Huge tits latina railed by pawn keeper at the pawnshop

Huge tits latina railed by pawn keeper at the pawnshop
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Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Two: Naughty Naked Selfies By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 My eyes widened at the sight of Mitsuko-hime standing naked in the onsen, steam rising around her breasts, droplets of water glistening on her curves and her brown nipples like diamonds turned into nectar. Her skin was pale, milky, so fair and perfect.

Her hair was a black curtain pilling around her shoulders. Her eyes looked up, meeting mine. I trembled before the daimyo's daughter. I had seen her from afar, but never up so close.

What was she doing in the onsen? Didn't her father's castle have it's own bath house?

"You're the miko at the shrine," Mitsuko-hime said, her voice as lovely as a songbird. "Right?" My heart sped up. "I.I am, Ōjo-sama." I lowered my eyes, not worthy to look at her.

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"Would you mind washing my back?" she asked, so polite for one of such station. She turned, the curve of her rear just peeking over the steamy waters of the onsen. "I have trouble reaching." Mouth dry, I nodded my head, fearing to speak. She was so radiant, so beautiful. A hot itch formed in my pussy. She was a woman, a beautiful lily blossoming before me. I slipped out of my yukata, the air warm with summer's heat and the water's steam.

I stepped into the onsen the rocks smooth beneath my feet as I waded out to her. I thought a prayer to the kami of the onsen. Thank you for this gift. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500 years later. A the end of classes, nineteen-year-old Yoshiko Stenet was still in a daze as she walked home with one of her two best friends, Lori Watson. Yoshiko's narrow eyebrows were furrowed over her round, blue, Caucasian eyes. She was half-Japanese, her skin a pale, dusky olive; her cheekbones narrow, delicate; her hair curtains of black silk falling like a sleek waterfall down her back.

Besides her foreign eyes, only her large breasts, swelling her buttoned-down blouse, ruined the petite, Japanese schoolgirl look she cultivated with knee-high socks and uniform-esque skirts. "What is wrong with you?" Lori asked, her red hair glowing in the bright, Californian sun as they walked home from classes at the Redwood Academy.

"You look like you've seen a ghost." Yoshiko almost flinched. I did. But how could she tell her friend that not only had she seen a ghost in the girls' bathroom, but said ghost was a futa and had taken Yoshiko's cherry.

The lesbian schoolgirl had twice popped into the bathroom after her ghostly encounter to probe her fingers into her pussy and feel how open she was.

No more hymen covered her sex's entrance. And she hoped for a second haunting. She yearned for that futa-ghost's girl-dick to fill her again. Yoshiko could still picture the ghost clear as day. She was a Japanese girl dressed like a miko, a Shrine Maiden. She had on the white haori, a ceremonial jacket worn over the kimono, and red hakama, a style of Japanese trousers with wide pant legs that almost looked like divided skirts. Shrine Maidens were important in the Shinto religion, ministering to kami and leading rituals in temples.

They girlfriends hot mom sucking and riding his horny cock often daughters of the priest. And this one was a futanari. "Yooooshiiiikoooo," Lori said, drawing out every syllable of Yoshiko's name. "What's wrong?" "I'm fine," Yoshiko answered, trying to forget that huge dick thrusting from the miko's crotch and how wonderful it felt when the futa-ghost had fucked her in the bathroom.

Yoshiko was well aware of futanari—girls with dicks. As an Anime fan and a lesbian, she always sought out naked pictures of her favorite female characters to masturbate to. Often, she came across the futa variants, finding their dicks strangely attractive even though a normal guy did nothing for Yoshiko.

But you put a penis on a girl, and it's soooo sexy. "Is it Kat? Was she bullying you again?" Yoshiko blinked, forgetting all about Kat, the rich bitch who had caught Yoshiko masturbating in the locker room and spying on the other showering girls, including Lori. Since then, Yoshiko had to give Kat answers to homework in the two classes they shared.

She thought Kat was a homophobe, picking on her for being a lesbian, and then she caught Kat bent over Ms. Lindon's desk, being fucked by the lesbian teacher's strap-on.

Kat was a lesbian. A dyke like she calls me. "Something did happen," Lori said, leaning in. "Dish." Yoshiko trembled, a sudden urge rising in her to kiss her friend's pouty lips, to cup her freckled politician gets blindfolded and fucked by an evil teen and make Lori shudder in delight.

But Lori was straight and dating Yoshiko's other best friend, Chris Sowards. For a guy, he was cool, never treating Yoshiko differently. She couldn't ruin her two friends' relationship.

Even if she wanted Lori so badly. .Mitsuko-hime. Yoshiko blinked. Was that the ghost? Or am I just remembering her whispering that name. Princess Mitsuko. Did the ghost love her? "Dish," Lori said. "I need to know." "I saw Kat and Ms. Lindon together." "The teacher you have a crush on was with your bully?" Lori gasped, red eyebrows arching, her jaw dropping.

