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Hot girlfriend jessica rex lets horny bf fuck her pussy pornstars brunette
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When I was 11 I had my first real girlfriend, we dated for about a year when we decided to just be friends. It was just puppy love but she was moving to a town about 15 miles away so we decided to call it quits.

Her name was Anna and we met at this dance, she was my first kiss, so she meant a lot to me at that time. About 5 years later I was 16 and I junior in High school. I was pretty popular with the ladies but I was getting sick of the girls from my school, and I was still a virgin at this time. One day I was online and I got a message through myspace and said, "hey its Anna, you were my first boyfriend, do you remember me?" at this time Sex storys sex xnxx commobile was a little puzzled and thinking who it was because I didn't remember.

I started to look at some of her pictures of her and she was HOT, she had dark brown hair, glowing green eyes and a skinny figure with real big tits, she was smoking hot, better then half the girls in my school. I messaged her back and told a little "white lie" and said " Hell yeah Mercedes lynn layla rose lilly banks remember you, you look great!

You want to get together and catch up sometime?" and I added my phone number so she could call. She called the next night and we talked for hours and I finally remembered who she was, finally she said "I have my drivers license if you want me to pick you up and hang out this weekend?" With excitement I agreed.

She was a couple months older then me, I kind of felt embarrassed that she had to pick me up for a date but I thought who cares she's beautiful, I just hoped that she looked like the pictures of her that I saw of her online. Saturday night came around quickly and she picked me early afternoon. When I got in the car my jaw dropped because she was even better looking then her pictures, felt like she was out of my league but I was intended to lay my best moves on her.

We went to the movies and went out for dinner and we had a great time, at the end of the night she came into my house for a little and my parents weren't home. We started to watch TV and cuddle and my hands managed to make there way up her skirt, she then turned towards me and started vigorously making out with me as I was rubbing her clit. My other hand was grasping her amazing breasts underneath her braw.

She let out a loud moan when I put my middle finger inside her, I then started to finger fuck her faster and faster and her breathing got heavier and heavier until she grabbed my hand and started thrusting it even harder and faster and then she pulled her lips away and put her head back and started moaning and saying "I'm Cumming.

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I'm Cumming!" until I finally stopped. We then cuddled for a bit longer then my parents came home and fun was over. She left and she called me later that day wanting to hang out again and again. Anna and I were hitting it off great, it was sort of an unspoken relationship. We've been hanging out for about 2 weeks non-stop. I felt kind of neglected because at this time I've fingered several times. I figured the time would come so I was just going to wait and stick with her, and she was gorgeous!

One night she asked if I wanted to see a movie with her friend and her friends boyfriend. I said sure so she came and picked me up and said "my friends decided not to come, what would you like to do instead?" then she mentioned her older sister had an apartment and her sister was away for the weekend, I jumped and said "yeah that sounds great, so it's just going to be me and you?" she said yeah and gave me a nice wink.

As soon as we get to her sisters apartment she immediately takes me to the bedroom with the excuse that "this is the only TV that works in this apartment, I knew she had something up her sleeve. We dim the lights and start watching a movie and start cuddling as normal, she looks amazing in her skintight jeans and her spaghetti strap shirt that extenuates her breasts. We start to talk and I mentioned to her that I'm a virgin and she told me she had sex with her last boyfriend a couple times, she then puts her hand on my lap and I get a little excited so I immediately start rubbing her vagina from the outside of her pants.

I unbutton her pants and pull the zipper down and just as I'm about to go down her pants when she stops me, I was kind of nervous as she looks at me. I asked her if anything was wrong mom san full sex stories xxx com she just stared at me with her shimmering green eyes with a simple smile and just climbs on top of me and starts making out with me.

I then start fondling her tits then she allowed me to take her shirt off and I was in shock because her breasts are even more gorgeous then I thought. Were making out and I'm trying to unhook her bra and I can't quite get it so she leans up and says in a soft sexy voice "having a little trouble?" I nodded and she took it off and my cock got rock hard.

I rolled her over so that I was on top of her and she quickly got my shirt off then she pushed me off and looked at my crotch and saw this massive hump in my shorts and then she giggled and said "mmm I think he wants to come out" then she ripped my shorts and boxers off and her eyes opened up really canadian teen august if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the and she gasped and said "that will never fit." I don't want to boast but my cock is of good threesome with self facial and double facial at the end tube porn, its about 9 inches and girth is about 3.5 inches.

I immediately smiled and said "it won't fit where baby?" She then grabbed my cock and started to rub it as she's kissing me from the side, then she started to bite my neck and started kissing all the way down to my shaft. There she was licking my penis up and down then she put it in her mouth and I took a deep breath, it felt so good. She's blowing me for about 5 minutes when I put my hand on her head and start shoving her throat down my cock, I can tell by the way she would look up at me and the way she was moaning that she liked it a little rough.

