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Bums besuch voluptuous german vixen xxx fit sandy surprises guy then fucks him
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Since I've moved back to Aussie I've been swimming at the local pool three times a week on average. With my schedule being pretty open I go during the day when the pool is quiet and I don't think I've had to share a lane yet. Everyone who is swimming laps is wearing speedos or jammers which is awesome (it wasn't like that in Colorado last winter I didn't see a single speedo my entire trip). A few months back I jumped out of the pool and I saw this gorgeous body wearing a perfectly fitting black speedo.

I enjoyed the speedo eye candy and then when the guy turned around I realised that it was Alex, a guy I've met through some friends of mine. I don't know Alex that well but I've been to parties with him and a couple of times surfing last time I was in town.

He has a girlfriend and I've never seen him in a speedo, I really didn't read into anything just because he was storys xxx virgenes haciendel amor por primera vez laps in a speedo. That first time we saw each other at the pool was very innocent.

Turns out Alex is training for a triathlon and only just getting back in the pool (which explains why he still has a bit of a boardies tan compared to my speedo tan). Alex's office is near the pool and he is trying to swim three days a week during his lunch break and we decided to try and catch up and swim together.

We hung out at the pool a few times and Alex was up to swimming two kilometers (about half what he needs for his triathlon). It was nice just hanging out with a guy in speedos and we were both comfortable.

I mentioned on my blog that I was hanging out with a straight friend at the pool, I was very discrete though and didn't give anything away that would indentify Alex. One night I was at the pub with some of the boys and Alex was out as well. He joined our group, his girlfriend was there and some of the other guys girlfriends/wives were out. Everyone was having a fun night and enjoying few adult beverages (I was well behaved but maybe some people were having a few more than others hahaha).

Later in the night Alex and I were off to the side chatting and Alex told me that he knows I'm "Aussie Speedo Guy". I'm not out to any of my Central Coast friends and this was like a kick in the guts. Alex must have seen the look on my face and quickly assured me that it was all OK and that it was nobody elses business and he would keep my ebony whore diamond jackson gets humped and creamed. He said it made sense when I wrote about hanging out with a guy at the pool who wore black speedos, was straight and training for a triathlon.

Then we were interrupted and that was the end of the discussion. I was pretty nervous for a few days wondering if Alex would share my 'secret' with my friends but I heard nothing.

It was a few days before I saw Alex at the pool again and when I did he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBum speedos. That was a surprise indeed and he looked fantastic in them.

Everything was cool, it was as if he hadn't mentioned that I am "Aussie Speedo Guy". That was until we were just about to part ways in the carpark and Alex said that he wore AussieBum's because I'd recently posted a bunch of pics of guys wearing AussieBums. That put some of my fears of him 'outting' me to rest but only enhanced the disturbance in my pants. Fast forward another week or so and Alex and I only swam once together because I had some friends in town.

Then out of the blue I got a text from Alex asing (this is the exact text), "Dave, can't make the pool today. G (his girlfriend) is out of town, any chance I can crash at your place after partying in town tonight?" Despite my excitement I calmly replied. "No probs mate." This was the interesting thing to me. Alex has read my blog, I did write on my blog that I thought Alex was hot and I loved his speedos, Alex seems straight and now Alex wants to sleep over.

I took this as a good sign. Friday afternoon came around and as usual I had a full house of mates watching footy on TV and having a few drinks.

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Alex rocked up and had an overnight bag and all the jesting was that Alex had a hall pass since his girlfriend was out of town. The usual Friday night on the Central Coast is footy, drinks, maybe a BBQ at my place.

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I'm one of the few remaining bachelors, my little pad is right on the beach, and it is walking distance to the pub so it tends to happen that the boys congregate at my place. This Friday was no different and we ended up at the pub as usual.

Everyone was having a good time, after we left the pub Alex and I grabbed a kebab and walked along the beach back to my place. That was when "Aussie Speedo Guy" finally came up in conversation. "Dave, you've gotta have dick on tap with your blog and websites?" For the next ten minutes I explained that yes, there isn't a real shortage of dick on offer BUT, being discrete and not 'out' to the entire world means I don't get to exploit is as much as a guy who was 'out' would.

And I also like girls too and I've never spoken too much about my work to a girl I've dated in fear that would turn her off. By then we are back at my house and had just poured another round of drinks, it was my turn to ask Alex a question. "Why is a str8 guy like you reading a gay speedo blog like mine?" For the next ten minutes Alex explained that he has had a speedo fetish since he was young and just loved speedos.

His girlfriend is OK with it and he wears speedos around the house a bunch and even during sex with her. "Have you ever had any guy/guy experiences in speedos?" I asked. Alex's response was really interesting to me.

He said he had never had a gay experience and considers himself straight. It is just that speedos and sex go together for him. Confusingly, Alex said that he enjoys watching gay porn but only if it involves speedos and admits to reading my blog religiously and evening joining this site once a few years ago. Now it was time for me to turn up the heat.

"If you ever wanted a guy/guy speedo experience then this is a pretty perfect scenario." Alex looked a little unsure and I was getting a serious stirring in my jeans (with a black Arena speedo under them).

"How about we get down to our speedos, you sit on the couch and let me blow you?" I offered. "OK, lets give it a try. I'm not ready to return that favour thought Dave." "Not a problem Alex, I'm sure sucking you off will be one for my wank bank for a long time and that is reward enough for me." It didn't take long at all for both of us to strip down to our speedos. As I said earlier, I was wearing a pair of black lycra Arena speedos under my jeans.

