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Stepmom diamond is envious to teen amara having intimate sex groupsex milf
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Again, a longer introduction, so skip if you don't like plotlines! As ever feel free to comment as you see fit and hope you enjoy! The group watched Iverson intently as he took a long swig from his mead pouch.

The darkness fell around the group as they sat beside the brightly burning fire, drinking their mead and finishing off their stew. Iverson finally spoke: - Well. Where to begin? He mused tantalisingly. The young men shifted impatiently. All bar Romian, Luther and Iverson himself had rarely met let alone experienced the wonders of women!

They all wanted to know what it was like! As highly hormonal teenagers they had left their homesteads and settlements in search of adventure, new lives of their own and most of all, women! After what seemed an age Iverson continued. - It will be 10 years this year that I first got intimate with a woman. And a woman she was! The group shuffled forth eagerly, already sensing that this would be a good story! -I lived close to London, my grandparents moved to the outskirts to be further away from shaved taut pussy is hammered hardcore blowjob Intruders.

They had met when my grandfather was building new shelters for the Intruders. My grandmother had been captured by them for breeding. They managed to escape before they were released. Back then they did not now that the aliens would release us humans after a few months of being captured.

Anyhow my grandparents became landholders and my aunt was born, closely followed by my mother. My father and my uncle came by as young tradesmen, selling their wares from central London' abandoned shops. They were both in their early twenties and my aunt and mother were smitten! Bonnie interrupted by yawning loudly. The others looked over indignant at Bonnie's rudeness. -When's the action happen? Noah also butted in rudely. -I'm getting to that. If people had an attention span of more than two minutes, I would be well on my way.

Iverson said, slightly irritably, looking specifically at Bonnie and Noah. Usually he was very calm and easy going, but Bonnie and Noah were just being plain rude! - I was born an only child. My aunt and uncle already had a daughter, Helena. She was seven years older than me and two years later they had a second daughter, Nieve. So it was a small family of just nine of us. We were very close knit and apart from my uncle, father and grandfather we rarely left our landhold.

I had never known anyone but my family and the occasional traveller that stopped by. The only women I knew were my family. As I got older into my late teens, my hormones began to run riot. I heard stories from my grandfather and the travellers about exciting adventures and beautiful women! I had always been fascinated by my elder cousin, Helena. She was always a pretty girl and I used to play fight and wrestle with her in the fields. She and Nieve were my mini harem and I was most cum se fut tarani romani of them!

As she reached her early twenties, Helena blossomed into a beautiful woman. Her face was lightly freckled and she had lovely dark brown eyes. Her hair was brown with blonde streaks. She had a fabulous body! She was small, but perfectly formed! She had a great figure, shapely more than thin, her breasts were most certainly her best feature! I often found myself staring at her as she worked on the garden and took the horses out to exercise. My own work began to suffer as I spent so much time admiring my beautiful cousin.

My father would scald me for ploughing the furrows too close! Helena had definitely began to notice men too. Every time traders and travellers stopped by Helena would scurry out of the house to greet them and would spend their entire stay following them around, giggling and flirting with them. She was a most flirtatious young lady! The men seemed to enjoy her company, much to her father's displeasure! And much to my displeasure also! She was MY girl! I used t think angrily. I would treat the travellers with surly distain and try in desperation to draw Helena's attention away from the strangers and toward me.

But she would still treat me like a kid! Like I was her little brother and needed to be sheltered. But my now I was twenty years old! We would occasionally still wrestle together (mainly instigated by myself!). I would take these opportunities to grope and explore her fantastically developed body. On several occasions I would even rub my aching crotch against her shapely thigh, but she would soon pull away, making an excuse.

This would frustrate me greatly and I would sneak off to the barn and angrily jerk out my frustrations! One day Helena and I were picking out potatoes for the winter crops. We were alone together. I was working behind her, watching her cute little backside stretch her tight denim jeans as she bent over to pull up the food from the ground.

I was getting so worked up! We were as far away from the house as we could be, as I crept closer behind her I noticed her thin short sleeved top was hanging down, revealing her flat, smooth belly, but also- Tits! Tiits!

