Monica looks like a slut and its hot she is a h

Monica looks like a slut and its hot she is a h
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Alice cursed under her breath as she realized she had no ammo in her gun left.

Oh the horror! Left in a zombie apocalypse with no defenses was terrifying. It was then she heard it, the low growls of a Hunter. The worst infected in her opinion. They would always pounce her, or try to at least.

She held her breath, trying to stay silent. Sea foam orbs looked around, hoping that she wouldn't spot it. A soft sigh escaped her full lips when the growl disappeared.

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Though shortly after, she was shrieking. A long, slimy tongue wrapped around her, dragging her away from her hiding place. She struggled to squirm, attempting to force the infected to let her go. Sadly, it went in vain. As soon as she reached the Smoker, she expected to feel the pain of claws ripping at her soft pale flesh.

Instead however, she was spun around, to meet face-to-face with the uncommon. The infected had choppy black hair, and it's eye's glowed a bright sapphire color.

"W-what do you w-want.?" Alice spoke out shyly, oh how it appealed to the undead infected. "Not much." The Smoker smirked, it's words not forming quite right due to it's mutated tongue. The blonde bit her lip, afraid of what this monster would do. Her fear clouded her mind enough, she didn't even take notice to how the Smoker was talking. It jerked it's tongue towards him, forcing Alice towards him. As their chests collided, it made her 38-DDD sized breast look bigger to the tall, (somehow) sexy infected (which pleased him very much).

"Just your body," The Smoker whispered to her in a husky tone. Alice gasped, blushing hard. "B-but, your a S-smoker!! A-and I'm a-a h-human!" She blushed, trying to find a way around this.

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The Smoker shrugged. "Teddy," The Smoker mumbled. "H-huh?" Alice questioned. "My name, Teddy." Teddy replied. "O-oh! Well. My names A-Alice." Alice whispered. "Trust me, when I'm done. Your gonna feel so good," Teddy grinned. Alice's knee high pig-tails swaying. Teddy smirked. Taking a slight step back, he slashed Alice's white tank-top, allowing her large breast to bounce freely.

The blonde gasped, red engulfing her face. Pleased with himself, Teddy's hands roughly grabbed at her mounds. Alice groaned as she felt him twist, tug and pinch her pink nipples. She felt herself getting aroused, feeling ashamed with herself. Her pussy released liquids, showing her arousal. Teddy quickly got bored of Alice's nipples, deciding to slip his hand up her black mini skirt. He wrapped a claw around the blondes pink black man full open hard faking american white girl xxxsex storys, ripping it clean off.

A finger went to travel her nether regions, before finding the British girls delicate bundle of nerves. "AH! Not there!! Not there!!" Alice cried out, bucking her hips. The fact that the infecteds tongue bundled her into a heap of a defenseless survivor, just somehow, really turned her on. Teddy ignored her pleas, and roughly abused the clitoris. After Teddy noticed the juices running down her thighs, he wanted a taste. Quickly, he bit off the access tongue, sticking what was left up to the girls fragile cunt.

Alice moaned loudly as she felt the Smokers tongue grow back in seconds deep inside her.

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Her eye's snapped open as she felt the entire tongue wiggle inside her cunt. After her tits were played with and her clitoris abused and now that her cunt was being pushed around, she needed something to fuck her, and fuck her hard.

"AHH! Teddy!

Please! FUCK ME~" Alice cried out. Teddy smirked. After taking his tongue out, he dropped his pants. His 10 inch rod intimidating the survivor. "You can't p-put that in me!! I'll rip apart!!" "I thought you just told me to fuck you," He countered. Alice blushed, knowing it was true. "F-fine," Alice looked away. Teddy nodded, guiding his 10 inch cock to the entrance of her cunt. Slamming it in, Alice shrieked in pain.

The infected stayed put, waiting for a signal to move. After all, It's not often you come across dicks this big. After a minute, Alice pushed herself into him more. She moaned loudly, starting to buck. Teddy grinned. He took hold of her hips and rammed into her pussy. At this rate, Alice was screaming loudly, pleasure over whelming her. She clamped her pussy around his dick, feeling her not quickly undoing. She cried out in bliss as she reached her first orgasm. Upon feeling her cum on him, he released his cum into her deeply.

She felt him fill her to the brink, some cum gushing out of her. Teddy pulled out, and turned Alice around. Entering her cunt from behind, he hammered into her at an insanely fast pace.

Quickly after, Blonde hottie has it in for her strapping stepdad released over him again. Teddy released his cum into her cunt, probably in her womb too. Exhausted, Teddy pulled out. Alice collapsed right on top of him. Teddy smirked as her unwrapped the girl. As soon as her hands were free, Alice lunged for his cock.

She wrapped her plump pink lips around his thick penis. What she couldn't fit into her mouth, she jerked roughly with her hand. Teddy panted "I'm gonna cum," to the human.

At the sound of this, she started going at him roughly. Finally, Teddy cam. His load burst-ed into her mouth, a lot of cum drizzled down her chin, and onto the forest floor. Alice swallowed, wiping the cum on her chin into hand (swallowing that too). Alice collapsed onto Teddy again, panting heavily. Sleep taking over her vision. Teddy was right, he did make her feel really goon. Incredible actually!

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