Ravishing phoenix marie gets screwed really hard

Ravishing phoenix marie gets screwed really hard
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"Mr. Rolen!" shouted Amy when she recognized her father's buddy and co-worker. She was attending her university's job fair and had noticed the company her father worked at represented. "Amy? Ha no way," Bill Rolen responded. He stepped over to embrace her. "What's it been?

Four years? How are you?" "Five actually," she said with a roll of her eyes to indicate she was wrapping up a 'five year program'. "I'm doing great! So are you going to offer me a job?" "Maybe. Do you have any employees willing to sponsor you?" They both laughed. "Are you going back to Chicago tonight?" "No, actually. We're going to be part of a symposium with the Computer Science department.

They're asking advice from some regional tech giants. Where should we go to avoid the crowds but have a good beer?" "The Loft.

It's above the sandwich shop and deli. Great selection of beer and killer small plates. Shouldn't be too crowded on a Wednesday." "Thanks!

I'll tell Will that I saw you." "And it wasn't in a bar!" It just so happened that Bill later the night saw her in a bar because she showed up at the Loft at 7:30. And he got a good look at Amy when she waved and walked towards him. She did not so much blossom as she'd exploded in the five years he'd seen her. She was always a pretty girl but had dressed down and hadn't much of a figure. Now she had the proportions of woman with a healthy set of hips and a rack that bounced when she walked.

And she moved with confidence. She noticed that Bill and the guy he was sitting with were looking her up and down, not in an open lascivious way, but in the normal way a man will run a quick visual inventory over any woman that passes by.

She enjoyed it, as she always had a crush on Bill. Though he was in his early 50s and had comfortably accepted the hair loss and belly that came with it; he carried it well. Any woman who didn't look past that would miss his handsome face and crystal blue eyes. The eyes were what had brunette jenna reid expertly sucks a rock hard cock her heart when she was a girl and he was over for cookouts or poker.

"Fancy running into you," she joked. "I am meeting some friends at 9 and thought I'd drop by early in case you were here." "Well, I'm glad you did. And before we go any further, call me 'Bill' tonight. I already feel old enough around all these college kids!" "If you knew how many of these girls had daddy issues, you'd feel a lot more comfortable." "Ha ha ha. This is Eric, by the way. He's in my department." Amy shook Eric's hand. He wasn't too much younger that Bill was - maybe late 40s - but wasn't as good looking.

Where carried his weight well, it made Eric look pudgy. He was shy and didn't have Bill's gift of gab, which worked out fine because Bill and Amy had a lot of catching up to do.

Two hours later, after 5 rounds of beer and even some shots, Bill suggested to Eric that they probably ought to call it a night and let Amy continue on and meet her friends. She was a bit disappointed to hear this, as from time to time, her hand had touched Bill's thigh and he had reciprocated, careful not to let Eric see.

She enjoyed that they both kept glancing at her cleavage. She'd worn the v-neck shirt expressly for Bill's viewing pleasure. "What are you guys going to do now," she asked as they walked out of the bar. "Seeing as it's a cool night and Young girls and boys x story sore from standing all day, I'm going to take advantage of the room's patio jacuzzi," Bill said.

"If Eric agrees to keep his hands to himself, I'll let him use it, too." Amy's eyes lit up. So they were staying at the Hamford, which wasn't too far away from this bar area. The ground floor suites horny blonde cheerleader sucking older cock pornstars separate bedrooms and a private patio with a jacuzzi.

The drinks in her system, as well as her crush on Bill, made her say, "Oh! That sounds so incredible. I'm so jealous. Surely you have room for a third, right?" Bill stammered for a second, tongue-tied for the first time in a long time.

Eric spoke up, "Yeah, there should be plenty of room. You should join us." Bill shot him a look, thinking the last place in the world he wanted to be was in a hot tub with his friend's inebriated daughter.

But then, it was also the the first place in the world he wanted to be at that moment. Amy looked at him expectantly with a big smile on her face, nodding Yes. "Yeah, sure. If there's not room for everyone, we'll take turns with you." He immediately realized how that sounded and started to explain that he meant they'd take turns sharing the hot tub with her.

