Rough sex lewd sexy adorable girlfriend a lot

Rough sex lewd sexy adorable girlfriend a lot
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My name is Karen, and I first appeared in Jackie's story "My Son's Best Friend Part 4", where we all had a great time at Jackie's sauna and her son Ricky fucked me good after a very dry season, as I had been neglected by my husband for a long time, while my son Zack took care of Jackie in the same space. My nineteen years marriage was in a terrible phase: my husband, from a loving and caring man, became a workaholic addicted to money and position in his company: he only thought about work, travelled a lot internationally and spent months before coming home.

When he occasionally came back, he was always spent, jet legged and had a lot of things to catch up at the head office, so we hardly had any quality time together, not to mention any good sex.

My older daughter was already in college, so all I had was Zack at home and my successful work as a lawyer to get some satisfaction. Nevertheless, I was very frustrated. After having sex and all the fun at Jackie's, I felt bad sometimes: I had never round ass amateur girlfriend first time anal sex on cam homemade and bigcock on Greg, my husband, and I wished we hadn't come to a situation like that.

Yes, it was his choice and his fault, I needed sex and I had gotten somewhere else what he did not give me, and it was good, but occasionally I felt wrong and guilty anyway. Three weeks after that episode at Jackie's sauna it would be our 20th anniversary. I talked a lot with Greg over the phone, email, texted him, and I got his commitment that he would spend that special night at home. I was happy and I hoped to rescue that special relationship, love and even the pleasant sex life we once had.

The big day arrived, and in the morning he sent me flowers. The day had started well. Greg called me from the office. He was already in town but, following his routine, he showered in the 1st class lounge at the airport and went straight to work.

He assured me he would be home at 6PM. I skipped work and prepared myself for the evening: I spent the morning in a beauty salon, hired a professional chef to cook a special French dinner, I personally fixed the table including candles, selected the champagne and wine, and obviously dispatched Zack to Jackie's after school. At 5:30PM I finished my make-up including a quick spray of Chanel on my breasts and pubis and started dressing: I had bought specially for the occasion a very expensive set of a red transparent lace garter belt and a minuscule G-string that did not cover my hairy pussy Greg was always turned on by my bush and was provocatively stuck inside my ass cheeks.

I felt life on the road parody with viola bailey a slut when I dressed it, contrasting with my white skin and with my usual discrete and conservative style.

I put on a long silk red backless side slit dress, revealing my long well-shaped legs to my thighs. Complemented by 4 inch stilettos and my favorite diamonds set, I felt adorably elegant and sexy at the same time.

Greg would certainly notice the difference. At 6PM I turned the music on, popped the champagne already in the ice bucket, and waited for my husband. I was fuming at 6:30 when the phone rang: it was Greg, of course, saying he was very sorry, blah blah blah, but there would be an important meeting in Geneva in the morning, and he felt the local team was not up to it, so he was already at the airport.

He was still trying to explain what was not explainable he had just mandy muse in brutal devices and enduring extreme torment "he felt the local team was not up to it", so it was his decision, and a very feeble one so I simply yelled "Son of a Bitch!" and hung up.

I couldn't believe he had done that again. I had planned everything, and of course my soul and my body expected sex to finish what was supposed to be a glorious evening.

But I wouldn't stay there, crying over spilled milk. I would have my revenge! I called Jackie, explained what had happened, and asked if I could borrow Ricky to make me company for dinner.

She laughed and told me I could keep him for the night, if I left Zack as collateral. She told me to wait and she would bring him in momentarily.

In 30 minutes or so Ricky knocked at the door. He was charmingly dressed in a blazer and tie, and brought me flowers. My last tears were gone, I told him to come in, smelled the flowers, hugged, and kissed him in the mouth. We had a lovely dinner and since he came in he was devouring me with his eyes.

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I was sure he hadn't the slightest idea I could look and dress like that, and I had felt his hardening cock's pressure against my body when he first hugged me. When we finished dinner, we walked to the living room and when I got there he hugged me from behind, his hard-on against my ass.

I am already taller than him, and with my stilettos it reached the lower part of my butt. I stopped, cuddled, and let him start exploring my body, fondling my braless boobs. I turned, hugged him too and we kissed ardently. He caressed my bare back and felt my ass, while I hugged him and grabbed his firm buttocks, feeling his cock's pressure against my crotch.

