Gorgeous babe have sex for a lot of cash and gets a hot cum

Gorgeous babe have sex for a lot of cash and gets a hot cum
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sunny leon 2019 xxx full Mom's and 4 Daughters pt. 2 Well I have pretty much come full circle, almost that's is. The circle will be complete as soon as I finish what has been started. I have once again crossed a line and there is no going back so is it alright to go forward ?. That is a loaded question and depending on what the issue is the answer could be yes or no.

I'm going forward and this is what I have been discussing with Sis every since she found Becky's shirt in the bathroom, the shirt that was under us, the shirt which contains the telltale signs of her broken virginity.

Sis was happy that it would be me taking each of the girls virginity, she knew that it is someone who loves and cares about them.

I suspect all my girls mothers would be Ok with this. The girls seem to be "advanced" for their age and it would happen sooner with someone and it shouldn't be with just some jackass that will just poke and run. The first time is special for females, well it should be or I'm sure they feel it is when they make the choice as to who is going to "be the one".

More often than not though it doesn't work out for the long term because males are wired to get all they can and getting a girls cherry is special for males but in a different way than it is for girls. I certainly haven't been content with just one hell I have to look at my own history.

Since these are my daughters, even though here are 4 different mothers, I have a connection with each of them. The girls were outside so i went out and was greeted just outside the door by Becky who jumped up as she threw her arms around me and wrapped her legs around my waist, "Morning Daddy", she said as she continued to hug me tight as I held her to me. "You Ok baby", I asked. "I'm a little sore but I'm great. Thank You Daddy !", she said whispering in my ear then let go and I let her down and he ran off to the pool.

I heard the door open behind me and turned to see Megan and Amber coming out. Amber ran past with a happy look on her face and as she went by me she looked right at me smiled big and and said Hey Daddy.

Megan walked up and clung tight to me, it was like she needed reassurance or something, so Perky tits teen nailed by stranger dude in the backseat held her and kissed the top of her head.

Megan was the child between my mother and I. The sweetest girl in mannerism that anyone could want and the cutest girl you can imagine with her petite frame, chestnut brown hair pulled back and fastened, a splash of light freckles on her cheeks and her round black rimmed glasses.

Most days she looked like the conservative bookworm type like you see in rock videos where they shake their head to break loose the hair, throw the glasses off then pull that loose shirt off to reveal a hidden hottie.well that's how I see it anyway.

With her bikini on and her hair loose like right now, mmm mmm mm, you could eat her up. Yeah, that thought has crossed my mind. She does have her mothers build and a nice set of boobs already. She finally eased her hug and pulled back to look at me, her face had a look of wonder and apprehension, "Daddy, do you love me", she asked. "OHHH, of course I do sweetheart", I said as I pulled her over to the chair with me. I sat down and she hopped onto my lap and hung her head down. "Am I as special as the others", she asked.

"Honey, you are special, in ways that are unique", I said. This brightened her up. "Am I plain", she said as she was looking past me. I turned to look and the only one in her field of view was Amber. "You have you're own characteristics which make your adorable", I said. She smiled brightly then hugged me, "I love you daddy", she said then jumped up and ran to the pool.

The girls played around, they were in and out of the pool then Mom, Sis and I would swim with the girls. Sometimes I swam sometimes just sitting back and watching the girls and woman run, jump and jiggle. Yeah, I wasn't doing myself any good and was feeling the need but it was time for lunch so I started grilling then we all ate and sat around.

Later on Mom and Sis decided they were going to the mall and the girls were going except for Megan, she wasn't the mall type. She was more a home body, always somewhere around the house or doing something here. Sometimes you didn't even know she was here or where she was, Megan was reserved and stealthy. I had my usual spot on the couch creampie for shaggy oriental beaver japanese hardcore they all gathered in the living room before leaving and Megan, who still had her bikini on, broke from them and jumped on the couch and curled up beside me.

We'll be back later said Sis as she lead everyone out the door, Mom brought up the rear and looked back and sydney cole and cassandra cain hot some on the couch at me as she reached the door, "You behave", she said looking right at me with a smirk on her face.

Megan looking at the TV and never looked away automatically said, "I will". I flashed Mom a smile and she furrowed her brow and glared. When the door closed Megan snuggled up a little closer and pulled my arm around her.