TITS!! She was a very well blessed young woman! Her flat tummy sloped up until two humungous firm globes of flesh hung from her chest!

She had no bra (they were getting hard to come by), but she did not need it! She was very firm underneath that thin little top! They wobbled as she tugged at the submerged potatoes in the soil. I was stiff within a minute! This was my big opportunity! I was desperate for sex, for a woman, for my own cousin! I stood up behind Helena. She was still bent over. Quickly I grabbed her roughly about the waist, forcing my aching bone into her chubby denim clad buttocks.

Helena squealed in indignant surprise as we fell to the ground in the soil, among the potato plants. I gripped her waist tightly as she struggled, gyrating my tingling crotch ever horny redhead takes a tour with her man before being banged into her backside. At the age of twenty I should have been experienced in sexual activity, but due to my isolated existence and lack of social contact with those besides my own relatives, I was most inexperienced, so I just continued to rub my hard self against Helena as she grunted and struggled against my strong hold.

She dug her nails deep into my arms where I was grabbing her. I yelled in pain and let go as I felt her dirty nails pierce my skin. Helena leapt up. She was covered in mud. It had gotten in her hair and face and large smudges were all over her top and jeans. Her breast heaved indignantly. For the first time she looked furious with me. Usually she was a very giggly, chirpy and playful young lady, and would laugh of my innuendo filled tomfoolery and potential gropings.

But today I knew I had pushed her too far! Her good nature had been stretched to breaking point. She stared at me for what seemed an age, breathing heavily. Then without a word but with a final angry snort, Helena turned heel and stomped toward the house. I became so ashamed as I sat there alone in the field. Then my shame turned to terror. She was sure to tell my uncle! He would kill me! Or even worse drive me out of the landhold! My parents and grandparents would be so ashamed they would disown me!

I knew I would have to run away. But I had nothing! For almost a week I hid out in an abandoned house two miles from the land hold. From here I could sneak back at night and steal food and clothes to ready myself for my journey.

But one night as I crept back to the house my father caught me and grabbed my by the neck! This was it, I thought. -Where the hell have you been? We have been worried sick! Pa demanded. -Helena told us that some stranger attacked her out in the field and you very old granny cream pie after him and disappeared! She hadn't told on me! Thank God! She had a heart after all!

But in the few weeks that followed I almost wished I had run away! Helena never spoke to me.

She would leave the room whenever I entered and if she ever caught my eye she would look away in blatant disgust. I was sure my uncle had picked up on her mood as he would eye me with suspicion.

Helena and I used to be almost inseparable since childhood, but now I had ruined it all! I couldn't even get near her. Then a stranger came. Tall and handsome with dark brown hair and a strange sounding accent. My grandfather believed he had somehow travelled from very far away. He was very mysterious and did not divulge where exactly he had come from and how he had come to end up on the island of Britain.

But on the long winter nights he would regale the family with endless stories of the adventures he had experienced throughout his extensive travels. Helena's mood improved greatly and, as ever with new strange men she hung upon his every word, laughing at every joke and tale he told.

I sat there in silence. I hated this man more and more with every day! He was taking my Helena further out of my grasp than ever before. She did not even make an effort to shoot angry looks across the table at me anymore! It was as though I did not exist in her eyes. She and the traveller would disappear on long walks after the chores were completed. I dared not follow as her uncle had begun to watch me like a hawk! He must suspect something! The family loved this guy.

My aunt especially. He became the new golden boy. I was jealous, so jealous! I had been the number one young man of the house all my life and now I was losing it all thanks to him! My father and uncle would tease Helena mercilessly about her new fancy man.

She would giggle and tell them to shut sexy young big boob girlfriend riley steele fucks boyfriends dick. But I knew, we all knew she was smitten by the new stranger. -Go and tidy the barn, Iverson. And this time do it properly. Pa ordered one sunny yet chilly day.

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I slouched off moodily. I could here Ma and Pa whispering, wondering what to do with their miserable, lazy son. I got to the barn, near the potato field. And climbed up the straw bales. The sight that met my eyes caused my rage to almost reach boiling point! There on the thick, straw covered floor was Helena. Her blouse unbuttoned enough to reveal her bulging cleavage. But on top of her was Lucan, the tall dark stranger. They were locked in a most passionate kiss! I wanted to leap over the bales and strangle them both with my bare hands!

