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Chicks pound fellows asshole with oversized strapons and burst jizz
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"Take me.Please." I whisper to the blonde haired goddess. She growls in lust and crashes her lips to mine. Elena koshka and silvia sage horny some in the bedroom whimper into her mouth as her tongue snakes in mine. My back arches off the wall at an attempt to press my body to hers. I missed her body on mine.

It's been too long. See, the woman I was begging to be taken by was my boss. In a way at least. I babysit her kid, Jack. I've had a crush on her for over a month and had been dropping hints of just that. I was secretly hoping she would get the hints and make the first move. She was a single, successful, hot ass mom. She was a lawyer with piercing blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair, big breasts and tight ass.

The first time we had kissed she was paying me for babysitting. I had on tight blue jeans and a flowing low cut red shirt that went well with my curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She was about 3 or 2 inches taller than me and I had looked up into her blue eyes then down to her lips when I was leaving from babysitting.

Her gorgeous lips. I was nervous and my heart was pounding. But I wanted her. I wanted her lips against mine and without thinking I stood on my tippy toes and kissed her.

It was like an electric shock went through me and took my breath away. She stays still against my lips and right when I'm about to pull away, she suddenly moves her lips against mine and I moan in relief. She didn't freak out. She was actually kissing me back! I feel a tingle in my pussy and I reach up to cup her face in my hands.

She pulls back with a gasp before I could touch her. I blush and look at the floor in embarrassment.

So close. "S-Sorry Ms. Howard." I hear her swallow nervously. "Dont be. It was just as much my fault as it was yours.

I.I knew what was going to happen and I let it happen. I apologize for that." I get enough courage to look up at her with wide eyes. "Y-You knew I was going to k-kiss you?" I stumbled out.

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Her face turns a slight red and she gives me an affirmative nod. I look at her juicy red lips again then up to her eyes. I step closer and she tenses slightly. "Do you know it now?" She looks down at me and I see her tongue flick across her bottom lip.

God, that was sexy. "Yes." I look at her lips and start to raise myself on my tippy toes. Our lips barely an inch away.

"Are you going to stop me?" She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. "N-No." Which means she probably will later, when our kiss becomes longer and heated. But I'll take it because I need to feel her lips again. I press my lips against hers. I hold back a moan and move my hand to the back of her neck as she kisses me back.

I kiss her harder and trace the tip of my tongue teasingly across her bottom lip. I hear her let out a soft moan and part her lips. I moan and slip my tongue inside of her mouth to caress her tongue.

She moans again and finally moves her hands up to rest on my hips lightly. Even the slightest touch gives me a thrill. I start to move forward until her back touches the front door. She lets out a small gasp. I guess she's never really been kissed like this before but I was going to girl cleans out the pussy juice and then they share wild fisting her a whole new world.

I move my hands down to her hips. I give her a reassuring squeeze. She moans at the slight pressure on the erotic spot and I smile into the kiss. She kisses me with a little more dominance and I moan softly. Then she is gone. I open my eyes and smirk as she still has her eyes closed and her lips parted. I take the step back that I know she needs right now. "Ms. Howard?" I say softly. She flinches at my voice and opens her eyes. "Hmm?" She asks feebly.

I smile and grab my back pack. "I think I should head out." She nods her head and tries to catch her breath. Who knew I would cougar slivia and izzy shared with a huge dick such an effect on such a powerful woman? I grab the money she had set out for babysitting and move back to the door but she still hadn't moved and closed her eyes again. I step forward and whisper in her ear.

"Unless you want me to stay for. Dinner and dessert, I need you to move off of the door." She gasp softly at my hidden innuendo of me staying with her for "dinner and dessert". She moves off of the door as I take a step back to allow her room to move. I grab the door knob then look at her and smile. "Call me anytime you want me Ms. Howard." I say, wording it so it would sound dirty if you were in that state of mind. Which she most definitely was.

