German amateur pornstar sexy cora fucks with step brother

German amateur pornstar sexy cora fucks with step brother
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This Is a True story i hav way more tell if u wanna here them It was Early Sunday Morning (Bout 1 am)we were at a party me and my best freind John had 2 sleep in a 2 man tent outside he house. Anyway we had 2 watch wat we were doing cuz her mum was outside making sure nuffin happen.

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Anyway this party was 4 John's Gf's 16th Birthday, her name is Karely, she was hot as, nice brown hair, 5'9, bout 35c boobs and beyonces ass. Anyway Karleys mum (The 1 outside) fell asleep so me and John brought Karely and here freind Jessica in our tent, Before we move on time 2 talk bout me, Im Aaron, 15, nice blonde hairblue eyes and a muscluar body, i have my own gym at home.

Anyway me and the others were talking and then John feel alseep, then half an hour later he dominated by pretty alex blake and xianna hill did Jessica, so me and the birthday girl, we started chatting away for bout 15 minutes then somting changed, 'Aaron hav u rooted a chick' Karely asked 'Well ive made of with 1 recently' i said, 'oh u r such a player' 'thanks', then she touched my hand which was under the blanket.

'Do u lik me?' She asked, and without giving her a second to breath i said 'Fuck Yes' She the giggled.

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'Well, seening as though my boyfreind and my best freind r dead alseep, do u wanna do it' Hearing that question made 1 thing pop up in my head and dick do it, do it. 'If u want 2'. Then she grabed my hand and moved it to her pussy, 'I want your fingers in my hole' i took of her g-string and put my 2 fingers in her hole as far as i could, she let a quiet moan out i kept going slow and fast then after a while, then i moved my head under the blanket and moved for her holy spot, i put my tongue on her belly button all the way down to the top of her flaps, i wcp club first time anal ebony jayden her for about an 10 minutes 'OOh u sexi cunt stop doing that and go 4 my hole u dirty boy' then for her i did my tongue went in and out again and again, she as going crazy, 'Oh yes,oh yes lik me u sexi bitch u lik that do yea' 'Yes i love your body, 'omg baby im gonna explode, and when she said that my face was hit by a tidal wave of juice, then i did the rite thing clean it all up with my tongue.

I moved up 2 her Hot face and pashed her, then she unhooked her bra for me, without saying anything i lick her left tit 'mmmm thats good u no how 2 make me happy' i then went 4 the nipple, i licked, kissed, sucked and nibbled it, then i did the same 4 the other tit, and then she made a moan that sounded lik she cumed, but she as just very horney.

We Pashed a bit more then rui natsukawa jerks and strokes two hard cocks said 'Your Turn Sexy Bitch' By now my dick had softend from passing, but she put my hands down my pants unzipped them, then rubbed my dick till it was hard, 'Dam your Huge, Huger Than John's' that shocked me, i never thought my dick was big, just normal 4 my age, we measured it with a ruler she went out and found and i had a 9 and a half inch cock next 2 it i was shocked, then she said 'Jack time', she then grabbed my big cock and moved her hand slowy up and down 'mmm, go fast as baby i lik fast', then she went really really really fast, i lied bak thinking his aint happening, after that she then licked around my cock, it was great me her 2 alseep freinds, then she put her mouth on it and blowed the fuck out of my cock, she made me cum straight away she sucked it without blinking or moving, then she played with my balls for a bit.

Then we decide 2 go doggie style, we got up and i inserted my cock in her hole 'oh u lik that my whore' 'Yes omg yes, put ur cock in harder u sex machine' i went so hard that she squirted a fuking loud all over my body, she then licked it up then after that we pashed gave each over oral, then it was early morning so we got up.

Part 2 ill cum soon want 2 no wat ya think for my first time writing.