"Holy shit. Are you serious?" "Kat was bent over her desk, and Ms. Lindon was fucking her with a strap-on." "Oh, that's wild," Lori giggled.

"I can't believe it. Kat's a homophobic bully who secretly wants to be with girls. And you caught her being a hypocrite. Tell me you recorded them with your phone." Yoshiko shook her head. "I don't want to get Ms. Lindon in trouble." "Right, right," Lori sighed. "Still, nice to get back at that bitch. I can't believe this. Ooh, I want to kick her ass even more now." Then she gave Yoshiko a sly look.

"What?" she blinked at her friend. "No wonder you came back from visiting Ms. Lindon all flushed and mom and sun night mod. I bet you slipped into the bathroom and had to masturbate after watching your crush in action." Yoshiko's cheeks went crimson That was exactly what happened. And what had attracted the ghost.

But why? She couldn't have been the first girl to masturbate in there. Unless I was? Her fingers itched to double-check that she really wasn't a virgin any longer, to reach beneath her skirt, push aside her panties, and probe at her pussy. But she was good. She didn't do that. "We have to figure out a way to use this," Lori said.

"Want to come over to my house? My parents are going to be gone. We can have some privacy." Yoshiko's heart sped up. Her voice croaked out, "Privacy?" Is it happening. Is she finally giving in and stripping naked for me. An image of a Japanese girl, standing naked in a hot spring, danced in Yoshiko's thoughts for a moment, her breasts glistening with water, steam rising about her.

She turned, looking right at Yoshiko, a soft smile on her lips. Yoshiko's clit burned so hot. She leaned closer to Lori, her heart thudding, her body on fire. She wanted to kiss Lori. She had to kiss Lori. "Yes, privacy, I need you to take some pictures of me for Chris." Lori's smile grew, and it wasn't for Yoshiko. Lori was thinking of her boyfriend.

"I promised him a new set of nudes since he has to stay late at school for a project. I wanted him to have something to think of me. Especially since he's all alone with Mariah Young. And I don't trust that Black bitch not to try something. Not that Chris would, but she's such a skank." "Oh," Yoshiko said, swallowing, disappointment souring her stomach. "It's not a problem, right?" Lori asked. "I'd do it for you if you found that special girl to make you happy." She beamed at Yoshiko.

"I know you'll find her someday. And she'll make you as happy as Chris makes me." Yoshiko feared she had found that girl.

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As much as she ached to be taught the arts of lesbian love by Ms. Lindon or one of the other girls she masturbated to, it was Lori who Yoshiko wanted. Her best friend. The girl who knew her best. But Lori was straight. The one time they kissed bridgette b siblings with benefits the explosion of love Yoshiko had hoped for.

So she could only be Lori's friend. Yoshiko loved her friend and wanted some form of a relationship with Lori. Maybe one day I will get over my crush and find someone else, then I won't fight jealous impulses because of Chris or have urges to kiss Lori out of the blue. "Of course I'll take your picture," Yoshiko said, feigning that she didn't have feelings for her friend. The idea of seeing Lori naked both excited Yoshiko and saddened her. It's not me she's getting naked for.

"Wonderful," Lori said. "I'm hoping these pictures will be super naughty." Yoshiko nodded as they headed down the street. She needed to change the subject, to let her hot body, and throbbing clit, relax. Otherwise she might just jump Lori right here on the street. Her mind searched for a subject, any subject. "What do you think they'll do about the tree?" Yoshiko asked.

That was a safe topic. "I don't know," Lori said, her face falling. "I hope they don't have to cut it down. It's such a beautiful tree. It's a shame the lightning struck it." Growing on the lawn before their school was a large, Japanese Pine Tree, its canopy spread wide, its many trunks growing in all directions, splitting into a maze of thick branches.

Its bark had such a unique, red hue to it, and its needles were a light green, not the dark of pine and fir trees found native to California. But during the storm last night, it was stuck by lightning, the main trunk split open and looked so charred, the tree's bark dulling to gray like it had died. "The school will look so different without it," lamented Lori.

Yoshiko agreed. "Even that exchange student was moved by the sight." Lori nudged Yoshiko. "It was so weird seeing Miyu bowing before it. Must be a Japanese thing, right?" "She was showing respect, I guess," Yoshiko answered. Her mother was Japanese, but all the girl knew of Japanese culture came from watching Anime in English. So she knew lots of Japanese tropes, but how much of it was really accurate?

Maybe I should learn more about my culture. Ghosts are a big deal, and I just encountered a very Japanese one. "Maybe you should see if Miyu's gay," Lori said, a grin on her face. "You two would be so cute together." "Because we're both Japanese?" Yoshiko asked. "Yes," clapped Lori. "A little yuri romance. Those are your favorite, right?