She gulps and nods her head, giving me a feeble smile before I walk out the door. I smile happily to myself as I walk to my car. Oh did I love babysitting. So after that day she didn't call me to babysit for over a week. Which made me worry immensely. Did I go to far? Did she actually hate it? But then she called; Ms.Howard: Hello Jenny. She says, her voice slightly shaking over the phone. Me: Hey Ms.Howard. Do you want me.for babysitting?

I say, smirking mischievously. I hear her breathing increase as she becomes more nervous. Ms. Howard: uh.yes.yes, I do. For babysitting that is.

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Is tomorrow night okay? About 6 o'clock? I smile and nod my head to myself. Me: It's perfect. When will I see you after six? She hesitates. Ms. Howard: umm.when will you see me after 6? I crease my brow in confusion. Was this a hard question? Me: Yes Ms.Howard. When will you be coming home? She lets out a small nervous laugh. Ms. Howard: oh yes! Right. I will see you at.9.

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I smile in excitement. Me: I will see you at 6 then. Goodbye Ms. Howard. Ms. Howard: Goodbye Jenny. I'll see you tomorrow. I end the call and smile. I couldn't wait till tomorrow. So when tomorrow came, I was a nervous wreck. I picked out so many outfits it made my head spin. Eventually I picked ms simone gets her ass fucked pussy creamed by michael s skinny jeans and a tight blue tank top.

I got in my car and drove to her house. I sat in the driveway for quite some time until I finally got brave enough to get out of my car and knock on the front door.

I put a smile on my face as she answers the door. She had on a low cut shirt that showed off the tops of her gorgeous breasts and tight jeans that showed off her amazing ass. I've never wanted someone so much in my life. I smile brightly. "You look amazing as always Ms. Howard " She blushes slightly and holds out her hand. "Thank you.

Come in Jenny." I was surprised by the gesture but take her hand nonetheless. She leads me into the kitchen. Usually Jack would come in yelling and screaming my name but he was no where in sight or ear shot. She leans against the counter and smiles nervously. I look at her curiously.

"Are you okay Ms. Howard? Where's the little man?" I smile sweetly. She bites her lip and shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I lied to you. Jack isn't here. He's at my mother's house and he's spending the night there." I furrow my brows in confusion and smile slightly.

"Okay.then why am I here?" She swallows and licks her lips. She's not going she? She moves in front of me and steps in close so I am backed against the counter. Maybe she will? "So I can do this." She raises her hands to my face and leans down and kisses me right on the lips. I was right. I let out a surprised moan and kiss her back. Considering she started it, I make the second move and pull her closer to me by her hips.

She moans deeply. I moan back and kiss her harder. One of her hands move down my body and I shiver as her fingers graze over my skin. Her hand rests at my hip and her fingers slip underneath my tank she makes my dick hard date from www livecam pw. I moan and slide my tongue between her parted lips.

I pull her closer and closer to me but I needed more. I move us out of the kitchen and end up running into the hall wall. She moans as her back thumps lightly against the wall.

I press her into it hard and snake my leg in between hers. I press my thigh against her core and she gasps softly. Then our roles were reversed. I was no longer in charge. Touching her like that ignited a fire inside of her and she grabs me by the shoulders.

She flips us so my back is to the wall and her body was pinning me against it. She lets out an almost growl against my lips and kisses me hard. I moan and kiss her back. She moves her hands up to my faces and pushes her tongue in my mouth. I moan at the forced entrance. She was getting rough.I like it. I break the kiss and look up at her eyes.

A shade of dark lustful blue. "Take me.please." I whisper to the blonde haired goddess. She growls in lust and crashes her lips to mine. I whimper into her mouth as her tongue snakes in mine. My back arches off the wall at an attempt to press my body to hers. This woman is driving me crazy. She reaches down and grabs my thighs and pulls me up. I squeal in surprise and lock my heels at the small of her back.

She continues to kiss me as she walks us to her bedroom. I smile and moan. "Mmm.Ms. Howard." I feel her smirk against my lips as we reach her bed. She breaks the kiss and looks at me with a glint of excitement in her eyes. "Call me Josslyn." She throws me onto her bed and I smile up at her. Jesus Christ she was sexy. And she called me over here to take me. To just have me anyway she wanted. Who was I to stop a powerful woman from getting what she wanted?

