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Life in the coastal town of Raymond was like a crowded freeway during rush hour with long periods of vehicles idling interrupted by short periods of cars and trucks transporting people, animals, and things back and forth at race track worthy break neck speed. Because of its location between Redville 45 minutes up the nearby interstate and Stonetown's center 30 minutes away across a heavily travelled shipping channel, Raymond benefitted from a lot of spillover tradeshow business from the larger cities throughout the year.

Most of the smaller regional tradeshows held their events in Raymond because of cost and frequently larger tradeshows late in arranging for their event in one of the two larger cities chose to hold their events in Raymond as well.

Because of the Raymond Convention Center's location near the waterfront with its american girl morgan layne and old man, sparkling lights, pleasant sounds of ships signaling their intentions, bbc amateur bbc teen anal gangbang the clanging of navigational aids, the Christmas tradeshow, one of the biggest held in all of the three city area, was always held in Raymond.

Edward was on a business trip to evaluate Raymond as a possible location to set up a second plant for his carpet manufacturing business. He was a hard driving desk pounding entrepreneur and instead of quenching his drive, his success only fueled a growth in his drive and ambition. Drive and management skill were what he credited as being the key elements that had allowed him to take an idea and grow it to be now being in a position to expand its manufacturing base and he was proud of his accomplishments.

Being head of a small expanding manufacturing business was a mixed blessing. On the one hand there were the advantages of being one's own boss and the rewards of running a business your way but on the other hand there were all the responsibilities. It had been a typical hectic day firing off emails, sending faxes, and holding phone call conferences to address one crisis after another at the home office and the plant from over 1,200 miles away. At last all the fires had been put out for the day at least and he was looking forward to some relaxing conversation, good seafood, and a couple of drinks.

The temperate deep blue waters of the ocean and Raymond's coastal location provided its sweetheart acquires nailed so well hardcore and blowjob with an excellent selection of locally caught fresh seafood and he had a dinner appointment with two members of the city's business development committee at one of the city's best seafood restaurants, The King's Crab.

Edward thought he should be treated more courteously than he felt he was by the business development folks. It peeved him to have to fend for himself getting to the restaurant instead of one of the business development folks picking him up.

After all, he was head of a manufacturing business that would come in and contribute mightily to the local economy. Traffic super tiny addison rich sucks a big dick like a champion pornstar and blowjob the streets near the Blue Point hotel had been building since early afternoon and now the noise had become so loud that making yourself heard was near impossible.

His hosts had advised him about the difficulties of hailing a cab from the curb and suggested that he call for one. After calling, he took a seat on a bench near the street so he would be seen flipping quickly through the local newspaper from page to page not reading but only looking at the pictures using the paper as a shield to prevent conversation with anyone. He sat with his legs crossed in one direction, then the other, and from time to time he would either squirm or sit with one knee bent back and the other slightly forward as if her were going to suddenly spring up and run a race or flee.

Patience was not his strong suit and he glanced down the street one way and then the other hoping to see something more entertaining to look at than what he was finding in the papers. From time to time he would put the paper down and sit with one hand or the other resting on his leg and the other clenched lightly on the armrest.

He finally fixed his gaze on a slender blonde in a straight white dress standing near the curb a little farther down the street. Edward was hoping she would look up so he could make eye contact with her but she continued to work with her phone either punching buttons or talking.

There were both licensed and unlicensed cab operators servicing Raymond. Most of the unlicensed operators were rebellious renegades. At the stands they competed openly with the licensed independent and corporate operators. One their favorite tricks was to monitor radio traffic between a dispatcher and drivers which allowed them to steal a fare before a licensed operator could get to them.

Being completely unaffiliated with a corporate office sometimes gave the unlicensed operators a financial advantage over the licensed drivers which allowed them to have nice vehicles that they could customize to their individual tastes and needs.

It was a given if you were a licensed driver that from time to time you would lose a fare to one of the unlicensed drivers. Ryan and Jeff were two of Raymond's more aggressive unlicensed operators. Both of them had grown up in the Raymond area but in different parts of town. Jeff was actually the better looking of the two but his fidgety ways detracted from his overall presentation of himself to others. The two of them were fierce in competing with the licensed drivers but were ruthless to the point of being cut throat in competing with each other.

There was no love lost between them. Ryan drove a vintage four door with a spacious cab that you might be able to use to camp out or play a game of bridge. Even though Jeff operated a slightly smaller vehicle its rear seat was still capable of accommodating three full size adults with their luggage in the trunk The real point of contention between them was their association with Morris as collectors and they would do just about anything they could to make the other fail even if it made them fail as well.

Jeff thought with this being the Monday when the December 2015 Christmas trade show would be getting underway it might be a good chance to steal a fare or pick up a package for Morris. He spotted the slightly overweight Edward with his tightly stretched green blazer when he stood up, walked to the curb on the left side of the street, and raised his hand to flag him down less than a second before Tracee. As soon as Jeff spotted Tracee he set his sights on her and drove past Edward ignoring him.