A moving was just starting and we settled in to watch well that is I had one eye on the movie and on her body. Megan had a bit more shape to her given her petite frame. She was well endowed for her age (thanks to her mother) and slightly heavier than Becky but not pudgy at all. She was plump but firm in the right places like her butt, hips and boobs which really accentuated her waistline which you could really appreciate with her bikini on and when she wore jeans, OH MY GOD !. Rarely in a hurry she always walked slow and the movement of her butt and hips when she brunette american hot babe gets banged and enjoys messy facial was mesmerizing but she never showed it ensnaring mom bianca breeze teachs how to fuck and always wore shirts that we a little to big and long then of course she kept her hair pulled back.

She could be so hot if she wanted to be and she knew she had assets but seemed to be a little embarrassed about it in public, I think the attention in general would make her uncomfortable.

I was growing stiff looking up and down her squeezable body and I had to adjust myself a little for comfort and as to not drill a hole in her. With her laying beside me on her side with her back scooted up to me I wanted nothing more than to repeatedly run my hand from her shoulder then descend down and follow every curve as far down her as my reach would allow.

We were into the movie and continued to lay there nice and still so with just her bikini on she was getting cold. She reached over and pulled a throw blanket over us. Once under the cover she caught a chill and shivered, I could feel goosebumps on her.

I automatically ran my hand down her side, over her hip and down her leg then back again, "MMMMM, feels goood", she purred. "Sure does", I said just under my breath. "What's that daddy", she asked. "Oh, Nothing", I said. I rubbed her skin until I didn't feel any more goosebumps, I didn't want to stop.

I wanted to squeeze her hip, her thigh then run across her curved belly then kneed her boobs one by one.shit, this isn't doing me any good what so ever as my dick got even harder. It was poked right into the crack of her sweet butt and the last time I looked before she pulled the cover on us was her bikini bottom stuck in the cleft of those firm rounded ass cheeks. Oh God, the thoughts in my head, the need I had, the experience I wanted, this luscious body laying next to mine, I was absolutely burning with want and desire.

"Daddy, do I turn you on", she asked.

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"YES, HELL YES.YOU DO !", I instantly blurted out. SHIT, I couldn't take that back nor claim I was referring to something else. It was clear, her body was driving me insane and I expressed it. "You're in a bad way uh daddy", she said. "YES, YES I AM", I said. "I want to help you", she said. I wanted to stop myself I wanted to two daughters ago but I struggled so bad with want and curiosity.

I have already compromised things and while I truly wanted to continue I still tried self restraint. The restraint that wanted to keep me from defiling another daughter was like a sand wall protecting a sandcastle on the beach while my desire was like the ocean rolling in and effortlessly consuming them both however, I still tried to hold back the ocean, "Honey, you don't have the experience to deal with me right now, I really should"., "I want the experience, I can help you out, I want toooooo", she said cutting me off.

She was pleading. I was fighting a useless blonde and brunette share dick in piss some with myself and I knew it, I wanted to fuck her bad and I was going to but the need I had would have given a woman with plenty of experience a real workout.

Megan got up and was pulling my arm and I didn't budge. I was giving this every opportunity to calm down before I succumbed and ravaged her young body. She kept pulling and pulling and as I began to sit up she let go of my arm, convinced that I was coming she walked towards the bedroom.

I watched as she walked and any last second of restraint I thought I may have was quickly washed away as I looked at her curves and her movement. I got up and walked behind her, the closer we got to the bedroom the more that ocean of desire swept over my defenses.

By the time I got to the door my restraint had been completely washed away. I was going to take her and nothing could stop it. If she were to hesitate at this point I was almost afraid of what I may do, it was in motion now and an abrupt halt "seemed" impossible.

Would I force her, NO, but I wouldn't be happy. I think we have all imagined that scenario or even have experience it so the extreme frustration level is understandable however, after you put your dick in and feel a sweet tight cunt around your shaft and then there is hesitation then stopping is just not possible.

Once you are in that mode there is no stopping until you get satisfied. She crawled onto the bed, I stopped at the big boobed granny isabel needs to get off in pantyhose and took my shorts off to free my fully engorged dick.

It was extremely tight and had no movement as my shorts were pulled past it. My dick was like a solid bar of iron that was firmly anchored to a wall.

