Audrey hollander pays debt with gang bang

Audrey hollander pays debt with gang bang
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Harry was still sore from the vicious flogging of yesterdays events. After Angelica woke him up she insisted on dressing him. "Today slave your strapon training begins" Ever since Harry had woken up he had been trying to think of a way to get out the coming ordeals. Finally ,as Angelica had finished putting his leather outfit on, he broke. He fell on his knees, "Please Mistress Angelica, not that, please, I'll do anything but that, please!" Angelica smiled, "No Slave you do what your told or I'll.I'll." She stuttered trying to think of a threat.

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Her eyes turned cold and finally she said "or my mommy will punish you" Harry looked up quickly and said "No, please I don't want either. Please." "That's it slave no lubricate. Your going to meet me at the training room door at 11:00, if you're a minute late then I'll fist that cute ass of yours too." She then smiled turned on her heel and left.

Harry thought about what he had just done. The time passed and Harry went to the training room entrance early. He waited and finally at 10:00 exactly she came. She put on the leash and led him in through the entrance. They went down a dark corridor and he noticed they had missed the dildo room. Maybe she changed her mind, he thought. They walked until they came across a room titled 'Cleansing Room' "Here we are slave", said Angelica happily.

She pulled him in the room which looked like a very large bathroom. She pulled him over to table with once again feet and wrist cuffs.

She fastened him down and went over to get something from a cabinet. Angelica came back with a disposable enema. "Never had an enema before have you Slave?" Harry shook his head for no. Well I have given them to many other slaves and servants, but never received one myself." She sighed and said, "Some people have all the fun" She brought her head over to Harry's and said, "I've also never been penetrated, but that will change only after you go more vigorous strapon training" This thought made Harry nervous.

Would he really lose his virginity to a 13 year old girl who had plans to sodomize him. It was both disgusting and scary for him to think about. Angelica took the tip off of the pre-lubricated tip and slowly brought it down between Harry's legs. "Second step on the road to discipline." She stuck the tip in Harry's ass and he twitched, as nothing had ever pierced his anus before. The nozzle went all they way in, and Angelica began squeezing the bottle. The cold liquid enter his bowels and he felt as if he were being filled up.

She squeezed the bottle until about 2/3's of the bottles contents were gone. Angelica then took the bottle and tossed it in a garbage can. "Alright Slave lets see if you have self-control. Self-control is very important to a slave. You see in our time together you must have self-control, because I'll will bring you to the brink of expelling, whether it be cumming or holding back enema water." With that she pulled off her whip that she had on the side of her dominatrix suit.

"Now, lets see some self-control" She cracked the whip hard on Harry's chest. Harry began bucking up and down because his bowels were so full and the pain of the whip kept making him lose focus.

Angelica brought down another hit. Harry felt some of the water running down his leg. "Mistress Angelica, may I please expel now?" "NO SLAVE!" This time Angelica hit his cock with the whip. The pain was intense for Harry, he expelled some of the water, the water gushed off the silver table. "Well Slave you don't have much self-control." She whipped him on the chest again, until he could take no more. All the water gushed from his ass and off the table. The floor was no covered in a light brown murky water.

Angelica seemed pleased by this while Harry's horny and cute asian babe in anal homemade video raced of fear. "Well done for your first time slave. You held it longer than I thought you would. I will send someone to clean this mess up later, but be thankful this was your first time or I would've made YOU clean it up with your tongue." Angelica undid the cuffs and re-attached the leash to his collar.

"Come Slave, the real fun is about to begin" They walked out of the 'Cleansing Room' and went up the corridor. She led him into an empty isolation room. Inside Ms. Jessica was waiting, topless, with a strapon dildo harnessed over xxx vediis black guy with black guyy pussy.

In fact all she was wearing was the strapon. Her tanned legs curved down from her ass. Harry's dick instantly started rising. That is until he looked at the size of the strapon. It was large, about 7" long and pink. It was dripping with lubricate and her juices. "I see you have been busy, in my absence slave." "I apologize mistress. You were gone so long, I just couldn't." Mistress Angelica cut her off, "Don't worry slave, im in a good mood" Jessica if you would tie him up to that low horse over there, tiny teen fucks huge cock ranch affair she requested.

Jessica did as she was asked by leading Harry by his lease over to a small horse so that he was on his hands and knees were dragging on the floor. She secured him to the horse, keeping his body up and his naked ass in the air. Then he heard Mistress Angelica walking alongside him and turned his head to watch her.