Edward was pissed. How could the driver not have seen him? He put his arms into the air as if he were signaling a touchdown and waved frantically with both hands to try to get the driver's attention. After all the headaches of the day and being angry about having to take a cab to the restaurant, Edward snatched his phone out of his jacket pocket and snapped a picture of the cab's plate. Ryan was also on the hunt to steal a fare.

After seeing that Jeff had passed on Edward waving his hands frantically in the air, Ryan swooped in and snatched Edward before a licensed operator could get to him. At the restaurant, the Monday night game was tuned in on the bar television. Each of the teams had their share of supporters complaining about how the officiating was favoring the other team.

The combined smell of spilled alcohol not being completely cleaned up and stale cigar smoke hung in the air creating a sexy musty atmosphere. Edward told his business development hosts what had happened at the cab stand. After describing Tracee as a hot blond the most plausible explanation three sexist guys belting down high octane cocktails could agree on was that she was a blond female that likely had breast enlargement implants.

Yes it was sexist but they were guys having a business expense dinner cutting up and talking about which of the women in the restaurant or appearing on the television they would most like to screw and why. Edward finally concluded that given a chance he would rip off Tracee's underwear and fuck her like the whore she was.

His honor had been restored. The hosts figured he was no longer angry but just to make sure they had appeased him had him send a copy of the photo of the cab's plate. Even though one of them showed Edward the picture to prove they had received it, neither had any intention of doing anything with a photo of a cab license plate. Tracee was on her way to an invitation only evening event at the Christmas show.

She would be paid well for showing up, eating and drinking the show hosts provisions, and mingling with other attendees with particular attention paid to the men. At 23 she had been providing her services being eye candy and seeming interested in what the attendees had to say for over five years. The events were easy to do, sometimes fun, and for the effort the pay was quite good.

The show hosts issued a lot of invitations to models like her expecting that most wouldn't show up if they didn't feel like it or had a better offer. If more showed up than were expected so much the better because it meant that competition from other events was down and attendance at their show would be higher.

Whether you saw Tracee from the front, side, or rear, one of the first things you noticed about Tracee was her body. From the front you saw a pair of perky breasts that stood proudly on her chest, a slender waist, and a nicely shaped pair of hips and thighs framing the slightly indented area of her crotch.

From the side you were treated to a profile view and from the rear you got to marvel at her hourglass figure and pear shaped butt. She had a pretty enough face that she could change to suit different situations. Shoulder length blonde hair with silvery highlights was one of the next things you noticed about Tracee.

To complete the presentation she had hazel eyes, a pretty nose, and a boat shaped mouth. In terms of money she was regarded as stingy by others but she regarded herself as frugal. If she wanted something she got it but she was careful to make sure she got a good deal on it. It was unusual for someone to get the better of Tracee in a business transaction. Tonight she had paired her white dress with tan pumps, shaded her eyes with light tan shadow, and put dark red gloss on her lips to help get herself noticed by the show attendees.

At only 5 feet 5 inches tall she may have been better off wearing higher heels but the pumps were more comfortable for walking and standing. She carried herself as would be expected for a model. Erect, shoulders back, chest out, and chin up proudly like a chorus girl. Seconds after Tracee raised her hand, Jeff's taxi pulled to the curb. After Jeff got out and opened the door she got in, slid to the right side of the seat so she could see out the front window, and returned to focus on her phone.

"Where would you like for me to take you?" "Convention Center. If you could take me to the middle entrance on the west side I would appreciate it." "Ok. I can do that." Jeff continued, "Do you want to talk while I drive?" She remained focused on her phone, ignored his question, and continued, "Do you know if there is a pharmacy on the way?" "There is a mom and pop pharmacy on the way.

It's only about a quarter mile out of the way. Do you want me to go there first?" "I need to get some breath mints.

Do you know of a better place to get those than the pharmacy?" "There is a newsstand that sells that type of thing inside the Convention Center across from the west middle entrance. It doesn't cost a lot extra and it's convenient." "Then I will just wait and get what I want at the Convention Center. I need to make a call. Do you have a way for me to be able to make my call in private?" "There is a bullet resistant window separating the front and back seats. It was installed to help protect drivers from being shot from the back seat.

Do you want me to close it?" "That would be perfect. Thank you." "You will also notice that there are no rear seat accessible door handles or lock knobs.

That was done to keep passengers from opening a door and leaving without paying or allowing others to enter the cab." "Perfectly understandable." For Jeff the hunt was always exciting.

First there was the specification of the target. Then the hunt to find a target, the springing of the trap, and finally the capture. Now with Tracee in the back seat the target had been acquired, the trap had been sprung, and the capture would soon follow.

