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I had a lot running through my head, as I knocked on the door of that shitty apartment, on the west end of San Muerte. Fucking hot teen quinn wilde who actually squirts when she cums was excitement, a touch of fear and quite a bit of anger, but all of that went by the wayside, when the door finally opened, and I realized that my emotions were outweighed by the sheer volume of questions I had.

"Who are you, really?" "Good to see you, too," Donovan said, sarcastically. "It's been a while." "Just tell me the truth. Who are you?" He sighed. "The truth is, I'm an android from the future. I was sent back to protect you." "Really?" "No!" he yelled.

"I'm a fucking limo driver." I fought the urge to smack him across the face. "What were you before that, besides a lying asshole?" "Why do you need to know?" "Because for five years, you were the only constant in my life," I told him. "You were the only one who was always there. I know we didn't always get along and that I'm a lot to handle, but I need to know whether or not we really were friends, and I would appreciate it if you could just take me seriously, for five fucking seconds." He paused, but after taking time to think and contemplate what a prick he was, I assume, he eventually answered.

"I worked for the government." "As what? Were you a spy? A soldier?" "I'm not really allowed to say, but I'll tell you that by the time we first met, I was retired." "Ok. Is it a coincidence that you ended up as my driver?" "No.

Your husband wanted someone to make sure you weren't cheating on him.

A buddy of mine told me that he was asking around, and I got the job." "So, you didn't work at Pacific Elite, beforehand?" Donovan winced, obviously not excited to share his next piece of information with me.

"Well, I didn't have to. Your husband kindof…" He stuttered and trailed off. "He kindof what?" "He owns the limo company, Pacific Elite." "Are you fucking kidding me? How did I never find that out?" "Well, I'm sure the alcoholism had something to do with it." I turned around, punching the wall across from his door as hard as I could, causing plaster to rain from the ceiling and cover my head. "For the record," Donovan started. "I always considered you a friend. Not many people put up with me either, but even though you're high maintenance and I'm kindof an asshole… I don't know.

The two of us being together worked, somehow." I ran up and wrapped my arms around him, and I didn't let go even when I heard him spitting out bits of plaster that had flown out of my hair. "Ok, so before we get on to whatever favor you came here to ask me," Donovan said. "I have a question for agreeable legal age teenager gives steamy hand and foot work to stiff pole has a strange Japanese man been watching our whole conversation?" "Hi." "Oh, that's Johnny.

He works for me." "You have employees, now?" "I have an entire business," I told him, proudly. "I came here to ask if you'll help me with my expansion." "Does this business involve drugs?" "Maybe." "Did you think this all the way through?" "You've known me long enough to know the answer to that." "Are we likely to get killed?" "It's probably no more dangerous than whatever you used to do." ".

Fuck it." Less than an hour later, we were on the road, heading for the outskirts of San Muerte in a limousine we had 'borrowed' from Pacific Elite's storage lot. "You know, I kinda wanted you to fill more of an advisor role. I can hire someone else to drive." "I prefer a position where I'm heard, but not seen," Donovan said.

"And what do you want me to do, Ms. Jones?" asked Johnny. "I thought you hated being called that." "Now that I have lackeys, I like the sound of it," I told Donovan, before turning back to Johnny.

"You're my emotional support guy. This is going to be a long day, so I need you to keep me upbeat." He looked over at me, confused. "Why do you need emotional support? You're the strongest and most confident woman I've ever met." "Perfect.

Just like that." "We're almost there," said Donovan, as we passed outside the boundaries of the city. "Are you sure about this?" "Nope. Can you give me a boost, Johnny?" "You're beautiful and your hair smells like love." "Tone it down." "We're here." Donovan pulled into the parking lot of a rundown biker bar, and my heart skipped a beat as I watched every head turn towards us.

"Maybe we should have picked a more inconspicuous vehicle." "Too late, now," said Donovan. "Are we doing this?" I think both of the men in the car could see the fear inside of me, because they both instantly came to my side. "You're strong enough to do this.

You're amazing and confident. If anyone can pull this off, it's you." "I agree with the kid, to an extent," Donovan said. "I think we have a chance to pull this off, but there's no guarantee that this plan of yours won't get us killed or end up pissing off Carter. Just say the word, and I'll drive us anywhere else." I wanted to quit. I wanted to drive off into the sunset and let the story end, but something pushed me forward. At the time, I thought it was greed or pride, but later on I realized that it was something totally different propelling me forward.

But that realization was a long way off. Just as when we pulled up in the limo, I ripped open the doors of the dusty tavern and every head turned toward us. Every suspicious set of eyes was locked on me, which was exactly where I liked them. Johnny hid behind my frame and Donovan trailed in the rear, as I approached the bouncer standing in front of the door to the back room. "Hey, Chingchong!" one of them yelled to Johnny.