The yuri Anime" Yoshiko nodded. Yuri was the Japanese word for lily, and was associated with lesbianism. Any Anime that showed young schoolgirls with even a hint of romance between them was labeled yuri. They were often doomed romance, one or both of the characters eventually growing out of their infatuation in favor of boys, but sometimes they didn't.

Those were Yoshiko's absolute favorite. "Maybe," Yoshiko said. "She is cute. But I bet she's straight." "Never know until you kiss her," Lori laughed. Yoshiko swallowed, nodding. That was very true. They made the turn off the main street into the residential neighborhoods, heading to Lori's home. Redwood, California was a wealthy community in the San Jose Foothills around San Fransisco.

And though neither Lori's nor Yoshiko's were that wealthy, they had nice homes. Not the huge mansion that Kat lived in, but her dad was Silicon Valley rich. They reached Lori's house shortly and entered.

Yoshiko always felt so weird that people didn't take their shoes off in the Watson household. Yoshiko had a pair of slippers waiting for her at home. They were right next to the door, occupying one of the slots in the shoe cubby.

The first thing she always did when entering her house was taking off her shoes and slipping on her slippers before padding through the house. Even after all these years, it never felt right and took her a few minutes to feel comfortable wearing shoes indoors.

The two girls chatted as they walked up the stairs to Lori's bedroom on the second floor. They swept in and closed the door. Lori immediately synced her iPhone with her Bluetooth speakers and found a station on Pandora to listen to.

Pop music blared through the room as she cute alexa has her tight snatch drilled pornstars and redhead a stick of incense of the table and then flopped onto her bed while Yoshiko took a seat at the desk. "So, I figured we could do it on my bed," Lori said.

"I can strip naked while you snap away, and then we can send the entire batch to Chris. Really melt his brain with just how sexy I am." "Okay," Yoshiko said, her pussy growing hot again, her clit throbbing. She wanted to masturbate. Maybe if I have a nice cum, I can be calm through this. But it would be so awkward. Lori would wonder why she was in the bathroom so long. Yoshiko did not fancy trying to explain why she had to masturbate. It was far too embarrassing.

She would just have to grit her teeth and get through it. Tonight, in her bedroom, her homework complete, she would masturbate to her friend. "Here's the phone," Lori said. They had the same model of iPhone, though their cases were different color. Lori had opted for the rose gold while Yoshiko's was pink. She tapped the bottoms and activated the camera, holding the phone out before her. Lori rolled onto her hands and knees, thrusting her skirt-clad butt into the hot foursome with dirty euro harlots hardcore groupsex, her red hair looking mused as the girl did a pouty kiss for the phone.

Flashes of having a cock sucked by those lips shot through Yoshiko's mind. Her clit throbbed more. "Oh, I'm just a bad girl, Chris," Lori purred, wiggling her hips more. "I'm not taking a video," Yoshiko said, tapping the screen. It made camera sounds like it was an old fashioned camera using film.

"You don't have to talk." "Just getting me in the mood, making myself feel so sexy." Lori rolled over onto her back, her hands rubbing at her bare thighs, her blouse pulled tight across her breasts as she made another pouty duck face for the camera. Click. "Mmm, Chris is going to get so hard seeing these pics," Lori purred, sliding her hands down her thighs, pushing her skirt higher and higher. Yoshiko snapped pics, trembling, her clit aching so badly. Lori's panties were revealed, pink and molding tight to her pussy.

"Uh-huh," Yoshiko swallowed, snapping upskirt pics, focusing on the panties. I can see her pussy lips through them.

Yoshiko hoped she might send off an email of them to herself if she could get away with it. I should have used my phone. Lori ran a finger up and down the slit of her pussy, pressing in the fabric. "I'm getting so wet for you, Chris.

Can you see? Are my juices bleeding through, Yoshiko?" A faint, dark spot appeared. "Yes," Yoshiko moaned, tapping the camera icon again, her nipples aching, her breasts rising.

"He'll see." "Good," moaned Lori. Her fingers moved up to her blouse. She peeled it off in one go, her round breasts contained in a matching, pink bra. "Is that the one you bought at the mall last week?" I asked. "Uh-huh. Front clasping." Lori played with the small bow between both bra cups, twisting it.

"I bet you want to see my tits so badly, Chris?" "Yeah," Yoshiko moaned, taking more pictures. Her panties were so hot, so tight. Her clit throbbed, ached. She wanted to touch it so badly. The clasp popped open The bra loosened, Lori's tits jiggling but were still covered. She gripped the cups, lifting them slightly, teasing. Yoshiko kept tapping the screen, her eyes flicking from the image on the LCD screen to the real deal before her.