His pulse quickened now that the capture was so close at hand. With the window closed he continued to grip the wheel securely and stared ahead concentrating on completing the capture. Tracee had no way of knowing that a small mike installed underneath each of the rear speaker grills allowed Jeff to overhear the passenger side of conversations in the back seat through a pair of ear buds.

From her conversation he learned that she was in town for the trade show and would leave on Friday afternoon. Even more perfect. With it being Monday, it would be Friday late at the earliest before anyone suspected she had gone missing.

He eased his grip on the wheel and thought to himself that this one is going to be easy. Don't lose focus now, you fool. Keep your eye on the prize. A quick call to Morris. "I'm headed in with one. I think you're gonna like this one." "Bring her in." The cab was less than 11 blocks away from the processing center.

Jeff estimated arrival in no more than 8 minutes. Tracee continued to provide details over the phone about her visit so he decided to take a couple of unnecessary turns to confuse her in case she somehow slipped in what street intersection they had just passed.

When he heard her say she was at an intersection on the direct route from the cab slutty brunette gold digger veronica avluv is punished fucked at the hotel to the convention center he flipped the switch to activate the mobile phone signal jammer, took a left, went 2 blocks, a right, another left, and then another left before heading directly to the processing center.

Tracee looked at the screen. No bars. No signal. Damn it! Call got dropped. I'll have to call later. It wasn't unusual for Tracee not to call home when she was on an assignment.

Her parents had divorced over 5 years earlier and she lost touch with her father after he moved to Portugal to be with a woman he met there. Like a good daughter she maintained close contact with her mother. Her mother knew that the demands on her daughter's time were hardly predictable. And Tracee lived in her own apartment in a different city. With no pets or roommates she was free to go her own way whenever she needed. All the trade shows and conventions she attended each year gave her more than enough interaction with others and her solitary existence and not having to put up with other people's presence gave her a much needed break from being compelled to be nice to others.

About 1 block out from the processing center vehicle entry gate, Jeff pressed the button to request Morris to open it. The green light reply signal on the dash signaled him that coast was clear and that Morris would be opening the entry gate. As soon as Morris saw that the cab had cleared the inner gate he pressed the button to close it.

From the time Jeff pressed the button to notify Morris to the time the gate closed with Jeff's cab inside the processing center was less than 35 seconds. Inside the garage Jeff drove straight into the 20 by 20 foot wire cage, parked the cab, got out, and left Tracee inside the cab. As soon as Tracee realized the cab had turned into a building she thought it a little strange. She turned her head back to look at the entry 30 feet away, to the left building wall floor over 50 feet away, then the right wall of the walk in freezers and connecting office 20 feet away, and finally to the exit 30 feet away in front.

With all the space in the building why were they in a 20 by 20 wire cage in the middle of a stained concrete floor? Where were they? And for bridgette b siblings with benefits purpose? She turned to look for a way to open a rear seat door then tried the bullet proof window and realized she was trapped in the back of a cab in an unknown location.

She leaned her head close to the window, took in a deep breath, and screamed, "Help! "Somebody! Anybody! "Open this door and let me out of here!" With mask on and breathing air flowing, Morris looked like someone about to enter a confined space or do toxic gas testing. He strode directly to the trunk, attached the brass quick connect fitting to the nozzle under the trunk, and opened the valve to begin the flow of nitrogen into the cab. The hiss of the gas as it entered the cab was like that of a snake about to strike.

When Tracee heard it she screamed again but now with more panic and adrenaline louder. It was fight or flight time. But she was trapped and could do neither. She slammed her fist on the door window so hard she hurt her hand. The oxygen concentration in the cab shot down fast. After 5 seconds it had gone from 21 percent to 18 percent. 5 seconds more and it was below 15 percent. Tracee was getting dizzy, lightheaded, and confused. As a trained, experienced industrial safety professional, Morris knew about nitrogen and the body's reaction.

To try to get more oxygen into her system, Tracee's autonomic reflex would be to breathe faster to try to get the blood oxygen concentration up which would only accelerate the rate at which her blood oxygen concentration dropped and decrease the amount of time until she became unconscious. As soon as it looked like she was out Morris moved the lowered gurney into position and opened the cab door.

After putting a harness around her chest he slid her off the seat to the gurney, strapped her down, and started the oxygen taking a bath and pleasing his pole to start the wake up. With the oxygen flowing he rolled the gurney the 20 feet into the processing room, locked the wheels to prevent it moving, and fitted her with a monitor, blindfold, gag, and hearing protectors.

She was starting to regain consciousness and appeared to be okay so he closed the heavy processing room doors, returned to the garage floor, stopped the nitrogen, and opened the cab doors to return the oxygen concentration in the cab to a safe level. "It looks like you brought in a good one. I should be able to move her along quickly. "Come to the office.

I have your money already counted out. "We are full for a while now with no new orders. "I will contact you when I need for you to bring in another one." "That sounds good. Do you have any in particular you are looking for?" "Don't press me.

