Blonde chick riley jenner recieves an anal pounding

Blonde chick riley jenner recieves an anal pounding
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We both lay in bed. He have just drifted asleep when she decides to pleasure herself she is laying on her back after Turning away from being the big spoon. She starts by sliding her hand down into her panties she only first uses her middle finger to stimulate her clitoris at first it and thought maybe she shouldn't bother this time.

She soon noticed it working when she felt mild Shocks through her naked body from rubbing her clit she grins then lays on her side for a better position to what she wanted to do. She used her spare hand to message her boobs and flicks her clit with her fingers for the first few seconds then she felt she needed more so she started rubbing it with her two dominant fingers she was feeling warm as it tiny foot slave two youthful sluts sydney cole and olivia lua our down south attempting a cold night and enjoyed the warmth the sheets gave sleeping naked.

She took her hand from her breast and checked if she leaked onto the bed. She wondered why she felt so excited so quickly. After making sure the bed was dry she moves her hand to her hole and quickly inserts two fingers as deep as she can and leaves them in for a couple of seconds while she moves positioning to be more comfortable.

She then releases the fingers and moaned in awe from the spread she had made, she fingered herself a few times while rubbing her clit faster. Suddenly she stops penetrating herself and rubbing to turn around to face her lover, she carefully moves her pussy soaked fingers to his manhood, rubbing it in a way to not jerk him awake but to make him hard.

She finds he isn't getting hard so she goes under the covers and puts her mouth over the mostly flaccid penis, first sliding her tongue around flicking the penis in her mouth it flops side to side and grows in size noticeably quick, she starts sucking now, all while keeping a steady motion on her clitoris she rubs it with just her middle finger in a straight and back motion so she doesn't get too excited. When he got hard, she wasn't so tender and thrusted herself with more power, right then he jolted awake.

He felt confused as he woke up from the spasm of pleasure of being blown. He looks under the cover but it's dark and can't see much but he could see her eyes. she noticed him waking up from when he jolted but continued sucking as if nothing happened. It took a second for him to look under the covers. As he looks under she sees him and they just grin at each over, which slows down her movement but she couldn't resist grinning, doing this for him.

She removed her mouth and gripped his dick with her right hand. She moves her free hand to her dripping pussy that is asking for only one thing, a good fucking.

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she penetrated herself with 3 fingers. Her Moan was soft and stretched out, the moan growing louder as she welcomed her 3 fingers. He knows she just found her pleasure spot and moaned from the thought of what she is doing under the covers He noticed her moan and started giggling from her being so Horney and in charge but only let out one sound before he felt the pleasure of being batted faster and faster, his giggle turned into a moan which turned into a spasm of the body which exercising with a sexy male pounder gloryhole and hardcore his head flatten the pillows he lays on.

The pleasure was immediate and more intense from being pre-lubed he notices. He knew waking up to sex would be amazing but didn't expect it to be tonight for the first the surprise making him more aroused. When his initial moan from the quick fapping went quiet enough she says "I tried a trick to sleep and found I was hornier then I thought, maybe we could help each over" she couldn't focus on her fingers pleasuring herself while serving him, after talking She slid her soaked fingers out of her juicy pussy and gives herself a quick rub while moving her hand to be free to violate him.

He noticed when she stopped talking she was moving under the covers and slid her hand down his shaft no longer pumping him.

He watched the covers move until they formed a pyramid shape with the centre being at his pelvis. Staring at the pyramid shape he goes to say something when he is cut off from a surge of pleasure from a warm wet familiar sensation. She suddenly gives an intense blowjob trying her hardest for him for maybe 10 seconds before doing one slow suck to the tip.

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"I want to be little spoon" She says as she moves her way up to be next to him. Laying mostly on their sides she is hanging over him just a bit as they kiss, he grabs her ass-cheek and messages it making her do small pelvic thrusts, she bit his lip from being excited. He says "I think you've waited enough, I know what you want. Turn around" She did a half giggle half grin from hearing this and turned over.

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He kisses her neck and moves his hand to caress her breasts, she puts her hand over his hand and guides it to her pussy, she pushes his hand against her pussy once before releasing it and grabbing a pillow to hold to prepare for the pleasure she has been waiting for.

He pressed his middle finger on her lower stomach and started tracing it down inch by inch until it reached and past her clitoris and penetrated her pussy so easily, he spun his finger around inside, She let out a long soft moan followed by her saying "oh, my god" he continues his movement and moves out of her and slides his hand to her thigh then lifts her leg up as he says "Fingers can only do so much" She feels her leg being lifted with ease and felt him pushing his dick on the outside walls of her pussy for a split second before she is penetrated.

She makes a loud half grunt half moan sound from not being prepared. He thrusts back and forth and lowers her leg a little to get better motion. She can feel herself being stretched out from the sudden d!ck stunning college babe malena masturbates her sweet pussy loved it.

Each time he would thrust she could feel herself being more and more stretched, she grips the pillow and bites her lip after the grunt/moan as she takes the thrusts. Her entire body spasmed and she was doing deep breaths, Realising this he had moved his hand from her leg to her clitoris and began rubbing and thrusting the most he could. He uses his index and middle finger together to perform a steady rubbing on her clit while thrusting in and out with a steady heavy paste.

She does long moans which are sometimes accompanied by the words "yes" or "oh my god" he is breathing harder and moans.

He slows down a bit and kisses her neck and suddenly goes all out on rubbing her clit. She cringes onto the pillow and thrusts her pelvis back against him while her clitoris is being assaulted. This prompts him to thrusting harder and harder. She says "I'm getting close, It feels amazing" He slows down his fingering and grabs her leg again and pushes deep into her, She gasps at the sudden long push inside.He then starts thrusting as much as possible.

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She moans loudly from being penetrated. She starts just to moan "Mmm" as that's the only thing she can say. He is humping her quickly like a rabbit going in and out of her he thrusted, "y-you ready, I'm gon-na." he was cut-off with her saying "Ye-ah I'mmm about tooo-oaah".

He moved his hand to her clitoris. she bit down onto the pillow she is holding, she notices his arm leave her leg and she tried keeping her legs open as she could but it was no use when he rubbed her clit with his fingers, he thrusted so quickly in and out of her as he rubbed her clit hard and fast, she screamed moans as she quivered into her pillow. She was quiet when she started to orgasm and just made loud timed breaths.

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he could feel her pussy walls contract with the orgasm and it was the edge he needed to cum, he came as he continued to thrust but slowing after he ejaculated, he could feel his own d!ck cumming as well as hers walls contract from being inside.

She has an intense orgasm she cums while her clit being rubbed and being pounded. After he came, he slowly thrusts for her as she finishes. He moves his hand from her clit and cuddles her. "want me yo clean you up?" he says, being unable to talk she nods.

He then goes under the covers as she lays on her back, he goes and positions himself over her pussy and uses his hands to spread her legs, he makes her pussy easy to reach with his tongue and licks up the cum that is dripping from her pussy.

He first licks around the pussy getting any juices. He can clearly taste her and himself in the fluids, he goes for the hole and uses one of his hands to spread her open, he can feel how much is there before he licks it lolly ink gets her pretty face covered in cum up. He licks and swallows before tonguing her hole, he goes back and they cuddle and fall asleep.