Naughty gloryhole session with a sexy schoolgirl

Naughty gloryhole session with a sexy schoolgirl
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 28 "A Fun Fourth Cherie deville and kennedy leigh some sex on small bed July" I have always loved the Fourth of July holiday.

I love watching the fireworks. I love the food, the fun and being together with friends, having a great time, celebrating the independence of our great country.

I also love the fact that it falls right in the middle of summer, meaning the women are usually wearing very little clothing or simply bathing suits. When Cindy and I purchased our first home, it was a small single story house that sat on a couple of acres and had a big back yard. It also had a swimming pool that we loved. We spent many days and evenings out in the pool. When it was getting close to the holiday, we decided to have a group of friends over for a grill out and a day of swimming.

We lived about a half mile from a mall that would put on a huge fireworks display, so everyone was excited to come over. I spent the morning getting everything ready for the day, getting the pool sparkling clean, making sure the coolers were full and iced up and getting a good play list together.

I was ready for a fun day and probably started on the beer just a little too early. By the time everyone began to arrive, I was feeling no pain. Most of our friends had brought their suits and before long there were several people in the pool splashing around.

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Cindy excused herself to go in and put on her suit and I was hoping she would wear something very sexy. Would she wear something more conservative with everyone around? Or would she wear one of the special suits I had purchased for her? Her friend Sandy was looking good in a turquoise bikini and our friend Judy had a white one on that molded to her cute butt very nicely.

Doctor girl hospital hot porn came back outside wearing a white mesh cover up and carrying a pitcher of margaritas.

As she walked around serving everyone, I caught glimpses of color through the cover up. I saw some blue and some red, but I couldn't figure out what suit she had put on.

She came over to me and I asked her what sunny leone hot twisty v had on, but she only smiled and winked at me as she walked away. I kept my eyes on her as I went about my hosting duties. I had just reached into the cooler to pull out a couple of beers for my friend Mark and me, when I heard him go "Whoa!" I looked up and saw that Cindy had just removed her cover up and was walking towards the pool.

Her back was to us and all I saw was a small piece of red, white and blue cloth running across her hips and disappearing between the cheeks of her butt. It looked like that was all she had on.

As she turned the corner of the pool and headed towards the steps, I could see that she was actually wearing a one piece suit. The suit tied around her neck and two strips of cloth came down across her tits, or should I say some of her tits.

They were just slightly larger than her areolas and the deep "v" between her tits went down until just above her mound, where they came together and formed the bottoms. All of it was covered in Stars and Stripes for the holiday. At the time I had only seen these suits in catalogs and on some of the contestants in swimsuit contests, but here was my wife, wearing this daring suit in front of all of our friends.

I watched as her tits swayed back and forth as she walked and I am sure every other male eye was capturing the hypnotic swing back and forth. I heard Mark say "Damn" a couple of times under his breath as she descended the stairs. We both watched as she stepped down into the water. As the cool water came in contact with her body, her nipples made a very welcomed appearance, pressing against the taught fabric. Mark looked at me said he was sorry for staring. I told him no problem as she probably was hoping for that exact reaction since she wore that suit.

I watched as Cindy waded over to Judy and her sister Deb and the three of them seemed to be all commenting on her suit. I doubt that my dick was the only one that was saluting the stars and stripes right about then. The day was perfect and we all had a lot of fun, both in and out of the pool. Cindy always seemed to have several people willing astonishing schoolgirl gets the teachers big donger partner up with her for some of the games.

We had a corn hole tournament going on and it became very humorous to watch cat fighting drowning underwater lesbien was throwing from her end try not to watch her ass cheeks as she stepped into the throw. Of course, those fortunate enough to be at the other end were treated to a nice display of her boobs bouncing enticingly as she threw the beanbags.

I think the most memorable part of the day, at least for all the guys, was during a volleyball game in the pool. We had split into two teams and faced off on both sides of the net. It seemed like most of the guys were trying to get on Cindy's team but of course some of us had to be on the other team.

This proved to be the most advantageous spot once the game began. Cindy was always good at volley ball and she was very competitive.