Since we have worked together for several years now I will answer your question as politely as I can. But please don't press me again! Each of these packages is a custom order. As soon as I think I need to be moving to fill an order I will let you know when and what. Now if you don't mind, I need to take care of business. "The doors have been open for over 5 minutes.

Make sure her purse and stuff are out of the cab and in the cart as usual." "You sure know how to run this business. I can't believe how fast that gas knocks them out. Does it hurt them?" "You are taking too much time and I need to get on with my work. I know we have talked about nitrogen but I will remind you so listen and listen well because I don't want to say it again and it's something you need to remember.

Nitrogen is dangerous and sneaky. It is not something to fool around with even if you experienced. I have a lot of experience with it from training and experience which is why we have the procedures I developed. I know what to do, what safeguards to use, what to look for, and what to do if something is not going correctly. "I run a tight ship and need to get on with my part of the program. Here's your money. The cab doors have been open for over 5 minutes and it should be safe for you to get in.

Now I need for you to leave." With 20,000 in two neatly packaged bundles of 100 bills, Jeff moved Tracee's purse and cell phone to the cart. Once Morris had done an inspection to make sure there wasn't anything else that needed to be removed he rolled the cart inside the processing room. Back on the garage floor he gave Jeff the thumbs up to start the cab, opened the exit gates on the opposite side of the building from the entry, and watched to make sure the grated inside and solid outside gates smoothly rolled down closed after Jeff left.

Jeff knew that carrying 20,000 around was way too risky so he headed straight home to put his money in the safe. He decided to celebrate his pay day with a meal of slaw, fries, fried fish, and tartar sauce. The thought of the tartar sauce and fried fish made his mouth water.

Back in the processing room, Morris went about his business. After taking some photos of her fully clothed he handcuffed Tracee's arms behind her back, strapped her legs together at the knees and ankles, and turned on the water to spray her down. Too bad, honey. That is a nice outfit. No wonder Jeff noticed you. But it's time to see what you have on underneath that dress.

He used a pair of scissors to cut off her dress and took photos of her in her grey bra and matching panties. Cute bra and panties. You are a classy gal. Sebastian will like this. You may look better in your underwear than out. After taking off her bra and panties, he decided she looked better naked. He started getting hard. Can't do that now. After more photos, he rinsed her off with warm water and left her underneath the warm air to dry.

The feel of the warm water was pleasant and she was becoming fully awake. She tried to move. Something was holding her. She tried to see and hear. Something was keeping her from hearing or seeing. She tried screaming but something was preventing her from hearing her own screams. Morris could see that she was coming to, felt she was physically okay, and sat down at the stainless steel desk in the processing room to start going through her purse.

"Okay honey. Let's see about you. "Tracee Lynn Nelson? Nice to meet you! Tracee's not totally unheard of but it's not the most common handle." He continued as if she were going to actually hear him or respond, "So you were headed to the Christmas trade show. I bet you didn't expect to be a Christmas present yourself. "If they even notice I'm sure they will just figure you to be a no show.

So Atlanta's home. "Staying at the Blue Point. Nice hotel. Good neighborhood. Doesn't look like you prepaid. They will try to contact you and will check you out when they don't get any response. "You were carrying a good amount of cash.

I figure close to 800. What about credit cards? "Visa and American Express! You must be good with your money. "I wonder if I've seen you before. I'll check it out later. "I'll need to get some samples out for testing. "Now this may sting a little.

But it's all necessary. And part of the services I provide." Tracee felt her arm being held, the tightness of a band, the quick prick of a needle, the band being removed, and something sticky on her arm where she felt the needle prick. What is going on? He needed to call the lab courier to come pick up the samples. "I need to get these over to the lab. I'll be back in 15 to 20. You can relax." Morris shoulders hunched forward and his chest shook as he chuckled to himself about what a clever guy he was.

He was fairly short at 5 feet 4 and slight at 130 pounds. His unassuming slight build, thinning grey hair, soft voice, and light blue eyes made people trust him. Upon seeing him most thought of him as a frail pathetic little old man. But like the unassuming processing center if they had any idea what cruelty and evil he was capable of they would put something between themselves or anyone else they cared about and him as quickly as possible.

20 minutes later he was back in the redhead blue eyed dani jensen auditions and bangs lexingtons bbc room. He resumed their one sided conversation, "That part's underway.

"Jammer's running. I can't pick up a signal on my phone so yours can't be picked up either. "Let's see who you were calling. "Harriet Nelson. Probably your mom.

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Now aren't you a nice daughter. Too bad! You were probably close. But, business is business. And today you are the product. "Miami? I wonder if you have any pictures of Harriet. "Well, well. She looks good. I wonder how old she is.

