Chap really enjoys fucking mother id like to fuck

Chap really enjoys fucking mother id like to fuck
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Amy led me by the hand down the hall, swaying as she walked. I could tell she had been drinking. I shot one final glance back towards the main bedroom and heard the sounds of men laughing; my dad and Tony were clearly having fun with my mom. The guest bedroom was one floor below the master bedroom and once we arrived, I realized we would be able to hear much of what was going on in the bedroom above us due to the layout of the house.

Amy's eyes were glazed over, I could tell she had been crying before I ran into her. She must've been feeling horrible, her husband clearly favoring his friend's wife (my mother) over her. To make matters worse, my father Chris got bored with her and crept back upstairs to have a threesome with Kelly and Amy's husband Tony, leaving Amy all alone. It was humiliating just thinking about it.

"Sit on the bed and get comfortable. I'm going to grab some more wine" Amy said in her best seductive voice but I grabbed her arm before she could get up. "Get me some wine too" I barked. I could see a small amount of fear in her eyes, but my stern behavior was also clearly turning her on. "you got it baby" she said, as she walked away, still swaying sexually in her robe. I realized something then: her husband was Tony and if I had learned anything about Tony tonight, he was into ROUGH sex.

So now that Amy was feeling rejected and humiliated, I could get away with being quite rough with her tonight. Amy came back a moment later with two glasses of win and said "take off your clothes and lie on your stomach, I'm going to give you a massage".

She said this as she handed me the wine and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I returned the kiss and grabbed the back of her head and began to kiss even more passionately. But suddenly I bit her upper lip quite hard and she pulled back in surprise. But I grabbed her face and continued to kiss even harder before saying: "Listen to me Amy. I know you're upset about being the second favorite woman tonight, but I don't care. I think you're gorgeous, otherwise I wouldn't be here, but I don't care about your night.

You are going to do EXACTLY what I say, when I say it. And you're going to do it the first time I ask, understood?" But this was the language Amy was used to, Tony probably said worse to her every single night.

So she quickly said "of course baby, I understand" "good. Then you can start by taking off everything but the thong. Now, come fuck me before the cops come and strap on a group of teens have been well known for And with that Amy quickly peeled out of her robe and draped it over a chair.

Her nice breasts looked quite sexy in the pink bra and she had a fantastic stomach. I also noticed in this moment that she had a belly button pierce. I blurted out a laugh at that. "Oh man, a belly button pierce?

You must've been quite the freak back in the day" I said. "mmmm, maybe" she cooed sexually as she removed the pink bra and her tender and delicate looking breasts popped out.

"Ok bend over for me, spread those cheeks, but you can keep the thong on" I said as Amy did as she was told, bending over the chair and spreading her cheeks, giving me the perfect view to the pink string that ran young teen creamy pussy first time proving papa wrong her ass.

She had clearly been shaving, there was no visible hair anywhere. I quickly took off my shirt and boxers and leaned against the bedpost. "OK now move the string and spread those ass cheeks" I said Amy blurted out a laugh.

"oh god, you're going to make me blush" she said as she did as she was told and tenderly moved the string of the pink thong to the right side of her butt and spread her ass open with both hands slowly.

For a woman her age, it wasn't a bad looking asshole. Mostly a dark pink.

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"Oh wow, do you bleach that shit?" I asked. "Nope" "Looks pretty good for no bleach jobs. Ok, that's enough" I said sternly.

She turned back around, she was blushing, her cheeks were very red and I could tell that even though she was pretty drunk, she was nervous as hell. "Come here, let's see how you suck dick" I said as she let out a mischevious smile and crawled onto the bed and began kissing my inner thighs, slowly.

She then licked my ball sack and stared up at me playfully, but honestly, I wasn't in the mood for this slow passive shit. "Yeah, I don't have time for these games, I said suck my dick bitch" I said as I grabbed some of her blonde hair in my fist and pulled her scalp to my cock and pushed her mouth onto my dick. I could tell she was quite startled but was enjoying my surprising level of confidence. She opened her eyes wide as I fucked her face, still grabbing a fistful of her blonde hair, jerking her head back and forth on my cock.

As we continued in this position we both began to hear more noise coming from directly above us. There was lots of laughing and then my mom Kelly was heard saying: "OH god, A camera?! You boys are crazy" and then more laughing. "I need something I can use to rememeber this forever, asin emraan hashmi xxx story to picture when I'm fucking that thing I call my wife" Tony screamed obnoxiously.

This led to more laughter from voices that must've been Chris and Kelly. "you're awful" I heard Kelly say as she laughed. Suddenly Amy pulled back from my grasp quite strongly and a tear ran down her cheek.

"Tony is such a bastard, did you hear that?" she asked me in the sweetest, most innocent voice. I wanted to answer with something mean. I wanted to just force her mouth back on my dick but honestly, I had a moment of weakness because I felt so bad for her. "Amy, baby, why do you need to pay attentiuon to Tony tonight? This is me and you having fun, I'm having a great time with you.

Arent' you having fun?" I asked. "yeah, I really am. You're…gorgeous" she said as she ran her hands down my thighs and brushed them against my dick. "God you really are. You look like some kind of greek god.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a interracial oral sex and fuck with blonde milf nesty alright, but…" I trailed off and looked back down at my dick. Amy got the hint and immediately went back to sucking my cock as she arched her butt in the air, the hot pink thong disappearing down her crack and giving me a great view of her whale tail.

"Hey, you like licking asshole?" I asked her as I continud to push her head on my dick. She responded with "mmmhhhhm". "Yeah, alright, come on, lick my ass, lets go" I said as I let her god and sunk down a bit in the bed and lifted my legs so my ass was available to her. And full credit to Amy because she wasted NO time going straight down and deeply inserted her tongue in my ass hole.

"Keep jacking me off while you do it, come on now, you can do both at once" I said as she promptly began to jerk me off while licking my ass. I smiled to myself, my plan had worked perfectly.

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I had this woman under my full control. And god the rim job she was giving me felt incredible. I'd never actually gotten a woman to do it to me before but this was something Amy clearly did to Tony a lot because she was damn good at it. After about ten minutes of getting my sanny leon xxxx hard faking tossed I told her "OK, back to sucking my dick, I wanna cum".

She wasted no time going straight back to the blowjob. I suddenly stood up on the bed and said "I'm close to cumming so I want to fuck your face.

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Put your hands at your sides, I don't want you interfering ok?" "Cum for me baby, I want to taste your cum" was her only response as she put her hands down by her sides (again, she seemed used to it) and I began to hump at her face aggressively.

Within almost no time I started to feel myself getting ready to blow so I said "I'm cumming!" and shoved her scalp as far back onto my dick as I could go and shot rope after rope of seed down Amy's throats as she swallowed obediently.

And the night was still young&hellip. TO BE CONTINUED.