Hot wives fucked hard in pornstory 30

Hot wives fucked hard in pornstory 30
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Autumn called him with mixed feelings. They had had a very intense and rough relationship in the past but she needed his help. So swallowing her fear she dialed His number, While waiting for him to pick up her mind wandered back to the last time she had seen him. She always hated the fact that he knew exactly what she craved and he was never afraid to give her that and more. He was very forceful and demanding while she was weak and submissive, always trying to please him to avoid punishment.

After being too rough on her she demanded that he leave her alone and to never bother her again. Yet night after night she would remember the pleasure and pain he could inflict on her body.

She still craved his touch as she never had anyone else's. Just thinking about how he treated her, with no respect and as nothing more than an object to use for his own perverse pleasure got her juices flowing. Lost in her lustful thoughts she failed to realize that he had answered the phone. Finally it sank in that he was speaking to her through the phone. She swallows audibly and manages to tell him that she needs his expert carpentry help.

But that under no circumstances would there be anything of a sexual nature between them. That she would pay him money for his services. She knew she could hire another carpenter but she wouldn't trust his work or his price. She knew that he did great work and at a very fair price. After all that was how they met. He had done previous work for her. He set asma from peshawar hayatabad xxxn story a time to come over and give her an estimate for the work to be done.

It was to be in four days. That was four days of her fantasying about all sorts of nasty things she secretly wished him to do again. To this day she will never understand why the morning of his planned arrival, she took such care with her appearance. Maybe it was a left over desire to please him to lessen his punishments or maybe it was her desire to tease him into taking what she so desperately wanted him to take.

As she hears the doorbell ring her heart races and she rushes down the stairs. Breathless she opens the door and meets his son forced mom tget pregnant glare and arrogant smirk.

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Getting wet just looking at him she turns away disgusted at herself. How can she think of him with anything other than pure hate, she wonders. Walking in front of him she climbs the stairs. When he makes no advances or remarks she relaxes a little believing he has finally come to terms with their relationship even though when she ended it with him he had calmly yet firmly told her she would be his forever and only he would decide when it was over, that he would come take what he wanted when he wanted.

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Turning to point out what she wanted done, she was unprepared for the punch into her stomach. He had punched her before but had always pulled his punch at the last minute so it was just enough to get her attention. This was a full force punch that had her doubled over with tears streaming down her face. Trying to look into his eyes to beg him to stop she was unprepared for the first vicious slap to her cheek.

As her head snapped back he backhanded her on the other cheek. Sobbing now, she falls to the floor in a fetal position begging him to stop.

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You stupid whore he yells as he grabs a handful of her hair and dragging her to her bed. I told you you would never be free of me. Throwing her on the bed he reaches under her skirt to rip her lacy panties off. Trying to grab his hand to stop him, he delivers two more vicious slaps across her face.

When that doesn't slow her down, he wraps his hands around her throat and squeezes. Feeling himself get hard he taunts her as she struggles to breathe. Just as she is about to loose consciousness he releases her throat. Lying there panting and trying to recover her breath he pulls her shirt and bra off over her head leaving her completely naked, she is still only vaguely aware that he had unzipped his pants and rolled a condom onto his rock hard cock.

Gripping her thighs in a bruising grip he forces her legs up to her ears and with one thrust fully penetrates her tight and semi dry cunt. Screaming in agony he keeps pounding her without mercy.

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The whole time telling her what a dirty slut she is and that she's loving every minute of it. Trying to push back to lessen his deep thrusts she feels his fingers searching her ass hole.

Crying she begs him to leave it alone. Laughing at her request he continue to taunt and curse her. Finally his finger penetrates her tight ass and he is soon matching his finger with his cock. Of course it's not enough for him. He wants to cause her even more pain.

To match the pain she caused him when she mistakenly thought she could end his control over her. Brutally he thrusts a second finger in her ass and rubs his cock through the thin membrane. Autumn can't help herself, her body is responding, she is getting wet. This allows him to fuck her even harder. And as her juices drip down her ass it lubricates his fingers and allows him to shove yet another finger into her poor abused burning ass.

Writhing in the pain she silently prays for him to finish. He is fucking her with deep powerful thrusts that hit her cervix causing her immense pain while fucking her ass relentlessly with 3 fingers. But that's still not enough for him, so he uses his other hand to harshly pinch her clit and her nipples. Back and forth until her nipples are on sex with large tit honey pornstar hardcore and are a deep purple in color.

The more pain he causes her the harder he gets. Ripping his fingers out of her ass. he grabs both nipples and twists them so hard it feels like he's going to rip them off. As she opens her mouth to scream he thrusts his tongue into her mouth as deep as he can. Effectively silencing her scream. Feeling himself about to cum he shoves his finger back into her ass causing her to scream in pain and agony as her ass had been closing from his previous violation.

He stops pinching her clit and bruised nipples with the other and shoves 3 fingers in her mouth gagging her and forcing her to suck them deeper and harder. Autumn is in constant pain. Her cunt is full of a very hard and large cock, her ass has 3 rough fingers in it and her mouth is being stretched by 3 fingers.

