Hot asian rides his hard cock min orientalsex and squirting

Hot asian rides his hard cock min orientalsex and squirting
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From my point of view, Stepping inside the door, I kick my heels off, and wipe my forehead. the warm hot air seems to cling to my skin. I place my purchases on the counter and grab the chilled bottle of white wine and quickly pull it close to my ample cleavage, feeling the condensation drip down and seep into my bra. Holding the bottle to my chest, I stumble around trying to pull my stockings off, thinking of what a perfect day it would be to work on my tan that seems so subtle this year.

Quickly I grab a wine glass, and pour the sparkling liquid 3/4th of the way to the top. taking a sip of wine with one hand, I push my skirt down with my other hand, and kick it to the side with my foot. Unbuttoning my blouse, I slip it off and try to hang it on the fridge door, and then watch as it slowly falls to the floor. I swipe the bottle of tanning lotion, and start to head out to the deck, I pause breifly, arching my back, I slip my damp bra off, and let it fallat the same time as i am pulling off my thong, relishing on how much less restricted I feel.

Juggling the glass of wine and bottle of lotion I manage to slide the patio door open with my naughty gloryhole session with a sexy schoolgirl. Carefully I slip through the door, and place my glass on the end table beside a lounge chair, and untwist the cap of the lotion.

Coconut smells waft to my nose, and I smile casually as I start to apply the lotion, starting with my feet, and working my way slowly up my legs, smoothing it on, higher and higher. Letting my fingers skim accross my body as I massage the lotion into my gorgeous blonde ex girlfriend anya olsen getting fucked, I know he will be home soon, and I feel my body blush with anticipation.

Rubbing the lotion on my stomach, I feel butterflies as my hand grazes my breast. My nipples perk at the touch, and I expeditiously apply lotion to the rest of my breasts. Placing the bottle of lotion on the table, I grab my glass, feeling it almost slip out of my hand, because of the lotion coating my fingers. I raise the glass to my lips, and feel the cold liquid touch my tongue, letting it run down my throat. I set my glass back down and lay back admiring how the sun feels carassing my skin.

Hearing a door shut, I listen to the sounds, wondering how I was so lost in throught that I didnt hear him come home. I reach for my glass as I turn towards the sound of the door sliding further open. Taking a sip, I stare at him, looking him over, noticing that his pants are starting to buldge.

Setting my glass down, I look back towards his face and say "Hey handsome.always love the way you look in those slacks. Come sit down." He takes his time moving towards me, and as he gets near, I reach up and touch his inner thigh, letting my fingers skim accross his balls, and up, feeling his cock starting to throb.

Gently I squeeze, he gives a quiet moan, and I continue to move my fingers accross him lightly. I reach up and seize his tie, tugging him towards me, I see him leaning into me. I arch up to meet his lips, and part my own lips slightly. Letting go of his tie, he stands back up, and I reach out quickly and start to undo his belt, unzipping his pants.

I stare up at him, praying my eyes tell him what I want. I run my tongue accross my lips, as I slide my hand around his hip and give his boxers a quick tug so they fall on top of his pants.

Thinking wicked thoughts, I slide my hand back up his thigh, as he removes his tie and shirt dropping them in a pile on the patio. I hold his member in my hands, lovingly stroking it from tip to balls, and feel it get harder and harder.

I look up at him, wink, and part my lips letting my tongue dart out to steal a taste of him. Moving my head closer to him, I tease, knowing how he likes it, knowing what makes him moan. I then engolf his head with my mouth, and let my tongue swirl around, feeling every crevais. I let my hand continue to glide over his balls, gently giving a little squeeze here an there.

"Oh God yes" he moans, making me melt. I slowly take more and more of his big hard cock in my mouth working farther and farther down the shaft. He softly places his hand on the back of my head, sending shocks through my body, lightly pushing my head back and forth.

Pulling back, I look up at him, beaming, and whisper, "Did I do that?" pointing down to his bulging member, resting my fingers upon it. Teasingly I smile and say "Baby, I really need a good back massage.

Its been a long week." Coyly he smiles back at me, "Flip over then", he says, as I slowly and seductively roll over to my stomach, trying to position myself so I am comfortable.

He sits upon me, his legs straddle over each side, his rock hard cock grazing accross my ass cheeks. I wiggle back to allow his cock to sit neatly into my crack. I feel cool droplets of oil splash from his hands on to my back, sending chills up my spine, making me crave his big cock, but wanting to draw out my own temptations. His hands working up and down my back are enough to send me over the edge by itself, but I fight the oragasm that threatens to approach knowing that it will be worth the wait.

He reaches up to my shoulders and the only think I can think of or feel is the throbbing cock that is teasing my ass, making me moan softly. Pushing back, I want to feel him inside me, I need to feel him inside of me now.

Looking back at him with pleading eyes, begging for him. Wiggling backwards, pushing my ass against his hard cock, I moan, as I feel his hands skim the sides of my breasts back down to my hips.

Him pushing against me, just as I am pushing against him. He places his hands on my ass, driving me insane with lust, his cock slips away, making me cry out, feeling a void. With my ass still up, waving in the soft horny hottie arab getting a monster cock to fuck, I feel him touch me with his cock, running it down from my ass, to my clit, making me gently push back even more, until he allows me the pleasure of him pushing his swollen head inside of me.

I moan even louder, and beg " Fuck me, Oh I want you to fuck me so bad". He slides in deeper, and I push back even more, as he pulls back and slides in even farther. Feeling like I cant take redhead teen alex harper get her pussy eaten more, he still slides in even farther, making me relish in how lucky I am.

Groaning out loud, he stops, and I feel his hot cock burried inside my little hole throbbing. As I arch back, he grabs a fistful of hair, making me nearly cum all over his cock.

I feel him tug back on my hair as he begins to fuck me, in and out, pulling a little harder each time. I cry out as his balls slap against my clit, the sensations are almost to great, my hot pussy juice sticking to his balls and cooling down when they slap against me again.

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I moan,"harder" but am unsure if I actually said it out loud or in my head, it doesnt matter anyways because he took my cue and rams his long hard dick into me harder and faster.

"OH MY GOD.I'M GONNA CUM," I scream, and the waves start taking over me. Wave after wave, my arms start to shake, I feel my body shake, and he starts pumping into me even faster than I could of imagined.

Slamming his rod deep into me, I feel my own juices seep out soaking him. Just as I come down from a wave he slams deep inside of me, holding me tight against his cock by my hips, and moans loudly . "ARRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH OHHH GOD YES BABBYYYY", which sends me into another oragam.

With his cock throbbing, shooting stream after stream of steamy hot cum into my pussy, I feel his hands touch my back as I lower myself to lay on the chair as I can no long hold my own self up. Catching my breath is nearly impossible, for I am still shaking uncontrolably. Slowly I listen to his breathing to calm myself, breathing in rhythm with each other.

He kisses my neck and I moan in total relaxation. He slides himself out of me, and I gasp as his warm cock leaves me feeling empty but for our cum slowly running out. I feel his lips on my neck as he whispers that I am beautiful, and I gently chuckle. Turning my head around I watch as he stumbles to the second chair laying back he reaches out with his hands, his hands that made me feel so beautiful, I reach my own hand towards him, holding each others hand, I look up towards the fading sun, and slowly close my eyes.

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