These hawt beauties love to lick every drop

These hawt beauties love to lick every drop
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Chapter Two: Riverwood "Uncle Alvor, hello!" Hadvar said as he walked up to the small smithy by the riverbed. They had walked into town just as the sun was setting and Carthalo was looking forward to a good nights rest, a dragon attack and a brutal rape was enough for one day.

"Hadvar! What're you doing here, are you on leave from-" "I'm fine uncle, keep your voice down though." Hadvar said. "Who's this then?" Alvor asked, nodding towards Carthalo. "This is Carthalo, a friend, saved my life in fact." Hadvar said solemnly. "Uncle, we'd better get inside." Hadvar insisted. "Alright, alright." Alvor conceded, "lets go." Following the big burly blacksmith, they made their way down the gangplank walk leading from the smithy to the house and stepped inside.

Carthalo was impressed with how cozy and comfortable the place was. There were three beds and on top of one sat a young, demure looking girl Carthalo guessed to be around fourteen, she was tall and skinny for her age and had long brown hair and small round breasts that she kept hidden under a deceptively baggy red dress.

"Dorthe" Alvor said gruffly "Clean the table for our guests." The girl nodded quietly and went about clearing the small wooden table. "Sigrid, bigtit submissive jizzed on after roughsex european and cumshot have company!" Alvor shouted.

"Take a seat you two." Hadvar and Carthalo sat down, Carthalo looked around the room and felt the young girls eyes on him, he tried not to be unsettled, and quickly found something to divert his attention when Sigrid came up from the cellar. She was a tall fair skinned Nord woman with the same long brown hair as Dorthe and two exceptionally large breasts. She looked to be in her early fourties, but still had a fantastic figure.


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We've been so worried about you!" she said enthusiastically. "Can I get you anything?" "No thanks aunt Sigrid." Hadvar said. And Carthalo noticed that even Hadvar was admiring her figure as she went about setting food on the table. "You'd better go ahead and tell me what's going on now lad." Alvor suggested. "Well, as you know, I was stationed to General Tulius' personal guard, we were just about to execute Ulfric Stormcloak in Helgen when…" Hadvar paused for effect. "A dragon attacked." "A dragon!?" Alvor exclaimed.

"You're not drunk… are you boy?" "Husband, let vidya balan real sex with three person finish his story." Sigrid reprimanded. "Not much left to tell actually." Hadvar admitted. "The dragon just sort of swooped in and wrecked the whole place.

We barely made it out alive." "What about General Tulius?" Alvor asked. "I'm sure he made it, it'll take more than a dragon to stop the general." "Well that is a problem…" "Uncle, I hate to burden you, but we were wondering if we could take shelter here for a few days before I head back up to Solitude to join up with the Imperial Legion." "Of course, you two can stay as long as you like.

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Make yourselves at home." "Thank you uncle." Hadvar said. "One thing though," Alvor said quickly. "I've heard about the appetites of Redguards… and you are welcome to stay here as my guest. But so help me gods, if you touch my wife or daughter. I'll forge a very special knife just to castrate you." Rather than being offended, Carthalo just laughed. "Don't worry friend. A bit too young, and a bit too married for me." He said with a wink. Alvor lightened up perceptibly.

"Good then we should get along fine!" Carthalo had no idea how soon his statement would be tested. * * * Carthalo was sleeping on a bedroll next to the fireplace when he heard the noise, a muffled cry that woke him from his sleep.

His first instinct was that something was going on outside, but then he realized that the sound was coming from underneath him. In the cellar. He looked around and saw that Hadvar, Alvor, and Dorthe were all sleeping. Where was Sigrid? He wondered. Carthalo got up quietly, crouching low and sneaking over to the staircase, vanessa lane she likes to lie back and then in the front crept slowly down each wooden plank and the muffled cries grew louder and more distinct.

The Redguard quickly realized that the cries were actually moans. He looked down into the cellar from his hiding spot at the top of the stairs and the sight that greeted his eyes immediately drove his cock insane.

Sigrid was sitting on the counter in the cellar with her legs up and spread as far apart as she could get them, she was furiously rubbing heself and moaning. Carthalo could barely hear her whispering "Yes… oh gods yes… by the eight divines I need some cock. Husband&hellip.

Hadvar… Carthalo… anyone… oh, oh yes I need it so badly&hellip." It was all Carthalo could do not to go give her what she clearly wanted so desperately. Then, she did something so bizarre that Carthalo wasn't sure if he had seen it, she produced Alvor's blacksmithing hammer from behind the counter; a good sized, wooden handled, hammer that she held In her hand, and then proceeded to slowly rub around her soaking wet pussy.

From the angle she was holding the hammer, it even looked like a cock. The handle was about eight inches long, Carthalo assumed, so when she quickly shoved the hammer into her pussy with one stroke, until the metal head was all that was still visible.

Carthalo did a double take. This bitch could take a pounding. She pulled the hammer out again and Carthalo could see that the long wooden handle was covered in her wetness, this time when it went in, it made a distinct slurping noise as her insides gripped it tightly. She kept on pounding herself like this, playing with her large, milke white tits, rubbing her huge brown nipples and moaning. "Fuck, yes… oh fuck yes… Fuuuuuck!" Carthalo kept horny dykes use vibrator on each others pussy himself of his promise to Alvor, but he needed release, so he quietly pulled out his cock, it was standing at full attention and as Sigrid continued to hammer her pussy, he started to stroke his big, seven-inch, black dick.

The two of them were masturbating just as furiously, Sigrid completely unaware of her audience, or so Carthalo thought.

Just as he was about to cum, Sigrid looked up, met his eyes, shoved the hammer one more time deep into her pussy, and let out a low moaning wail. "Uuuhhh, Carthalo. Fuck me with your big black cock I'm cumming!

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I'm&hellip. I'm Cuuumming!" and Carthalo blew a load of sperm that erupted out from his hiding spot and landed in a massive puddle all over a small table under the stairs of the cellar. Carthalo stayed there, stunned for a moment until Sigrid stood up, then got down on her knees, and crawled over to his puddle of cum and ith three fingers she scooped it off the table and put her fingers in her mouth.

She looked up at Carthalo and opened her mouth so that he could see her swirl his cream around in her mouth and then winked, closed her mouth, put one finger over her lips, and swallowed.

Feeling all remnants of his self control slowly fading away, Carthalo stood up, took one last look at the sexy, desperate Nord housewife with his seed in her mouth walked silently back up the stairs. Trying not to wake Alvor or the others, he quickly made a beeline for the door, not even stopping to check the beds, if he had, he would have noticed that Dorthe was not in her bed…