I felt his hand sliding into the slit of my dress and when he found the garter belt and then touched my pubic hair cowgirl teen poor little latina teenager gina valentina is indeed not having a supreme out of my G-string I felt his cock pulse, grow and get harder as he palmed my pussy.

"Not here I whispered in his ear let's go the bedroom." I wanted that lovely boy to fuck me in that bastard's bed! Once we got there I told him to undress. He did that in a flash, while I slowly removed my dress and stayed in front of him only with my garter belt and G-string. He came to me and started sucking by perky boobs and my nipples harder and harder, while he fondled my pussy from inside the thongs.

I was so wet! I grabbed his pulsing hard tool, marveled again by its thickness. Another clear advantage compared to my husband's thin wiener which in the recent years required some effort to stand up. I shivered in excitement with that comparison, pushed him gently to bed, and started blowing him. It was so good! His cockhead was so big that it barely fit my delicate mouth. I licked it, pulled the foreskin down, cleaned all the precum, and finally managed to take it all in my mouth.

I managed to swallow a couple inches more, not too much, so to make it up for him I massaged his balls and caressed the entire length of the shaft. It was not too long, actually, but the thickness was a big plus from what I could remember from our last and only fucking session.

He caressed the back of my head and fondled my tits, until he asked me to lie on my back. He kissed me again, first in the mouth, tits, bellybutton, and knelt between my legs.

He carefully removed my G-string and, keeping the garter belt, started eating me. He started with my clit, licking it, and held it between his lips. He whispered: "Wow, Auntie, that's big!" Yes, I have a big clit, almost 1 inch long when engorged, running a long way in the family.

"Yes it is, baby, but take it easy or it will be discomforting for me." He started tonguing my pussy from bottom to top and back, in long strokes, and then concentrated in my vagina, probing deep inside it.

His nose touched my clit area and it was so good! He moved down and licked me intensely near the anus, and it was very arousing, as he inserted a finger looking for my G spot. Jackie had trained him well! I was feeling I was going to cum, and I asked to come back to my clit: "Now it's time, Sweetie, lick my clit." He did that, licked and bit it with his lips while still massaging my G-spot with two fingers now. I enjoyed it in shock waves for a while, then it got more intense and I started to squirt all in his face.

He was taken by surprised, almost choked, but was brave enough and continued with his noble mission, increasing his tonguing motion, and I finally started to cum. I shook, trembled, but he expertly removed his fingers from my vagina and held my hips, keeping my pussy open to his mouth, so he could keep licking my clit delicately and inserting his tongue deeply from time to time.

I came forever, and almost fainted. He came crawling, ley beside and hugged me. He had a big smile and my goo all over his face. "Oh darling, what have I done to you?" I asked. "It was nice, Auntie, it was salty and it was good to know how you were enjoying it." I loved when he called me Auntie, and I licked and kissed him clean, like a bitch to her puppy, while he played with my tits. "And your hairy pussy and big clit makes me so horny, Auntie, I almost came just looking at you and eating you." "That's not acceptable, darling, I have a much better place for this beautiful hard cock to come" I replied.

"I want milf and girl mom bosss crony gloves xxx cory chase in revenge on your father in my mouth too, but I will do that later. Come here." I laid back and removed my garter belt.

I wanted to feel his skin against mine. He positioned himself and I raised and bent my knees, offering my drenched pussy to him. He brushed asian dick rider gets cum in her mouth cock in my pussy a few times, placed the head at the entrance of my vagina and started the penetration.

I opened my pussy lips with my fingers to help him, and the head was inside. I can't describe the pleasure to slowly feel that tool filling me, his warm iron hardness stretching slowly and consistently my wet vagina walls.

I held his beautiful face until his pelvis bumped into mine. He was all inside, and it was wonderful! Slowly, he started moving. We looked at each other, smiling, he looked down at my boobs and back at my face, and we stayed in that exciting rhythm forever.

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He held himself in one hand and with the other caressed my tit with round movements and pinched my nipple softly.

He put again two hands on bed, raised his chest and started accelerating his movements, turning his head backwards, and I felt he was almost there. I was in the same pace, and increased my tempo horny latina tranny slowly stripping and jerking her cock help him. I wanted to feel all his pressure inside me, so I wrapped my legs around his torso, pulling him inside me as much as I could, and started coming.

He started moaning, first softly, than loudly, and was in full speed now, in and out me, bumping noisily against my pussy while he did that.

I kept my legs tight around him and shook and screamed in ecstasy. When we finally finished, he delicately hugged me still inside my soaked and creamed vagina, and we both turned together side by side, facing each other.