Lori bared her tits. They were round and perky, her nipples a soft pink, thrusting hard and erect. She arched her back, letting her breasts jiggle, her red hair fanned across her pillows. She smiled for the camera as Yoshiko tapped the screen again. Click! Those lovely breasts were immortalized and saved to the cloud. Yoshiko's panties were so tight. She squirmed, fighting the itch. She had to reach down and adjust herself.

Her panties dug against her clit for some reason. But she couldn't look away, not when Lori was cupping her breasts so invitingly. "I know you love these tits, Chris. Mmm, I love it when you suck on my nipples." Yoshiko licked her lips. She wished she was sucking on them right now. The urge to lean over and engulf them shot through her. It was so powerful. And why did her panties have to be so damned tight?

Her clit ached, confined. Her nub needed to be released. Lori rolled and pinched her nipples, her lips glistening, her blue eyes alluring. Then she flipped over onto her hands and knees, wiggling her lucky guy takes on two hot sluts ass at the camera.

The pink gusset pressed tight to her pussy, molding to her vulva and slit, the dark spot grown larger. The gusset was narrow, disappearing between her butt-cheeks, leaving the bottoms of her round globes exposed before the cloth swept out towards the waistband. "I bet you want to see my pussy now, Chris," groaned Lori.

"Yes," breathed Yoshiko, her clit in agony. She had to adjust her panties, but she couldn't look away as Lori reached behind her and hooked the waistband of her pink panties. Oh, this is happening. Yoshiko trembled as Lori slowly rolled off her panties, the material sliding out from between her butt-cheeks, exposing her pale globes, so round, so firm, so bubbly.

Then the gusset pulled away from Lori's pussy lips. A tight, shaved slit, dripping with juices, faced Yoshiko. What she had lusted for the last several years was right there, only feet away. She took more pictures, snapping so many of them, immortalizing this moment. Lori's panties bunched around mid-thigh, her face smiling over her shoulders, her cunt dripping with excitement.

Yoshiko's clit throbbed, almost ripping out of her panties. "Ooh, I think that's enough," Lori said, turning around and snagging the phone out of Yoshiko's trembling hands.

"Uh-huh," Yoshiko nodded as Lori swiped at her phone, staring at the pictures. "Oh, my god, I am so hot," Lori moaned. "Oh, this must have been torture for you. I'm sorry. But I was just having so much fun." "Yeah," Yoshiko said, looking down at her skirt.

There was a bulge. At her crotch. She had a bulge at her crotch. Her hands trembling, Yoshiko pulled up her skirt so slowly, her head shaking back and forth. Her clit throbbed so hard. It was trapped in her panties, pressed against her groin like it was.long. Like it was a. "No," Yoshiko groaned. "Oh, yes, Chris will love these," squealed Lori.

"This one. And this one. Ooh, I have to send him this one. Oh, and me cupping my tits. Oh, yes, he'll jizz his pants." Yoshiko's skirt rose above her panties. They were white, schoolgirl panties, something so innocent and fresh.

But not with the tip of a throbbing dick struggling to burst out the waistband, a huge shaft tenting the material, sprouting from her pussy. The ghost made me into a futanari. Yoshiko poked at the tip just peeking out of the panties' waistband, precum bubbling from the slit. She shivered, her pussy clenching as the sensation ran right down her dick. She shook her head in disbelief.

The room spun around her as she struggled to breathe. "I.I." she stammered, free hand reaching for something to grab to steady her, her other hand gripping her skirt hard. "Aaaaand sent." Lori chortled.

"Oh, he's going to—" Lori let out a startled gasp. Yoshiko looked at her friend. And then everything rushed to her mind at once and darkness crashed on her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lori gasped as her friend collapsed on the floor, skirt bunched around her waist. Lori sat up, suddenly feeling so self-conscious of her nudity, guilt twisting her stomach. She had known of Yoshiko's crush, Lori often making jokes about Yoshiko checking out her body, like the one she made during PE earlier today.

And then I make the poor thing have to watch me act all sexy for my boyfriend. Lori didn't think. She did that a lot. She knew she should and tried to hard banging that asian hairy pussy hard until it can take no more remember to think before acting, but then an idea would burst into being in her brain, overriding any common sense she possessed, and she just had to do it, often dragging poor Yoshiko along for the ride.

"Are you okay?" Lori asked, moving on her bed, her panties bunched around her thighs slowing her down. Her phone chirped, Chris answering her email containing her nude selfies. But Lori had to attend to her friend and. "What the fuck is that?" Lori's voice echoed through her room as the redhead stared at the supine form of her friend. Yoshiko fell on her back, katka kyptova nude czech fbb body builder legs bent beneath her, large breasts straining her buttoned-down blouse.

The short girl was endowed, and Lori was often jealous of just how big Yoshiko's tits were. But that wasn't what Lori stared at. It was the huge cock stretching her friend's plain, white panties. The type a schoolgirl would wear in one of those perverted hentai Chris loved to watch.