Every time she would jump to hit the ball, those of us on the opposing team were treated to a very nice view of her tits bouncing within the constraints of her suit. Several times she had to reach down as the top has shifted to the side and began to expose her areola. As the game progressed, things began to get very competitive and the score was very close. Cindy jumped up to try to spike a ball and reached up high to hit it.

As she did, her entire right boob slipped free of the suit. All of us on the other team just stared at her. She acted as if she wasn't aware of what she was showing, however she did give me a little smirk and a slight wink, letting me know she knew exactly what she was doing. She stayed like that for a few minutes until her sister pointed out her exposure. Of course all of us guys yelled at Deb and told her to mind her own business.

Cindy acted liked she was embarrassed and covered up. We all were having a great time. As the day faded into night, we all were ready for a great fireworks display. Once the fireworks were going, I found myself swaying back and forth and realized that all the alcohol and sun no holes left unfucked doggystyle and deepthroat starting to catch up to me.

I found a chair and plopped down in it, too drunk to even stand. We all enjoyed the fireworks and after they were over, most everyone was either going to head home or go out drinking some more. I told Cindy I was not really feeling up to driving to a bar so we probably would have to just chill at the house. She wasn't happy as she wanted to have some more fun. Her friend Baseball Bob chimed in that since had only been there for a short time, he would be more than happy to drive Cindy any where she wanted.

She asked if I was Ok with that and I said of course, as my soft pillow was sounding better and better. She asked Bob if he minded if she hopped in the shower real quick before they headed out. He said fine and sat down near me and we talked as she disappeared down the hall.

We call Bob, Baseball Bob because he is on Cindy's Softball team.

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We have three friends who go by Bob, so it was easier to just call them all something different. We liked him right away as he was funny and outgoing. He has become the go-to guy when it came to the after game parties. He is always a blast to be with as well. Cindy came back down the hall wearing a pair of short white shorts and a tight red tank top.

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Of course both Bob and I watched her braless boobs bounce usa school 12 ers xxx story g as she approached us. She once again asked if I was Ok if she went out and I told her that was cool. I was heading to bed soon. They left and I was soon stretched out on the bed and falling into a deep sleep.

I awoke several hours later when Cindy pulled the covers back and slid in next to me. She leaned over me and I could tell she was naked. He body felt so warm against mine. She leaned in to me and kissed me softly on the lips. "Are you awake, baby?" I heard her say.

I was still in that foggy half-sleep stage; not really knowing what was going on. I felt her hand move across my chest and begin to travel down across my belly until she came to the waistband of my underwear. She toyed with it for a second before she leaned close to my ear. "Do you want me to tell you about my night?" I was very tired and didn't know if I could handle listening to the account of her night at the bar.

I figured it would be all talk of who she saw or what band was playing. I sort of mumbled that I was tired. I felt her slide her fingers under the edge of my underwear and begin to move towards my cock. "Are you sure you don't want to know what your bad little girl has been up to?" With that she wrapped her hand around my shaft and lightly squeezed. That worked better than any alarm clock to pull me out of my funk. Not only was I awake fully, but my cock began to wake as well.

She laughed and scooted even closer so I could feel her whole body pressed against me.

"Do you want to hear what happened? Give me your hand." She grabbed my hand and moved it between her thighs. I felt the heat sister and brother sloping ebony bihar ka xxxx bf story bhjpuri off of her. I also felt a lot of moisture gathered there between her lips. "Tell me." I said hoarsely. "Well, when we left, Bob said he still smelled like pool water and asked if I minded if we stopped over at his apartment real quick so that he could pop into the shower.

I told him that it wasn't a problem. We got into his place and he said for me to make a drink while he showered. I went and fixed a couple of V&T's then headed down the hall. I could hear the water running and yelled through the door that I made him one too.

He told me to open the door and set it on the sink for him." I opened the door and the room was filled with steam. I joked that he must take hotter showers than most girls. He laughed and said that what he was soaping up right then proved he wasn't a girl. That got me thinking that just on the other side of the shower curtain was a naked man.

You know that I have commented on Bob's package before in his softball shorts, so I figured I would sneak a peek to see if he really was big or not." This was beginning to sound like something good was going to happen.

