Chap fucks anal and cums on body

Chap fucks anal and cums on body
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When I was in the eighth grade, a new family moved to the farm adjoining our property on the outskirts of a small town in Nebraska. Although Rae was in the eighth grade as well, she was nearly a year older as her birthday was one week too late to start school in the fall. As a result, she was held back putting us in the same grade. I was somewhat in awe of her as she was a bit taller and, to quote a couple of seniors: "stacked like a brick, shit-house." Occasionally, her father hired me to drive the tractor and do various farm work.

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I liked working for Jake because he took the time to talk to me as if my opinions were worthwhile. It also gave me a chance to see Rae who was a good-looking girl and seemed to find me interesting. To say I found her interesting would have been an understatement!

She had blond hair cut kind of short, which showed off her graceful smooth long neck. Since it was rather hot, she wore shorts and sleeveless blouses, affording me the chance to see more than I had ever seen of her in school clothes.

That summer we spent most every day together for two weeks walking the corn and soybean fields while we cut weeds out of the rows. During the boring work, we talked about where she had lived, and her former school. "Hey, Duane, you got a girlfriend?" "Uh, well, I been on a couple of dates, but I wouldn't say that I really have a girlfriend," I stammered feeling my face turning hot.

"Why not, good looking guy like you, I'll bet the girls are falling all over themselves to go out with you," she replied in a suggestive voice. Aware that my face had now achieved a crimson hue, I turned back to pulling weeds. "Aw come on, Duane, no need to get all embarrassed about it. I could teach you all you need to know to really score with the girls," she taunted. Chanel preston fucks sub with a strapon just kept my head down and yanked at weeds as hard as I could while trying to figure out how to respond.

Trouble is, I just couldn't think of anything at all, let alone something witty. When school started in the fall, Rae was immediately the "Belle of the Ball." She had bigger tits than most of the girls in the class, and she knew how jacklin farnandis sesk full fuck show them off. Before long, high school boys were dating her on a regular basis. I heard rumors that one reason they liked her was because she "Put Out," and decided that she probably really could teach me a thing or two.

School was in full swing and as the hot summer turned into cooler fall days, basketball season began. Rae was very good, and played on the Jr. High Girls' Team. I was a sub on the Jr. High Boys' Team, but didn't get to play very much. One afternoon after practice, Rae suggested to me that my problem was that I didn't get enough practice outside of school.

I told her that I didn't have any place to practice now that it was too cold to work out on the driveway. "Why don't you come over after supper tonight? I've got a place in the barn where we can work out, and I can show you some moves you don't know about," she said with a smile. "Oh, yeah, what kind of moves?" I asked feeling my heart speed up a bit. Rae just smiled and walked away. "Holy shit!" was all I could think. When I arrived, Rae was in the hayloft shooting baskets. As soon as I stepped inside, she took charge.

"Here, hold the ball like this, don't be afraid of it, you hold it like its going to bite you. Hold it loose and easy, look up at me, and SMILE! It will drive the person guarding you crazy. You always want to look like you know something or see something they don't, that keeps them off guard," she instructed firmly and with confidence. We worked hard, harder than the coach ever asked for, and shortly I could see an improvement in my game.

After playing for over an hour, she said it was time to take a break. As soon as we stopped, I could feel a chill on my sweaty back. "It's kind of chilly now that we have stopped playing so hard, I think I better get home before I catch a cold," I commented as I picked up my jacket. "What's your hurry? I got a place where we can cool down and have a little fun while we do it," Rae smiled as she led me to a tall stack of bales at the back of the loft. "Here, pull that bale out of the stack," she said indicating one that looked like it had always been there.

Doing as I was told, I saw that behind the bale was a tunnel with light streaming out. "Go on cutie teen babe receives cum in her twat ater getting banged she urged. I crawled about two feet to find myself in a cozy little room that Rae had apparently built.

Glancing around, I could see that she had gone to a lot of work. Even though the entire room was made of straw bales, the floor was covered with a sleeping bag, and there were posters on the walls. A couple of them caught my eye, Elvis Presley with his hips obviously being propelled toward the audience, and the infamous photo of James Dean with his car, cigarette dangling from his lips.

As much as I hated smoking, in that instant I almost wished I could be smoking a cigarette in front of Rae. "Hey, you got books and everything," I observed. "What's this one about?" "Oh, The Kinsey Report, you mean you haven't heard of THE KINSEY REPORT!" she exclaimed in mock amazement.

"Should I?" I replied with a shrug. "Oh, yeah, you sure should have. Where I came from, all the girls snuck them out of their mother's dresser for a quick peek, but I got my own so I could look up anything I wanted to learn about anytime I needed to," she replied confidently.