If you look that good when you're older Sebastian may keep you around for an occasional poke or two. "Let's see what kind of information you have for Harriet. "Birthday's June 15th. I'll put it on my calendar to send her a birthday card from you in June.

"My eyeball estimate is between 45 and 55. You're 23 so I guess she was somewhere around 25 when she had you. "She looks a little shorter than you! "Let's see how you feel Tracee. Today I'll do you with a brand new condom. But if the results come back clean, I am going to ride you bareback next time!" He used the restraints to lift her and slid cushions under her to position her vaginal opening where he wanted it.

With each of her arms and each of her legs tied to opposite corners of the table he could position her any way he chose. After making sure she was dry and applying a good amount of lubricant he was ready to give her a "test run". Just looking at her naked, scrumptious body and knowing that he would soon be fucking her got him rock hard.

He loved the feel of a woman's soft pubic hair brushing against the tip of his penis when he initially penetrated her followed by her tight pussy gripping his dick after initial penetration. "Good girl! Nice and tight. If the results come back clean, I'll tighten you up for a bareback ride." 10 minutes after initial penetration he was ready to cum. With a loud grunt he came hard, let himself start to soften, and pulled out of her.

"With that tight cunt, you should command a premium!" After feeling him pull out of her Tracee thought to herself, So now I've been fucked and not even kissed? What kind of mess am I in?

After giving her a final rinse off, he opened the entry door, and switched off the processing room overhead lights. Back in the building office he checked to make sure he was getting a good signal from Tracee's monitor. All her vital signs seemed in order. He grabbed himself a beer, ham sandwich, and some potato salad and switched on the television to watch the evening news and the entertainment talk show.

Beer and food gone, he checked his email, took a warm shower, played a couple of hands of solitaire on the computer, and turned in about 930 pm.

Morris liked getting his eight hours of sleep. Up at 530, he cleaned himself up and got ready for a busy day. Back in the processing room he did a visual inspection of Tracee and went back to the office to make breakfast. At 630 Tracee was waking up. A jumbled mixture of thoughts were streaming in as if she had torn out some pages at random from an encyclopedia.

She knew that she needed to calm herself down as much as possible so she could think and get it all straight in her memory. I don't know why, but I slept pretty well. This is trouble. Big trouble I think. What is the last thing I remember? I was in a cab taking me to the Convention Center.

I wonder if I got drugged or something at the show. No that couldn't be it. I don't remember anything about the show or even going into the Convention Center.

It all happened so fast. I was in a cab. I was calling mom and then the signal got dropped. The cab turned into a building or something and then drove to a cage. There was a person inside wearing a helmet or something on his head. I figured he was a parking lot attendant or something. I don't remember anything past that. I can't move my arms or legs. I think I'm naked but clean. Feels like something in my mouth. Maybe a gag. Mini etekli seks tecavuz anal try yelling.

After 3 full screams that she couldn't hear she stopped, Well if I make myself hoarse that will only to make it harder to be heard. If I ever get the chances to scream for help I will cut loose. Am I remembering correctly that I was fucked? Yep! I've had this feeling too many times to be mistaken! I've been fucked. I think I was tied down and fucked. I don't remember even going to the show and eating. I'm hungry! I feel something warm but I can't see any lights.

Morris zoomed in with the monitor. She was stirring. Time to welcome my new guest. Tracee felt a sudden draft. I wonder if a door just opened. Lights. Footsteps. A strange smell like bleach or disinfectant. And food. Someone is here! She felt the hearing protectors being removed. All of a sudden I can hear.

The voice sounded like someone quite intelligent and had a calming tone. But the message was hardly calming. It was terrifying. "You're probably terrified. I would be. "Your future from here on will not be what you thought it would be. "I think you love your mom, Harriet. But as soon as you can accept that you will now disappear from her life and she from yours, the happier I think you will be.

I won't sugar coat beautiful london keyes pleasures a massive cock big tits cumshot It is going to hurt for some time. But in the end, I think you may be happy with your future life. "You probably need to use the restroom. I won't take the restraints off but I will loosen them so you can move about on the table but you won't be able to get down off the table and the table is way too heavy for you to turn over.

At the bottom of the table there is a hole for you to use the toilet. Next to the table about half way between the bottom and the top you will see a handle. If you pull it, you can take a shower. There is soap on the table.

You don't need to worry about a towel.

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There is warm air over the table that will dry you off. "I am going to put a food tray at the very top of the table you are on and turn on enough lights for you to eat comfortably.

"In case you're wondering, you did get fucked last night but I used a brand new condom. I got to hand it to you! You're a great fuck even with a condom. I also took a set of samples to make sure you're clean. If the results come back that you are clean, I may fuck you again but this time without a condom.

So eat up! "I like to treat my guests properly and I do hope you will enjoy your stay." She felt the restraints on her hands loosen and grabbed for the gag to remove it. She wanted to scream at him, "Let me loose. I don't deserve this." The gag was too tight for her to completely remove it before he exited the room.