I sit up and grab a fistful of her shirt and pull her on top of me. She smiles and puts a leg in between mine. She presses her thigh hard against my center and I gasp and moan. Closing my eyes to enjoy the pleasure stirring inside of me. She grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head. I open my eyes and find her starring at my body. I become self conscious and start to squirm under her stare. She brings her hand up to my cheek and she makes me look at her. I bite my lip and she smiles at me.

A soft smile. "Your beautiful Jenny. Absolutely beautiful." I blush and smile back weakly. I pull her down to me and we kiss passionately. I moan and reach behind her back and pull on her shirt. She breaks the kiss and helps me take off her shirt. She tosses it to the side and kisses me again.

I moan and slide my hands up her back and unsnap her bra. She moans as I reach around to her front and cup her breasts through her bra. I moan. I've wanted to feel these for a month and now that I am, it felt amazing. She breaks the kiss and pants for breath. "I.I need to feel you." She breathes out. I quickly pull her bra down her arms and throw it to the side. I flip us over and bend my head down to kiss her neck.

She moans and I move down to her breasts. I kiss the top of each breast then straddle her hips. I sit up and moan as I see the fullness of her breasts. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted as I lean down and swirl my tongue around her prominent nipple, causing her to arch her back and gasp. I nibble, lick and suck on the nipple then switch to her other breast. Her moaning continuess the whole time. She slides her hands in my brown curls and pulls me back up to her and kisses me hard.

I moan and she rolls us over. She leans back on her heels and unbuttons my shorts skillfully. She pulls them roughly down my legs as I unsnap my bra and toss it to the side. Her breath catches as she sees my breasts. She bites her lip and drops my shorts to the floor.

Then she does it. That deep growl in her throat that tells me she's not going to treat me like a child. So sweet butt more babes on flirtsexlovecom going to fuck me hard and rough and she won't stop until she's satisfied and God knows I'm going to let her.

She reaches down and grabs the back of my thighs and pushes me up the bed until my head reaches the pillows. She hovers over top of me and crashes our lips together. I groan and grab her hips and pull her down on me. We both moan at the friction on our clits. I realize she still has her pants on and I unbutton her pants. I groan in frustration as I struggle to take them off. "Take these off." I mumble against her lips.

She smiles and grabs her pants and pushes them down her legs. She takes them off then flings them across the room. I smile against her soft lips.

"Their off." She whispers then smiles and kisses down my neck. I moan as her teeth bite down on my skin and leave a mark at the base of my neck. I whimper as she nips at my nipple. She spreads my legs and grabs the waistband of my panties. "I'd hate to rip these but." She makes one fast movement and my panties rip off of my body. I gasp loudly at the sting of the snap.

She smirks smugly at the look on my face and tosses my panties to the floor. "Sorry about those. I just couldn't help myself." I smile and laugh. "I could tell. You seem very demanding." I tease. Her eye focus in on mine and she shakes her head with a smirk.

"Oh you don't even know. I am going to rock your world baby." Before I can answer she bends her head down and takes a nipple between her teeth and tugs slightly. Making me arch my back and moan louder. She kisses down my stomach and kisses the inside of my thigh. I moan softly and spread my legs wider.

She dips her tongue into my wet folds and I moan loudly. I start to pant as I buck up into her face. Silently begging for more. She smiles and kisses my thigh. "Are you a virgin?" She asks as she looks up at me.

I shake my head no and she goes back down on me with a growling answer. "Good." I squeal as she pushes a finger deep inside of me and sucks on my clit. I groan as she pulls her finger out.

She moves her tongue down to my entrance. I wait patiently for her to enter me again but she just teases around my clit and entrance. So I lay there panting and squirming under her tongue. "P-Please." I say quietly but she hears me. She pulls away slightly. "What was that?" She says with a smirk. She brings her finger back up to my entrance and teases me. I whimper and try to move my hips down on to the digit.

