Pounding of a squelching vagina hardcore blowjob

Pounding of a squelching vagina hardcore blowjob
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Michelle was the most beautiful girl I had seen. She was a brunette with curly hair who wore glasses, my two favorite physical traits in a girl. And she had a supple pair of breasts that made my crotch tingle every time I saw them. I'm not a pervert, but you can't resist biological urges.

I never imagined myself having sex with Michelle. I just really wanted to be with her. I had never met someone, let alone a girl, who I had so much in common with. We both aspired to be lawyers, and we both loved reading and writing.

I would make any excuse to study with her or ask her for help, even though I was known as an excellent writer. And most surprisingly, she was into cars as much as I was. We would talk for hours about naturally aspirated V8 engines, turbochargers, BMWs, and a bunch of other crap that you would expect guys to talk about while girls rolled their eyes and continued discussing the cute guy across the hall.

It's rare to find a girl sexy kayla rides hard on a bbc loves cars, and that really turned me on. Michelle also really cared about me. Whenever I was stressed out, she would ask me if I needed anything, and would invite me to dinner so we could talk and relax. When I got sick, she would offer me vitamins and remind me to sleep early. Once, she even walked all the way down to Walgreens, in the rain, just to get me cold medicine.

It was hard for me not to have feelings for someone who cared about me so much. Of course, Michelle had a boyfriend. What was his name? Kyle.

What an asshole. I'm not just saying that out of jealousy (although I was definitely jealous). He treated her like trash. Whenever he showed up, he put his arm around her and swaggered down the hall like he was all that. When he met someone new, he would introduce himself by pointing to her and saying, "Hey, I'm her boyfriend, in case you didn't know." Yes, we know. Jealousy doesn't begin to describe the half of it.

I was absolutely furious. Every time I saw them on the couch, laughing and kissing, I wanted to punch a wall. My heart ached whenever Michelle left to go spend time with Kyle (at his frat house, obviously). And on those nights when she didn't come back, I couldn't sleep. Every thought of what they could be doing together made me angrier. Kyle didn't deserve such a kind and intelligent girl, and I honestly couldn't understand why she would fall for a guy like him.

When I told my roommate about my despair, his only reaction was, "Man, you're in it deep." If only I was. But he understood what Hitch hiking teen gets rough fucked by a stranger was going through. He had a crush on another girl on our floor, who also had a douchey boyfriend.

Apparently, she would blabber on and on about how badly he treated her, instead of just breaking up with him. We both agreed that women just aren't meant to be understood. But I so badly wanted to understand.

Michelle was beautiful, kind, and smart. Why on earth would someone like that fall for a dick like Kyle?

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One night, I had a chance to find out. It was Michelle's birthday, and of course, Kyle had forgotten. His excuse was, "I had to take care of some frat stuff." And by "frat stuff," he probably meant getting wasted with his buddies and banging some random chick.

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But I should thank Kyle, because this was my opportunity. "You can't just not celebrate your birthday. I'll celebrate it with you. Just you and me. Come on, let's go." She giggled. "But it's already 10 o'clock." Well, I hadn't thought that through. What was I going to do? Invite her to dinner at 10pm? Stupid. "Well… I mean… we could… I…" "Wait! I have some vodka left in the fridge." I was shocked.

I moved backwards a little and cocked my eyebrow. "You drink?" She laughed and said, "Wipe that look off your face. I can do whatever I want.

Besides, look who's talking." She was right. Out of everyone on our floor, I got drunk off the least amount of alcohol, and was the most severely drunk. We're talking collapsing and crawling on the floor, and calling every white person a racist Nazi.

But Michelle knew this. Why would she invite me to drink? Was she looking to get me drunk? No time to think. Of course I accepted.

We went into her room, and she closed the door. She and her roommate hate each other, so her roommate never stays in their room. She opened the fridge and pulled out an almost-full bottle of Skyy.

"Oh, you got the good stuff. And you drank some of it, too." "We all have our own ways of de-stressing." She poured the shots. "To Michelle. Happy birthday." I winked (what the fuck?) and gulped it down. Call me a pussy, but no matter how much I love to get drunk, vodka burns.

I let out a pained sigh and shook my head back and forth a couple times. She giggled with her tongue between her teeth, so sexy, and mocked, "Come on, it can't solo horny girl toying herself on cam that bad." "Damn Russians. That's fire in a bottle." "Alright, fine.

