Sexy milf in black stockings fucked in a bar more on hdmilfcamcom

Sexy milf in black stockings fucked in a bar more on hdmilfcamcom
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I was a virgin still and only 15 when my life was to change in a massive way after one incredible day. It all started when I was at the local baths and I was having a shower, I thought I was the last one in the changing rooms and the hot water splashing on my body made me horny.

I started to play with my cock which was much larger than all my friends at school, it was 7.5" long and nice and thick. I had been thinking more and more about what it was going to be like to fuck my first girl luscious bitch loves being nailed by large knobs I was getting a hard on all the time!

Anyway, as I was wanking off much to my horror I heard a voice say "well then boy what do you think you're doing then?" I tried to cover my hard cock with my hands as I looked up and saw 5 guys who were all in their 30"s all from the local Rugby Team "Oh god I'm sorry, please don't tell anyone, please I will do whatever you tell me, but don't tell on me I beg you" "Umm that sounds interesting, ok well then I guess you can start by sucking me and the other guys off" he said.

The thought was disgusting so I refused saying I couldn't do that but anything but that. "well its either that or it's the Police and your parents, so you choose" I knew I had no other option so I knelt down in front of him and I could see his cock was about the same size as mine and rock hard.

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I put my hand around it and slowly started to wank him off and when he told me to lick it again I had no other option and did as I was told. He soon pushed it between my lips and as he started fucking my mouth I could see the 4 other men all wanking off as they watched me.

"umm you're a natural born cocksucker that feels really good" he said and then a few minutes later I felt his cock grow harder as he buried into my mouth and as he came he told me I had to swallow it all.

It felt warm and milky life on the road parody with viola bailey tasted a little meaty and salty and after he had finished as soon as he pulled out of my mouth another cock took its place, he didn't take long to cum and when he had finished I was told to lean my head back and open my mouth wide.

The next 2 wanked off shooting their sperm into my mouth and after I swallowed it the last one moved over next to me. He was African and his black cock was massive easily 11" long and as thick as a small coke bottle and as he pushed it into my mouth he told me " well I hope you like cum sonny because I'm going to give you plenty to drink".

He took his time fucking my mouth for a good 5 minutes and then his cock started firing huge jets of cum again and again and when he finally stopped he must have shot at least 5 times more than all of them. Then without thinking about what I was doing or being told to I started licking all the drops of cum from his cock, "I see you obviously like swallowing my cum" he said and realising what I was doing I was disgusted with myself and stopped.

Before leaving the guy who started it said he hoped I liked it and if I did I should come to his house at 6 for some more fun and told me the address. As I made my way home I felt ashamed of myself and I tried to convince myself that I hadn't really liked the taste, it was probably just my minds way of dealing with what had happened.

But as the hours went by I couldn't stop thinking about what I'd done and the urge and desire to feel more cum filling my mouth grew stronger and stronger. I tried to fight it but it was no good and at 5.30 I told myself that I was only going to prove that I actually didn't like it. I soon arrived at a farm house 10 minutes late and as I nervously knocked on the door I noticed that there must be at least 30 cars parked up.

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The door opened and he smiled and said he was pleased I was here and said his name was Rob and with a warm black guy xxx vidone downiad goog smile took my hand and he led me upstairs into a bedroom, He started to undress and as I did the same he told me he was dying to suck my cock ever since he saw me playing with myself and he told me to lie on the bed and we got into a 69 position.

As he put his hand around my already hard cock I did the same without any hesitation and the sensation I was feeling when for the 1st time in my life my cock was being licked was so powerful I eagerly did the same. After he had licked up my pre cum he said it tasted lovely and his pre cum also soon covered all of the head and as soon as I swallowed it I loved the taste so much I took him into my mouth and started sucking him off.

Rob gave me some wet lube and I followed his instructions and soon he was moaning with joy in between sucking and licking my cock as I sucked him and fingered his tight hole, so when he asked if I would like to try I was so turned on I agreed. At first it hurt a little when his finger slid inside me but he said it would soon pass and sure enough it soon did and then it felt really good. In fact it was so good I soon told him I was going to cum and he started to suck me even harder and also finger fucked me hard and fast and my cock exploded into his mouth.

A few seconds later I felt his cock grow bigger and harder as he buried it deep into my mouth and he fired a thick jet of his warm spunk straight down my throat. It tasted so good I greedily drank down every bit and when we had finished Cumming I carefully licked his cock clean lapping up every drop of his precious sperm.

He asked me if I liked swallowing his cum and I told him I really loved it and that he could cum in my mouth all day long, "that's great because I have a nice surprise for you". He then took my hand and with us both still naked he led me down stairs and into a room that was filled with 40 or 50 guys. I stared in disbelief because all of them where naked and wanking off and as each of them came they shot their load into a glass bowl.

After Joe had soon done the same he poured it all into a Pint Glass half filling it. He explained that to become a member I had to drink a large mouthful of the mixed members cum and gave me the glass.

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I had counted 40 loads and without hesitation I took a large mouthful which I slowly swirled around my mouth savouring the feel and taste. After I had gulped it down it tasted so good I drank down mouthful after mouthful until the glass was empty and as they all clapped and cheered I was so horny I said "more, umm please give lots more" I lay down on the table and a cock was pushed between my lips and at the same time I felt a finger teasing my virgin hole which felt really good until he told me now he was going to fuck me and before I could object he pushed the head inside.

I cried out in agony and Rob quickly told me to try and hold on promising it would soon pass and that then I would love it.

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I took the cock back into my mouth and tried to ignore the pain by focussing on the cock I was sucking and sure enough suddenly the pain stopped and waves of intense pleasure took over. Feeling me relax he started sliding his 5 or 6 inch cock in and out fucking me slowly at first and as he fucked me harder and faster the pleasure increased.

When he said he was going to cum I started to suck much harder and at the same time teased his cum filled balls and as the cock inside my arse emptied hot jets of cum the cock in my mouth did the same. As soon as they pulled out of me 2 more cocks replaced them followed by 2 more and they all took turns cumming in my mouth and spunk filled arse with only 1 member left that hadn't fucked me.

It was the African with the 11" cock and as he pushed inside me it hurt like hell at first and then as I felt his cock stretch me and then slide all the way in and out I was in ecstasy. He drove it in and out again and again burying his massive fat cock all the way up to his cum filled balls which slapped against my arse.


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When both of them had come Rob pushed what he called a But Plug inside me saying it would keep all the cum inside me, The other members all said thank you and goodbye and after they left Rob said "Well you've been fucked by 40 men and swallowed 80 loads of cum did you enjoy yourself?"