Creampie-angels com klara kinky lovers get doggy style orgasm tube porn

Creampie-angels com klara kinky lovers get doggy style orgasm tube porn
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suck my nuts PhyllisJimmy exclaimed. His 45 year old math teacher was on her knees in his bedroom licking his nuts. 19 year old Jimmy was a skinny nerd who was enrolled in the local community college. He stood 5 ft 7 & 155 pounds he had a 9 inch dickbut he was a brilliant hypnotist.

Thats why hot lady flashes her big tits and fucked by pawn keeper had this married ebony slut on her knees blowing him. Phyllis Johnson was 5ft 9 with long legs ,a fat ass & big 44dd black knockers. As she moved from Jimmy's nuts to his dick shaft. Phyllis looked over at the corner where she saw 5ft 2 raven haired Joyce Evans playing with her clitwith her legs spreadeagled as she sat on a chair.

Jimmy was her son & they had been introduced earlier. As she blew Jimmya video played on the Tv in the bedroom it was of his mother getting strapon fucked by his girlfriend Cindy. He had brought her over last Thursday & now mom & Cindy were best of friends Jimmy smirked. Phyllis kept bobbing on her students prick as Jimmy unleashed a load of jism down his teachers throatafter which Joyce came over & the two skanks shared their dessert.

Chapter 1 Jimmy was fucking Cindys face asJoyce licked his assJimmy continued fucking his 20 year old girlfriends face like it was pussyCindy could barely breathethe short haired petite blonde deep throated the 9inch cock as mom kept rimming. UnloadingCindy & Joyce now french kissed sharing their masters jism. Jimmy went to the closet & brought over the collars & leashestodayboth these ladies would serve their master. First he put a dog collar ON CINDY'S NECK FOLLOWED BY JOYCE'STHEN OF COURSE A LEASH.

Next Jimmy popped a xxx movie in the dvd playerboth whores were also wearing spiked heels. As he turned on the tube, he positioned Mom & Cindy in footstool postion.

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as he began watching some porn .His feet rested on their backs as they both were in the doggystyle position. He recorded the PORN the last time CindyPhyllis & Joyce were together it was 2 days ago.

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Chapter 2 As he wacked offJimmy was loving the fact the all three were now being trained as human toilets. Using more lubehe loved when he pissed directly in moms mouth. After a day of fucking all three in all their holesJimmy had brought them all to to the bathroom ,Joyce was firsthe told her to open her mouth & swallow which she didshe got the majority of the yellow champagne, then Phyllis got a samplefollowed by Cindy who only got a drizzle( that would change later today he thought) Chapter 3 Jimmy stopped watching the porn & grabbed a beer from the fridge, Cindy & Joyce were still in the footstool positionthe 20yr old & 50 year old sluts waited til Jimmy finished his cold beerThen lead by their leashes, Jimmy brought his mind controlled skanks into the bathroom.

He had to take a leakHE motioned for Cindy to hot teen gets fucked on real homemade on her knees, obediently she didshe opened her mouth as commanded & he began to urinate down her throat as mom (Joyce) kissed his buttcheeks.

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Nearly drowning in the stink champagne Cindy swallowed it all & now was a confirmed human toilet like Joyce. Chapter 4 Melvin was eating Joyce's asshole, he was Jimmy's stepdad & also was mindcontrolled. He was only allowed to fuck Joyce when Jimmy said& Joyce's ass & mouth belong to Jimmy.

Jimmy was out with friends today so today he said Joyce was in chargehe had to listen to her sexual desires. Since Joyce alwys gave Jimmy rimjobstoday she thought Melvin should eat her ass as she played with her cunt.

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As she achieved orgasmJoyce started swearing at Melvin"you are a fuckin wimp,you useless limpdicked cuckold ",she said as grabbed him by the ear & led him to the bathtub sat on his face & let a stream of piss go all over his face, "Drink up loser & clean up Master will be home soon " Melvin smiled this was the most action he had all monthHe watched his wife's sexy ass go by as she went to the master suite to take a shower before Master Jimmy came home Chapter 5 aaaah ooooh master that feeeels sooo good up my fat black ass exclaimed Phyllisglad u like Vanilla teach Jimmy said jokingly .

He rammed his cock way up the the ebony assas she yelled her ass off in the basement sexy lingerie lesbians fucks on casting stockings interviewJimmy had her cuckold hubby Leroy build for them. Leroy was mindcontrolled by Jimmyso he obeyed & built the soundproof dungeon.

Phyllis was so loud when she got anally fuckedJimmy LAUGHED, as he creampied Phyllis's asshole with his white sperm Chapter 6 Eat my ass Mom u bitchas Joyce licked Jimmys butthole like it was an ice cream cone. 24hours earlerMelvin had done this to her now Jimmy reasted his legs on shoulders as the 50year old mom licked away ,Thats enough whorehe said as he put her over his knee and started spanking her fatass.

Once Joyce's asscheeks were red Jimmy stopped & took out some lubefingered her ass & began fucking Joyce roughly up the butt. Oh that hurts so good Son exclaimed Joyce as Jimmy rammed her like an animal until he gave usual anal creampie