We kissed, cuddled, his hand rested on my ass, until his cock was limp enough to slip out of my pussy, his abundant sperm dripping. We closed our eyes and may have dozed off. I woke up with his rigidity pressing against my belly. He was still asleep, and I couldn't avoid a chuckle, so he woke up too and smiled when he understood why I was chuckling.

We went to the bathroom and spooned nicely when we came back. His boner was poking my ass all the time, his hands holding my breasts, and I asked him cheerfully if he was always hard. "Yes, it always comes that way with a naked hot woman he replied but maybe you can help me out with that beautiful round ass of yours." I was not expecting that.

Greg the Prick, my husband, was not a backdoor fan and, although I was not a virgin there, it had been a long, long time. From my side, I never had any big pleasure anally, I only did it to please my sex mates, but Ricky was so sweet and so kind and attentive to me that I couldn't say no. "OK, Sweetie, I will do it, but you will have to be very careful there." "Don't worry, I will.

Do you have any lube?" he asked. Of course I didn't, but I could not disappoint him and I had an idea. I stood up, put on my stilettos instead of my slippers, and walked downstairs gloriously and sexily naked, to Ricky's great visual pleasure.

I felt like a slut, and it was good!

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In a minute I was back with a can of whipped cream, and Ricky opened a big smile. He would be my dessert, I owed him a nice blow after what he had done to me, and I had something more in mind. I told him to lie and covered his beautiful hard dick with cream.

I licked him from the base up, occasionally stopping to kiss him in the mouth with my dirty face, and we laughed. Then I came back down and focused on his cock head, licking it to remove the cream, tasting its mix with precum, and finally taking it in my mouth. He moved sideways, turned me also sidewise still with his cock in my mouth. He took the can, spread some cream all over my pussy and started a 69. I managed to swallow a good chunk of his cock, helped by the taste and the slippery cream and he attacked my pussy with powerful strokes.

Soon I sensed he was aroused enough for the next step, so I took my pussy away from his mouth, turned around, and lay beside him, my back to him. "Spread some cream in my asshole, darling" I instructed "and also in your cockhead, then come in slowly". I hoped the grease would help the penetration. He opened my butt cheeks and I chilled when I felt the cold cream inside them. I heard when he creamed claire redfield doggystyle fuck resident evil hentai more videos and I felt the pressure of his cock, first outside my asshole, and when he sensed he was in the right position he slowly started to push.

He was very careful, but he was too thick and I was really not used to it anyway, so I did not relax enough and felt a sting. He stopped for a while, kept caressing my boobs and brought a hand down to my pussy. He played with my still creamy clit and vagina, and I felt a bit more relaxed when he started moving his cock again.

The pain slowly subsided and I held his cock to feel where he was. His head was already in, his cock maybe a couple inches more. It would be easier now.

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He kept his slow rhythm, small in-and-out movements, and soon I felt his body pressing against my ass, we had done it! There was no pain, but I felt a different sensation, much different than having my vagina filled by that magnificent penis. He asked me if I was OK, and I said: "Yes, darling, fuck Auntie's asshole, it's yours." It turned him on, mother companions daughter big tits star spangled stepmom he starting moving, increasing the amplitude, and soon he was pumping furiously.

"I like that so much, Auntie, it's so tight", he said. It was not bad now: I knew I would not reach an orgasm, but I was pleased by the effect I had on him. It seemed he was not totally comfortable, so he put all his cock inside me, held my body, and turned us around together, me in doggy position and he kneeling behind be.

He held my hips and started pumping furiously. I felt him going deeper and deeper now and his cock getting bigger and thicker. Yet, no pain, and I felt good, my pussy tingling wet.

He started moving faster and faster, his grip strengthened, his breathing accelerated, and he started coming, banging my ass with his body and moaning with pleasure. I didn't come, as I had expected, but I felt a very good sensation as I inserted a finger into my pussy and felt his cock stretching my backdoor. Finally, he collapsed over me, exhausted. After a while we showered together and had a great night sleep.

I awoke again in the middle of the night with his hard cock poking me, and I had to take care of that in my happy pussy, no complaints. In the morning, I picked Zack at Jackie's and took them to school. It was my best anniversary in many, many years, and I was glad that my stupid husband didn't come. Literally! But I came a lot, anyway! I was a xxx story seny lone sex stories woman, and I was happy with that transformation. I went to the office and went to see a colleague from Family Law.

I had to file for divorce urgently.