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The Princess and the captain (3) Finished this though if anyone can ever comment again let me know I could add more.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amber walked into her chamber Jim trailing close behind her, "feeling better?" He inquired a worried look on his face. "Yes Jim," she sighed "I"m not a baby" "No, but right now you need to take it easy" he replied "Jim I am about to be crowned emperoress I can not afford to take it easy or relax we have a mess to clean up after this council bussiness is over with." she sighed as she sunk into the plush chair at the desk.

Jim sighed also, his tall form sinking into a chair next to her "I know amber we opened a huge can of worms when we "removed" over half of the council, it's left many questions about their dissappearances and unfortunately a lot of fingers are pointing at you,' "We'll answer those soon, after all they did commit treason toward the emperor and his family, trying to eliminate all of you and end the Joltaline line," leaning close he whispered, "by the way I happen to like the Joltaline line." Amber playing fuck twister with a busty and hot trophy wife reaching over to caress Jim's face and kissed him.

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Jim stood up and pulled a small black box from his pocket and began to scan the room. Amber looked at him questionably as he began to pull devices from lights behind furniture, in furniture behind, out of light switches even many lined in the carpet itself.

"Ok so far so good" he said as an hour later he had pulled over alexis fawx and oldman cum inside listening devices from the room. ""Now for the real exam" Next Jim pulled an even smaller device that Amber did recognize switching it on he breathed out, "its clear enough now, I got the basic ones and a few of the advanced ones, this beauty can block and disable any left here its a sonic scrambler and em pulse generator tight beam of course, something like I used on the station." Amber collapsed further into the seat breathing another sigh.

"Can it keep anyone listening in from outside with an electronic ear?" "Yes, as I said it's a scrambler" he said "I dont think we got everyone when we did the clearing house on the council members." "Well, now we need to plan more til I am crowned we can't do too much, til then I'll have to depend on you to be my protection well.

you and willow" this last whispered as she was still afraid that even with his advanced tech they might still be a way that others might hear. "I will do more than free her from all the charges that are against her" "I'll hold you to that" a young blonde man outside the door said, "I'd step in but I am afraid that his scrambler might screw up my holo imager his tech has always been that good, that's why I had partnered with him back then." "Willow!" Amber squealed as she ran to hug her, "I xxx sex stories story katrina kaif ki think you'd be back!" Willow stepped back not sure of quite what to do she wasn't used to people wanting to be friendly with her but she figured what the hell as the princess threw her arms around her to hug.

"I had to come back I told you that I would complete the mission and I always keep my word." she stated non chalantly. Jim just rolled his eyes as Willow elbowed him in the ribs promting a grunt from him. "Hey damnit it's true!" she yelled at him.

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Jim just smirked promting another jab in the ribs. "I have the last of them confined and sedated" willow said as she moved closer "soon as you give the word I'll bring them out with all the confessions" she smiled as she thought of the torture she had put the Duke through and was ready to exact even more pain on him she still had a few years worth of pain to put him through.

"Good willow but as I was telling Jim there's not much I can do till I am crowned" Amber stated dejectedly. "We'll protect you till then I have more than just a stake it this" Jim said as he pulled Amber close to embrace her. Amber was worried the the remaining council members would put off the coronation till the others were found or they were satisfied that they were lost. "You both this room is secure?" she asked "there's a few worries I have" "Well," Jim started "I was going to waited but if you are that worried I'll start now, Willow scan the surronding rooms and I'll preform the higher frequency scan now" Willow nodded her head and left to begin.

After another hour Jim was surprised to have found 10 more devices more advanced but nothing compared to his tech. "We're secure now Amber" Jim stated as he stepped back into the room and there was a shimmering around the man behind him as the image faded and a small, agile and beautiful woman appeared behind him. "Damnit I was afraid of that!" Willow snapped "forgot your tech was that good and should have known you would be constantly upgrading and advancing it" "Amber I'd like you to meet the true Willow." as he stepped back and allowed Amber to look at her.

"You are the only other person to know her true face" he said as Willow growled and bowed to the princess. "I should have known you would do something cheap like this you ass!" Willow snapped "always got something up your sleeve don't you?" Jim only nodded as a new plan began to form but it was dangerous and he wasn't sure he wanted to risk the players involved.

"We have to find out if they are going to crown you with the few councillors that are remaining so we can move forward from there" Jim said irratively "I am hoping we don't go through all the mandates for the emperor" he sighed. "No I don't think we will have to, from all I have read they can call an emergency session and crown me emperoress" Amber stated.

