Slutty milf natasha juja hammered by a black cock interracial pornstars

Slutty milf natasha juja hammered by a black cock interracial pornstars
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So there she was. dancing in the middle of the dance floor. i sat and watched as her sexy ass swayed to the beat. her long slender legs and her mini skirt. and im guessing she had c tits.beautiful long dark hair.

so i decided i had to have her, i get up from my seat and walk to the middle of the club dance floor and start dancing, she starts dancing up against me grinding her ass on me, and damn it felt nice, she smiled at me and we kept dancing for a little while longer.

after we got done dancing we went back sat down and had a few drinks. honey takes cock in her face hole whats your name?' i asked. "my name is katie" she said as she smiled.

"well katie your one hell of a dancer, how old are you?" "i just turned 21 today" "21 ehh? how come you arent out celebrating with your boyfriend?" i asked hoping she was single and hoping she wouldnt say he was in the bathroom and would be out soon to kill me. "well we recently broke up, got into this stupid fight. but oh well, so" she smiled.

"wheres your girlfriend?" "ahh, well see me and my ex broke up about a week ago, i got sick of her constant bitching.

but hey, want to go back to my place?" she nodded, so we finished our drinks and headed to my place. i opened the door and she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me.

i took that as a big invitation. so i picked her up by her ass and kicked the door shut and carried her to my bedroom, whilst she try shoving her tongue down my throat. i threw her on my bed and took off my shirt an she slowly slid off hers, i climbed on top of her an started kissing her neck. i slowly moved down to her nice firm round tits, and they were freaking amazing btw.

i swirled my tongue around each of her nipples, and softly nibbled on them as she moaned softly. i slid off her pants and took off her bright pink thong, and wow a gorgeous clean shaven pussy.

i was in heaven so far 2 out of 3 features were perfect so far.

i licked her clit and she arched her back, i licked around her soft lips. i worked my way back up an kissed her again, she flips me over and says my turn. she climbs on top of me, and kisses all the way down my body until she reaches my pants.

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she takes my pants off an throws them sexy babe kelsi monroe gets demolished by plumber the floor, she takes my dick and starts sliding her hand up and down it until its fully erect. she looks up at me and smiles as she licks the head of my dick. "oh my damn that feels amazing" "i thought you would like that" she whispers.

she starts suckin the head of my dick, se slowly starts going down farther until shes got her nose pressed up against me. she takes it out and continues stroking me. i was in heaven right now, this girl was amazing. i thought it couldnt get any better, until she climbed on top of me and lowered herself on to my dick. she was so fucking tight, she started going faster bouncing her ass up and down, she gave out a loud moan.

it was the sexiest moan ive ever heard. i flip her over and start pounding my dick into her. "ohhh fuck yess, it feels soo good danny" she moans. i continue thrusting in her making her get louder and louder, every inch of my dick going in her. her pussy felt so good around my dick. i flipped her over, an she got on all fours, and holy damn, 3 for 3 she gad an amazing perfectly round ass.

i slid the head of my dick in her pussy then pulled it out teasing her an she wiggled her ass at me, so i slammed my dick in her all at once. she moaned in pain and pleasure, she rocked her ass as i fucked her harder and harder. i put my hands on her ass and slammed her into me, it felt amazing, i didnt want to stop, but i could tell i was getting close. i pulled my dick out of her pussy and took it up to her she grabbed it an started moving her hand up an down it again, i told her i was close so she took my dick into her mouth se started sucking up and down until i came in her mouth, she swallowed it all.

next thing i knew, it was morning. katie was cuddled up next to me bare ass naked as my roommate and best friend jake stood in the door way. "so i take it you had fun last night" he says as he laughs. "well as a matter of fact it was amazing man, best night ever" "oh my god" katie was awake an she instantly grabbed for the covers.

"uh haha oops, sorry katie umm i forgot to tell you that i have a roommate, katie this is jake, jake this is katie. "nice to meet you katie" he grins.

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"umm n-nice to meet you too" she gives a shy smile. " hey well mike im off to work, ill see you later" "alright see ya jake" "nice meeting you katie" he shouts as he walks out the door. we get showered and dressed and head out for breakfast. we get talking and somehow this subject comes up. .

"so wait. your bi? that is hot" on top of being a perfect 10 she was bi, this was the most amazzing girl i have ever met, i was definetly keeping her for awhile. "yes im bi, my last boyfriend didnt like it, he thought it was weird" "what a moron, i love that about you" "well in that case maybe i could invite a friend and give you a show." she said as she gave me a sexy devious smile.