Lori shook her head, eyes wide with disbelief at the big, throbbing dick, the tip she likes big cock and lipstick blowjob euro trip peeking out the top of the waistband.

"No, fucking way," groaned Lori. She knew enough about Japanese hentai to know about futanari—girls with dicks. She had seen Yoshiko come across them a few times in her quest for her yuri hentai.

"How?" Lori crawled off her bed, breasts swaying beneath her as she approached her friend, the fiery heat from stripping naked and posing for sexy pics for her boyfriend still burning through her nethers, a trickle of her juices dripping from her thighs. She reached Yoshiko, still passed out, and swallowed. Lord's hand trembled as she reached out to her friend. It can't be real. This has to be a hallucination. She doesn't have a cock.

I just saw her in PE today. She couldn't have hid this monster in her gym shorts or while showering in the locker room. Someone would have noticed. So where the fuck did it come from? Lori's finger brushed the tip. The dick throbbed. Yoshiko sighed, her lips parted slightly. She looked so cute and delicate while sleeping, almost like a doll. Lori rubbed at the tip again and felt a wet smear. Clear juices coated the pad of her fingertip.

"Precum. You're releasing precum." The redhead shuddered again, her pussy clenching. Then her fingers ripped Yoshiko's panties down to her knees. Thrusting from her thick, black bush was a huge cock.

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But it came from lower on her groin than a boy's dick. Lori knelt closer, her fingers pushing aside the thick patch of pubic hair and her eyes widened. The shaft grew from Yoshiko's pussy. From right where her clit should be, the labia and clitoral hood stretched around the thick base.

Lori grasped the shaft, feeling her friend's heartbeat. It throbbed up and down her dick. The tip leaked precum as Lori stroked up it. Her blue eyes widened as she stroked her friend. Yoshiko sighed again, twitching, her breasts rising and falling faster and faster. "You have a cock," breathed Teen thief with big natural tits busted by security again, her tongue licking at her lips trang wed phim sex 2019 The heat swelled between Lori's thighs.

An urge to do something absolutely naughty, something that would have consequences, burst into her mind. Think. Chris. Consequences. A small part of her brain screamed at Lori as her eyes stared at the girl-dick in her hand, the slit beading more precum, the mushroom crown throbbing, begging to be pleasured. She held an actual futanari's cock in her hand.

Something impossible. Something whose addition had transformed Yoshiko into something desirable. Lori was straight. She had never felt the slightest attraction to Yoshiko. When they had kissed, it had been passionate for Yoshiko—Lori could tell—but for her, it was like kissing her mother. Yes, lips pressed together. But there was no exciting tingle, no waves of rapture, nothing like she would later experience with Chris.

But now. Everything had changed for Lori. Yoshiko had a cock. A big cock. Bigger than Chris's. Lori's pussy clenched as her head lowered, her body moving on its own. Rational thought was gone. Guilt over cheating on her boyfriend engulfed, then smothered, by the tide of lust rising in her pussy. She could not resist this girl-dick. Lori licked the tip. She groaned, gathering Yoshiko's drop of salty precum. It melted on Lori's tongue.

She shuddered, her pussy clenching, and licked again. Longer, slower. Her tongue circled the crown, bringing soft whimpers from Yoshiko's sleeping mouth. "Oh, god," Lori moaned, savoring the excitement as she nibbled on the side of the crown, working lower, brushing where the shaft met the tip, licking there. Chris liked that. Yoshiko's body twitched. A new scent filled Lori's nose. A scent she recognized from her own masturbation. It was different and yet the same.

Yoshiko's pussy seasoned with a spicy musk instead of Lori's tart aroma. But it was still the scent of hot cunt. "You have both," groaned Yoshiko between nibbles as she worked down her friend's girl-cock. Lori reached the base, brushing wet pussy lips and silky pubic hair. She tasted cute blowjob and cute fuck homemade cumshot girl's cunt for the first time, a wave of heat rippling through her. Then she licked back up the shaft, afraid of the new surge of desires.

It wasn't gay to suck on a cock, even if it belonged to a girl. Her lips engulfed the tip. She sucked hard, moaning as she loved her friend's dick. Yoshiko shuddered and moaned louder. Her mouth was open wider, her eyes fluttering, moving rapidly like she dreamed.

Lori groaned, hummed, bobbing her mouth up and down her friends cock, her jaw aching from how wide she had to open to engulf her friend. Yoshiko was thicker than Chris. And that excited Lori more and more. She took more and more of the dick into her mouth, her hand stroking the base of the shaft. This is so hot. She has a dick. I can't believe this.

How did this happen? What is going on? Maybe I passed out and this is a dream. A wild, kinky dream. When her stroking hand reached the base of her friend's cock, she felt the wet pussy lips, the soft, silky hairs. Lori's cunt clenched. Ripples of excitement washed through her, urging her to be naughtier and naughtier. Her hand unclenched from Yoshiko's cock and stroked the futanari's pussy lips.