Let's mix it with some lemonade." She pulled out a carton from the fridge. "Well, look who's a little bartender." She threw her head back and laughed. I loved it when I could make her do that. "Shut up! I'm only doing this because you can't take it straight." Mixing the vodka with juice meant we could pour more than a shot's worth into the cups. That was how I always got drunk so quickly. After about 6 cups (yes, we're weak), we were laying on the floor. Her cheeks were red.

She giggled and rolled her head around, with her tongue between her teeth. I could only admire how attractive she was. Then she grew quiet and stared off into space, like she was longing for something. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I suddenly drew up the courage and said, "Hey, I want to ask you something. Be honest with me." I got up, offered her my hand, and helped her up. We leaned against the side of her bed, and I could smell her aroma from her sheets.

She met my gaze with a melancholy smile. "Alright. What's up?" "Why Kyle?" "What do you mean?" "I mean why him? You're a smart and pretty girl, and he's… well… a bit of… an asshole?" I waved my hand in hardcore 2643 free hardcore porn tube porn so-and-so more-or-less fashion, as if to say, "That about describes him, right?" She giggled and said, "Yeah, he's like that." What the hell kind of excuse was that?

"So then why did you choose him?" She shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I just wanted someone to care about me." "What Kyle does isn't called caring." She opened her arms wide.

"Please, enlighten me." "Caring is taking the time to talk to someone when they're stressed.

When they're sick, you take care of them and make sure they're okay." I looked at her sternly. "Caring is telling someone they deserve more than a boyfriend who'd rather party with his frat than celebrate your birthday." "Of course we care about each other, Danny." I put my hand over hers. "I really care about you." She looked at me as if I were a cute little puppy. "Awww!" I scoffed angrily, pulled my hand away, and turned around.

She wrapped her arms around my waist. "No, come on, Danny! Haha, that's so cute!" I pulled away. "Why is everything so cute with you? I'm being serious. You don't deserve to be with someone like him. What the hell's wrong with you!" That was louder than I intended. That tends to happen when I'm drunk. A tear streamed down her eye and I immediately regretted everything I said. I regretted even coming into her room in the first place.

"Michelle. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean…" She wrapped her arms around my neck and cried into my shoulder. I was at a loss for words. All I could do was stroke her back until she calmed down. Mom25 and son 18 focking, I felt a slight pressure going up and down my neck.

Then I heard a sucking noise that accompanied each pressure. Shocked, I pulled away and stood up. "Wha…" She got up and put her face against mine. Her hands were running up and down the sides of my body. I pulled my head back. "Stop. You're drunk. We shouldn't… I…" "I'm not. I promise. I'm not." I stared into her eyes.

I was hesitant, but she was also really hard to resist. I moved my head back to its original position, right up against hers. Our foreheads touched. I had never kissed a girl before, so I waited for her to make the first move. She touched her lips to mine and pushed tentatively. I pushed back, a little too hard. She gave a moan. Then she bit my lower lip and tugged it down. My cock was throbbing. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me so I could feel her body against my crotch.

The momentum pushed me back and I tripped and fell onto her bed, dragging her with me. She giggled and started kissing my neck. Instinctively, I took my shirt off. She grabbed it and tossed it onto the floor behind her.

She moved down and kissed my chest, making sure her lips caressed both nipples before moving further down to my belly. She took her time there, brushing her lips back and forth. It tickled, and I gave a slight spasm. The sucking sounds from her kisses really turned me on, but all I could do was stare at the ceiling, wide-eyed, mouth gaping.

Finally, she got to my jeans. She wrapped her fingers around the waistband and gave a slight tug. I looked down to see her staring back at me, biting her lower lip, her eyes full of desire. I flung my arms toward my jeans and fumbled with the button and zipper. When I got them open, she tugged at the legs and off came the jeans. My erection was clearly showing through my boxers, but she teased. She kissed my pubic area and my inner thighs. I wanted to feel her lips on my member so bad.

I moved my arms to guide her head, but she grabbed my hands and pushed them back towards my head. I held her hands and kissed them as she worked her lips around my throbbing penis. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked my frenulum through my boxers. The sensation was extraordinary.

I arched my back and let out a strained moan. When she was done with that, she kissed up and down my member. My cock kept bouncing up and down as I contracted the muscles. I felt like I was going to blow oriental hot beauteous teen enjoys engulfing cock then and there. Then I felt her fingers wrapping around the waistband of my boxers, and I knew the real pleasure was still to come.

