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Note: Thank you for inspiring me so much. This chapter is longer than the previous one. I have added space between paragraphs for easy reading. It has more sex than the previous one.

I recommend new readers to read the first part before continuing on this one. Please be gentle while pointing out my mistakes I would try to remove them in my next story. Positive comments are welcome. If you have any ideas pm me. Warning: This story is about incest. If you have problems with it I would recommend not reading any further.

Please rate positive if you like the story. Chapter 2: I woke up still tired. Last night even the slightest sounds made me think of the kids having sex.

I had to take virgin sex bearded lad prepares blonde pussy with cunnilingus decision by today, this can't go on, but I had no idea what I was going to do. It was 7:30 am; I called my best friend Eddy and told him that I needed him urgently. Eddy was my best friend since 10 years. He knew my wife and my kids very well. He was married and he also had two kids Josh his elder son (16) and Jenna his younger daughter (13). They used to come over every now and then.

His wife worked in the local department store while he was a psychiatrist. His profession was going to come in handy now, I thought. After my office I went and met Eddy in his office. I didn't know how I was going to explain my situation to him nor I knew how was I gonna start. So I just with the plain hi and hello.

"Hey! Busy or what", I said. "No just finished up cleaning up my work", he replied. "Ok, umm I don't see anyone else here" "What's wrong? What happened? You look like you have seen a ghost." This is one quality of Eddy I really hated.

I never ever could hide anything from him. He knew me all too well. I just smiled at his intelligence and said, "You have no idea." "Great Mr.

Smartass, give me some ideas then." "I really don't know how to begin" "Try starting from the beginning", he mocked. I just sighed and told him my story, what I saw and what was going on at the house.

I studied his face. Mr.

Brains was having a tough time digesting everything I said. He just gave me a look that reminded me of myself from last night and said, "Let's get something to drink" We got a few beers and I started gulping down as fast as I can. He also was faster than usual. The slight buzz eased my discomfort a bit. "Well it looks like you are going through a tough time." he said after about two minutes of silence. "You have no idea" "Being a psychiatrist I understand what you are going through but have you thought what action are you going to take?" "No, I don't know what to do.

I put restrictions on them and didn't allow them to date anyone. I never thought they would do it with each other. Not in a million years I would have thought of that." "That just means that your kids are way ahead of your thoughts. Why don't you just slap them like you usually do and just scream at the top of your lungs like you always do?

That usually solves your problem doesn't it?" "Well yeah it usually does but what will I say to Kevin after slapping him, 'Stop fucking your sister'? I don't think I can beat him or confront him on this matter" "Well you know what they say, 'If you can't beat then join them.'", he replied with a blank expression.

I tried processing what he said and the only possible answer was, "Are you out of your fucking mind? You are asking me to join them and have a threesome." "Well, that is one option you have, else you have to confront them and ask them to stop fucking? Or you can just separate them; send Kevin to a boarding school so that they don't get together" "Your first option is not an option for me, the second option is quite hard, the third one nubile films bailey ryder buries her tongue possible but they only have each other because most of the time I am not home.

If I separate them, Carol will lose her best friend and will be all alone" "You can keep a baby sitter; that is another option" "They are 14 year old!!" "Hmmm, I guess that leaves you with two choices then." "Tell me something Eddy; is it normal for twins to have feelings for each other?

Is it normal to be fucking each other?" "Don't ask me, you already know the answer. Twins don't fuck each other. Actually they hate each other more than a normal brother and sister do." "Really. Also Kevin is fucking without a condom. Can Carol get pregnant? Actually she can but the question if she does, will the baby be deformed and all?" "Incest can lead to birth defects. But that is rare and happens only if it goes on for generations. But it is true that there is an increased chance in defects.

Tell me something Ted; are you already thinking of becoming a grandfather?" "Of course not.

Anyways thanks Eddy, I will let you know of my decision." saying this I stood up to leave. "Don't take too much tension. If your kids are fucking just give them condoms, it's not like they are in love." I just left his office and bought some more beers. I went home said hi to the kids and got drunk.

After about 1 hour or so I heard Kevin's voice. Kevin and Carol were whispering. "Come on, he is drunk. He won't wake up even if we fuck in front of him." Kevin said. "Yeah, but Kevin he is right there. What if he gets up and catches up?" Carol whispered. "He won't get up any time soon. You know what happens when he gets drunk don't you? Besides I am so hard, I haven't fucked all day." replied Kevin.