She was hungry. The smell of the coffee, hentai android 18 xxx funked, eggs, and toast was making her mouth water.

The coffee reminded her of the coffee she could get at the corner shop in Atlanta. Fresh, dark, aromatic, and full of flavor. She loved the smell of coffee brewing in the morning.

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After using the bathroom and taking a shower she moved to the top of the table and ate. The food had a relaxing effect on her. Morris needed to attend to his other guest. With a second food tray he went to Vicky's vault. "Good morning my dear. You know the drill. The food is at the top of the table. I'll be back to check on you later. Call me if you need anything." It was a little after 830 am Tuesday morning.

With his guests attended to Morris made phone contact with Sebastian. "Hey Sebastian, Morris here. "Christmas my friend. I think I got a package to send your way. I'll fax some photos to you. "She's about 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 119 pounds. I measure her tits as 32. I didn't measure for cup but my eyeball estimate is C or D. From the way they lay on her chest and feel, I think they're real. Hips are about 32. Waist is about 23. She's blond with hazel eyes. I have a samples out for testing and should get the results before Thursday noon.

If they come back clean, I should have the package shipped by 6 pm Thursday. If not, I will call you again to let you know that this one didn't work out." "Well, you know real milf gangbang amber woods I say.

I mean to give you what you what you ask for." "I'll call you when the package has been loaded and transport is underway." "No need to thank me, friend. Thank you for letting me be your supplier." He checked his email and saw the incoming message from the lab dated 12/8/2015. It's way too early for Tracee's results. Must be results for Vicky. "Subject: STI Results for V.

"Samples submitted 21:37, Thursday, December 3, 2015. "Gonorrhea: No trace. "HIV: No trace. "Genital Herpes: No trace. "Syphilis: No trace. "Trichomoniasis: No trace. "Chlamydia: No trace." Good for Vicky. She's a pretty thing. I'm glad she's clean. I'd hate for that good looking woman to go to waste. Red hair. Green eyes. Small tits. Good ass. Long legs.

Tight cunt. In Colombia she will be a hit. I think Carlos will be pleased with her. I figured she'd be clean. Good deal! Time for one last fling with her and then it's time to get her ready for her trip. Get the crate ready first then I'll give her a good-bye gift and get her ready for her trip.

The fiberglass transport crates were working out much better than any other's he had tried. Easy to clean, light but plenty strong, and fitted with a sturdy locking mechanism. The knife edge seal and a thick layer of insulation provided good sound proofing. Once figure bukkake 25(risty tube porn was inside they could scream all they wanted.

Unless you had super hero hearing you wouldn't hear a thing. Vents kept the package contents alive during transport. For Vicky's trip he was going to use a green crate because it was Carlos's favorite color.

It amazed Morris what mattered to some hard teen compilation and bath tiny hands solve big problems but he was a good paying repeat customer. He made his money as head of one of the large cartels in Cartagena doing something. Morris didn't know and really didn't care what he did. All that mattered to Morris was that he was a good paying customer and had placed several orders with Morris over the years.

He thought of himself as somewhat of a lady's man which amused Morris. The question Morris asked himself about Carlos was "If he's such a lady's man why does he buy packages from me?" A phone call to the private terminal airport in Redville. "This is Morris.

I have a package to send a package to Colombia today. Cartagena. "Okay. I'll call again right before I leave. I plan to be there today before noon." With the crate on the gurney Morris rolled it to Vicky's room. Carlos wanted him to dress her in dark blue jeans, a plain white tee shirt, no bra, and lime green panties. It had taken him a good amount of time to locate green panties the shade Carlos wanted. The clerk had given him quite a look when he bought six and asked her to get some more from stock.

All together he had bought 18 pairs of green panties. Six loose and 12 boxed. Vicky felt the draft as Morris opened the door. In a sorrowful voice Morris proceeded to say his good byes to Vicky. "You're checking out of today, honey. "I've enjoyed having you as a guest. "Before you go, I need to give you your going away present." Vicky had no idea how long she had been there.

No clocks. No windows. She had no idea what time of day it was. Before being captured she had a bowel movement once a day. With a change in her daily food intake it wouldn't have done her any good to try to track the time that way. She was clueless about how long she had been there or where she was. Using the restraints, Morris turned Vicky onto her stomach face down on the stainless steel table.

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He would do her anally for her finale. After applying a good dose of lubricant, he took off his clothes and penetrated her without a condom. In, out. In, out. His strokes were getting less frequent but more penetrating.

He was ready to cum 6 minutes after penetrating her. With a final thrust, he shot his cum into her, let himself soften, and pulled out. Can't send her to Carlos dirty. After washing her inside and out, he dried her, dressed her in the outfit Carlos wanted, and slid her off the table into the green crate. The box of green panties wouldn't fit so he dropped the individual pieces in the crate loosely. He thought it all looked quite pretty. With her red hair, plain white shirt, and dark blue jeans he thought the small piles of green panties in the crate gave it a festive look like a Christmas tree.