I knew it looked menacing to her, she had her eyes wide open and swallowed as I got onto the bed. With her finger tips on my chest she pushed at me to lay back, and I did.

She was knelt beside me and reached out with her hand and ran it over my dick like one would clean the top of a bottle before drinking then she lowered her head and took my dick into her warm mouth, OHHHHH BABYYYYY, TAKE CARE OF DADDY", I said loudly. She easily worked on my dick and was taking me in to about a quarter of my length.

I reached over and ran my fingers into the back of her bikini bottom and was pulling them down. She moved as needed to help be get them off of her while she continued to work on my aching dick. With her bottoms off I pulled at her hips trying to signal her to move over, I was intent on getting her into the 69 position. With a bit of pulling, pushing and various movements I had her in position.

Above my face was her beautiful untouched pussy with just very light and fine hair beginning to cover her mound. The entire sight was awesome, from my point of view. It was broad daylight which enabled us to see everything. I looked down to see she had almost half of my pipe in her mouth, I look up to each side and followed her legs up while stopping to gaze at her meaty thighs and the curve of her ass.

Her legs were an inverted V at this angle and at the bottom of that V was her perfect pussy. I ran my hands around her waist and pulled her down to my waiting tongue and pressed my tongue flat as I liked her entire slit and kept going across her taint.

I licked all the way to her puckered brown hole which cause her to instinctively tense up. On the next run I worked my tongue in between her cunt lips to taste her fresh pink meat then began to work up and down her slit while flicking my tongue at her clit then run my tongue back down her valley and finished by rimming her anus.

I couldn't tell any difference in her breathing, sounds or movements when I was suddenly surprised by jizz dripping from her cunt. I had no indication it was coming as she was just as intent on pleasuring me as I was her. I wanted passionate beautiful chick gives a great blow lick and suck her cut dry and taste every ounce of her juice but we would need it for what was to happen next.

I stopped licking her and dropped my head back, I was ready to fuck her. I was surprised at the intensity, effort and the concentration she was putting into sucking me. I rubbed my hands up and down her thighs and across her butt then over her back, she finally slowed then stopped and pulled off of me, "Am I helping you daddy, was that good", she asked.

"OH honey, you did soooo good", I said. She moved down me a little more as I scooted out from under her and she stayed bent over on her knees, "Can we do it this way daddy", she asked. I thought about her virginity, my size and the position and knew it probably wasn't the best, "Honey I'm not sure this would be the best way for you", I said. "I want to, it will be OK this way, really it will", she said.

I wasn't going to argue as I was intent to fuck her and it was going to hurt either way but I had to have some restraint. I wanted to go wild but I couldn't but keeping myself in check once I was inside her going to be a challenge. I positioned myself behind her by putting my knees outside of her legs and had her draw her knees closer together. This raised her up a little higher but still left me the optimum angle and still get as much of my meat in her as possible.

I place myself at her wet slit and applied some pressure and her cunt lips parted, "Ohhhhhhh", she moaned. With my restraint holding firm I stopped even though my current inclination was to push in to the bottom. "Hurry daddy, do it to me", she said.

"Easy baby, it's going to hurt but I skinny tali pleasures a throbbing meat pole don't want it to hurt to bad", I said.

"It's ok, it's ok, she said. The restraint I had dissolved a little and I pushed forcing my head through her hole, "UHHHH", she moaned loudly as she raised her head up and grabbed the covers with her hands.

The feeling was exquisite, I closed my eyes and breathed while concentrating on the little restraint I did have left. This was hard, so hard not to just cut loose and it took more more power than you can imagine, I was on the edge and just a light touch would send me over.

Megan took in a breath, "BREAK ME", she yelled. That sent me over the edge, I instantly pulled back tightened my muscles pulled her hips and thrust myself inside her, "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!", she screamed, the highest pitched scream I ever heard. I didn't stop but kept pushing in until the resistance was just to much. Her purity was gone, stripped away in a second with the thrust of her daddy's dick which was now lodged halfway inside her tight cunt.

I felt bad but the feeling around my dick from the squeeze of her hole felt oh so good. My initial animal desire temporarily cute couple having oral ses and pussy fucking I kept myself inside her, not pulling back but not pushing in either.