Carol giggled, "Fine silly, get naked. Don't waste any more time." I heard Carol and Kevin undress. They were going to fuck in Kevin's room with me right teen japanese doll and her first hardcore ass fuck in close up the living room.

I got up, now totally sober and peeped through the keyhole. What I saw blew me off. Kevin and Carol were naked as the day they were born and were kissing each other like lovers.

Kevin's tongue went into Carol's mouth and she gave his tongue a lick and gave a sly smile and they started kissing him eagerly. Kevin on the other hand was busy kissing his sister and squeezing her boobs. Kevin took one of Carol's nipples in his mouth and Carol gasped.

Not a word was said so far. They were as silent as the night. Kevin started sucking on Carol's right boob while his left hand started squeezing Carol's left breast while his right hand was busy fingering her pussy.

Carol was in pure ecstasy and had her eyes closed like last night. She was begging him for more. Kevin was quite a tease; he went down kissing Carol's stomach area and down to her thighs.

He started kissing her legs and thighs and would occasionally lick near her pussy area.

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Carol was squirming and pushing her brother's head to her crotch but Kevin was determined to tease her. He squeezed both of Carol's nipples and just gave her pussy a small lick and Carol arched her back and had her first orgasm of the day.

She had her eyes shut and forced her brother to her pussy and was trying to say something but nothing came out of her mouth. I was mesmerized seeing my daughter orgasm. It was the worst thing I had seen in my life and I got really pissed watching them but then again I had a massive hard on which really stretched my pants.

I was just surprised at myself and my own body. I couldn't believe that I got hard watching my son eating my daughter. After getting over my trance I saw Kevin and Carol in a 69 position. From my position I could clearly see Carol's wet pussy.

It was like a small waterfall. No matter how much Kevin licked moisture still came out of her pussy. Carol was bobbing up and down on Kevin's cock and by the look on Kevin's face she was doing a really good job.

Kevin licked Carol's pussy with vengeance and was rewarded with her pussy juice. As Carol's orgasm started Kevin started shooting his cum in her mouth. She swallowed as much she could but still cum dripped down her mouth and onto Kevin's pubic area. "My god sis, you are incredible." "Thanks Kevin, you are the best.

I never felt so good in my entire life." "See, how something that feels so good can be bad." "Yeah, I guess that's right. Wow you are hard again." "Well yeah, you are so hot, how can I not get hard" They both giggled and they started kissing again. Kevin positioned himself in missionary position and slammed his cock into his sister. Carol just gasped. Once again no words were exchanged rui natsukawa jerks and strokes two hard cocks them.

They just kissed and started into each other while they fucked. They no longer looked like they were brother and sister and I had nothing to say to that. I just hanged my head staring at the ground when I noticed that I was stroking my cock. Disgusted I put my cock inside my trousers and once again peeped in.

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Kevin was not going fast enough to cum nor was he going slowly; he just moved in and out of her. He was occasionally kissing and sucking her nipples. Carol was panting, Kevin was breathing hard, I was stroking my cock, again. I gave up scolding my right hand and let it do what it wanted. Kevin then lay down on bed and Carol got on top. She was going cowgirl. I just thought, 'How did they know of these positions?' but I was brought back to reality by the good sensations my right hand anissa loves being fucked by two lesbians me.

Slowly Carol increased speed. Kevin was totally out of breath, so was Carol and so was I. I just stared as Kevin's 6 inch cock get engulfed by his twin sister's pussy. In and out, in and out it went now even faster. My hand was a blur now and I knew I was close to cumming. Suddenly Kevin let out a muffled scream and I knew that he was cumming inside her, again!! Carol also arched her back and dug her nails in Kevin's thighs.

All I could see of Carol was her asshole contracting and soon as her orgasm passed, she fell back onto her brother while his cock was still inside her, cum dripping from her pussy and her asshole had returned to normal. I couldn't see what happened next because I was busy cleaning up my sperm from Kevin's door.

Watching Kevin cum inside her sister gave me the strongest orgasm my right hand could ever give me. It brought back memories of my wife. I just cleaned up, went to my room and gently closed the door.

Then I remember saying to myself, 'Well it was much better than any porn I ever watched' and went for a peaceful sleep.