"So what's it about?" I pressed. "SEX!" "SEX?" "SEX!" "Uh, think I could pimp maricas has to pay la county porn fees it for a few days?" I asked timidly.

"Sure, why not," she replied handing it to me. I took the book and flipped it open. After a minute or two, I became aware that the room was too warm and began struggling out of my sweater. Rae assisted me, and then asked me hot mature lady jumps on his cock help with hers. As soon as it was off, she lay back on the sleeping bag holding out her arms indicating that I should lie beside her. "I've wanted to get you up here from the first time I saw you," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked feeling absolutely stunned. "Well, I think you have a good-looking body, and I want to see more of it." I was aware of a strange, almost sick feeling that swept over me. I could feel my heart pounding and sensed a little trickle of sweat inching down my spine. For an instant I thought of grabbing my sweater and bolting for home, but it was for only an instant. Rae seemed to sense how I was feeling, and flashed a confident smile as she beckoned me closer.

Suddenly she took my face in her hands and kissed me. I had never kissed a girl before, and didn't know how to react. Rae knew what to do, and guided me with firmness.

"Here, put your hands on my back, pull me close, and squeeze a little harder," she instructed. Tentatively I maneuvered my arms to where they were pressing against her tits. When she didn't resist, I began to slide my hands up until I was groping her tits.

Rae began grinding her hips into my painfully hard cock and started to moan. "Am I hurting you?" I asked with some alarm. "Boy, you really don't know anything do you," Rae grunted. "No, you are not hurting me. Keep it up!" I had dreamed about feeling tits, but didn't have any idea what to expect. I was amazed at how soft they were. I was feeling things I had never felt before and started to explore her body with my hands.

Probing, pressing, pulling her tightly against me. I started fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, hoping she wouldn't notice. "Oh, you would like to see my tits, huh?" she replied laughing good naturedly.

"Uh, yeah, I guess I would!" I replied feeling my heart pounding. "OK, but if you look at my tits, I get to look at your cock, is it a deal or do we stop right now?" she demanded. "OK," I grunted feeling my cock get harder than it had ever been. I stood up on my knees and started to tug at my belt, not wanting to wait another second to let my restricted cock loose from the restraining clothes. "I think it would be more fun if you took my shirt off and let me take your jeans off," she whispered as she guided my hands to her buttons.

I fumbled with the little buttons, almost tearing them from the flimsy fabric in my haste. Finally I got the last one open and slid her silky blouse off her shoulders. I could feel myself almost getting dizzy as her tits popped into view, even thought they were still covered by her bra. Rae tugged at my belt, making short work of the simple buckle, then popped the snap and slid the zipper down. All I wanted to do was get my cock out, but she slid the zipper down one tooth at a time until I was almost ready to go crazy.

When it was all the way down, she gently pressed me back. "Hey, help me out a bit here," she said in a teasing voice. I raised my hips, expecting her to pull my jeans off, leaving my shorts to cover my throbbing cock. Instead, she flipped her fingers under the band of both my jeans and shorts, and in one swift jerk, pulled both of them all the way off, leaving my cock pointing to the ceiling like a flag waiting to be saluted on the Fourth of July.

I was trying to process all the new feelings. My cock was free, and it felt good. I could feel the coolness of the air; I could feel my heart pounding so hard in my chest I could feel my cock throbbing. Jeez, she can see my cock, but all I can really see is a bra, I want to see BARE TITS! Runna sakai screams while a group fo men fucking her more at hotajp com rolled onto my side, reaching around Rae and turned her onto her tummy, exposing the hooks of her bra.

If I fumbled with the little buttons of her shirt, the hooks on her bra were a real challenge. Not only were they small, but my hands were shaking as well. Rae just lay perfectly still as I fumbled and finally got the two hooks open, then I rolled her onto her back. As she rolled over, she held horny and cute asian babe in anal homemade video bra in place so it still covered her tits.

"Hey, no fair!" I exclaimed reaching for the last barrier to seeing tits for the first time ever. Rae just lay there with a taunting little smile as if daring me to take action, so I did. I placed my hands just below the cups and gently slid them up, then as Rae relaxed her grip on the band; I tugged the bra free and tossed it aside.

I was staring at TITS! I stared for a few seconds, then curiosity overcame my shyness and I reached out to touch the nipple. Rae shuddered a little, but didn't protest, so I began feeling them with both hands. The softness puzzled me, I had always thought they would be firm, so I pressed a bit harder, and then felt the underlying donut.

They were as fascinating as I had always imagined. At first Rae lay still, and then she began squirming and moaning. This time, I didn't ask if I was hurting her, I just did more of what was making her moan.

I slowly came to realize that playing with the nipples was the best, and by now they were standing up stiff and pointed.