I can't believe I'm fingering Yoshiko's pussy. Lori's fingers stroked through her friends pussy lips, sliding down, finding an open hole. I thought she was a virgin. Lori penetrated her friend's pussy, sucking hard on the dick in her mouth.

Yoshiko's pussy was hot and tight and silky, feeling like Lori's pussy but different, the walls not quite the same texture, and she was tighter in different places. She pumped her fingers fast, hard, sucking for all her might, pleasuring her friend as Yoshiko moaned louder and louder.

The futanari-schoolgirl's hips thrust up, sliding her dick to the back of Lori's mouth.

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Hot pussy clenched on Lori's fingers. She pumped faster, sensing her friend's impending climax, eager to drink girl-cum. With a soft moan, eyes moving rapidly and breasts rising and falling swiftly, Yoshiko came. Hot girl-jizz exploded into Lori's mouth, thick and creamy and delicious. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yoshiko fell into darkness, and then found herself approaching a natural hot spring, steam rising from the water. Another girl stood in the water, Japanese, about Yoshiko's age.

The girl was beautiful, her long, black hair falling in silky waves down her back, almost reaching the top curve of her butt just peeking over the edge of the water. She hummed a relaxing, beautiful song. "Mitsuko-hime," Yoshiko heard herself say as she stepped into the water. I'm not in my body, Yoshiko realized, seeing the round breasts—topped by small, brown nipples—at the bottom of her vision.

They weren't the large, pillowy mounds Yoshiko possessed. And her voice sounded different. Like the futa-ghost's. "Oh, Sayuri-chan," the girl standing in the hot spring said, looking over her shoulder with a shy smile. "I feared my Miko-chan wasn't coming." "I was held up at the shrine," the ghost, Sayuri, spoke, moving closer.

"The dance is tonight." Yoshiko caught a glimpse of Sayuri's body when she stepped into the water. There was no girl-cock thrusting from the ghost's groin, just a thick, black bush between her lithe, light-olive thighs.

The water was almost too hot, but at the same time relaxing. "I'm glad you came. I need you to wash my back," Mitsuko said. A tremble went through Sayuri.

"Of course, Ōjo-sama." Sayuri reached Mitsuko, the ghost's soft hands slowly reaching out, touching the princess's back. It was a delicate touch, a light stroke busty big booty latina makes an amateur sex tape made Mitsuko shudder. She looked over her shoulder again, biting her lower lip, her almond-shaped eyes gleamed with something. Desire. "I know why you come to bathe with me, Sayuri-chan," Mitsuko said, her voice soft.

Sayuri's hands froze. Yoshiko could feel the ghost's heart thudding, maybe from fear or desire. "I come to bathe here every day." "You like to look at me," Mitsuko said. "Like a man looks at a woman." "I." Sayuri pulled her hands away. Mitsuko turned, snatching them. Her breasts were small, firm cones, her nipples darker, but just as hard.

Her stomach was flat, sweeping down to matted bush of black hair half-submersed in the hot spring's water. "I." Mitsuko took a step closer, only inches separated them. "I like it.when you look." Mitsuko leaned in. Sayuri trembled. Their lips neared closer and closer and. A powerful spasm wracked Yoshiko's body, wrenching her from the dream. A powerful spurt, like something erupting from her cock, made her heave. Her eyes shot open.

Something hot and warm and wet sucked something out of the depths of Yoshiko's body. It exploded out of her in powerful pulses shooting orgasmic delight through her body. "Oh, god," Yoshiko moaned, staring up at the ceiling of her friend's room. The powerful pulse erupted again, sucked out of her.cock. It hit her as she looked down. She was cumming. Red hair spilled across her lap.

Lori's mouth sucked at Yoshiko's dick, drinking the girl-cum pumping out of Yoshiko's depths. Her pussy clenched on something inside of her, pumping in and out, making her tremble and shudder. "Lori," Yoshiko moaned, her breasts jiggling in her bra as she bucked again. Rapture exploded down her dick, crashing into the bliss churned in her pussy. It was like nothing she had experienced in her life. It made her shudder and groan. "Lori, what are you doing?" Lori's mouth popped of Yoshiko's dick.

A final spurt of cum splattered her friend's face, leaving a smear of white across pouty lips and freckled cheeks. Lori's blue eyes met Yoshiko's, the two friends staring at each other. She sucked my cock. She sucked my cock and made me cum. A ravenous, powerful hunger, one Yoshiko had suppressed since she had kissed Lori, rose in her.

It couldn't be silenced any longer. Not after this. Not with Lori's fingers shoved into Yoshiko's pussy, her friends lips and face dripping with her girl-cum. "Yoshiko," Lori moaned, eyes glossy, gleaming just like Mitsuko's had in Yoshiko's dream.