"Well let's hope " Willow replied, "I've been busy enough for the last 5 1/2 months. The group quieted as a contengent of councillors and their aides came to the door. "Princess," the oldest of the group started "we have held session and come to a decision, the empire needs it's ruler so that the chaos that is running riot can be put to an end." "Thank you councillor we were hood black trannys takes dick that you would come to an agreement so that we could move forward a lusty vagina visitation hardcore and blowjob all the plans that I wish to commence" Amber stated a slight surge of pain rippling through her stomach.

"These people need to leave while we discuss these matters of state" the oldest said as he motioned toward Jim and Willow. Trying to not become angry Amber spoke up, "this man is my NEW head of security and WILL be present at everything that takes place with me as for her" she motioned toward Willow "she is my new assisstant and will also be allowed in every meeting while she is in the palace." The group before her bowed low and stated "yes your highness it will be so" "Now then, we need to discuss the coronation, the security I will leave to Jim," leaning close she whispered to Willow, "what do I call you?" "Just call me Mary, as you know almost everything I will tell you this, it IS my real name" Willow stated.

Amber nodded and looked toward the group before her "so when will the coronation take place I am anxious to get that over with" Jim stepped forward " that is the one time I will be the most worried about her as she will be more in the open and more vulnerable to attack." The councillors nodded as he walked off with them.

As the coronation finished, Jim began to breathe a sigh of relief it had been a hard week watching her and keeping her safe but now that she was the emperoress he could breathe somewhat easier. He knew the next week would be almost as hard especially when they started the trials and the executions.

Amber didn't relish her upcoming tasks it would be hard but she knew that she could get through it Jim and now Mary's help.

Might as well get it over with and start on it. Stepping up to the dias she took as deep breath and started the precedings. "Council I have called this grand judgement to bring to light the many traitors that WERE in our midsts, the following are the cofessions of the councillors that were in part responsible for the death of emperor Kenneth my father and then the two that were the main ring leaders of the plot" As the confessions started Amber slumped down in the chair already tired from just the little she had done.

When they finished hours later Amber stepped up and spoke again," these traitors will tory lane lesbian with strap on lesbian publicly executed in the square tonight except for the main leaders their families have been stripped of their titles and sent to debtor camp to work and prove their loyality I will not tolerate any more disloyality and it will be dealt with swiftly." A week later a thin short man was taken to a cell deep within the palace with Willow not far behind as the doors were shut and guards dismissed they said that the screams that came from that room were enough to curl your hair and it was said that it went on for about a week before it stopped and Willow emerged almost covered in blood.

Jim had rushed Amber to the doctor as she was starting to feel pain. The physician looked on in shock as he stared at the results of the tests. "Your majesty it appears the you are with child or I should say children" he stated in shock. "Children?" her and Jim replied "Yes it would seem you are having two" he said Jim and Amber smiled saying, "thank you doctor the empire will know soon enough" Again Amber wasn't looking forward to this next announcement knowing alexis fawx and oldman cum inside the council that had been reformed wouldn't be pleased.Stepping to the raised dais she took a deep breath as she prepared to let everyone know the news.

"Councillors and people of the empire I have an important announcement to make" she motioned for Jim to come up behind her whispering "be prepared I don't know how they're are going to react." As the crowd quieted Amber began, "Not long after the tragedy and the lost of my family, I took it upon myself to continue the line, not being one to be told who I could be with I made a descision on my own," there were a few gasps from the assmbly as she continued, " I therefore wish to announce that I am now carrying a set of twins one boy and one girl" a louder gasp came from more of the people in the room."The father will not be known at this time as he didn't want it revealed for his safety and I agreed." As the commotion erupted in the room the council members stepped up Jim stepping between them and Amber.

"Your majesty this is highly irregular you can not do this without council approval." "Councillor it is done and the reason should be obvious from the fall out from the assassination of my family." Sputtering the councillor backed away as Amber raised he hands to quiet the assembly."Be happy my people the line will continue and there are two heirs coming soon so rejoice that the chaos is at an end." Stepping back she almost fell, thankful that Jim was there to catch her as another gasp rose from the crowd and many tried to rush forward to help only to be stopped by the new security that had been put in place by Jim.

"Thank you Jim not sure I'd be able to make it if it wasn't for you" she gasped out as they quickly wheeled her out. A year later Jim was playing with the twins outside in the new outside compound. Amber peeked out around the door smiling wide as she watched the love of her life and their children.

Amber had escaped from her meeting to watch them play she found she did that a lot lately, shehad a bit of news for him and wasn't sure how he was going to take it. "Sooo.

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how are the most important people in my life?" she started "Great now that you are here," smiled Jim aslways happier when she was near. "I found out something interesting today Jim," she started "oh ok " he again smiled "Uh." she hesitated "I'm uh." "What's wrong?" he asked worried now "Oh nothing bad it's just." she bit her lip, "I"m pregnant again" You could hear the happy shout all over the palace.