"Please. I need you inside me." She smiles and uses her tongue to slowly lick at my clit. I moan but as fast as she was there, she was gone. She finally slides two of her fingers into my extremely wet pussy. I gasp then moan loudly. She starts in quick, deep thrusts. I moan and arch my back. Her tongue goes back to the torturous strokes on my clit. Jesus, did she knew how to please a girl or what?

I was at the highest point of ecasty in minutes. Once I'm close to my climax she reaches up with her free hand and cups my left breast. I groan and my spine arches like a bow. My huge orgasm rocks me hard and I shut my eyes tightly and open my mouth in a silent scream. I raise my hips off the bed and my legs quiver with the intensity. My body goes limp on the bed and I pant for breath.

She slides her fingers out of my wetness and removes her mouth from my clit. She kisses my clit one last time and smiles when I twitch.

My eyes are still closed as she kisses her way up my body. She finally kisses my lips and cheeks. I open my eyes and smile. She smiles back and I leaned forward to capture her lips with mine. She moans softly as my tongue grazes her lip. I turn my hips sharply and lower her onto the mattress.

She smiles and I break our kiss. I kiss down to her wonderful breasts and take my time to worship and suck each erect nipple as I slide her panties down her legs and fling them to the side. She moans and arches her back at my touch. She slides a hand up to my shoulder and applies pressure, signaling for me to move down. I smile and nip at her sensitive nipple as I look up at her.

Her breath catches at the slight pain and pleasure. "Oh yeah, your very demanding." sex cam xxx 18 school com see her smirk then I move down to the underside of her left breast. I bite, lick and suck on the tender skin, quickly forming a mark and making her writhe at my teasing. I successfully leave a mark that I'm sure she will have pleasure in finding later.

She applies more pressure to my shoulder and I roll my eyes. "I'm going, I'm going. I just want to take in your beautiful body. I've waited for this for to long." I moan softly and kiss down her stomach.

She smiles. "And I've waited to long for your mouth on my- oh my God." I pull away and smile. I had taken her clit into my mouth and sucked hard then let it go. She moans and looks down at me pleadingly. "Keep doing that." I smile and kiss her clit. She bites her lip. "Yes ma'am." I go back down on her and she throws her head back in pleasure and moans.

I suck her clit back into my mouth and let my tongue lightly touch her clit. She moans again and moves a hand down to my head. She runs her hand through my hair and pushes me closer. I moan as she dominates me even when I'm pleasuring her. She lets out a groan and bucks her hips up. I let her clit go and use my tongue to quickly flick her clit. She gasps then moans softly. "Oh.just like that." When I think she is wet enough, which she is more cute and very big asss wet by now I slide a finger into her.

She moans deeply and bucks harder on my finger. "Make me cum. I need it. I need you. I need you to make me cum." I moan deeply and double, no, triple my efforts after I hear her words. This was her way of begging to be taken, made to cum, beautiful london keyes pleasures a massive cock big tits cumshot let go. She moans loudly at my efforts.

I lick her clit firmly yet slowly as I start to pump my finger in and out of her cunt. She moans loudly. "Oh my god. That feels amazing Jenny." I moan at her words and lick her faster.

She moans again and she grips the sheets in her fists. I move my finger faster and lick her harder. She lets out a deep growling moan. I moan into her pussy. "Another finger.put another f-finger in me." I move my mouth away from her clit and carefully slide another finger in her pussy.

She moans encouragingly. I look up at her as I start to pump again. Her lips were slightly parted and her eyes were closed. I move my fingers faster and I see her tongue two hard cocks fill every teen fuck hole across her lips. I smirk a little and go back down on her clit. She moans loudly and her grip tightens on the sheets.

I move my tongue as fast as I can across her clit and move my fingers in her faster. She lets out a growling moan and arches her back. "I'm so close. Don't stop." Then I start to do something an old friend taught me. I start to curl my fingers as I move my fingers in her. She gasps loudly and moans.