After all, it was the season and he hoped Carlos would like it. Restraints in place. Vents working. He could feel the warm air from the vents as she exhaled. With the hearse backed up to the vault door, he opened the rear door, rolled the gurney into position, and loaded the crate. A confirmation call to Redville. "This is Morris. I called earlier about a shipment to Cartagena in Colombia. "I'm bringing a crate for shipment. "I expect to be there within an hour." At the airport he drove to the private aviation entry gate.

Noting the vehicle pass, the guard barely looked up and waved him through. He proceeded straight to the hanger and then to the plane's cargo hatch.

The twin engine jet was prepped and ready. The owners washed each of their jets every day so they always looked purgatoryx the slut maker part with cherie and tara and ready like a runner ready for the race.

With the crate safely loaded, he watched as the pilot completed the preflight and boarded. The engines whined as the fuel pumps started injecting the jet fuel and they started turning. They finally fired off with a roar. He so loved that sound. After watching the plane lift off, he waved good-bye with a tear in his eye and bid Vicky a fond farewell.

"I'll miss you dear. I hope Carlos treats you like the lady you are." He stopped for bar b que take out on the way back to Raymond. After sending a confirming email to Carlos, he went to Vicky's vault and scrubbed everything down with bleach and water. He needed to take food to Tracee and wanted to move her to the vault Vicky had been in to free up the processing room.

The restraints in a second vault had been damaged by one of his recent male guests and were in need of repair so it was out of service. With bar b que and water on the tray he went to check on Tracee.

The processing center had been a food processing operation with several vaults and a large walk in freezer.

Morris now used the walk in freezer as the processing room. Thick insulated, stainless steel walls provided superior sound proofing. To provide for personnel access the freezer had been fitted with a set of heavy insulated double doors. Once the outside door was closed the inner door could be opened and the heavy insulation of the outside door provided adequate sound proofing.

Tracee heard the inside door open. Now! Now that she had the blindfold and gag off, she would let her captor have it. "What the hell is this? "I've been a good girl. "I don't deserve this. "You'll let me go if you know what's good for you!" My god! You yappy little bitch! Maybe I'll fuck you in your asshole as well before I ship your yappy ass off. Morris reply sent a chill through her to her core, "Maybe someday you will learn but maybe not.

"Do you really think you are in a position to threaten me? You're just like every other cunt I have come across. Just because you have a hole that feels good for a man to shoot his wad in you think you are special.

I have fucked many cunts like you. "I was going to take it easy on you but since you seem to have so much to say and I don't want to hear your yappy crap I think I'll pop one in your ass and put the gag back on." After pulling the restraints tight so she couldn't move, he covered her nose and mouth with the mask and turned on the nitrogen.

She tried to hold her breath but once she did breathe they were deep breaths. Three breaths and she was losing consciousness. In less than 20 seconds she japaense son force mom for sex out. With the gag and blindfold back in place and her hands and bangbros latin butterfly esperanza rojas getting fucked in public by max cartel restrained, he turned off the gas and started the oxygen to wake her up.

She was groggy but coming to. When he started to talk she wished she was still passed out or he had put the hearing protectors back on.

Without saying a word, Morris moved her to the vault. "Welcome to your new quarters. I see you're going to be staying with me another couple of days. Let me give you a warm welcome." Morris laughed to himself about how hot Tracee probably felt she was. It would probably disgust her to realize that just that very morning Morris had done the same thing to Vicky that he was about to do to her on the same table. With the restraints for her left arm and leg threaded through the high eye hooks, he could put her body in any position he wanted.

He turned her completely over so that her stomach was resting against the steel table with her anus about 12 inches off the table surface. She felt him spread her cheeks. Now what, she thought. He still smelled of Vicky's asshole and his own cum. Disgusting. He was in position with cushions under his knees and didn't care if he hurt her or not. Without a drop of lubricant in a single punishing thrust he penetrated her anus.

Push, rest, pull. She wished so badly that she needed to go so she could shit on him. It sounded like he was trying to seduce her with small talk. "Oh baby. You've got such a great hole. Are you loving this?" What the hell. He's already fucking me in the ass. Why does he want to seduce me now? Push, rest, pull. "I figured you would be good as a butt fuck." A final grunt and he came inside her. "By now, you know the drill. I'm putting a tray with some food on the table.

The lay out is the same as where you were before." Like the processing room the vault was fitted with a set of heavy double doors. After loosening the restraints he turned on enough lights for her to eat, left through the inner door, closed the outer door, and left Tracee in the vault.

Tuesday had been a busy but profitable day. Wednesday was mainly a chores day. He had a lot to do and didn't feel like fucking Tracee. He made out his Wednesday to do list: Check and repair restraints in the processing room and the spare vault.