"How im a sure thing scene trashy pictures for the girl?" His friends laughed, but I ignored them. Donovan, however, had his eyes locked on their group.

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"Do you have business here?" asked the bouncer. "I'm here to see the Chauffeur. I'm a personal friend of his." The enormous man smiled, "Oh, really?" "What? You don't believe me?" "No, I don't. I think that you're lying through your teeth." "I'm not," I said, even though I totally was.

"Now, you'd best move before I tell him that you refused to let me in, and let one of the biggest money making opportunities of his life walk out the door." He smiled again. "Oh, what the hell. Go on in." I felt proud of myself, as Johnny and I walked past the bouncer, until I strolled in and saw a woman sitting inside. "Who the fuck are you?" she asked, sitting behind a mahogany desk that stood in sharp contrast to the rest of her shitty office.

Just like the rest of the bar, the walls looked like they were held together with plywood and prayers. "Where is the Chauffeur?" "I am the Chauffeur," she said, throwing me off my game. "Oh." "Now, I'll only ask you this one more time," she said, as the two guards in the room put their hands on their holsters. "Who the fuck are you?" I ignored my rapidly beating heart, and leaned over her desk so that I could whisper to her, "I'm a force of goddamn nature." She laughed in my face.

"Is that supposed to intimidate me? Do you know who I work for?" "Carter," I told her, plainly. "Trust me, I know everything about that man, from his net worth to his dick size, and I also know that he's not paying you enough." The Chauffeur sat back, suddenly intrigued by what I had to say.

"Every week, you move thousands of pounds of cocaine across this county, but with Carter's monopoly you only have one product to sell and one price to sell it at. That doesn't leave much flexibility for an entrepreneur, like yourself." "So, what's your proposal?" I tossed an eighth across the counter at her.

"I'm the new game in town. My shit will go for triple the price, and I've got a boatload for your buying pleasure, right here." "How do I know that this is any better than Carter's?" "You can try it out, if you'd like. Consider that little taste a gift, from one hardworking businesswoman to another." She dropped the package on her desk, chuckling as she did. "Or maybe I could give you my proposal.

How about I take whatever you have on you, sell it for a one hundred percent profit, list your ridiculous car for another twenty grand and bury you in the desert." This time, her guards didn't stop at putting a hand on their holsters. They pulled their .45's with the intent to use them. "Half of those boys out in the bar work for me, and the other half don't like strangers.

I'm willing to bet that your driver is already dead, but we can always dig some extra graves for you and your little friend." "I'll take that bet." She looked at me in shock. "Are you joking?" "No. Let's bet on it. How much do you want to wager that my driver is alive." Once again, she laughed in my face, but it would be the very last time.

"Ok, let's put one hundred grand down," she told me, getting up from behind her desk. "Let's go and see." I put a miko sinz loves to get slammed hard on the doorknob, but struggled to find the courage to turn it. I had faith in Donovan, but I also hot lesbians get frisky out by the pool that if something had happened to him, we'd spend an eternity together, in a shallow grave.

Luckily, he didn't let me down. "What the fuck?" said the Chauffeur, walking out to see all of her men lying on the ground.

Some had been stabbed and some had been beaten, while most were just knocked out, but even the ones who were still alive wouldn't be getting up, anytime soon. "Oh, fuck," whispered one of the guards, before a bullet slammed through his head, and then through the guard next to him, leaving the Chauffeur with no defense left.

Johnny seemed rather uncomfortable with the gore surrounding him, but even he quickly picked up a loaded weapon from one of the dead bikers, and trained it on the woman who had threatened to murder us in cold blood, just moments earlier. "Good work," I said to Donovan, as he tossed away the pistol he was holding.

I went back to the Chauffeur, enjoying the sight of her shock and terror. "You know, I believe we were just hammering out a deal that was going to end with someone being buried out in the desert. I'd hate for that grave to go to waste." "Fuck, you may as well just kill me," she said, falling to her knees.

"I've got nothing left." "But, you'll rebuild," I told her. "And you'll do so by selling the cocaine you're about to buy from me, and we'll get sunny leone makes massage twice weekly repeating sale set up, once you get a few more transporters at your disposal." She still was in shock, so I leaned down to make it painfully clear to her.

"In case you didn't know, this is the part where you give me all your money." And that's the story of how I put Carter's largest distributor in the larger San Muerte County on my payroll, and covered the floor of my limousine with three hundred thousand dollars in cold hard cash. "Fuck, that was amazing!" Johnny screamed, as we rode back into the city. "Ms. Jones, you're incredible." "I know. Now, we just have to rinse and repeat.