What he saw busty housewife fucked by wetherby part watch part on hdmilfcamcom excited and scared him. She had removed her dominatrix skirt and thong, and was instead wearing a black strap on that must have been at least 10" long and 3" thick. It also had a large head on it the was 4" wide. While in her hand she had her whip. "Bring me lube Jessica." Jessica once again did what she was told and brought the same lube she had used to fuck herself with earlier.

Mistress Angelica took the lube and spread it all over her cock. She rubbed her cock and looked back up to Harry. "All lubed up. But wait since this is your first time, I'm gonna be nice. Now, slut, this strap on is going to go up your ass but I'm going to be nice and give you a chance to finish lubing it up first. So suck it, you little bitch,' this little thirteen year old commanded and, knowing how much worse it would be if he didn't do so, Carl started to suck and lick the fake cock that she thrust into his mouth.

She thrust it in further causing him to gag but she just laughed and kept pushing, forcing the ten-inch strap on down his throat. Carl just kept on licking and sucking trying to get as much saliva and spit on to the little girl's strap on as possible. Then Lauren pulled the rubber cock out of his mouth and walked around behind him. The clear anal lube left a horrid taste in his mouth, in his thoughts, he didn't notice she'd walked behind him.

But before he could focus Ms. Jessica shoved her pink dildo into his mouth. "Time to get raped slave!" Mistress Angelica laughed and began rubbing the cock against his ass. "Wait Jessica. Take your cock out. I wanna ear him scream. You can start after I get in his tight ass.

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If you think that enema was big, be ready to feel me!" She re-applied pressure to his asshole with the large black dildo. She pushed part of the head in, and Harry's asshole widened. Harry turned into a giant snapping, babbling head as the pain ripped through his body, "oh god mistress! take it out! please! take it out! hurts so bad! take it out! take it out! PLEASE MISTRESS TAKE YOUR COCK OUT OF ASS!" "Oh slave, the head isn't even in.

You'll know when I get it in. She popped all the head in and Harry shrieked. "PLEASE MISTRESS TAKE IT OUT!" "Shut the fuck up slave!" She pulled almost all of the head out, then thrust it hard back in. Harry screamed louder than ever, but Mistress Angelica only laughed, "And I still have 5 more inches to go you little bitch.

Jessica you steamy sexy pussy loving action hardcore massage fuck his screaming mouth off his head!" Jessica re-entered his mouth with her dildo. He could taste her juices more than ever. His eyes swelled with tears, as Mistress Angelic raped him even more. After ten minutes of continuous shoving, screaming, and sobbing, Mistress Angelica finally got the massive dildo all the way in.

There bitch, its all in. Now bitch, you can rest for a minute. After a minute or so, she said, "Now time for the best part." She began a slow rythem of fucking. At first it was slow the her thrusts became more rapid. Blood was on the dildo shaft as she pulled it out.

"Ha, looks like this bitch is bleeding. Well too bad." Ms. Jessica began getting into a rythem in his mouth.

He was being double-fucked and hard. His screams were muffled by the hard cock in his mouth.

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Anglica continued her assault onto his ass. She fucked harder and faster until she began washing with pleasure. "OH YES, GOD YES IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING." She came and fell hard onto his back.

"Oh yes slave" Jessica withdrew from his mouth and her dildo flopped out. "Jessica, you fuck him now." Harry looked up. "Please no more mistress, please." "You'll do what I say!" Harry looked down, "Yes Mistress" Mistress Angelica pulled her strapon out with a plop.

" Jessica use the larger dildo." Harry almost spoke byt changed his mind. Jessica pulled the pink dildo off and attached a purple one, at least 2" larger that Angelica's. She applied lube and came behind him. But Mistress Angelica didn't go to his mouth she crawled under him, and lowered the horse. "Ohh you have a hard cock, and after all that screaming. I think you enjoyed it, bitch.

Now if your nice, you can cum with me." Ms. Jessica pushed the dildo in, and at the drunk mom gets unwanted facial compilation time Mistress Angelica lowered his cock into her.

"OHH it feels tight." Ms.

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Jessica pushed the dildo half-way in. Harry began felling pleasure. Jessica pushed the cock all the way in. Harry moaned. The pleasure and pain was immense. His cock was now pushing into Angelica's as he was being fucked up the ass. Jessica. He began thrusting into Angelica as Jessica thrust into him. With each new thrust all three began nearing to orgasm. Angelica was bleeding from her freshly popped cherry. Everyone soon came all at once.

Jessica came and collapsed onto Harry with the strapon still in. Harry came and shot fresh cum into Angelica's immature pussy. He collapsed onto her as she came and her juices erupted from around Harry's cock. She fell back as well. And all three drifted into a state of orgasmic pleasure.