But my erotic curiosity got the better of me. I sat back, peering through the bales, watching as Lucan's big rough hand stroked down Helena's muscular thigh. Helena ran her hands up under his shirt, caressing his muscular body. I could see he was rubbing his crotch subtly against Helena's crotch.

She placed her free hand upon his buttock and playfully squeezed him giggling. I was fuming! But still I felt compelled to watch. Now Lucan's shirt was off. He was well tanned and had a great physique. Even I could see this, as much as I hated to admit it to myself, he was a fine specimen of tasteful pecker sucking delight blowjob and amateur human being.

Then the bitch that was my cousin was removing his jeans, all the while kissing his neck, lips and body. Silently I wept bitter angry tears. I was so hurt, how could she?! She was mine. MINE. I always believed it would be me and Helena.

She was all I knew. I was heartbroken. But why was I so stiff down below. This was such a mess. It was all so wrong. I tore myself away and silently climbed down the bales. But as soon as I left the barn I knew I had to go back and watch the whole filthy, shameful episode.

What I saw next almost made me cry out loud! Helena was topless. Her amazing breasts were on display. Firm and voluptuous they were. But what really took the biscuit was what Helena was doing! Her busty girl gives head in the car were closed, her head bobbing slowly back and forth, back and forth.

While her right hand daintily gripping the thick hard tool of Lucan. He stood there, stark naked, one hand behind Helena's head, almost guiding her onto his impressive length. His legs were slightly bent as his buttocks, clenched tightly rolled in motion with his hips.

I could not help myself. My trousers were sure to rip with the terrible strain that that was being caused by my angry two whores wanna play with hard rod bone.

I quietly freed it. And grasped myself tightly. Never before had I been this hard! I felt so ashamed at what I was doing, but I had to see the whole disgusting scene to the end, I just could not help myself but to watch. Even though it was like a dagger to my heart. Now Lucan crouched over Helena's chest. Helena obligingly lifted her bulging boobs and squashed them together, encasing the gigantuous organ.

I could see the weak winter sunshine glistening upon her chest as his fat red head leaked a clear sticky looking liquid all over my cousin. I did not know what it was, but I knew it was not pee, as my own hurting penis was leaking the same sticky substance. Lucan was groaning pleasurably. I wanting to shut him up. To break his jaw! But still I continued to stare. Helena was licking the engorged tip of Lucan's monster cock each time it darted from the top of her cleavage.

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It seemed an age as I silently and furiously tugged and she pleasured him with her blessed chest. Then, gently Lucan pushed Helena backwards into the straw. Her legs spread out straight. Lucan unfastened the buttons and slowly began to slide them off.

Her legs were smooth and wonderfully shaped. Lucan's boner was rigid, standing freely, proud and tall, the bulbous bell end kissing his belly button. How could I compete with such a monster?! I looked down.

I was equally hard-if not even harder than he! I was bigger that Girl slut gets doggy style sextury and hardcore had ever been before, but still no match for big Lucan! Then he began working his fingers into Helena's white cotton panties. She writhed about whining softly to herself. She really did seem to be enjoying this. I shuffled sneakily forwards so I could get a better view. Helena's panty crotch was very wet.

Had she peed herself?! Or possibly it was like the sticky juices that were oozing from the ends of mine and Lucan's organs?! Lucan was now poking his fingers inside Helena. She clearly loved this. Thrusting her body about, it was almost like she was processed! Lucan hooked his big fingers around the crotch of her panties and began to pull them down her sexy legs.

I stared in wonder. Never before had I seen a woman's private parts! It looked amazing! It clearly turned big Lucan on too. He grinned happily. And then lowering his face, like and animal at water he began to lap at a the fleshy red slit.

Unlike my dick and Lucan's dick, Helena had no hair surrounding her hole. It was nice and clean looking. I was so close, I could see Lucan's tongue darting in and out of Helena. She was whinnying and grinding her crotch against her lover's face. I was hurting. Physically my penis was aching, engorged with so much hot blood, I was gripping it so tightly it was swelling up. Mentally I was in agony. My chest xxx vediis black guy with black guyy tight, my brain scrambled.

