Big titty bimbo shay evans getting pounded on massage table

Big titty bimbo shay evans getting pounded on massage table
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Real Time Encounter By: [email protected] Notice: This story contains adult language and adult, sexual descriptions. If you are not eighteen years old, LEAVE NOW! We'd e-chatted for six weeks before we decided to meet. I imagined all sorts of things about her and what she looked like!

She sounded like my kind of woman. She was just as dirty minded and apparently horny as any 18 year old boy, only she was 47. We chatted about our fantasy meet back and forth for those six weeks and finally, I set a date three weeks into the future as I was able to get away from business and head her way about then. She gave me explicit directions as to where, in public we'd meet (in my parked car behind a restaurant) and where to get a room, etc.

She told me that she liked all types of vibrating toys and that she really got off on ass fucking and dildoing. She said she had some toys and she listed them. She asked for a vibrating egg and I went out and bought one along with several others.

I waited about thirty minutes past our target time. I was about to give up on her. When she pulled up in her car, and parked on my right side, she made the wait worth it as she flashed me some inner thigh as she slid out of her seat and closed her door and opened my door. Before her ass hit the seat, she pulled up her skirt revealing thigh high nylons and a bare, shaved pussy under some very brief uumlberraschungs creampie sie mag kein sperma in der pussy, as I had requested.

Since we were in a public place, I threw my jacket over her lap. I felt of her crotch through her panties and she was wet! I could hear the faint hum of the ass dildo I had asked her to be wearing as it worked deep inside of her.

I could tell she was all action and no talk. She said "Hi," and then she leaned back and pulled her panties off and my hand landed on her bare crotch and pussy lips. My fingers sank slowly into her cunt hole and were immediately wet with her juices. She moaned her pleasure and started jumping around in her seat as she orgasmed with the butt plug buzzing her ass and my fingers sliding back and forth across her clit and deep into her slimy hole.

I could feel the butt vibrator through the thin walls of her cunt and ass. I reached into the plastic well between the bucket seats of my car and brought the egg up to my lips. I said, "Now watch what I do for you.

I don't want you to miss any of this." I stared deep into her eyes as I licked and lubricated that egg all over. Then I took the end without the wire and jammed it quickly up against her clit and held it there as she went off again and yet again.

"This lady cums so easily," I told myself. "I wonder how long she can keep doing it? What a challenge!" When she came down from her second cum, the juices in her cunt were threatening to spill over onto my car seat and to stop that from happening, and also to see what she would do, I pushed the vibrating egg downward to her cunt hole and up inside her as deep as my fingers would go.

She came again as I hit bottom. This scene was exactly as we had talked about so there was little need to communicate. She was doing all the talking with her moans, grunts and cums.

Finally, I reached over and shoved the battery controls to the egg up the bottom of her skirt to her bra and left it under her bra so it would not fall out. I made sure the two vibrators were on their highest settings and I had her lift up so I could pull halfway out and jam back deep into her ass with the butt vibrator.

She came again. After a breath or two, I told her the room number and told her to get in her car and follow me to the motel room. She repeated it mechanically, but I could tell she was not thinking correctly with those two devilishly clever toys buzzing around inside her body.

She did follow me to the motel parking lot a block away. I went inside and watched as she leaned back in her truck's seat after parking while another cum washed over her. When she entered the room with a bag full of goodies she had brought, I started kissing and stroking her face and neck and un-buttoning her blouse and skirt and she leaned against the wall near the door with a glazed look in her eyes as the vibrators worked her up from the inside as I did the same from the outside. She clenched her teeth and strained real hard and came off again.

She and I finished undressing ourselves hurriedly and I pushed her to her knees in front of me and told her to suck me. She attacked my prick like a vacuum cleaner.

I thought she would suck me inside out. Her tongue went crazy over the head of my prick and I finally had to pull out as the sensations were simply too much for me. I did not want to dump my seed this early. We had all afternoon. I wanted her teen thieves fucked by a mall cop in a threesome sex enjoy it thoroughly. She whimpered as I cute sensual and slutty girls looking for anal sex my prick from her mouth.

I stood her up and had her step into the elastic belts of the vibrating clitty teaser I had bought her. I turned it up to high and smashed the nubbs on the underside of it directly into her clit and cunt lips. She came again! "Assume the position on the end of the bed as we talked about, " I said as she walked to the edge of the bed and knelt so that her knees were at the edge and her shoulders were flat on the mattress. This positioned her cunt and ass to me wonderfully, like two upturned cups and I grabbed the end of the vibrating butt plug and pushed it in and out a few times.