To his relief, Amy just laughed and winked at him. "Do you need to go home and get a bathing suit," Bill asked. "Nah, my bra and panties will do the trick. Pretty much the same difference." Both Bill and Eric immediately pictured Amy in just her bra and panties and felt their cocks begin to stir.

"Well then, shall we go?" On the short walk to their hotel room, Amy's mind was ablaze. It was one thing to show up where Bill was going to be, dressed to give him a tempting eyeful. It was another to accept an invitation to his (and this stranger's) hotel room and strip down to her underwear to use the jacuzzi. How far was she willing to go? She'd definitely make out with Bill and give him a handy in the hot tub.

While she wanted to fuck him, would she do that when the time came? Hopefully if she put herself out there, she wouldn't be making a fool of herself if Bill shot her down. And then there was this Eric guy to think of. Should she blow or fuck him, too, if he didn't leave them on their own? Ask she asked herself that, her mind quickly pictured them on each end of her, a dick in her mouth and her pussy.

She felt herself get wet so quickly that she worried for a second whether her bladder had let loose. "Here we are," announced Bill, snapping her out of her thoughts. Bill had been thinking about the situation, too.

"She's my friend's daughter" and "she's a 23 year-old woman who leapt at the chance to get in a jacuzzi with you" battled in his mind. He decided to make sure and have a word with Eric before they got into the hot tub to make sure they were on the same page. Amy wasn't just some college girl. They entered the suite and Eric grabbed beers for everyone while Bill went out and started the jacuzzi. Bill changed in his room's restroom while Eric went into his half of the suite to do the same.

Amy sat on the bed, sipped the beer, and flipped through the channels. When Eric returned a few minutes later, Bill told Amy they'd go out and check the water temperature. "Listen, Eric, if anything happens, we can't breathe a word of this to anybody." "So no interoffice memo? Ha - no problem.

I think she only is interested in you, though." Bill sighed. "Ok, but if anything starts to happen, she's in charge, ok? She seems buzzed but not drunk. If she gets too drunk, we're done. I'd have enough on my conscience without feeling like we took advantage of her." "No problem, Bill.

If it appears that things are heating up, I'll clear out. But you have to promise to give me every detail of what happens." "Yeah, I will." Bill went back into the suite and told Amy that hot tub was almost ready.

"Great," she said and hopped up off of the bed, almost into Bill. She put her hands up to stop herself and they landed on his thick tuft of white chest hair. "Excuse me," she said and stepped around him, sliding her breasts on his arm. "I'll be right real milf gangbang amber woods after I pee." Bill went out and joined Eric in the hot tub.

It was a four person model, and the guys sat across from each other in silent anticipation. Amy walked out onto the patio and asked how the water was. "Great!" they answered in unison.

They watched her walk to the edge in the clothing she wore out. "Is she leaving," Bill wondered to himself. She placed the beer on the edge of the tub and stepped back to a table. She stood up and lifted the bottom of her shirt up and over her head before placing it neatly folded on the table. She then kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her jeans and nimbly stepped out of them. She turned and returned to the tub. Her bra was white and not padded. It presented her ample breasts as perfect globes.

Bill's eyes moved down her narrow waist and around her full hips. Her belly was vintage Marilyn Monroe: soft and curved. Across her hips stretched a basic pair of white cotton panties that rode low.

She pulled them up over the top of her pubic muff, but the brown hair could be seen through the sheer fabric. What she was wearing was not "pretty much the same difference" as a bathing suit.

And by the tightness he felt in his trunks, his libido agreed. Eric devoured every curve with his eyes. Her body reminded him of a familiar online porn actress's that was a go-to of his.

His hand grasped his expanding member and held it tight. Amy knew they were staring at her. She could feel it. She smiled and struck a russian army orgy girl fucked by all guys, which caused her tits to bounce and sway before squatting down and stepping into the warm water. "Mmm," she murmured. She eased into the water and sat back between them.

"Cheers," Bill toasted and they all clinked their bottles. Amy leaned back and then forward, again. "I need a scrunchy for my hair," she said with frustration. She pulled up her dirty blonde hair and stood up to retrieve the hair band. The white fabric of her underwear clung to her wet skin and revealed exactly what it covered: her hard nipples with their small areolas and her large outer lips below a full but trimmed bush.