I began to wonder if she had actually done something with Bob. She continued to stroke my hard cock with her hand as she told me everything. "I set his drink down and before I could chicken out, I climbed up on the toilet lid and peeked over the top of the curtain rod. Bob had his back to me and I watched as the water and soap washed down his back and over his ass. He has a really sexy ass, baby. I watched for a minute and then decided to scare him so I spoke up and told him to "turn around." He jumped and tried to cover himself.

I laughed at him and told him to drop his hands." "He told me that he would show me his I f I showed him mine. Oh baby, you don't know how bad I wanted to see it right then. I just laughed and got down off the toilet. He said something like "I thought so." That seemed like a challenge to cristi ann in fucked in swiming pool pornstars hardcore, so I closed the door loudly, hoping he thought I had gone out and left him alone.

I then pulled off my top, shorts and panties then waited." At this point I began to scoot down in the bed until I had my face right next to her pussy. I could see it was a little red and puffy; a sure sign that she had had another hard dick in there.

I leaned forward and began to trace the outer lips with my tongue. "Oh yes, baby, kiss it. I want to feel your tongue on me where Bob's dick was just a little while ago." She confirmed now what I had already suspected.

If anything this made me even hotter for her. I dove into her fully and began to lick every inch of her womanhood. I stopped for a second, but only long enough to say "Go on." "He shut off the water and in a few seconds pulled the curtain back quickly. He saw me there and jumped, once again trying to cover himself. Oh baby, he looked so good. He has a great body. I never knew just how good it was. He has a nice six-pack stomach too. I posed there naked in front of him and told him that now that he had seen mine, I got to see his.

" "He swallowed hard and couldn't take his eyes off of my tits and my pussy. I told him to drop his hands or I was putting my clothes back on. He smiled and then dropped his hands. MMMM baby, he had a nice dick. It had a cute head on it that was thicker than the rest. I watched it begin to get hard as he stood there dripping water. My little pussy started to get wet on its own right then. " "I grabbed his towel and walked right over to him.

He just held out his arms to the side, giving me the go ahead to dry him.

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I started at his chest and rand the towel all over him, soaking up the water drops. I didn't touch him yet though. I told him to turn around and dried his shoulder and back. Then I grabbed his butt with both hands and dried it off.

I turned him around and then bent down to begin to dry his legs. When I got up to his dick, it was pointing straight up against his belly!" I pushed two fingers into her just then and felt her begin to move her hips up and down. "Oh yeah baby, that feels good. God I love when you touch me. " "You love to be touched" I said. "Touched by all the guys, don't you?" "Mmmmm yes, yes, yes. I want all of them to touch me; to feel me. " "Did Bob touch you then?

I asked her. "Not then", she said. "But I touched him. I reached out and took his dick in my hand. It was so hard bondage group humiliation and roman orgy xxx beach bikers I had to force it away from give it to me daddy sleepy fellow missed how his father boinks his girlboss body so I could get my fingers around it.

He attractive patient fucked by uniformed doctor reality blowjob had his arms out to the side and just let me play with it for a few minutes. I sat down on the toilet and pulled him close.

I played with the head for a little bit. It was turning so red it was almost purple. It seemed like it was so full of blood that the skin was tight and shiny on it. I knew I wanted to taste it." Hearing that had me turned on and I leaned in and began to swirl my tongue around her clit as I pumped my fingers in and out of her. She was thrusting her hip up and down as my fingers pumped in and out of her. I could tell she was close to having an orgasm. "Oh baby, that feels so good.

I am close……&hellip. Keep going." I knew I wasn't going to get much more out of her when she began to focus on her impending orgasm. I doubled my efforts and began to gently suck on her little bud as I curled my fingers upward, stroking her g-spot. I used my other hand to gently press down on her pubic mound so that I could feel my fingers inside of her stroking. This never fails to set her off and in a few seconds I was rewarded as she screamed out in ecstasy.

As she slowly came back to earth, I eased up on both my stroking and on my sucking. She was coated in a light film of sweat as her breathing came back to normal. I pulled my fingers out of her and licked them one by one. Then I moved up over her, put my knees between her thighs and looked her in the eyes.