She pulled them off slowly to reveal my erect penis. She put her lips a millimeter away from my shaft and stayed there for a moment. I felt her warm breath caressing my cock, but had to refrain from contracting, otherwise it would bounce up and hit her on the mouth. Cognate sex activities with big tits sisters and dreams was also afraid I would cum.

Finally, she let her lips touch my shaft. I let out a heavy sigh and gripped her hands so tightly I could have broken them. She didn't bother kissing, just slid her lips gently up and down. Then she took her hands away from mine so she could put them to good use. She gave one caress down the length of my shaft before wrapping her gentle fingers around it and guiding it towards her lips.

She wrapped her lips around the very tip and gave a soft kiss. Then she wrapped her tongue all around my cocktip to get it moist. I wanted to watch her do it, so I raised my head, but she pushed me back down with her other hand. I breathed heavily into her palm. Suddenly, I felt a warm, soft, and wet sensation wrapping around my shaft. I could feel my foreskin retracting and closing as she moved her head up and down.

With each retraction, the inside of her mouth brushed against my glans. Her tongue rubbed my frenulum, that sweet spot. "Fuck…" I moaned. "Oh… oh… ahhhh… grrr!" She could tell I was about to cum, and released my cock just as I was about to blow. I literally felt the fluid rising to the tip.

I gave a sigh of relief and relaxed my body. I grabbed her hand that was over my face, kissed it, and pulled her up towards me.

I sat up against the wall and she climbed on top and sat on my hard cock. She kissed me hard, pushing my head against the wall. She kept her lips firmly pressed against mine for a few seconds.

Then she said, "Your turn," fell backwards onto the bed, and reached her arms above her head to grab the bedframe. I lifted her dress to reveal her black panties. I had never performed cunnilingus, so I didn't really know where to begin. I kissed her lips through the panties, making her gasp and moan.

I just kept kissing the same spot until I noticed a wet spot on her panties that was not my saliva. I badly wanted to taste her fluid, so I slid her panties off. As I did so, I followed her panties with my lips, kissing along her leg until I reached her foot. The panties dropped to the floor and I kissed the bottom of her foot. She curled her toes and spasmed with a giggle. I set her foot aside and resumed what I had been doing before.

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At this point, a thin stream of fluid was flowing from the bottom of her opening. I lapped it up with the tip of my tongue and swallowed. She gave a happy moan as I did that, so I figured I should keep it up. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue in an up-and-down motion. She writhed and moaned, and I could hear her bedframe creaking as her hands gripped it tightly and pulled. She thrust her pelvis up and down, making it slightly difficult to maintain my aim on her clitoris.

After a while of that, there was a significant amount of fluid streaming from her love hole. I licked it up like last time, but after it was dry, I tried to siphon more out by directly sucking her vagina. At this point, she is straight up yelling. "Ohhhhhh… ohhhhhhh… ahhhh!" The taste of her fluids made me release my own juices, and I could feel the precum leaking onto her bed. I just couldn't hold it in anymore.

I owed her more foreplay for what she did to me, but I just couldn't resist. I lifted devil and miss jones 4 head up from between her legs.

She was still gripping the bedframe, eyes closed, head tilted to one side, with a wide smile on her face. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands off the bedframe so I could unstrap her dress. I dragged the shoulder straps down towards her arms and she raised her arms to free herself.

Slowly, I pulled the dress down, revealing her supple breasts and plump nipples. Before I did anything more, I bent down to suck on her nipples and kissed her breasts.

She grabbed my hair and tugged hard while letting out a long, whining moan. After that slight distraction, I continued sliding the dress off her, until she was fully naked. It took me a moment to absorb the beautiful sight before me. Tight sexy booty dude is naked and showing his small cock to two horny tube porn locked eyes and she smiled at me, opening her legs.

Her vag was red and moist, and as she opened her legs, her labia parted slightly as well, providing an opening for my throbbing member to penetrate. I lowered myself on top of her and gave her a kiss. She kept her gaze on my eyes as she prime cups brings you kristi with big tits fucked hard masturbation finger fist her hands to guide my cock into her love tunnel. As soon as I felt the tip of my cock slide in slightly, I thrust.

We both gave out a loud moan. She was so soft and warm. I could feel her vagina massaging my cock as she contracted orgasmically. I was so distracted by her contractions that I forgot to keep moving. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in. I shook my head back into reality and continued thrusting.

She clawed at my back, tearing the skin open as she moaned and writhed with each thrust. My hands were gripping the bedsheet as I approached orgasm. Her head was arched back, and her mouth was wide open. I bent down and licked her lower lip. Acknowledging it, she raised her head and met my lips with hers. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming urge to release. My cock felt like it was going to explode. My eyes and mouth became wide open, and I smashed my forehead into hers, pushing her head down into the bed as I went through my final thrusts.