As I had expected, Alex was equally well prepared and was wearing his black classic AussieBum speedos under his jeans. I noticed that Alex wasn't quite fully hard but he was on his way just from us talking. Taking our drinks we moved the six steps to my couch, yes my little rental is small BUT it is right on the beach so I have no complaints. Alex sat on the couch spread his legs and I assumed the position, that is, on my knees.

This isn't the first straight guy I've sucked off, or the first first-timer that I've sucked off and I know they don't want anything romantic or things to go slowly. I didn't want Alex to chicken out either so I put my head down and started licking his speedo clad cock which was rock hard in about ten seconds. My intention was to try and make Alex cum in his speedo. Despite never laying my eyes on his peice of man meat, the way it was straining the top of his speedo old dude eats juvenile pussy oldvsyoung and hardcore if it was trying to escape, d sex game orc female fucking play free to me that it was impressive.

It is harder to cum while wearing speedos of course and Alex had a few drinks in him, not too many though, and it surprised me when his moans of pleasure increased and then he started to spasm as the front of his speedo became saturated with his cum. Trying not to freak Alex out I got up pretty quickly and went to shirlyadams f (deep in your heart viewers kitchen to pour myself a drink.

Alex was still huffing and puffing from his first ever "man induced orgasm". My cock was fucking rock hard and straining against the lycra of my Arena speedos. "Holy shit Dave, that was amazing!!!!" I sat back down on the couch and Alex was still slightly out of breath.

"Do you mind if I put some speedo porn on and I can rub one out myself mate?" Alex had no objections, he went to the bathroom to clean up and I told him there was a clean pair of speedos in my bathroom. I thought I could get any more turned on after what I had just done, but then Alex returned to my living room/kitchen/dinning room wearing a pair of black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. OMG!!!! What a sight to behold!!! "Before sitting down, Alex, would you mind just standing there and rubbing those speedos for me?" Alex was cool with that so as he stood in front of me and I rubbed the front of my speedo.

Again, trying not to freak him out I kept my cock inside my speedos and as I rubbed my cock I imagined peeling off Alex's ADIDAS speedo. Then I came!!! I hadn't jerked off for two days and the front of my speedo was cum soaked.

The last flex of my cock was as Alex turned around to go into the kitchen and I got a view of his perfect arse. Now it was time for me to clean up and I went into the bathroom, threw my cum filled speedo into the shower where 'cum filled AussieBums were. I didn't think the night was over and now I had to choose some appropriate speedos to wear for what was sure to be round to. You guys are well aware that I have a pretty substantial speedo collection. I figured that Alex had probably read a lot from my blog so I chose a historically significant pair to wear.

my AussieBum Portseas, they are the sky blue ones with blue and white on the hips. These speedos are significant because I was wearing these speedos when I had my first bisexual threesome (guy and girl). I have two pairs now, not the same pair as that threesome experience, they were replaced a year or so ago. One pair has the AussieBum logo on the front and the other pair doesn't (you can see photos of these on my blog).

Considering the mess Alex and I made of our speedos earlier in the evening I decided on the ones without the logo on the front.

Walking back in the living room was wonderful, I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea's, Alex was sitting on my couch wearing my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. I sat down next to Alex on the couch. Alex kept telling me how amazing it was and how hot it was having two guys in speedos. I wanted to keep reassuring Alex that I'd take big titty bimbo shay evans getting pounded on massage table at his speed and that if there was anything, and I mean ANYTHING, he ever wanted to try to just let me know.

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Alex mentioned that he is a huge fan of the Hawaii Speedo Student movies which you guys can watch on my blog, so I put one on the TV as kind of background while we still talked. Alex commented on my choice of speedos and he had indeed read that story of my first bi threesome.

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I explained that even thinking about that threesome still gets me hard and that was when I noticed that Alex and I were both hard with Hawaii Speedo Student porn playing the background. "Alex, there is nothing I do not want to do to you right now.

We are both horny, tell me what you want and I will do it." "I'd like to make out with you in a bed Dave." That was a surprise for me. Normally straight guys don't want to kiss and are just interested in getting off. I was pleasantly surprised of course because that sounded pretty darn hot to me.

Immediately, I stood up, offered Alex my hand and we moved into my bedroom where we both got on the bed. Making out with Alex was homemade anal my chubby exgf never says no, furious and our hands and tongues were everywhere!!!

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I was hoping that Cassidy klein pleases a big black cock with her feet would get hot enough to slip down between my legs and suck me off so I kept the make out session going as long as I could. Finally I gave in and I moved down Alex's amazing body and pulled down the front of his speedo. I worked his cock like the expert cock sucker that I am (I love sucking cock and yes I think I'm good at it).

Somehow I managed to untie the drawstring on my AussieBum's and started jerking myself off while I polished Alex's beautiful eight inch cut cock. After working Alex's cock for at least ten minutes both of us were on the edge and Alex's cock started spewing his warm cum into my mouth, that first taste of his cum on my tongue started my cock pulsing in my hand as I came as well.

I kept my mouth on Alex's cock until it stopped jerking and I sat up on my knees. What a beautiful view, I was kneeling between Alex's legs, my cock out the top of my speedos, my right hand covered in my cum, Alex on his back with his legs spread and his cock out the leg of my ADIDAS speedos with his cock still semi hard.

That is pretty much it guys. From there we both cleaned up and went to bed. Alex slept on the couch and we were both woken up early on Saturday by one of my mates knocking on the back door ready to go for a surf.

Alex and I got up, went for a surf with the boys and didn't mentioned what happened the night before. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since that first experience two years ago, Alex has broken up with his girlfriend and now lives with his boyfriend. They do invite me over for some fun in our speedos and you can read about those experiences on my blog - www.AussieSpeedoGuy.org