She was on her hands now, her head hung low as she heavily breathed, "OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH", she continued to moan as I rubbed her lower back and softly said, "It's ok, it's ok, it's ok, tell me when your ready honey", I said. "Go ahead.finish taking. me", she said through each breath. She had a fortitude and willingness that I didn't understand, it was like she had something to prove or she had a need or both, or more ?.

With my initial assualt on her young cunt now complete, a short recovery for her and her willingness to continue, I found my lust quickly returned and I was intent on burying my cock deep inside my sweet little Megan. I began to move in and out while aggressively pushing in deeper, my wide shaft stretching her newly opened hole while she continued to moan, "UH, UH, UH, TAKE ME DADDY, OH MY GOD, TAKE MEEEEE.

I plunged in and threw my head back, "OHHHHH MEGAN, I'M FUCKING YOU BABY", I shouted. "TAKE IT DADDY, FUCK MEEEEEEE", she screamed. As I continued to fuck into her I lowered my head to a level position and with eyes closed I concentrated on fucking her pussy. I had both hands on the top of her butt pushing down while I had my fingers dug into her soft flesh.

This helped me raise up just a little more as I jackhammered straight into her with reckless abandoned and causing Megan to continue with a steady, "UH, OH, UH, OH, UH, OH, OH, OH, OH, TAKE WHAT YOU NEEEEEED, DO ME DADDY, DOOOOO MEEEEEEE", she screamed. I was surprised I held out as long as I did considering how hot and nasty this whole session has been but my recent efforts and focus had brought me close.

"OHHHH MEGAN BABYYYYYY, DADDY'S GONNA CUM INSIDE YOU HONEY. Her breathing picked up and I felt her hole tighten up and her back went stiff then she relaxed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, daaaddddyyyyy", she breathed out loud as she flooded my cock with warm slippery liquid that sloshed as I hammered into her.

No longer able to contain it I tensed up tight, increased my thrusts into her and at absolute maximum pressure, "OHHHHHHHH MEEEEEGAAAAAAN", I yelled out as an initial squirt left my peehole followed instantly by a roiling tsunami wave of blazing hot cum that blasted from deep inside her. I thought the first wave would never end but that continual stream of cum felt so good, it made my shaft tingle with relief.

I felt the next wave approach as Megan groaned, "OH DADDYYYYY, CUM IN ME AGAIN". No problem there I thought to myself as I let loose and, "UHHHHHHHH BABYYYYYYY", I groaned as another torrent of liquid fire blasted out of my nozzle and pooled up deep inside my sweet daughters womb as Megan moaned, "MMMM, IT FEELS SO WARM DEEP INSIDE ME". I was spent after ejecting two huge streams of what seemed like endless cum into Megan's tight cunt.

I have been fucking for many many years and you don't have quite as much as in earlier years but when you get someting fresh and new plus it's oh so wrong and naughty I guess you have more in you than you even imagined. I haven't cum like that or that much on a long time. I held deep inside then slowly pulled out. I was going to ask her to squeeze but the grip her still new pussy had on me was sufficient to milk my cock.

As the remamts of cum was pushed up its tube and towards the exit it tingled and sent a shiver up my back as I pulled out.

I looked down as a mixture of blood stained cum ran out of my daughters freshly fucked cunt.

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Her once mostly closed hole was agape but slowly closing as I fell back and finally relaxed. Megan sat up on her knee's and then eased back onto her butt and leaned back against me then I put my arms around and held her.

With the animal lust gone I was flooded with a little remorse at my attack on her. As traumatic as a girls first time must be it couldn't have helped that I unleashed myself on her, even at her request, I still felt a little bad so I held her.

"Sweetie are you alright", I asked with concern. "Oh My God I didn't know it would be like this", she said. "I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to be.to be so rough", I said. "NOOOOO, I LOVED IT !, she said loudly. That took me by surprise and she wasn't just saying that, she meant it and was enthusiastic about it. I think something has been opened up in her that she only thought about, heard about or even seen in a movie or whatever.

After a few minutes she got up and turned around and we looked down at the mess we had made then we hugged tightly and she kissed me all over my cheeks and continually thanked me. I didn't express my feeling about this experience but inside I was like a kid again but I remained reserved.

We got ourselves cleaned up and i took the sheets from the bed and threw them in the washer and put on a fresh set. Later on the rest of the gang came home and they found Megan and I on the couch watching TV.

