The girls were always willing. The End Horny Little Niece 250