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Son fuk mom bigg ass and big bobis
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I go inside of the restaurant and head to the counter, there I order several burgers and go upstairs to eat them, there I study the other clients, for my taste there is no one around, no nice guys or girls, suddenly a man sits down in front of me. I look to him and see it's the guy that gave me the book.

"So having fun Frank?" He asks. "You're the guy who gave me the book." I state. "I was so are you enjoying this?" The man asks. "Who are you?" I ask him. "So many questions, but I guess that's fair. I call myself Sam but you might know me under several aliases: Beezlebub, Natas, Lucifer, Oni and you can carry on for a while." He explains. "You're Satan? You've got to be kidding me?" I joke to him. "I'm not I hive you that book to I could feast on your sin." He says.

"Wait does this means I'm going to hell?" I question. "Well yes but I'm afraid you've got the wrong idea of hell. You see big sinners get a high spot and lesser sinner don't really do. So you'll be getting a indian wife take hubby cock in anal tube porn high spot if you execute all those evil ideas in your head." Satan says with a smirk on his face. "So you gave me that book so I could become a monster." I state.

"Well I'm afraid why I gave you that book requires a bit more explanation." The man explains. "Then do." I ask him before I take a slurp from my large cola. Satan starts explaining: basically god and I made a deal to see who got the most souls would get rule over the other.

To get the souls they can only influence, give gifts, whisper things in their ears stuff like that. If I die all the people who I forced to screw me goes to hell as well. "Then why don't you give everyone one of those things." I ask. "Well we worked out this system each century we're given points that book used up all the points from the last 5 century." He explains. The explanation continues while I eat, somewhere near the end of the lunch a family comes up the stairs, a father who's not really my taste, a mother who could be considered good looking, but it's the kids that really get my attention: one is a girl around 14, blond, wearing a pink T shirt and jeans.

Then there's a son 11 or something black hair he looks like some white rapper and then there's the older daughter, I guess about 16,black hair reaching past her neck, blue bangs interwoven with it, she's looks rather punkish, she has a piercing above her eye and the jeans she's wearing is ripped. Sam sees I'm distracted so he stops talking. "What is it, see something you beautiful milf bangs teen couple outdoors threesome amateurs He asks.

"Sorry, you were saying?" I ask him. "Oh don't worry here use it." He says as he shoves the black covered book my way. "I though those were expensive." I react with a smile on my face. "This is yours, I brought it here." He says.

I take it and he puts a biro down on the table. "Have fun." He says, Sam gets up and walks towards the exit.

I open the book and look at the pages. My former notes are erased for some reason. I turn around and look over my shoulder and see Sam is gone. I get up walk to the bathroom with the book and make everyone leave it. I grab my cell phone and call my mother. "Mom how do you feel about me?" I ask her.

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"I love you son, I want to take your juicy cock, I want you to abuse and use me." She says. "Right great I'll be home for dinner." I reply and hang up. It seems all the previous stuff is still standing, that's good. I go back outside and sit back down on seat and look at the family having lunch. Finally I set up a plan and perform it. First step is isolating them I have them stay a long time hood black trannys takes dick make the others leave, next I write down that no one wants to come into the restaurant.

After about 10 minutes the entire place, staff included is empty. Now it's time to set my plan in motion. First the dad leaves for the bathroom.

Then the mother gets up and makes its way to my table. "Can I help you?" I ask her. "well yes, I'm really hot and my husband isn't really capable so what do you say, you and me, let's have some fun." She whispers and I feel her foot against my leg moving up to my crotch. "I don't know what do I get from it?" I ask her.

"How about both my daughters and I dump my husband and my son and go with you?" She offers. "What can I do to you?" I ask her, let's draw this out a little it might be fun.

"Anything as long as you help me scratch my itch." The woman answers. "You have a name or do I just call you whore?" I ask her now. "Whore sounds fine but my name is Carmen." She introduces herself. "Great, now let's make sure your son and husband don't bother us." I say and grab my book again.

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I make a quick note and send the boy on his way to rape his father, I really seem to have father issues but hey whatcha gonna do about it. I turn my attention back to the woman. "Why don't you call your girls and come down with me downstairs." I command, Carmen nods and gets up, I stand up after her, put the book in the inner pocket of my coat and walk downstairs.

Only a few seconds later Carmen shows up both of her daughters right behind her. "Alright girls take of your clothes for the nice man." Carmen tells her daughters the youngest one looks back at the window and seems to be ashamed. " Don't worry, no one's gonna notice." I calm her. "Even so, why would we undress in front of you loser." The older girl says.

"Because…" I say as I walk over. "Your mother basically sold herself and you two to me." I explain when I'm in front of her. The girl looks over to her mother, her eyes burning with anger. I lean over and whisper in her ear: "you know we could make your mother pay for what she did but you'll have to make the same rape sex scenes in movies I react.

I take a step back and the girl takes off her clothes. "What's both of your names?" I ask them. The youngest girl's name is Kathy and the older punk girl calls herself Raven but something tells me it isn't her name.

"Alright what are you waiting for, get naked." I command and hop back on the counter, Carmen's already got nude and is rubbing her pussy with 2 fingers.

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"Stop that Carmen!" I shout. Carmen pulls her fingers away from her cunt. "Raven come here." I ask her, Raven now naked comes over I open my pants and pull out my dick.

I don't even have to ask her, instead she gobbles up my dick and sucks as best she can "you're not diana doll anal girl 1 to this are you Raven?" I ask her as I push a strand of blue hair away. She looks up with an apologizing look in her eyes. "I'll have to punish you later but first let's take care of your mother." I say.

"Kathy go lick your mothers cunny but you cannot make her cum if you do I'll hurt you." I threaten, Kathy nods and goes to her mother, kneels down and starts lapping at Carmen's slit. I enjoy the view as Raven bobs her head up and down. After several minutes Raven catches on and the blowjob becomes rather enjoyable. "Alright Raven stop it, you too Kathy." I say, I get up from the counter and walk to Carmen. "Alright now how about you do me favor and turn around." I order her.

Carmen follows me orders like a pet. "Alright now on your knees." I make Raven get in front of her and press her pussy in Carmen's two busty ladies rub down and make out. Carmen seems to need no encouragement and starts eating her daughter out, I take Kathy by the hand and position her in doggy style right in front of the couple, there I feel her up and notice she's already wet.

I look at Raven's face and see she's trying to stop me from fucking her younger sister. "Please, don't fuck her, I'll do anything." She pleads, I give a laugh and place my cock in front of Kathy's pussy. I start pushing in and Raven gets away from her mother and runs our direction. I grab Raven by her neck before she can act.

"You told me you'd be my girl and you'll let me do whatever I please, including fucking your sister." I say and softly squeeze her throat. I look at Carmen and see she's still looking at the wall. Raven finally nods and I let her go. "Get back to work." I command and let go off her throat.

Raven runs back to her mother and continues eating her out. I start fucking Kathy faster and faster, I can see tears welling up in her eyes. "you gonna cry baby girl." I say as I pull her hair back and kiss her neck. I fuck her for several minutes on and blow my load inside her.

I pull my cock out and let Kathy go. She slumps on the ground, crying. "Raven go help your sister up, we're going home." I command, Raven runs over to Kathy and checks if she's alright, I put on my pants and a t-shirt. "Carmen, get dressed." I command. Carmen scurries off and pulls on her clothes, it takes Raven some time to get Kathy's clothes on. When that's finally done I let them outside and we head back to my place, for a night full of fun.