"You're just my horny little slut," I said, "Aren't you?" I asked rhetorically. She moaned a lustful "YYYyeeeesssss!!!!!" as I began to move the ass plug in and out with more vigor. Again she came and bucked back at the ass plug and moaned deeply into the pillow as she did. I took two fingers and slipped them down into her pussy next to the vibrating egg and grabbed the clitty teaser and placed it right over her clit.

Then I pushed them in to her body just as she was coming down from the last cum. She went off again. As she seemed to lose steam with that cum, I played with the butt plug again and talked dirty to her. When she began pushing back at me again, I once again ran two fingers into her cunt and jammed the clitty vibrator hard against her clit.

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She came again, bucking and jumping and moaning like she'd never stop. An so the next ten minutes or so were spent alternating between the ass dildo and her cunt and clit to make her cum many times over while I encouraged her by telling her how she was pleasing me and how she had to cum over and over until they all ran into one big, long, continuous orgasm. I could tell from the way she reacted to this kind of talk that she was really getting into it.

She'd cum and almost immediately begin pushing back against me for more. She was a horny bitch that day. It did finally run into one long orgasm for her at this point. It seemed to both of us that it lasted forever, but I japanese matures fuck and cum full at it was just a few minutes.

She bucked and moaned and groaned through several quick cums in succession. I got up, leaving the three devilish vibrators on high to keep her hot and got a wash cloth full of hot water. I rang it out and removed the ass plug.

I then thoroughly washed her ass hole and cunt opening as deep inside both of her as I could easily push the wash cloth. She said the warm wash cloth felt really soothing and sexy.

She told me she was really hot! Somehow I knew that! LOL! I told her what I was going to do next and she just moaned in a sexy, depraved way. I knew just thinking about it was turning her on more and more. I began kissing her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs and gradually moved in a circular motion around her cunt and ass holes. The vibrating egg and clitty teaser had her cuming off about every two or three minutes with regularity.

This woman could cum! Wow! Could she ever cum! When I finally sank my lingual digit into her pussy hole, she lifted up her ass and I found myself above her clit. I obligingly sucked it into my mouth, ran my tongue over it a time or two and then scraped my front teeth across it in a fairly firm manner. She exploded with one of her longest cums of the day.

As she was coming down from that, I ran my tongue across her ass hole and she jerked back at me and moaned again. I stabbed deep into her ass hole with my tongue and almost got bucked off as she convulsed and went into a series of jerks and twitches that amazed me. The thought of what I was doing was really working on her mentally and she found it very easy to orgasm when I touched her there.

Having met with success in her ass with my tongue, I thought to stay in that particular saddle for a few minutes to see if she would cum some more.

I encouraged her by telling her what sexy girls love to get fucked hard good, slut bitch she was and that I demanded that she cum several more times. She didn't disappoint me as she quickly rattled off three more cums with my tongue up her ass and me trying to hang on to the most twitchy ass hole I've ever had the pleasure to tongue.

Of course the egg deep in her pussy and the clitty massager I pressed into her cuntal opening seemed to help give her the extra push that was needed also. Finally, I got tired of kneeling behind her, so I had her move some pillows into the middle of the bed and lay face down across them.

She had told me she liked to be tied down this way. She had brought a couple of packages of those elastic cords with plastic hooks on each end. I used them to secure her ankles and wrists to the bed. I stood back to admire my handiwork and noticed that the clitty massager was now pushed onto her clit with the entire weight of her body.

The faint hum of the egg going full force inside her coupled with the hum of the clit massager made her sound like a beehive. It was as if darryl hanah and shyla jameson hot trio with nasty man oldvsyoung threesome were bees inside of her stinging her every now and then and making her twitch and jerk, drool and moan. She was cuming all by herself.

Then I lubed up a two-headed dildo, jelly device with vibrating bullets stuffed up inside of them. I only greased up the ass one as she was a running river in her cunt. When I stuffed the five inch prick into her cunt, right next to the vibrating egg and the seven inch probe attached to it into her ass hole, she jumped, pushed back against me and immediately started cuming again. I asked her if she was all right and she asked for more of what I was doing. So, I started alternating between pushing the cunt dick in deep so that it and the egg vibrated in tandem and then I'd push the ass dildo in as far as it would go and this would have the effect of pulling out the cuntal probe.

Back and forth I sawed the two while the clitty massager and the egg vibrated merrily on. She was bucking and straining against her bonds now and cuming mightily and almost continuously. In the middle of all of this, I saw her slip out of the elastic "bonds" with one hand.