I should not be witnessing this sight. She was my own cousin for heaven's sake! But I this eurobabe wore over her best satin shirt not r her. I knew I shouldn't be in love the way I was, it was wrong.

But she was all I knew. She was a beauty, a princess in my eyes. But I was so highly sexed, I could not help but watch. I had no education, no one told me about sex or women, I had to learn it all for myself and as much as I hated to admit it I was aroused by this scene. No, no, no, no!! Now Lucan was straddling her. Helena's legs were spread wide open. Her red gash was shining with juices. Lucan forced his solid serpent downward towards the opening hole and edged forth.

The fat helmet kissed Helena's entry and I watched intently as the squishy fleshy tip disappeared. Helena gasped. -Ooooooooooooooh! Sooooo gooooooooood! She breathed heavily. Up and down, up and down went Lorcan's muscular rear end. His big fat balls went splat, splat, splat against Helena's wet fanny.

I could see Helena's neat pink butt hole, all wrinkled and winking at me each time the big dick ploughed deep inside her. His big bum hole winked at me also, like it was breathing with every pump of his impressive body.

I couldn't help but feel a miniature victory. What would the bitch think if she knew I had witnessed her like this? How ashamed would she feel if she knew her playmate, her little cousin had seen this dirty sight! Her, legs akimbo, full of a stranger's dick. Her big flabby boobs wobbling up and down, her shit pipe on show, winking at me.

Ha! Hot hatred burned inside me. But I dared not leap out as I knew she had given me a big let off by not telling the family about my outburst on the potato field. Lucan pulled out. He was soaking wet, his big stiffy all squashed and slimy. Helena rolled over and got onto all fours. Her chubby but beautiful buttocks raised in the air. Her voluptuous milkers visible from between her legs.

Lucan entered her again, making her groan coarsely. And they were off again. This time at it like dogs, like beasts, hornily humping on the straw. Once again I was subjected to the unpleasant view of Lucan's backside as he made my girl, my own cousin scream and moan in ecstasy. He was like a cog in a well oiled machine.

He had impressive stamina. Lucan leaned over her and they began to kiss passionately as they humped. The sight of Helena's elegantly arched neck and head reaching up, eyes closed, kissing this hunky traveller was the thing that hurt me the most. I felt yet more hot shameful tears of rage streaking down my face as I tugged bitterly at my own redundant bone.

Lucan's thrusts suddenly became more and more rhythmic and forceful. -UHUHUHUHUHUH UH HUH UH HUH! Lucan grabbed hold of Helena's hips in much the same beautiful chienese girlfriend loves her mans hard cock hardcore brunette as I had done in the potato field, but he did so consensually and with chap fucks anal and cums on body as he shot his sperm inside my beautiful cousin's cunt.

Weeping angry tears of desperation and silent fury I leapt up, too ashamed and hurt to see any more of this disgusting debauchery. I would not give her the satisfaction of ejaculating my own wasted load onto the straw. I was still very hard as I hid in the empty cow stalls and stared through the cracks in the wooden slatted wall, waiting for the happy couple to merge from the barn, all respectable and happy. -What is wrong? Why are you crying- I started in fright.

There looking down at me with a mixture of curiosity and confusion was my younger cousin Nieve! Suddenly I noticed how much she had blossomed! Much like her big sister, she had dark brown hair, without the blonde streaks and a much more freckled face. Her figure had really developed in the last few years, but I had been so ridiculously wrapped up in Helena I had failed to even notice Nieve, now at the tender age of 18, had grown up into such a fine young lady!

She gasped. Suddenly noticing my hard naked penis in my right hand. A mixture of disgust and curiosity flickered across her freckled face. She started for the door, but I automatically grabbed her wrist. -Wha- She started, a little frightened. I forcefully guided her hand down to my dribbling length.

I was going to get my fair share! It may not be with the girl I wanted, but it was certainly the next best thing! -Your- your hurting mee! Nieve wined. -Grab it tightly. I ordered. Nieve obeyed, looking revolted as she felt my sticky slime on her hand. -Now tug. I instructed, closing my eyes, imagining Helena. She yanked me awkwardly, pulling my foreskin too hard. Roughly I pushed her to the earth floor and straddled my young cousin's pretty face. As Lucan had done I forced my stiffy down and aimed it into Nieve's gagging mouth.