Just as she thinks he can do no more he leans down and bites her breast drawing blood. Screaming around his fingers she feel his cock expand. Grunting heavily he falls on top of her roughly ripping his fingers out her ass as his cock softens. His fingers are still shoved in her mouth as he thrusts them in and out making her suck on them like a cock. Finally after what seemed like hours he pulls his fingers out of her tired mouth. Sighing with relief she thinks her ordeal is now over.

How could she be so naive. He may have hurt her and punished her but he has yet to humiliate her. Taking off his condom he squeezes his cum out onto her sore breasts and roughly rubs it into her shin as he continues to twist and bite her poor nipples. She can't help herself from getting wet. She has always loved rough sex and this was just turning her on. After his cum was smeared into her skin to his satisfaction he roughly shoved 2 fingers into her very wet cunt and immediately finds her g-spot.

Seeing what he had in mind she begs him not to do this, not to force her to cum. Not after what he had just done to her. Smiling evilly he continues hitting her g-spot.

Soon she can't stop herself. She is cumming all over his hand. Soaking the bed and cursing him for doing this to her while begging him not to stop. After her fifth orgasm she is exhausted and sore. He has humilated her and forced her to cum several times for him and used her body for his pleasure.

He would leave now and let her wallow in her stupidity for thinking she could ever control him right? Wrong! He has only begun.

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Taking some tape from his bag he wraps her arms with it so tightly she cries out. Not wanting to listen to her he quickly puts two strips across her mouth as well. Next he binds her feet and the backs of her thighs so she can't move and even if she could get up she would never be able to walk.

She hears him down stairs and fears what he is doing. He has shown his sadistic side before with his desire to see different things inside her cunt.

When he returned she gazed at him in fear and loathing. He had brought several items up with him. A candle, popcicles, several carrots, an open can of mixed fruit(pineapple, grapes, cherries, peaches, pears, and mango), golf balls, a wooden spoon and a very nasty smile.

Ripping the tape off hot slut gets dominated by some lads her feet and knees he laughs at her look of pain. Lighting the candle he sets it down and rams the popcicle in her cunt. Its burns like hell and while she is adjusting to this new torture he starts dripping the wax onto her abused and swollen nipples, so low that that she feels the heat from the flame.

Unable to cry out she can do nothing to beg him to stop. Reaching between her thighs he is sliding the popcicle in and out of her cunt until it begins to melt. pulling it out as quickly as he had put it in he grabs another and slams it into her ass. Seeing her eyes bulge in pain his dick once again becomes hard. Taking the two golf balls he shoves them into her cunt and finger fucks them in as audrey hollander pays debt with gang bang as they will go.

He can't believe how hard this is making him. He orders her to push them out and after much pushing she finally pushes them out. Ripping the tape off her mouth he shoves one into her mouth and orders her to clean it up. Then the other. The popcicle in her ass has melted and she is a sticky mess. Her ass and pussy feel like they are frostbitten and all she can do is beg him to leave her alone. Leave you alone he laughs? I will when I've finished teaching you a lesson about who you belong to, you bitch.

Grabbing two carrots, he shoves them simultaneously into her cunt causing her to scream in pain as he forces the third and largest one into her ass. In and out he pushes them. Sometimes together and sometimes alternating his thrusts so he is sliding one in while sliding the other out.

Tiring of this he rips the carrots out all at the same time and decides its time for her final lesson in humiliation and slowly feeds the mixed fruit into her pussy bit by bit. Unable to get more in he holds onto the handle of the spoon and pushes the spoon inside her cunt forcing the fruit in deeper so he can fit more into her cunt.

Finally unable to see the fruit he feeds more of the fruit into her cunt and repeats the process until the whole can is gone. Feeling full and in pain all she can do is lay there and wait to see what he does next. She can feel how hard his cock is again and fears he will want to fuck her with a cunt full of fruit.

He has never fucked her in the past without a condom but as he is rubbing his cock against her lips she feels he is bare back. Pleading with him to put a condom on he laughs and says not this time you stupid slut.

As he shoves his cock balls deep into her fruit filled sticky cunt. The feeling is like nothing he has ever experienced before. It's so tight and slick and the different textures are driving him crazy with lust. She is in constant pain as he pulls his cock out and slams it down her throat. Just as she adjusts to his throat fucking he pulls back out and back into her over flowing cunt. Back and forth he does this until he is ready to explode.

Feeling him swell she begs him not to cum inside her. He torments her telling her he is going to cum so far up her cunt she will be tasting it for weeks.

Knowing this is causing her even more fear he keeps fucking her. Just as he is about to shoot his cum he pulls out and slams it into her mouth forcing it down her throat just as the first blast of his cum slides down her throat. Swallowing as fast as she can praying he will finish before her air supply runs out he squirts his final load and pulls out of her throat. Laying there gasping for breath she feels him between her legs sucking and licking her pussy trying to get some of the fruit out.

It's hopeless as he has pushed most of it into her cervix. Knowing he has caused her such severe pain he smiles.

He knows she will be hurting for days especially her cunt as she tries to get all of the fruit out. He knows she wont report him so he smiles, kisses her roughly and says call me next week bitch or next time will be twice as bad.