She got the message, and reached her hand downwards. When I absolutely could no longer hold it in, I got up and grabbed her knees. Then I pulled my cock out and she grabbed it. I thrusted and moaned as my cum flew out and spattered all over her body and bed. After it was all out, I let out a heavy sigh and leaned backwards to kiss her feet, my cock still in her hand. She twiddled her thumb around my frenulum, making me spasm even after orgasm. When I was done playing with her legs, I got up and surveyed the aftermath.

My cum had gotten up to her breasts, and there was a stream of fluid going up her belly. There were stains on the bedsheet around her, and one large stain below her ass where all the action was happening.

"Fuck, sorry." She giggled. "It's fine." "You got a towel?" "Yeah, it's in the closet behind you there." I got up off the bed and walked towards her closet. In addition to grabbing a towel, I opened her drawers and found a pair of panties. I walked back over to the bed and tossed the underwear at her. She gave a surprised squeak and nasty lesbos fill up their oversized butts with cream and splatter it out up her face as the lingerie landed on her face.

"You might want a new one," I said. "Well, we shouldn't be so quick to put our clothes on," she said with a wink. That didn't arouse me sexually since I had just released, but it made me want to kiss her, so I bent down and stuck my tongue down her throat.

She gave a satisfied moan. After a moment, I used the towel to wipe off my love juice from her body. Then I realized I felt incredibly tired, with an overwhelming desire to fall asleep. I collapsed beside Michelle and nuzzled my face into her neck, putting my arm across her chest and resting my hand on her breast.

She massaged my hair and rubbed her face against my forehead while I moved my thumb around and played with her nipple. My eyelids felt heavy and as I closed them, I could smell Michelle's vanilla perfume from where my nose rested on her neck.

I breathed one long breath through my nose before drifting into unconsciousness. --- I was woken up by a shuffling beside me. I opened my eyes to see a pair of breasts hanging above my face. "Well this ain't so bad." "Crap. I didn't mean to wake you." Michelle was trying to climb over me to the other side of the bed. "Where are you going in such a hurry?" I put one hand around her neck and the other around her breast and pulled her down.

My heart beat fast as we kissed tenderly, and her moan made me stiff. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed back. "It's almost eleven already." "Then why bother getting up at all?" I raised my eyebrows and gave her a suggestive look. "I've gotta go take a shower." "I'll come with you." She giggled.

"We have separate bathrooms, silly." "Fucking dorms." I gave myself a facepalm. She took my hand off my face and kissed me one more time before getting off the bed.

I followed her with my gaze, and was not disappointed. Michelle stood there, fully naked, a paragon of beauty. She had an hourglass figure coated with a smooth, light tan skin. She had no white spots on her breasts or pelvic area, and the thought of how she achieved that made me grin. What I loved about her body was its suppleness. I didn't like the western idea of beauty in skeletons.

Michelle's body had substance. She wasn't obese, but when I wrapped myself around her I felt warmth and softness. Curvy girls always turned me on. She made her way over to the closet.

Her walk could make runway models green with envy. I turned over on my stomach and gazed at her back. She stood seductively as her hands fumbled around in the closet. One leg was straight, while the other was bent slightly, the foot standing up on its toes. Her ass was shaped perfectly. Under it, I could catch a glimpse of her labia. Suddenly, she turned around, and I was treated to a close-up view of her front.

I stared at her breasts for a moment, then my gaze made its way down her stomach, stopping at her crotch. The sight of her light brown landing strip almost made me drool. "You done?" I looked up to see her staring down at me with cocked eyebrows.

I blushed and put my head down. I sighed and shook my head. "You're fuckin' beautiful." I heard her laugh under her breath as she wrapped a towel around herself and walked out of the room without another word, closing the door behind her. I let out a long breath and laid on my back, staring at the ceiling. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. Grabbing the blanket, I put it to my face and gave one last sniff before getting up and putting my jeans on.

I grabbed my boxers and T-shirt and opened the door, not bothering to put the shirt on since I lived right across the hall, and was about to change anyway. I opened the door right as Michelle was coming in.

I bumped into her and my cock flew straight up. The cleavage showing beneath her towel made me clench my jaw. All I could utter was, "Oh." She looked equally dazed. "Um… I left my… shampoo… in… in there." She carelessly pointed to someplace in her room as she kept her eyes on my chest. "Oh, right." I moved aside to let her in. She tiptoed quickly to her closet. I closed the door slowly and stood there for a second, not knowing what to do, my penis still fully erect.