I stopped what I was doing, fearing I had hurt her. She only put that hand down under her crotch and pressed the clitty massager into her clitty with vigor as she came off again. Then, the other hand came around to grab the double dildo from the back and shove it up into her ass. "Now," she said, "Fuck your horny bitch with that thing.

Hard!" As I shoved it into her cunt, she bucked and moaned and came off again. This went on repeatedly for the better part of thirty minutes. By now, she and I were ringing wet. When I released her ankles, she rolled over on to her back, cross ways in the bed. While her head was at the edge of the bed, I stepped over her and demanded that she lick my balls legal age teenager gorgeous girlie masturbating hardcore and blowjob prick.

She complied, actively and thrill after thrill rushed through me as she laved my sensitive skin. Then I bade her open her mouth and move further toward the edge of the bed. I told her to hang her head off the edge and I eased my growing prick into her mouth. As I inserted it, I told her I wanted her to relax her throat and swallow the whole thing down deep into her. She greedily swallowed my entire prick down without ever once gagging or choking.

What a wonderful and slutty trick my little darling was doing for me! I had to pull out again before my fun was done. We then took a break and she said horny stepfamily shares well hung delivery boy pornstars hardcore had to pee. I removed the double headed dildo, and led her to the bathtub by the wires hanging from the egg and the clitty teaser. She climbed into the tub, and while standing, she held the sides of her pussy and pissed a directed stream all over the bottom of the bathtub.

I also had to piss and showed her how a man could almost fill a toilet while playing fireman with his hose. We had fun doing it.

After a quick drink of diet coke and some brief instructions from me, we got back onto the bed and I laid her ass in my lap as she lay on her back with her feet over both of my shoulders. I put on a condom, lubed it up real good and lodged my prick between her buns and sort of across her cunt. Then I picked up a tube of body massage lotion and began massaging it into her feet and legs. Slowly and sensuously. With the vibrators in her cunt and across her clit, she was still horny.

I slipped my hardening cock into her cunt and let it feel the egg vibrate it to its full length. Then, I eased it out of her cunt and up into her ass.

She grabbed me behind the knees and pulled us closer into her so my prick sank all the way into her ass. She jerked and came again, moaning and seething as she did. I then proceeded to give her a very sexy massage to her legs and feet. Occasionally, I'd lick between her toes and before I was through, I had licked and sucked each one of her toes and reveled as she came every time just from thinking about what I was doing.

This was something we had talked about only briefly. I think it surprised her that I remembered and would tory lane lesbian with strap on lesbian do it. Finally, as it was getting time to wrap things up, she said "Now, it's my turn to work on you." "Ok," I said and asked her "What do you want me to do?" "Roll over," she said. I lay face down on the bed and she wiped my ass off with the now cool wash cloth and straddled the small of my back with her cunt and ass, after stuffing the ass dildo back into her anus.

After a few minutes of me moaning and telling her what a good little slut she was, she took another long dildo and, after applying lube on it, she pushed it up into my ass and started a rapid in and out motion that had me squirming and almost cuming. It was a bit uncomfortable from the friction.

I told her and she slowed it down. Then, as she was still fucking my ass, she began to cum again and I felt her sit down on me hard enough to drive the ass dildo way up high inside of her and push the clitty massager into her clit and pussy lips very hard.

After a couple of cums like that, She rolled off of me and knelt on the floor beside the bed. She motioned me over to the side while laying on my side and she sucked my prick into her mouth again.

She bent my upper leg back a bit and inserted the slippery dildo into my ass as she sucked my dick deep into her throat. I was over stimulated by now and didn't cum, but I needed to very badly. Finally, after she leaned back against the other bed and I straddled her face while she came a time or two more with my dick in her mouth, I had her get up on the bed on her back and positioned young girls and boys x story on my knees between her legs.

I picked up on her legs until her knees were at her shoulders. I slipped my proud but tired dick into her cunt and let the vibrations of the egg straighten me out, again.

After a second or two, I positioned the clit teaser right over the proper target and began a slow in and out motion that soon had the two of us soaring to the moon. When I came, I pulled out to spray all over her stomach and tits. She reached a hand down and covered my prick head with it and ran her thumb around in circles over the bottom of my prick head where the nerve is.

This prolonged my cum to one of the longest I have ever experienced. I wish every woman knew how to do that! WOW! We parted a few minutes afterward with promises to "do this again," but unlike some other hollow promises two friend say and don't keep, I feel that we both will keep that promise. I definitely want to!

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