Once we snatch a few more warehouses from the Japanese and get more of Carter's distributors to sell our product, I'll be printing money." "And you're not worried that you're stealing from your own boyfriend?" Donovan asked. "A boyfriend who, I might add, is a drug lord that owns every ounce of cocaine in this hemisphere." "He has plenty of cash," I said. "And it's not like I told the Chauffeur not to sell for him.

I just want her moving our product, too. That way, everyone is making money." "I don't think he'll see it that way." "You know, if there's one thing I didn't miss about you, Donovan, it's your paranoia." I rolled up the blind before he could tell me off or bring me down.

I was feeling better than I had in years, and as glad as I was to have him back, Donovan was always such a downer. However, as Johnny and I sat in the back of the hot single girl bath in bathroom, I felt the high begin to fade.

"How does it feel?" he asked me. "What?" "How does it feel to win? I mean, the way you just rode in and started making demands was insane." "Donovan did more work than I did." "Bullshit. You were unstoppable." "That's just how I looked, on the outside. That whole time, I was fucking terrified," I told him. "You just have to have a good poker face, and hope the other person cracks before you do.

Sometimes you'll fail, but when you see them back down or see that quick flash of fear in their eyes, it's a high like you've never felt." I started to continue, but had to stop when Johnny suddenly kissed me again.

Lucky for him, I didn't try to strangle him, this time. "You've really got to stop surprising me, like that." "Sorry, I saw something that I wanted." I was taken aback by his sudden boldness. "Since when are you so smooth?" "Well, I'll have to be if I'm going to be helping you run the business." I chuckled. "Johnny, you're going home to Kyoto." "Wait, what?" "As soon as we can get you a passport, you're going back to Japan.

You shouldn't be in this line of work." I'd expected him to be ecstatic when I told him that, but he only looked disappointed. "I can't go back." "Yes, you can." "No, I can't," he insisted. "I can't go back like I am now." He collapsed on the pile tattooed busty milf suck a big cook cash, looking more world weary than ever. "I'll probably just end up being kidnapped again, or have to just sit back and let those assholes threaten my family.

I can't go back before I learn how to make people back down," he said, starting to plead as he looked up at me. "When I go back, I want to be different. I want to be like how you were when we talked to the Chauffeur. I need that thing you have, that confidence, that grit, that intimidation." "Johnny, you survived being kidnapped by the mob and sold into slavery," I said, reminding him of something that should have been obvious.

"Tap into that. Use that same determination that made you point a gun at me, the first time we met." "Oh, fuck. I forgot I did that. Sorry." I rolled my eyes.

"Look, dominating people isn't about actually being smarter or stronger or better than the other person. It's about how well you can convince them that you are. Confidence is just a mea-" Suddenly, my arms were forced against the window, as Johnny took my advice luscious bitch loves being nailed by large knobs heart.

However, my shock faded quickly when he didn't seem to know what to do, once he had gotten me there. "So, do you have a plan, or something?" "I, uh…" He trailed off, still pinning me against the wall of the limousine. "Go ahead! Have your way with me, Johnny!" I called out, feigning a helpless damsel. "Ravage my body!" He made another move, throwing me down onto the pile of cash, and even though I'm a little ashamed of it, it started to turn me on.

Johnny climbed on top of me, once again holding down my arms, as he told me, "If this doesn't impress you, nothing will. I'll bet no other man has ever had sex with you on a big pile of money before, right?" "Actually…" "Oh, fuck it." Johnny kissed me, still thinking he was in control of the situation, but as I really began to get wet, I thought about giving him a warning.

He was about to find himself in way over his head. His lips trailed their way down to my neck, and finally to the neckline of my dress, "So, this is what it's like," he whispered. "Kid, you have no idea." In less than a heartbeat, Johnny was on his back, with one hand pinning him down. "Oh, fuck." I pulled my dress up and over my head, leaving me straddling him wearing nothing but black lace and silk. To my surprise, his first move wasn't unsnapping my bra.

Instead, his inexperienced hands roamed across my stomach, with one moving down to my hips while the other came up to my breasts. "Oh," I whispered. I'm sure he could hear the small sighs and moans escaping me, and he used them to find just where I wanted to be touched.

"Damn, you're actually not bad at this." Johnny smiled and cupped one of my breasts in his hands. While I missed Carter's firm hand and the intricate struggle for dominance that our love-making always turned into, I also fell in love with the gentle sensation of being caressed.

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I reached down and pulled at the hem of his shirt. I pulled it off of him, slowly, but was surprised at what I found. "The shipping crate wasn't exactly a pleasant place to sleep," he said, as I stared down at the yellowed bruises across his chest, and the deep black and blue ones on his stomach and arms.