Then I looked over at Michelle. She was staring into her closet, standing completely still. I slowly walked over to her and put my arms around her waist.

My boner rubbed up against her ass and I spasmed slightly. I put my chin on her shoulder and kissed her neck. Making my way up to her cheek, I kissed it and nibbled on her ear. My hands felt up her sides, sliding up the hourglass. I cupped her breasts and gave a light squeeze. She sighed and turned her head to rub her face against mine. I kissed her lips from behind as my hands continued to slowly massage her breasts.

Her breathing was erratic now, and I could tell she was getting aroused. I could barely hold my own, as I felt precum leaking out onto my jeans. I undid the towel and let it drop to the floor. I cupped her breasts again and fingered her nipples, making her moan. She wrapped her arms behind her around my neck and tilted her head back, eyes closed, mouth open.

I rubbed my lips against her neck as one hand moved down her body big tit annie has a hardcore sex the other remained cupping her breast. When I got to her crotch, I rubbed my palm down her pubic area, feeling my middle finger course through her thin layer of hair.

Then I put my whole hand over her vagina and rubbed back and forth. She whimpered and writhed as I held her tightly against me, my cock throbbing against her ass. It felt kind of scratchy, since it was actually rubbing against my jeans. I wanted to take it off and rub my hard member against her bare ass, but I couldn't let cayton caley and demi delia drill each other with dildo of her tit and pussy.

Anyway, I owed her after giving her almost no foreplay and then fucking her for 15 seconds before cumming all over her. I started to notice that my hand was getting wet. I slowly lifted my hand from her snatch. As I did so, I saw a string of fluid connecting my palm to her vag.

The string broke as I took my hand further away. I looked at my hand and saw that it was glistening with orgasmic fluid. As more precum leaked from my desperate cock, all I could think of was tasting her juices again. I let go of her and she turned around.

She rubbed up against me, her breasts on my chest, and sucked on my lips. As we made out, my hands squeezed and rubbed her supple asscheeks. Suddenly, she backed off and put a finger on my lips as I tried to continue kissing her. "Wait. Before we do this, I need to know something. I need to know that this is real." "Does this feel like a dream to you?" "No.

I mean that this is real. That we're real. That it's not just…" Now I put a finger on her lips. "Listen. My feelings for you are real. Every time I see you, I get butterflies in my stomach. I'd do anything just to spend time with you. You think I actually need help with my writing? No, I just want to be close to you. I want you. I want you next to me. I want you in my life. I want you. But right now, I really want your body." I whispered that last sentence into her ear.

She sighed with relief and nodded. "Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. I felt the same way, and I just wanted to make sure you did too." "Then let me show you how I feel." I nodded towards the bed. She grinned and climbed onto the bed, bending into a doggy position. She flashed her ass at me while moaning seductively. I could clearly see her blushing moist pussy, and couldn't wait to taste it.

I jumped onto the bed behind her, and practically swallowed her cunt. My mouth spanned the length of her pussy while my tongue dug in and wiggled around, lapping up all the sweet fluid within. That may have come unexpectedly to Michelle, as she screamed and nearly ripped her pillow apart.

"Ahhhhh, fuck! Yes, yes, YES!" "Jesus, be careful. Other people might hear us." I leaned forward and put my hand over her mouth as I nuzzled my face into her neck. "What are you gonna do to shut me up?" She turned over onto her back. I gave her a deep kiss that lasted for several seconds as we breathed into each other.

She gave a long but quieter moan. I kissed down her neck until I reached her breasts. I kissed all over her suppleness, then licked her erect nipples. She raised her legs, stretched her toes, and whimpered while biting down on her lower lip. I slid my lips gently down her belly, feeling her slight contractions as I did so.

Before I knew it, I felt her pubic hair on my lips and extended my tongue to get a taste. Not wanting to make her scream again, I gently tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned quietly and whimpered as her toes clawed at my back. I wanted to make her come, and since she seemed to enjoy my tongue on her clit, I just kept repeating that motion until she began breathing heavily and writhing all around.

Like last time, it was hard to maintain my aim on her little dot, but I kept at it. Then, her breathing became moaning, and she put her hands on my head and tugged hard at my hair. "Awwwwwww&hellip. Ohhhh… AH! Ohhh… yes… yes… Danny…" Suddenly, she let go of my head and grabbed the sheets as her body spasmed. I happily continued licking her clit, but she shoved my head back with her foot. I just sat there and watched her writhe and moan as a river of fluid streamed from her swollen pussy.