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"OK, big guy, my turn," grunted Rae as she sat up. I stared in fascination as her tits that had been kind of mashed down on her chest seemed to grow longer and more pointed as she sat up. They weren't so big as to sag down, but kind of bounced a little as she moved around.

"Here, lay back while I take a look at you," she directed, pressing me back. I sank back, keeping my eyes on her beautiful tits, and the little bouncy movements they made as she shifted her position. She reached out and grasped my cock with authority, and began to pump me up and down, slowly then quickly increasing the speed. Once in a while, her knuckles brushed my belly and sent waves of ecstasy coursing through my body, telling me I wouldn't last more than a few seconds.

As I suspected, I was so excited and keyed up that she had only pumped about fifteen seconds when I exploded into a powerful orgasm, shooting my cum high into the air. Rae just held it to one side and let it fly. "Wow, you got a hair trigger, don't you?" she exclaimed with mock seriousness.

I felt my face turn red and mumbled that I was sorry. "Hey, don't worry about it, it's normal for boys to come quick the first time you see a girl. Besides, I wanted you to come before you put it in me so that you can last longer than ten seconds," she explained carefully. "You mean, you are going to let me fuck you?" I asked in amazement. "No, I'm not going to let you fuck me; I'm going to teach you how to make love to a girl. There d mmd sakuya fucked in pov lamb a big difference and I want you to learn the difference," she said firmly.

My cock had diminished a bit in size, and I glanced down to the drooping tool that had, only moments before been standing proud and tall. "Don't worry; we will have it back in fighting form soon enough. Now, play with my tits again and take your time," she instructed. I began playing with her tits again, and tried to figure out what I should do next. Rae turned her face up and I caught her intention and kissed her. Before tonight, I had never kissed a girl before, so I really didn't know just what to do, but Rae was a good teacher and I began to get the idea.

After I had kissed her lips for a while, Rae pushed me back for a moment. "Duane, there are other places to kiss a girl than just on the lips," she whispered. "Uh, where else?" I asked in amazement.

"Like everywhere else," she replied, "Just let your imagination run free for a while." Like a bolt out of the blue, it occurred to me that her tits may be a good place, so I leaned down and planted a little peck on her left nipple. It didn't seem like it did much, so I tried it again, but this time I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked a little, wondering if I was doing it right.

"Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes," breathed Rae, arching her back and pressing her tit into my mouth. Thus encouraged, I kissed and sucked harder, then moved to the other tit rolling the first between my thumb and forefinger. Later, I buried my face between her tits and kissed and sucked on the valley between them.

Rae began to grind her ass around in little circles, and that gave me another idea. I slid my free hand down her tummy, and traced the outline of her belly button, then began seeking a way to get her jeans off of her. I finally found the snap, popped it open and slid the zipper down.

I wasn't nearly as subtle or slow as she had been with mine. I slammed it to the bottom then quickly moved between her legs. I grasped the band of her jeans and felt for anything else that was under them. Discovering the band of her panties, I slid my fingers under and then tugged them downward. Rae lifted her hips just enough to allow her clothes to two bi men and a luscious gal her ass, and seconds later I was staring at the first pussy I had ever seen.

She had hair that was a bit darker than the blond hair I was accustomed to seeing every day, and I stared in amazement. "What's the matter," whispered Rae with a little grin on her face, "Never saw a pussy before?" "Uh, well, no, well, I did see my little sister, but you got hair down there," I stammered.

"You really don't know anything do you?" she exclaimed as she laughed out loud. "Well, you don't have hair on your face, I just didn't think about you having hair anyplace else either," I replied, feeling the red creep into my face once again. "I'm sorry, it was just so much fun to watch you as you saw your first tits and pussy," she replied as she giggled again. "Duane, you are the sweetest boy I have ever known," she whispered as she spread her legs open.

I just sat and stared for a few seconds, then reached out and touched her hair with my finger tips. I ran little circles in her hair, then encountered the very top of her slit and began to follow it downward. Suddenly Rae gave a little squeak and jerked her ass up. I lost contact, so went back to find the place again, running my fingers in little circles. Rae moaned again and opened her legs further.

I became aware that her pussy was wet and slick, and began running my finger up and down. "Oh, that feels so good, keep doing it, keep doing it right there," she urged, grinding her little ass in tight circles.

I felt a little hard spot that seemed to be especially sensitive and probed it harder. I got a little whiff of something I had never smelled before.

Wonder what that smell is, I thought as I ms simone gets her ass fucked pussy creamed by michael s my head closer to see the wonders of this marvelous pussy. I realized it was coming from there, so bent down further nymphos ride boyfriends asshole with oversized strap dildos and burst take a closer look.

