Cute blonde shares her bf with milf blowjob and mature

Cute blonde shares her bf with milf blowjob and mature
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Angie (pt2) He looked down at his daughter, passed out, and tried to grasp what she had said before she passed out.

Not thinking with a clear mind, he shook her back awake, and asked her, "What do you mean if I wasn't your dad you wouldn't be a virgin?" Groggy she grasped his dick threw his shorts and said "you're a hot guy and I am horny, what do you think", then swayed a little bit back and forth. Partially from the booze and partially from what she had just done and said.

"Bullshit, your pulling my leg" and my dick he thought. She thought "all or nothing now" and rose back up slowly, said "If I was joking would I do this" and pulled his dick to her lips and licked the tip.

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(She really didn't know how to do a blow job but she figured he would like that). His dick betrayed him and bounced straight at her. She looked up, half expecting him to freak out; instead, he put one hand on her head and said, "Oh gawd baby, PLEASE". Taking that as an ok, the started licking his dick all over. She almost stopped when she tasted the precum coming out of it, but, in her current state really didn't care and licked it up too.

Wanting more from her, he moaned "suck it baby".

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Not have ever done that before to anyone, she took the head in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Hoping that was what he wanted.

Looking down at his daughter, and feeling that she really didn't know how to give head, he pulled back and asked "honey, you really are a virgin, aren't you." Looking up, she grinned her drunken grin, and said "not for much longer I hope." "Are you sure? That's something special and I don't want you hating me in the morning" Sitting straight up, head swirling, Angie said "Yes, its what I want, No, I will not hate you, but, I think I am getting sick." With that she got up and almost made it to the bathroom before she plastered the floor with her night's drinks.

Sighing, her dad got up, walked over and picked her up, and led her to the bathroom. He held her hair back while she emptied the rest into the porcelain throne, and then used a wet washcloth to clean her up.

Taking her hand, he led her to his bedroom, and laid her down in his bed, pulling a trashcan to the side, and told her jeri solo pretty sporty baseball bat deep pussy some sleep, if you feel sick use the can, don't try to get to the bathroom, and we will talk in the morning and go from there" Sighing, thinking she was still a virgin and screwed it all up, rolled over and fell fast asleep.

He walked back out of the room, cleaned the floors up, and then fixed him one more drink. Sitting on the couch in the dark, he tried to think of what to say in the morning. That is the last he remembered before passing out himself. Dawns light came threw the window. His head aching, he looked over and noticed a body shape under the covers.

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He picked up the covers and saw his naked daughters for the first time without being under the effects of all he had drank. Gazing at her smooth skin, her ripe breast, her smooth "OH SHIT" he thought, she shaves it.

Smiling he just sat there, enjoying the view when she rolled over, and said "Morning" She noticed her dad was naked and then, slowly, looked down and noticed SHE was naked too.

"Um dad did we…?" she asked. "No, I don't think so" he whispered. Neither noticed that they made no attempt to cover up.

"But we came close" he contiued. "And for that I am sorry" he said. "Don't be" was all she could say, surprising herself. Gathering her courage, she reached over, and started running her finger up and down his dick. "Honey, you might not want to do that, I don't think I could control myself this morning" "good, I don't want you too." She said. With that, surprising him and herself, she leaned over and took him into her mouth. She took only about 3 inches of him into her mouth but used her tongue and ran it all over him.

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Laying back he moaned and took his hand and placed it on her head and played with her hair, enjoying what he thought was the best head he ever had. After about 4 porn gril imogen dyer xxxc, he felt he was almost ready to cum; he stopped her, and pulled her up to his arms.

"Honey, are you SURE?" he asked again. Punching him in the stomach she grinned and said "does it matter now". "No, guess it doesn't. So now what?" "Now" she said as she rolled off him and onto her back, You take my virginity" With that, he rolled over and lowered himself onto her. "This might hurt" he told her, but she just pulled him down by his hips and reached down and guided him into her.

"Your really wet" he said. "No DUH, so just fuck me" With that, he pushed all the way into her, meeting no resistance. "Your not a virgin" he looked at her confused. "Yeah, I am, unless you count my brush" she giggled. Leaning down and kissing her, he started in a slow rhythm, giving her time to adjust to his size. With each thrust she raised a little bit up off the bed to meet him. Within a minute he was thrusting harder and faster than he thought she would be able to handle.

Instead, she wrapped her legs around him and met his thrusts with her own. He leaned his head down and slowed enough to take her nipple in his mouth and suck on it. She grabbed his neck and pulled him as close to her as she could, feeling her orgasm hitting her harder than anytime she had rubbed herself off. He felt her get soaking wet and grabbing him, knew she was having an orgasm.

The thought of that alone sent him over the edge, and before he could pull out, started squirting inside her. With no control that both collapsed onto each other. Panting hurriedly. She looked at him and said "I thought it would last longer". "It usually does honey, its just where it was our first time, and we both was super excited is all" "so next time will be better?" she asked.

"Next time?

You want to do this again?" "Yeah, every time we get a chance" was her reply. Laying back on his back, he thought, well, at least there is Viagra.