If she noticed her exposure, she did not show it as she turned and stepped out of the tub.

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As she walked away, her panties were wedged in her ass. And what an ass she had: her cheeks were full orbs that defied gravity. There was not a hint of cellulite yet, either on it or her solid thighs. With a finger she fished out the wedgie and retrieving the hair band from her jeans pocket, she secured her hair in a ponytail. Eric thought he'd cum his trunks if she'd put her hair in pigtails. Pigtails on a woman with developed body was the best thing ever.

Amy looked down at the tub to step in and noticed her wet bra was not hiding anything. "Ha - some good this is doing, right? Well you've seen them now." With that, she unsnapped her bra and pulled it off.

Her tits fell out and bounced. They had been held higher than they would normally sit. Now they pointed out and slightly down, slightly conical in shape. "Look at those fucking tits! They are fucking udders," Bill thought lustily. They were the real and imperfect tits that he saw on the well-endowed nude models of the 70s.

The kind you wanted to grab and suckle on. The nostalgia made his erection twitch. Amy stepped into the tub again and quickly removed her panties and sat down in a disappointingly fast fashion.

The water reached her collarbones and her breasts were right at the surface. "Ahh," she sighed. gorgeous babe have sex for a lot of cash and gets a hot cum, could you please get something else out of your shorts?" She laughed and leaned over to playfully shove Bill.

"Move over," she commanded and plopped down on the seat when Bill made room. He felt their legs pressed together under the water. Unsure what to do with his arm, he put it over her shoulders. Amy knew what to do with her hand; it went right to his thigh, inches from his hard-on. Eric reluctantly took this as his cue and quickly stood and turned away to hide his obvious erection.

"Gotta hit the toilet. Anyone need anything," he asked without turning around. "No, we're good," Amy said, looking at Bill's blue eyes. When Eric closed the patio door, Bill said, "Amy, what are we doing?" "I think we're going to have a good time.

Don't you, Bill?" She turned to him and her left tit was pressed into his ribs. "Yes, but I'm old enough to be your father." "And I'm old enough to decide that I want you." Her felt her hand land on his hard cock.

"You have a point there," he admitted. Bill pulled Amy tighter against him and kissed her welcoming mouth. His right hand rested against the back of her head and kept her against his mouth.

Within seconds, their tongues were pressed together. Amy's hand started the pull on his cock though the shorts. Bill's left hand reached over her left tit and began squeezing its dense, spongy consistency.

Amy's breathing accelerated as the thrill of being touched by Bill, of inspiring the hard cock that she was gripping, hit her. She thought back to her high school years when she'd finger herself thinking of him. Now she was an article of clothing away from his cock penetrating that same pussy. It felt nice and thick. Bill's hands were as busy as her mind. His right one slid down over her right collarbone and took her tit in its grasp. His left one released her other tit and pushed past her bush to her pussy.

Amy's legs reflexively opened to give him access. His fingers ran up and down her slit, parting them more and more. She sighed into his mouth and exposed her neck to his lips. When two of his fingers breached her pussy, she moaned loudly. "Fuck," thought Eric, watching through the patio door. He couldn't go out there and interrupt them, even if it was just to watch.

With a sigh, he turned away and walked back to his suite, closing the connecting down behind him. As Bill expertly finger-fucked her, he pinched her right nipple and kissed behind her ear. She'd stopped yanking on his dick and steadily herself on his thigh. The orgasm exploded from her and as it quickly passed, she raised up out of the hot water. "Whew, that was great but I'm overheated from the water.

Just give me a minute to cool down." The cool late September air caused goosebumps to appear all over her exposed skin, Bill observed. He ran his hand over her healthy round ass. She steadied herself on the edge and spun out of the tub. "Go lie down in the bed, sweetie," Bill said. "I'll gather up your things. Are you ok to walk?" She nodded and stood up and tip toed to the door, grabbing a towel on her way. "See you soon," she said over her shoulder.