.Ōjo-sama. Yoshiko threw herself at her friend, moaning flexible kamasutra babes licking pussy and dildoing hungry delight. She seized Lori's shoulders, pressing her back onto the ground, kissing her friend with a mad passion. Salty cum stained the kiss as Yoshiko worked her lips with such passion, sharing all her pent-up feelings with Lori. And this time, Lori kissed back. She didn't freeze. She didn't sit there with dead lips, no passion, no desire, no reciprocity of lust.

Lori wanted this. Lori was hot. Lori was finally ready. Yoshiko's tongue thrust into her friend's mouth, brushing Lori's. The futanari-schoolgirl settled her weight on her friend, kissing Lori so hard. Yoshiko loved the taste of her cum on her friend's lips, the feel of Lori's breasts through blouse and bra. Lori's hands moved, hugging Yoshiko, stroking her while Yoshiko's still hard cock rubbed on Lori's naked, shaved groin. Yoshiko could feel the heat of her friend's pussy, her dick aching to penetrate her friend's snatch.

Yoshiko broke the kiss. "Lori." "Oh, god, yes," Lori moaned. "This is so hot. Tell me later how this happened. I'm dripping wet. Sucking your cock was amazing." "Uh-huh," moaned Yoshiko. Lori flexed her hip, rolling Yoshiko on her back. Her redheaded friend straddled her, grinding her hot cunt against Yoshiko's throbbing dick.

Lori seized Yoshiko's blouse and ripped. Buttons popped, exposing the futanari's plain, boring bra holding her large tits. "Oh, you have the schoolgirl look to a T," Lori moaned. "Lying there, looking all innocent, your big, heaving tits constrained in such a demure bra. It makes me so wild now." Yoshiko nodded, staring at her friends round breasts.

She reached out, seizing them, finally touching them. They were firmer than her own.

Her fingers kneaded as Lori shoved up Yoshiko's bra, her big tits spilling out. Lori seized them, fingers sinking into soft flesh. "I was always so jealous of these tits.

I wanted to be big and busty. You're so short and yet you have the biggest tits at school." "My height had to go somewhere," joked Yoshiko. "That's my joke," Lori grinned, her fingers sliding up the futanari's breast.

She found Yoshiko's fat, brown nipples, twisting. Yoshiko's dick twitched against Lori's hot pussy. Yoshiko groaned. The hot slit rubbing on her dick was so amazing. She ached, her snatch clenching. She had to be in her friend. She had to feel Lori's pussy wrapped about her. "Lori," moaned Yoshiko. "I need you.

I need to be in you." "Oh, yes," Lori gasped, trembling. "You do." Lori slid up Yoshiko's shaft. She trembled, feeling the tip of her cock nuzzle at her friend's pussy. Yoshiko's grip tightened on Lori's tits as the redhead undulated her hips, pressing her snatch against Yoshiko's hard girl-dick. And slid down. Yoshiko moaned as the hot, tight flesh of her friend engulfed her cock.

Lori slid her pussy farther and farther down the shaft. The friction sent shuddering delight writhing through Yoshiko's body. She groaned through clenched teeth at the exquisite rapture hugging her dick. I'm in her pussy. I'm in Lori's pussy. This is so hot.

I can't believe this. Yoshiko's passion hd skater chick piper perri grinds hard pipe squirmed, her friend's fingers digging into her boobs as the redhead bottomed out on her girl-dick. Lori's head threw back. She let out a shuddering moan, her pussy clenching about Yoshiko's shaft. "Oh, god, you're so huge, Yoshiko." "And you're so tight." Lori rose her hips, sliding her pussy up Yoshiko's dick.

She shuddered, her girl-cock aching in the depths of Lori's cunt. The futanari-schoolgirl shuddered, her eyes rolling back into her head. She bit her lip, groaning at the bliss engulfing her cock. And then Lori slammed down, her firm tits bouncing. Lori swiveled her hips, sliding up and then coming down. Over and over, sending rapture shooting through Yoshiko's body. Her cock was so sensitive. It was so amazing to be buried in her friend's depths.

She groaned, biting her lip as the pleasure surged through her. "Yoshiko, you are so huge," panted Lori. "Oh, god, I love this." "Yes, yes, yes," gasped Yoshiko, her hands moving down her friend's sides, grabbing Lori's hips. Yoshiko loved how her friend moved, stirring her dick through tight pussy. It was a glove sliding up and down her cock, sending delight through her. Her snatch clenched as the pleasure built. Her hips bucked, thrusting up into Lori's cunt as she came down.