After about 10 more minutes of harsh dick sucking I start to breath heavily and say "oh shit, I'm going to cum!" so she starts jacking me off and says in this sexy voice "Cum all over my tits" and she pulls her breasts up to my cock and I blow then she starts rubbing my dick all over her tits as she says "oh my god, that's so sexy" she eventually stops and starts making out with me some more then she says ill be rate back, and she goes to the bathroom to wipe the cum off her breasts.

When she came out of the bathroom she was just wearing a dark red-laced thong and when she walked back into the room I gasped and muttered "Wow!" then she said in a sly voice "you got anymore for me baby?" I stood up and walked towards her kissed her then she said "I'll take that as a yes." We managed to make our way towards the bed and I laid her down and started kissing her neck then I moved down and started feeling her gorgeous breasts and kissing her perky nipples.

She started giving off these little moans so after I decided to take her thong off with my teeth and I looked up at her and she had the sexiest smile on her face.

Her pussy was tight but not too tight and had little tiny lips on it, and it was completely shaved and smooth. I started to lick her clit slowly and softly then as I went I got faster and faster until she grabbed my hair and pushed my head deep in her pussy.

She started moaning and breathing heavier and heavier, I start to finger her as I'm licking her clit and the intensity in her moans grew to the point where it was a slight scream. Then she yelled "I'm Cumming baby!" and fluids just poured out of her pussy all over her sisters bed as she gave a great sigh of relief. I then jump back on top of her and we start making out and I start rubbing my throbbing hard cock on her vagina and clit.

She then giggled a little bit and said " Stop teasing me baby, put your massive cock in me" so start to rub her pussy a bit then I stick my cock in her tight pussy, she gives out a large moan and clenches the sheets, I ask her if she's alright and she whispers "Yeah, its teen babe kharlie stone shared her horny bf with her stepmom damn big!

Just go slow" so I start out slow she tells me to stop for a second and she giggled and said "That hurt more then when I lost my virginity, your so fucking big baby!" she grabbed my cock and stuck it back in her pussy and I started out slowly and then she pulled my close and whispered "faster" and kept saying it.

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I was thrusting like a racehorse and she was getting wetter, and she was moaning and screaming loud as ever! She was breathing heavily and said loudly "OH MY GOD! I'm Cumming all over your cock!" and I felt her muscles contract and her hips thrust up and it pushes my dick out of her pussy and she squirt all over my cock and my stomach and she looked at me and said "wow that's never happened before, I came so hard!" then I jokingly replied "you better lick it all up!" and I added a little giggle, then she flipped my over and started licking my stomach.

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Then she climbed on top of me and stuck my dripping wet cock inside of her and started riding me, it felt so amazing. She's riding me for 5 or 10 minutes and her moans started getting louder and then she started screaming again so I knew she was about to cum again, so I propped her up and started thrusting upward hard into her pussy, so hard that she couldn't scream or moan she was speechless.

She just sat on top of me with her tits flapping around taking my rock so hard, her face looked like she was in shock and then finally she started scream "OHHH!

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IM CUMMING! HOLY SHIT!" then she jumped up and let her juices flow all over my cock! She then rolled over and started doing this twitching thing and she kept rubbing her pussy and she kept squirting more and more and screaming louder and louder, she stopped after a couple seconds and laid there and I asked if everything was alright, and she replied breathing heavily "Oh my god!

I need to take a little break" I rolled over her and kissed her and I said softly "I'm not taking a break baby" then I secretly slipped my still raging cock inside her. She gave out a quick yelp then I started thrusting, I gave her about 5 slow trust then I just gave it all I could, I felt her pussy contracting against my cock, she put her arms around my waist and pulled me in faster.

Her tits were bouncing up and down and as she was moaning she would say "fuck me harder baby" and "your so fucking big" it turned me on teen hoe jaye summers sucks monster cock of tenant lot. She started screaming and saying she was Cumming again and when her pussy would contract it gave me this great sensation on my dick. I then whispered to her "I'm gonna cum baby. Where do you want it?" She screamed "cum all over my face babe!" I started thrusting harder and harder as my orgasm built up and I pulled out of her dripping wet pussy and shot a load all over her face and in her mouth.

She swallowed what was in her mouth and showed me, and I lay down next to her on the bed with my heart racing so hard and trying to catch my breath. She looked at me with this smirk and said "Oh my god! You rocked me baby." I nodded and replied jokingly "you might want to clean your face off" then she giggled and stood up and said "Would you want to take a shower with me baby?" We went into the shower together and just cleaned each other.

I was kind of disappointed that we didn't have and shower sex but it was really sexy taking a shower with the girl of my dreams. Anna and I are still dating and still having a lot of crazy sex to this day.

Stay tuned for more stories.