"Some of these are fresh." "It's nothing to worry about," he said, but the damage was already done. "Are these from my men?" "No, of course not," he reassured me. "But, the guys who owned the warehouse before you weren't so nice." I leaned down, kissing each and every mark, working my way up until I was at his arms. He wasn't built like an Adonis, but Johnny's figure was nothing to be ashamed of, lean and strong, with inexperienced hands that were eager to learn every curve and contour of my body.

I let my hands slide down his chest, as I brought my lips to his neck. I sweetly kissed the highest of his bruises, which just barely peeked out above his collar, and I worked my way down until my fingers reached his waist.

"Holy fuck," he said, his eyes about to roll back in his head. "I swear, no one has ever made me feel this good." "I'm glad you like it." I quickly undid his zipper, as I spoke. Unsurprisingly, he was stiff as a board, and his member stood at full attention, as soon as it was free.

Johnny pulled off his pants and underwear for me, growing impatient. "Fuck, I need to be inside of you." "Oh, really?" "Yes." "Are you turned on, right now? I certainly can't tell." I probably took too much pleasure in keeping him waiting, but as I finally stripped away my underwear, I found myself wanting it almost as much as he did. Almost. "Are you ready, baby?" "Yes," he said, breathlessly. "Are you my girlfriend posing and touching another girl couldn't answer.

All he could do was hold onto my hips and beg for me sex beeg xnxx xxx com give him what he wanted. I knew how much he needed me. I knew how much he needed to feel me, silky and wet, sliding down his shaft, and as the feeling became too much to bear… I still refused him. "Are you sure you need this, baby?" I asked him, but this would be my last tease. "Fuck you." Johnny made one more move, tossing me into the seat and, once again, holding me down, but before I even had the chance to call jtbp lexi diamond from all american cheerleaders out, he was already inside me.

"Holy shit!" I said, as he suddenly fucked me, with a ferocity I didn't know he had. "God, you're tight." "God, you're an animal! Fuck me!" I didn't want to know what suddenly drove him over the edge, and I didn't need to know. What I needed, was to hold on for dear life, as Johnny continued to slam his rigid cock as far into me he could. The walls of my pussy barely had time to retract, before yet another thrust was forcing them apart, and I came soon after.

However, I had to force myself to keep quiet, so that Donovan wouldn't hear. Suddenly, I felt him starting to slow, and, at that exact moment, the only question on my mind was why in the world he would do that. "Wait, I just need to know. Are you ok with this?" "What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked him.

"I kinda felt like I forced it, so-" "That's the point. Keep going," I told him, feeling his thick and veined cock pulse, as I did so. I was so sensitive that I could feel his every heartbeat "Do it again, and don't you dare stop, this time." He was happy to oblige, and moments later I was leaning my head back in the seat with my eyes closed, just taking in the sensation of being penetrated.

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"Oh, shit," I said, feeling myself building to yet another orgasm, but then, just as I was getting close, I heard Johnny say something to me. "I'm about to cum." "Not yet." I told him. He started to slow down, but I quickly turned the tables yet again, pinning him down without ever letting him pull out. "You're going to wait until I'm done.

Is that clear?" He understood right away. Even as I started to ride his cock, even as he was on the verge of bursting and even as I leaned down to kiss his soft lips, Johnny held himself together, waiting for me to finish, like a good boy. "I'm almost there," I whispered.

As I watched him biting his lip and fighting his own orgasm, I thought about slowing down just to keep him on the edge a little longer. However, I had a different need to worry about, and it didn't involve waiting. "Oh, fuck!" I screamed, not caring if Donovan heard, this time. Johnny's dick finally drove me over the edge, and the feeling of him releasing as soon as he heard me, filling me with so much warm fluid that my womb was overflowing and letting his seed pour all over the money, only made me cum harder.

"God, you really are incredible," Johnny told me, but I still hadn't recovered enough to talk. The sensation was still sweeping through my body. "Are you ok?" he asked, a minute later. "Yeah. That was just a lot better than I expected." I managed to climb off of him, just in time to feel the limo coming to a stop.

"Fuck! Put your clothes on!" I yelled, throwing Johnny's pants at him. Seconds later, I could hear Donovan walking around to the limo's main door, but he stopped before he opened it.

"Are you dressed?" "Yes. Why wouldn't we be?" He paused, but still didn't open the door. "Look, just let the car air out, before you lock it," he said, and then disappeared. "Well, you were certainly more confident," I told Johnny, as he laid back, completely exhausted. "Ready to go again?" "Again?" he exclaimed. "I'm amazed I had the energy for the horny brunette babe wants cumshot on her cumshots time." "You still have some stuff to learn," I said, checking my phone.

"However,if we're done here, I need to start preparing." "For what?" I smiled and climbed out of the limousine. "You just worry about getting your mom to mail you your passport.

I have a welcoming party to set up."