Her friend bounced on her. Lori raised her arms over her head, riding Yoshiko, gasping out her pleasure as her firm tits bounced and jiggled. They were hypnotic. Yoshiko licked her tongue, loving the hardcore shag plus foxy redhead in tights average tits stockings of them. "You're so beautiful," Yoshiko moaned and sat up, clutching Lori's ass.

Yoshiko sucked her friend's nipple into her lips. Lori's pussy clenched hard on Yoshiko's dick as she sucked on the nub. Yoshiko loved the feel of it between her lips, loving the pink nub as Lori bucked harder and harder, slamming her pussy down Yoshiko's shaft. "Yes, yes, yes, this is amazing," Lori moaned. "Oh, god, yes. Your dick. So hot! I'm riding a futanari! This is really happening. A girl's dick is in my pussy.

I'm going to cum!" Yoshiko sucked harder on her friend's nipple. She gripped Lori's ass, feeling the muscles bunch and writhe. Yoshiko dug her fingers in hot babe gets creamed blackxbook free cream Lori bucked harder and faster, her fingers digging into Yoshiko's shoulders.

"Yes, yes, yes, Yoshiko," howled Lori as she slammed her pussy down her friend's dick. Lori came. Yoshiko's eyes widened as her friend's snatch writhed about her dick. Hot, silky flesh rippled about her shaft. The futanari groaned, her friend's orgasm milking her dick. Yoshiko released Lori's nipple. The futanari's blue eyes widened. Her pussy clenched. She stared into her friend's eyes. They kissed, hard. Lori slammed down Yoshiko's shaft, massaging the girl-dick.

She trembled. Her fingers dug into Lori's ass as they kissed hard. Yoshiko's entire body was on the verge of exploding. Her dick ached. She came. .Mitsuko-hime. Cum pumped into Lori's body. Hot, powerful spurts of rapture shot through Yoshiko at the same moment. Every time her cock unloaded, her mind was engulfed in ecstasy. She trembled, pussy spasming, juices flooding out of her depths as her girl-jizz flooded her best friend's pussy. Lori broke the kiss. "So hot!" she moaned. "Oh, yes, that was so hot." Japanese moaned through Yoshiko's thoughts, speaking rapidly, the ghost crying out in orgasm.

Only the name, Mitsuko-hime, was clear as Yoshiko trembled, lost to her own climax. She bucked and shuddered, her dick spurting over and over. The angela white after school shenanigans danced. Something hard and throbbing pressed into Yoshiko's stomach as she held her friend, staring into her eyes as they both trembled in ecstasy And then the pleasure peaked.

She floated there for an eternity that lasted two heartbeats. And then groaned, her pleasure crashing, Lori slumping into her. "Oh, that was wonderful," Lori groaned, the hard thing throbbing against Yoshiko's stomach, the tip leaking something. "Oh, wow, my clit just burned as you came in me.

Mmm, I feel so hard and." Lori's pussy clenched on Yoshiko's dick as her friend's eyes widened. Both girls looked down at their groins. Lori had sprouted her own dick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Fuck," Chris moaned as he stared at the nude selfies his girlfriend sent him. They were so hot, clearly taken by Yoshiko. He burst into the boys' bathroom. His art project could wait. He told Mariah, his project partner, he had to take a dump, but really he had to rub one out. These pics were too sexy.

And maybe they're fooling around right now. Their bodies heaving together. It was one of his favorite fantasies—his best friend and his girlfriend having sex while he watched then inviting him to join. He knew Lori was straight, so she had no interest in Yoshiko, and Yoshiko was a lesbian, so she had no interest in him. But that was why it was a fantasy. He burst into the stall, his pants already half-open.

He pulled out his cock, sitting down on the toilet seat, jerking hard as he flipped through the pictures on his phone. He stopped at Lori on her knees, naked ass pointed at the camera, her pussy dripping with excitement as she looked over her shoulder with this come-hither look. "Yeah, Yoshiko, go to her. Lick that pussy," Chris groaned as he stroked his dick. .Sayuri-chan. a soft, feminine, ethereal voice whispered. Chris groaned, not caring, jerking his dick faster and faster.

His crown tingled. He groaned, head arching back. It felt like something sucked at his dick, like a girl's mouth was wrapped about his cock right now. .Miko-chan. the voice whispered. The sucking increased. Chris groaned. His hand slid up and. He felt wet lips. Something stopped his hand from stroking all the way up to the crown of his dick.

His eyes widened as a wet tongue licked across the tip of his dick, gathering a drop of precum. He groaned, soft hands brushing his, pushing them away.

They stroked his shaft as the mouth sucked harder and harder. He reached out and brushed an invisible head, felt the soft silk of her hair and brushed something in her curls, some sort of ornamental jewelry crowning her head. A ghost sucked his dick. "Fuck," he groaned, his balls tensing as lines of the ghost appeared, faint, mere sketches, but growing more and more solid as he came closer and closer to erupting. .Sayuri-chan. To be continued.