Give the whole place a thorough cleaning. Care for T. Check receipts from customers and update books. This is priority one. *Raymond air cash payment 25,000 on 12/1/2015. *Redville air transport bill 45,000. Paid on 12/5/2016. *Jeff cash payment 20,000 on 12/7/2015.

*Sebastian down payment for T 75,000. Received on 12/8/2015. *Carlos final payment 150,000 for V. Received on Tuesday, 12/8/2015. *Raymond Lab STI bill. 10,000. Paid 12/10/2015. Chores done he did a last check of Tracee's monitor and turned in at his usual time of 930 pm Thursday he was up as usual at 530. Over coffee he turned on the computer, checked email, and saw the results from the lab dated 0500, 12/10/2015.

"Subject: STI Results for T. "Samples submitted 20:07, Thursday, December 7, 2015. "Gonorrhea: No trace. "HIV: No trace. "Genital Herpes: No trace. "Syphilis: No trace. "Trichomoniasis: No trace. "Chlamydia: No trace." Time for Tracee to take a trip. Sebastian liked Morris to ship the packages in a red crate and had sent Morris the clothes he wanted Tracee to arrive in.

He was someone that you did not want to have angry at you. At 5 foot 2 inches and weighing almost 240 pounds, he was relatively ugly, squat, fat little man. He had little polish and ruled his coffee plantation with an iron fist. Sometimes he would punish one of his workers for no other reason than to show the other workers that he was indeed capable of hurting someone badly.

None of the packages Morris had secured for him had ever escaped. Once they were shipped, they were never heard of again. I think I'll do Tracee with a condom in her cunt as a good-bye gift. I don't want Sebastian mad at me if she gets pregnant and besides I just don't feel cartoon xxx story in japan fucking her in the ass again.

Crate's ready for Tracee. Time to give Tracee her good-bye gift. Back in the vault he used the restraints to turned Tracee sideways. I wonder if he is going to fuck me in the ass or pussy this time? I wonder if he even rinsed his dick off since he had it in my asshole? What a jerk! The sight of Tracee lying there got him going again. He stared at her for a good while remembering the last several days screwing her and started getting hard just from thinking about fucking her.

To position her vagina for him he rotated her slightly. No lubricant except for that from the condom. She felt the tip of his penis penetrate her until he had about half of his cock inside her. Once inside, he let the warmth of her vagina around his dick spread before he pushed the rest of his cock into her. His strokes started as slow powerful penetrations.

No warm up. He wanted to cum in her and needed to get going. Ejaculation finished he pulled out of her. No small talk now. After giving her a final clean up and dressing her in the clothes that Sebastian had sent especially for her, he moved her into the red crate and pushed it into the hearse. A quick call to the Raymond airport. "Hey Bill. Morris here. I got a package to go to Mexico.

"This one's going to Sebastian. Tampico, Mexico. Yeah I know. It's a long flight. "I'll be there in 30 or less." It's light traffic today. I should be there in less than 20 for sure. The small local Raymond airport rarely had any traffic and today was no different.

With no security gate he preferred the local strip. At the airport he drove to the hangar closest to the air strip and then to the plane's rear loading hatch. The pilot was sitting about halfway up the loading ramp in a light tan flight suit drinking a cup of coffee and greeted him.

After they loaded the crate the pilot used the hydraulic lift to close and lock the hatch and completed his preflight check. Package loaded and secured! The high whine of the battery turning the first engine's prop and then the engine firing off quickly caused the prop to change from three strips of metal rotating slowly to a whirling flash.

After the second engine fired off Morris wished he was going on a trip. I think I am not going to accept any new orders for a while. I don't think I have any new ones. If I do what I do with them will depend on who, what, and how much. As soon as I get the ones filled that I choose, I think I'll take a break and do some fishing. Maybe Australia or New Zealand. Somewhere peaceful. At first the 18 cylinder rotary engines were spitting and running a little roughly but after adjusting the mixture and choke the pilot had the engines warming up and running smoothly.

He gave Morris the thumbs up to pull chocks. Morris watched as the plane taxied to the runway, picked up speed, and lifted off. Another package on its way. Beautiful chienese girlfriend loves her mans hard cock hardcore brunette fun honey. Back in the hearse for the ride back to the processing center he thought about how much he needed a vacation At the processing center, a scrub down of the vault with bleach and water, then a thorough wash down with fresh water.

A final trip to the incinerator to destroy the last remaining evidence of Vicky's or Tracee's former lives. A quick email to Sebastian, "Package is shipped." To celebrate he thought it appropriate to get some Mexican food. Driving to the restaurant all he could think of was good Mexican food. As he took a spoonful of hot Menudo, he thought about the day. Tracee sure was tight. I regret not riding her bareback. Sebastian you are a lucky bastard.

I hope you enjoy fucking her as much as I did.