The girls had shopping bags in their hands and ran through the living room towards their bedroom then Megan jumped up to follow them. Mom and Sis walked by and just as she did on the way out Mom looked back at me. I pulled my eyes away from the TV and looked at her, she raised her eye brows as if asking "Well". I parsed my lips and shrugged my shoulders to say "Maybe" then she gave me a frown and walked away and I lightly chuckled. After awhile we all went out to eat, with it being Sunday evening that is what we usually did then got ice cream then back to the house to settle in for the evening.

the usual routine was to crowd up on the couch and watch movies, this time I had Brooke and Amber on each side of me. I was laying on my side with Brooke behind me and Amber in front and you can imagine I couldn't help but to look Amber up and down. I looked at all the girls and marveled at the variety and the visual characteristics that each had to offer but with Amber in front of me she was my primary focus.

She had on a new pair of tight little shorts on and her top was a white cotton fabric with a plunging neckline and frilly lace around the collar. Her slight and slender frame, perfect tanned skin and long blond hair was more interesting to me than the movie. Like I said before she was the absolute clone of her mother, very pretty, hot, provocative and adventurous. Later in the night: With it being very late, Sis and the girls once again sacked out on the couch and me being in bed who do you think I found laying next to me when I rolled over in the middle of the night.AMBER !.

"Hey daddy, you need to be taken care of again", she asked. Given her slight frame I really didn't think she could handle it, she was the most slender of the four girls but that didn't keep my cock from springing into action. She reached over and grabbed it and stroked my pole with hand, "Just lay back and let me take care of things daddy", she said as she got up and pulled the covers back.

I rolled onto my back and was shocked when she straddled me instead of going down. Even with her stretching as high as she could while on her knee's there was no way she could get her cunt above my pole.

She got on her feet and raised up then squatted over me so I placed a hand on her butt to support her as she lowered herself down while I used my other hand to guide my dick between her legs. Just before we made contact I mom and younger girl xxx xideo a huge wad of spit into my palm and smeared it over my cock head then rubbed her little slit, she was wet, not sopping of course but she was wet.

She trembled a little, either from nerves or from her tensed leg muscles as she descended. We made contact and my head slip right into her slit so I pulled my hand away and placed it one her butt. She eased her leg muscles and continued down as my cock made it's way in and caused me to catch a quick breath as she impaled herself on my rock hard shaft, "Oh my god baby", I whispered.

She did have some experience but likely with nothing of my size, as my cock made it's way in she grunted as her little snatch stretched open to accept my girth. I pushed up on her butt with my hands and let her descend again, taking even more of her daddy's cock in her cunt. She was able to get back on her knee's now and lean forward and she began to rock as I pushed against her cute little butt. At this point I moved my hands to her hips which enabled me to pull her 18 superman vs spiderman xxx an axel braun parody me as I pushed more cock inside my sweet little girl, "oh baby girl your fucking daddy", I breathed out.

She never said a word but I could just tell she was concentrating on the task at hand. She was actually taking my cock in her with some ease, as I pulled her hips and I thrust upwards I slid in, I was already more than halfway in her snatch and pushing in more and she rocked harder and grunted with each advance my cock made. She was fucking back at me steadily and I was already building for the immanent explosion and I heard her grunt again and let out a breath ads she came.

The extra lubrication helped and I pushed into her on her descent and I was burying almost balls deep inside of her which caused her to let out a huge grunt and that brought me on, "baby I'm gonna blow", I said as loud as I could yet still whispering.

With a grunt I shot a load of creamy cum into my little girl which quickly coated my cock as she continued to fuck me. With another grunt I shot another blast inside her while she still fucked back at me and was breathing hard from her work.

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"Squeeze it baby, squeeeeeze", I whispered. As she bottomed out she squeezed on her uplift. My cock was a messy coating of my cum and her jizz as my shaft pistonned in and out of her until finally she slowed and I pushed her up and off of me. She turned around and took my slowly deflating cock in her mouth then sucked and licked me clean, all I could do was lay there and wonder if this was all a dream, a wonderful incestuous dream.

When she was done she laid down next to me and we cuddled. I laid there, intent on going back to sleep and thought 3 down and one to go, seems kind of crass but that's what I thought then as I drifted to sleep the very last thing on my mind was to the one daughter I haven't experienced. I thought about my sweet shy Brooke: "Breaking Brooke". (which is the next story in line, stay tuned)