The little folds of the lips astonished me. I just assumed it was a hole, kind of like my ass hole, but here were all kinds of things that I had never imagined. Then it dawned on me, I couldn't see a hole, so I began to probe, feeling higher and from side to side.

Nothing to be found, where does it go? I thought. "Something wrong, Duane?" she commented, obviously sensing my puzzlement. "I can't find the hole," I whispered hoarsely. Rae giggled, then took my hand and guided it down, until I felt my fingers slide into her cunt. I kept pressing in until my finger was buried as deep as it could go, then I just held it there feeling the incredible wet heat of a real pussy.

I didn't know what else to do, so I just held it there and wiggled a little at the tip. "Ok, stud, I think it is time for you to use something besides your tiny little finger," Rae breathed into my ear. My heart jumped as I realized I was going to fuck a girl for the very first time.

I slid my finger out of her pussy, trying to imagine how it would feel to have my pounding cock in the same place. Positioning myself between her knees, I tried to move forward, but then realized that I really didn't know how to find her cunt big tits blowjob cumshot and cock to slightest touch first time miho gets boned in the my cock.

"Take it easy, stud, here I'll help you." With that, she grasped my cock and tugged it forward. I followed with no hesitation, and in a second, felt the tip of my cock encounter the wetness of her pussy. I couldn't wait another instant, so just pushed in and suddenly I felt my pubic bone bump hers. I was so amazed that I just held it there for a few seconds, letting the feeling of her hot wetness soak into my equally hot cock.

The automatic action seemed to follow and in an instant I was making frantic little jerks, trying to pump my cock into her cunt. Rae grabbed my ass and held it still for a second, and then by alternating in and out pressure urged me to a slower pace. I followed her lead and resisted the urge to shove my cock in and crawl in behind it. After a couple of minutes where Rae directed my movements, alternating between slow and even slower, I sensed her urging me to speed up.

I also heard her breathing becoming faster and felt her jerking her pussy up to meet my cock on its inward journey. Without warning, she threw her legs around my back and began kicking my ass with her heels.

What the hell is this all about, I thought. Then, I felt her digging her fingernails into my back. In one crazy instant I felt pain and at the same time felt excitement as I began slamming my cock into Rae as hard as I could pound. By now, I didn't care if I hurt her or myself, all I wanted to do was to fuck. Fuck, fuck and never stop fucking.

Then, my cum came rocketing out and into her white hot pussy. I could feel my ass hole clenching and pulsing and wondered for a fleeting second if it would blow out. I fell on Rae like a limp sack of brazil dirty xxx babysitters love rock hard cock, panting like I had just run a four-minute-mile.

Rae rolled me off, but kept me locked in her embrace with my cock in her pussy. We dozed off for a while, and I was vaguely aware that my cock had shriveled up and slipped out of her pussy. I remember thinking it would be nice to leave it there forever, and then fell back asleep. We probably slept for about fifteen minutes when Rae moved and I woke up. Suddenly, I felt shy, embarrassed and regretful all at the same time. What had I done? Shit, I just fucked a girl, what happens if she gets pregnant, what happens if she tells the guys I fucked her, what happens?

"Hey, Duane, what's the matter, going all shy on me?" she asked with a smile. I just shook my head and looked away so I couldn't see her naked tits and pussy.

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Rae grabbed me roughly and turned me back to face her. "Don't get self righteous on me, I did this because I wanted to and you can't say you didn't have one hell of a good time. So, don't worry, I'm not going to get pregnant and I'm not going to tell the guys we did it, although I suppose you will have to tell, all guys do." "I won't tell," I hurried to answer.

"My mom would kill me if she knew we did it and would never let me come over again, and I want to come again." "You can come over anytime you want, but you should also read The Kinsey Report because it will explain a lot about how you feel. It will also tell you how to make love to a woman," she replied giving me a sweet little kiss on the lips. I had always enjoyed reading, but nothing gave me as much pleasure as reading this particular assignment! I even re-read several sections, over and over.

By the end of the season, I was a starter on the Jr. High basketball team. One afternoon, following a particularly hard practice session the coach stopped me as I kerala aunty pee hiide camera the locker room.

"Hey, Duane, you have really improved, you have a chance to be a starter on the varsity team as a freshman. What's the secret to your success?" "Uh, well, well, I guess it is just a matter of practice, I try to shoot baskets and handle the ball at least an hour every night after chores are finished," I stammered feeling my face getting hot.

"I didn't know you had a place you could work out in the winter," he commented. "Well, Jake let's me go over and use the loft in his barn, it's fixed up real nice," I replied wishing I could get out of there.

"Maybe you ought to be careful how much you practice, it could become habit forming," he commented with a little laugh. I looked at him with a question mark on my face, but he just smiled at me, winked and turned away.