-Unghghh! I could hear Nieve protesting through a mouth full of hard cock and dripping juices. I buried my face in her crotch, nuzzling my nose into her soft cotton skirt. I didn't know what I was doing, but I worked my jaw between her muscular thighs, feeling her young virgin pussy through the material. I whipped up the skirt.

She had no panties on! No traders had passed in a while. She must have worn all her pairs out! Unlike her big sister Nieve was very hairy and a little unkempt down below. How I wished it was Helena I was licking! My inexperienced tongue finally found her hole through the hair.

I licked the slit. It tasted almost acidic, like burning pee. I roughly nuzzled her, trying to make her moan like Lucan had done to Helena. She wasn't responding. She had stopped wriggling, as my weight on her body was too much for her. I felt warmth on my chin. It wasn't my saliva. It was leaking from Nieve's hole! She must be enjoying it! I pumped her mouth angrily as I thought of the elegance in the way that Lucan and Helena had gone about their activity. Meanwhile here was I, with this inexperienced girl, covered in the filth of the cow stall floor.

The shame of it! The SHAME of it!! I pulled out of her mouth, feeling the anguish of jealousy and heartbreak in my chest, the smell of my cousin's pussy juice hanging in my nostrils. I looked down at her. She was breathing heavily. Looking much like how Helena had done in the potato field. This made me angry, I was going to take out my hurt on this little whore! She did not resist. I think she had been quite aroused by my tonguing of her hole.

I pushed my penis down her dress top, between her breasts. They were big, almost as big as her sister's. It felt amazing. I was leaking all over her chest and pretty floral dress, making a real mess of her.

My wrinkled anus was rubbing in her face, on her nose. I could feel it. Revenge is sweet, I thought! I couldn't hold of much longer, but I wanted to make her mine, to mark her, like that bastard Lucan had done to my girl. I pulled out from her dress top and repositioned between her open legs and ploughed through her tangle of pubic hair until I felt her wetness. I pushed in. Christ she was so tight!

It made me angry. Helena would not be this difficult to get into! I forced myself in, pinning her down, eyes tight shut. It felt as though there was a barrier restricting me. I pushed harder. Nieve was whimpering I must've been hurting her, but it just drove me on.

Suddenly the barrier gave way and Nieve yelped in pain. I was in! angrily I pumped her, still thinking of Helena and Lucan in the barn alone together. How could she?! Hooow Coooooood she!?

I cried aloud, drowning out Nieve's panting and gasping. Looking back I realise she was actually enjoying having her big boy cousin deep inside her! Soon I was ejaculating deep inside Nieve, her pert breasts shook as I shot my load. I sank, huffing and puffing on top of her sobbing shamefully. After a minute I wriggled free from her tight grip. Grabbing my trousers I went to pull them on.

I stopped dead. My penis was covered in bright red blood. Had she torn my foreskin? No! it was blood from Nieve! What had I done to her?! She seemed calm and non phased by the situation. She looked at me shyly. I pulled on my trousers and bolted out of the cattle stall. Dashing across the potato field I nearly ran into Helena leaving the barn, hand in hand with Lucan.

-Steady old man! Laughed Lucan holding an arm out. Angrily I pushed him aside, running toward the land hold boundary. -What have you done this time?

Helena shouted angrily after me. I was not going to stay around to explain! That was 10 years ago and the last time I saw Helena and any of my family. Apparently she and Lucan are married with a small yoga transforms into pussy licking with kendra and riley now. They stand to inherit the landhold. Iverson said. A wistful tone in his voice. -I think it was time I moved on. I probably should have left sooner, maybe then I could go back and visit!

Still no regrets. Its unnatural to live in such a small family group for so isolated for so long. I think I have turned out much like Lucan in many ways.

Over the past 10 years I have had many more pleasurable experiences with women and been the envy of many men! And Iverson certainly was! The group of young men had been hanging on his every word! All subtly massaging their own aching crotches at the thought of Iverson's experience.