Lana carter and her steppops get it on

Lana carter and her steppops get it on
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panting, sweating, and shaking, I lie here in bed with my hand still clamped down on my throbbing wet cunt. I love these times when im by myself and i drift away into my fantasy world. I love to worship my body, and I am home alone a lot due to my husbands work schedule.

He leaves early, when my sexual awareness peaks, and i often find myself horny as fuck, and when i kiss my darling husband goodbye at the door and lock up the house, i strip off all my clothes and make my way to my bathroom. I love to get into the shower and get my body all wet and soapy and explore my intimate spots alone. Today is no different.I woke with the alarm, did my morning routine of making breakfast while my hubby is in the shower. I lay his clothes on the bathroom sink and make my way back to the kitchen to place his breakfast on the table.

I take the dog out and come inside breathtaking slim girl gets her yummy pussy and tiny anal plowed my husband josh sitting at the table. I silently drink my coffee, thinking about all the things i am gonna do to myself when he leaves. I know he dosent have time to fuck my brains out before he leaves, i know that, but i wish so much he would throw everything off the table and throw me on it and put that beautiful cock of his into my pussy.

But not today, today its just me, and my fantasies. When he is ready to leave, I follow him to the door, wrap my arms around him and shutter as my breasts rub against him. with just my thin robe on, my nipples harden under the fabric as i feel the heat of his body. His smell is intoxicating, and i can feel my pussy start to get wet when he hugs me back and his hands grab my ass and give me a small spank. I lift my head to kiss my loving husband, and his lips meet mine with such intensity i almost sink to my knees.

His tongue explores my mouth and our tongues meet and dance together. I suck on his tongue, hard, and i can feel the bulge in his pants start to expand and he pulls away from me knowing that he has to go. I pout, and he kisses my cheek and promises he will make it up to me later. He leaves me standing there with my juices running down my thighs and wanting him, wanting him hard. after locking everything up, I make my way down the hall and into my bedroom.

I fill my large tub full of water and light some black cherry scented candles and place them around the tub.

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I slip out of my robe, and lower myself into the steaming water. I lie back, close my eyes and drift away. I dont always fantasize about my husband, just like i know he dosent always think of me, everyone needs a little change now and then.

I think of a man i know. dark eyes, tall, with a beautiful smile. I think of him often when i play with myself, and he always helps me bring on some really powerful orgasms. I start think of a fantasy that i know will help me on a day like this. Im in the hallway of my home, and i hear someone come in the door. I know who it is, so i am not alarmed.

I am standing there, in just a tshirt, and no panties. I can feel someone coming up behind me, and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. He is behind me now, i can feel him breathing on the back of my neck. his hands push my hair off my shoulders, and he kisses my neck. He starts to suck and lick me up and down my neck onto my collarbone. Goosebumps start to cover my body as his hands come around me and grasp my breasts.

HE pulls my shirt off, and rolls my nipples in his fingers. I turn around to face him, and his big brown eyes draw me in. My body rubs against him, I want him, Now, but i know he will take his time with me, slowly bringing me to full pleasure.

He puts a hand under my chin and raises my face to his. I stand on my tippy toes to reach him because he is so much taller than my 4'11" frame. our mouths come together and his lips are so soft, and i gently nibble on his lower lip cause i know it turns him so much. he wraps his arms around me and squeezes me against him closer and closer. The heat between us is magnificent, and if he wasnt holding onto me I think i would melt right onto the floor.

He picks me up and carrys me to the bedroom and places me down onto the bed. He stands over me, looking at my naked body. He runs a hand over my left breast and slowly runs his hand down over my stomach and down onto my shaven pussy.

He gets down on his knees, and raises my legs and places them onto his muscular shoulders. he kisses up my legs and slowly makes his way up to my awaiting my dripping wet pussy. his lips touch my pussy and chills rise up my back.

His tongue meets my clit, and he began lapping up every drop of juice that my body produced. I arch my back milf thing sexy mature fucks two guys grind my hips pushing my pussy hard into his face. he holds my hips as he licks harder and sucks on my clit. his tongue enters the entrance of my wet cunt and i can feel his tongue going deeper and deeper into me. I grab handfulls of his thick hair as my body climbs to orgasm.

I scream two cfnm strippers sucked by babes at cfnm house party tube porn in pleasure as my pussy tightens and i cum all over his face.

as my orgasm ends he is still licking me. cleaning up every drop xxx new mobi slep mom hot juice coming out of me. I sit up, kiss him deep, and as he stands up, i push him against the wall. I lower my self onto my knees and unbutton his jeans. I lower them and his boxers to the floor and look up to claim my prize.

His hard cock is straight at attention and i grab it and begin licking the head of it. My other hand plays with his balls, as i take his cock into my mouth and begin sucking it and licking up and down the shaft of his erect cock. I take his cock out of his mouth, and start licking and sucking his balls. he grabs the back of my head and make me take his cock back into my mouth, and pumps my head deeper and deeper onto his cock.

It tastes so good, and I suck harder and harder until he cant take my mouth on his cock anymore, and pulls me off his dick, and picks me up out of the floor and lays me back on the bed.

He grabs my hips and brings me to the edge of the bed to meet him and he places his throbbing cock into my wanting pussy.

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he plunges it deeper and deeper into me and I close my eyes and just enjoy the feeling of him inside of me. I moan loud as he fucks me, my whole body drowning in pleasure. He takes his cock out and grabs me and rolls me over. Now in the doggystyle position, I raise my ass and await the cock that i know is about to fill me up. Instead of his cock though, i feel his mouth come back to my pussy. He begins licking my clit again and I rock my hips up and down leaving a trail of my juices all over his face.

I cum again and squeeze the covers on the bed and scream out in pleasure as i explode again. before I can recover from my huge orgasm i feel his huge 10 inch cock going back into me. He slaps my ass and i scream in pain and pleasure. He grabs onto my hips and plunges himself into me deeper than he ever has before. My hand reaches and finds my clit and i play with it while he fucks my hot wet cunt.

i can feel his body start to shake and I know he is about to cum. That with his cock going in and out of me makes me cum all over kinky milf gets teased by sex toys again. He throws his head back and moans, and then cums all into my pussy.

I lie in the tub, with my vibrator, I ram it into my pussy hard and cum. I scream out in ecstacy and move my hips up and down taking the vibrator deeper and deeper into my pussy. I catch my breath after a few minutes and stretch out in the tub and enjoy how the hot water feels on my sweaty body. I get out of the tub an hour later and make my way to bed after drying off. As my head hits the pillow, I feel fufilled, pleasured and sleepy.

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Just as I feel myself drifting off to sleep at 9 am I hear the doorbell. TO BE CONTINUED.