"Oh fuck baby. Right there. That feels amazing. I'm gonna cum." I work harder on her clit and pussy from tutoring to anal sex facial cumshot cunnilingus she finally reaches her climax. Her legs trembling and her pussy clenches around my fingers. I moan and let her clit free of my relentless tongue and watch her cum on my fingers. I leave my fingers inside of her cunt until she relaxes on the bed then I gingerly pull them out of her pussy.

I leave a trail of soft kisses as I move up her body. She sighs and smiles at me. I smile back. She lets out a small laugh and kisses me lightly. I roll over to her side as she starts to get under the covers. I bite my lip. I didn't know if she wanted me to stay or not. I decide that if she wants me to stay that telling me to stay will be less awkward then telling me to leave. I stand up and start to grab for my clothes. She sits up with her sheets wrapped around her chest and a confused and concerned look in her eyes.

"Are you okay?" She asks. Taking on her sweet side again. I smile and slide on my underwear and bra. "Yeah, I was just going to head out." Her face drops in disappointment and I look at her curiously as I pull on my jeans. "Is there something wrong?" She leans back against the headboard with a frown but shakes her head and watches me pull on my tank top. "I guess.I guess I just thought.I don't know what I thought." I smile and walk over to the bed.

I climb on and sit down facing her. "You thought I would stay.right?" She nods her head slowly as she looks to the left. I use my finger to tilt her face up to me and I lean forward and kiss her softly. She lets out a small sigh and kisses me back. I break the kiss and push strands of hair behind her ear. I smile at her. "I can penelope menchaca desnuda y follando if you want me to stay Ms.

Howard." She smiles back. "Call me Josslyn and I want you to stay. I just didn't know how you felt about it." I shrug and sigh. "Well there is the problem of you being my boss. And don't get me wrong, your smoking hot and your amazing in bed but." She winced at the word. "But?" I smile sweetly. "But your older than me and you have a kid and a successful career.

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Your not looking for a relationship. I am. I'm 18, I want a soul mate. You don't want that. You want a.I don't know.a fuck buddy for the lack of a better word." She thinks mature japanese vs boy uncensored english subtitle this for a minute and I think that I had hurt her feelings.

She looks back to me and I give her a small smile. "Your partially right, I guess. I didn't expect you to be my.fuck buddy or be in a relationship with me.I honestly wasn't thinking at all, I just.went after what I wanted." She says the last part with a sultry smirk. I bite my lip and lean towards her. "That's hot." She leans towards me with a grin.

Only a short distance between us now. "Your hot." I let out an amused moan and close the distance between us with a small kiss. She cups my cheek in her hand and kisses me deeper and holds me in the kiss. I moan softly. The way she was kissing's like she owned my lips. Her other hand moves down to my chest and traces the outline of the top of my tank top.

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I shiver at her touch and she smirks into our kiss when she knows she has me right were she wants me. She pulls back and shoots me a smug smile. I lick my lips and smile. I bit my lip and sigh. "I don't do this. I never do this actually but.damn your hot and your fucking amazing in bed. So, if your up for it I would love to be your occasional fuck or constant fuck buddy?" I let out a nervous laugh and she smiles. She shrugs and leans back. "Hmm.having my babysitter doubling as my fuck buddy?" I smile as she puts it in those terms.

She smiles back and grabs my hand. She pulls me to her and I end up straddling her lap. I knew she would say yes. She grabs onto my hips and kisses my chest lightly. I let out a soft moan and she slides her hands down to grab my ass. "I think that is a fantastic idea. You will most definitely like to babysit after I'm done with you." I smile and she quickly raises my shirt over my head. Horny and cute asian babe in anal homemade video starts to kiss and nibble at my neck.

"I promise you I will love babysitting." She chuckles and unhooks my bra. She flings it to the side and my head rolls back on my shoulders as she takes a nipple into her mouth and we are sent into another session of tongues, fingers and orgasms. Ravishing the other's body. Why hadn't I kissed this woman sooner?