Just as I began to push my hard cock into her, I leaned in close, kissed her and told her to continue. "That's the dick I love" she said as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I smiled thinking that she likes a lot of dicks, but it never hurts to hear. "Oh god baby, I couldn't help myself. I pulled him in close to me and took him in my mouth. I loved the feel of his head against my tongue. It was so tight and smooth. He wrapped my hair around one of his hands as I was sucking on him.

That turned me on so much. You know how I love it when you pull my hair when you are fucking me? This was almost as good." "He began to pull my head back and forth while he stroked in and out of my mouth.

He was fucking my face, baby. God, it was hot. I loved him taking control. I reached down and began to play with his balls. The hair was trimmed off of them so they were nice and soft. Just as I started to run my fingernails across them he said he was ready to cum. He wanted to know if he could come on my tits. " "I pulled him out and he aimed it at my tits. I swear I don't think I have seen anyone cum so hard. He didn't cum a whole lot, but when it shot out; it hit my tits and splattered all over.

I'll bet he could have shot it across the room!" I was stroking in and out of her while she talked. Every so often I would lean down and try to lick her nipples. Was that his cum I tasted? I didn't think so, but knowing he had painted her tits not long ago was really making it difficult for me to hold off.

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"When he was done shooting, I took him back into my mouth and licked his dick clean. Mmmm baby, it tasted a lot like you. He didn't even get soft.

I love when guys can do that. He pulled me up and kissed me, then reached over and turned the shower back on. We climbed in and he washed all of his cum off of my body, then he began soaping me up all over. I loved feeling his hands all over as the warm water was washing over us.

I leaned forward and placed my hands against the tile then looked over my shoulder and told him to fuck me. Oh god baby, when he slid all the way in me in one stroke I let out a little yell. It didn't hurt, but it surprised me. He then grabbed my hips and started to really fuck me baby. " At that point I knew I wouldn't last long and grabbed her hips as well. I started to really push in deep, trying to reach those places where she had had another cock inside of her.

I pictured her bent over young adorable chick needs hard pleasuring hardcore and blowjob the shower, dripping wet and getting fucked. I was close. "Yeah Baby, you like that? You like hearing how your dirty little girl got fucked? Do you like hearing how he pounded into me while in the shower? How he fucked me so good? How his hard dick was in your baby's pussy?

Come on baby, fuck me. Fuck your bad girl. Give it to me." That did it for me. I grabbed her hips and buried myself deep within her, filling her with my seed. As I shot off she reached her own orgasm and both of us went over the edge.

I felt her grip me tight with her thighs as her whole body contracted. He pussy was squeezing me cock with each wave that passed through her. When we had come down somewhat, I pulled out of her and flopped down next to her. "Damn babe, that was great.

Thanks for waking me up." I managed to say between deep breathes. "Do you want to hear the rest?" she asked me. Of course I said yes. "After we got out of the shower, I downed what was left of my drink and then took his hand. I looked over his body again and could not believe how ripped he was. I had always thought he would be pudgy since he wears those baggy clothes. I took his hand and led him into his bedroom. He said he had always wanted to taste my pussy, so I gladly laid back on the bed and let him get between my legs.

He dove right in and I had to tell him to be a little gentler. He slowed down and it really started to feel good. You know how I love having my pussy eaten. He would lick and suck on me for a little while, and then he would kiss all over my thighs and tummy. He kept getting me real close to cumming and then he would back off. I finally grabbed his head and pulled him in tight so he couldn't pull away. I came so hard on his tongue baby. He made me scream as I came. It was so good." "Did you let him fuck you again?

"No. After I came we just lay there and talked for a little bit while he stroked my body. I almost fell asleep, it felt so good. I told him I needed to get home after a little while, so he got dressed and drove me home to you. He started ideal chick is gaping narrow pussy in close range and getting off get nervous that you would find out and kick his ass, but Oil masage domination in female told him not to worry.

He would shit if he knew that I told you everything.' "So do you want to fuck him again? "mmmmm, you do know how much I like to get fucked, baby. If the situation comes up again, can I??" I just smiled and snuggled up to her, knowing that I would let her do just about anything to make her happy.