After she calmed webcams big tit pale chick dance tease, she rubbed her feet against my stomach. "Oh, that was amazing." But I hardly heard her. I saw her smooth, white feet on my belly, the black nail polish on her toes. I ripped my jeans open and wrapped her feet around my throbbing shaft. After 3 strokes I spurted semen all over her vagina, and added to the large stain that was already below her hole.

I leaned in, gave her breasts a couple of kisses, then made out with her lips. She reached behind her to her desk, grabbed some tissues, and wiped my fluid from her pussy. It took her a while, since there was a lot. I took the tissue and got up to throw it away. Suddenly, I remembered something. "You know, I hate to ask this now, but…" "I broke up with Kyle." I had to refrain from laughing with joy.

"You did? When? What happened?" "Last week. Like you said, he was an asshole." "Yeah. You didn't see that before you hooked up with him?" "For the record, we never 'hooked up.' And… I wasn't confident back then. I just took the easiest guy I could find." "I'm pretty easy to find.

I was right in front of you this whole time." I put my hand on her cheek and stroked it with my thumb. She put her hand over mine and closed her eyes. "I know," she whispered. "I should have seen it. The way I felt when I was with you. I just… I didn't know what to do." "It's okay.

We're here now." She opened her eyes and smiled widely. It was the brightest I had seen her in a while. "So how long have you… you know…" "I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had seen the moment I saw you." She laughed. "Oh, come on. That's so cliché." "No, it's true. The first time I saw you, I thought, 'Damn, Mia's roommate is beautiful.' That was before I even knew your name. That was when I thought Mia was a nice person!

Damn, Michelle, I've liked you for a while." She giggled and put her head on my shoulder. "But you don't really believe in love at first sight, do you?" "No, but seeing you had an effect on me. I truly thought you were the most beautiful girl I had seen. Then I got to know you, how much we had in common, and you cared so much about me. I… I just fell for you. And seeing you with Kyle broke my heart." "I'm sorry." "It's okay.

You're with me now. Nothing else matters." I wrapped my arms around her tightly and kissed her forehead. "Listen, Danny. The fact that I was even with a guy like Kyle… I just don't know how good I am with relationships… I don't want you to…" "Look, whatever happens, happens. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, then I'm glad we tried anyway. All that matters to me now is that I'm with you.

And I'm glad it was you I lost my virginity to." She sighed and gripped me tightly. "You put too much faith in me." "There's no one else I'd rather be with right now, so who am I supposed to put my faith in?" She chuckled and gave me a kiss.

It sent sparks down my body, even after all we'd done. --- Michelle and I did work out. We've been together for 4 years now. Michelle graduated two years before me, but fortunately went to our own university's law school, so we lived together in an apartment off-campus.

It offered us more privacy, and we could sleep in the same bed. It also gave us a start on our life together. I've decided to attend an out-of-state law school, as it offers me a different experience and suits my chosen career path more. Michelle and I had a long discussion about this, and she will try to find a job in my state once she graduates law school in another year. I don't know how we're going to cope that one year apart, but I'm sure we'll manage. Of course, the sex is great.

Double pounding for the hot alysa gap make love about 3 times a week, with no specific pattern.

Sometimes I see her, and I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I hug her tightly, give her a deep kiss, and cherish her. Other times, I see her and I see this incredibly sexy woman who I'd love to ravish on a bed. Not that I don't cherish her every day, or that there's a day when I don't think she's the most beautiful woman on earth. But you feel differently every day. She's picked up on my foot fetish, and often teases me with her toes.

Our sex life has progressed from those secretive meetings in her room in the dorms. Nowadays, we fuck anywhere we feel like. I quite enjoy the couch. We've done it on the dining table, on her work desk, on the floor. She's thinking about using the pill, so that I can cum inside her for more pleasure.

I'm glad she's so devoted to satisfying me, but I'm not a fan of taking drugs unless it's absolutely necessary. Plus, nothing turns me on more than seeing my love fluid spattered all over her beautiful body.

And I think she's into it, too. Being able to see how much cum she milks out of me gives her confirmation that she's pleasuring me to the full extent. I love Michelle, trang wed phim sex 2019 I've told her so many times by now.

Fortunately, she reciprocates the sentiment. There's no one else I'd rather spend my life with, and I'm excited to see what lies ahead in the future.