Bill scrambled out of the tub and began drying himself off quickly. He carefully took off his trunks over his still-hard cock. When he dried enough, he took her clothes in one hand and the beer bottles in the other. Most of the lights in the room were off except for the one by the TV and it was turned down low. She was laying on her stomach on the bed, her incredible ass looking big and firm.

There were creases where it met her thighs. She had an ass crack that looked short on her motherly hips.

Bill wanted to bury his face in it. "Amy, are you feeling better?" He lightly tapped her shoulder after starting his touch on her ass cheek. She turned to face Bill and opened his eyes to find his dick pointed at her nose, inches from her face. "Well, hello there, beautiful," she cooed. "Yes much better, thank you.

Ready as you are." She reached out and took Bill's erection in her palm. She pulled it to bring him closer. Then she leaned up and kissed the tip. Bill hadn't purposely stuck it in her face when he checked on her, but he was immediately glad that he had.

Her lips gradually worked their way over his head. When she did, she stopped and ran her tongue under his bell end. Bill watched her do this, like it was a dream coming true. As she took more of him into her mouth, she looked him directly in his eyes and reached out to softly stroke his balls. She made sure that his dick pushed her top cheek out a few times before taking it deeper. When it struck the back of her neck, she opened her mouth wide and closed her lips tightly on his cock.

She pushed him back two inches and pulled him back again. After a few times, he understood and began actively fucking her mouth.

Sometimes Amy liked to be coddled and women watching men masturbate in public gingerly. But sometimes she wanted to be used. She had such confidence in her ultra-feminine body that she felt it was a real gift to be shared. Feeling the lust of a sudden partner who couldn't believe his luck really stimulated taking a bath and pleasing his pole. But she thought Bill was definitely worthy of her; she just felt like she wanted a good fucking.

First: her mouth. Then her pussy. Then, maybe both? As Bill slowed down to hold off his orgasm, she sat up and took control. She took measure of him in her first intake and then she began to bob up and down on his cock. Her hands moved up and over his belly, feeling it's firm roundness and hair.

They both found the sensation to be erotic. After a minute, she backed off his cock and said, "I want your cock in my pussy, Mr, Rolen.

I want to see if it feels like I've always imagined it feeling." Bill's cock pulsed at that and for a second, he thought he was going to explode in her face.

But with a couple of deep breaths, he keep it together. Amy smiled and laid on her back. She cupped and lifted her fat nose cone tits. She wanted to entice him to feast on them until he was ready to fuck her without blowing in seconds.

She'd brought him really close. Bill climbed on the bed and replaced her hands on her breasts. "These are the best tits I've ever seen," he said to her as he kissed and licked and groped them. He drew her nipples and areolas into his mouth and sucked or tongued them. He pressed their natural firmness against his cheeks. He held her hard nipples tight in his sucking lips.

She felt his heavy, warm dick pressed against her thigh. It left a trail of precum on her skin. She ran her hands over the soft stubble on his scalp. She moved up thigh up slowly until it met his dangling balls. She moved it back and forth to stimulate them. "Take me," she whispered. "I want you so bad, Bill. So bad Bill. So so bad." Their legs swapped places and Amy lifted her thighs up. She grasped his cock and guided it to her pussy. She pressed it over her clit and let him run his length against it.

He pulled his hips back and let her direct him into her. Once his head cleared her lips with a push, he steadily pressed it in. When his pelvis hit the back of her thighs, he gave her mini-thrusts. She liked that his dick had an upward curve as its head ran across the roof of her canal. She loved that his balls felt heavy against her ass cheeks when he went deep. As he pulled back and settled into a rhythmic thrusting, he kissed her deeply.

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It felt like her tongue was curling in his mouth around his tongue. He relaxed onto her, she felt his belly pressed against her. She felt her momcams fuck son while he rest watch part on slutcamxxcom tickled by his chest hair. She out one arm across his shoulders and the other reached down to the smack of his back. Her hand hot young blonde discovers big dick alina west cream pie and internal on his thrusts.

Her pussy felt warm and velvety around his cock. She felt a fulfilling fullness in her pussy. She tipped her pelvis slightly and was rewarded by getting her clit stimulated. "You're filling me up [moan] you old stud. [moan] You're still quite a bull, [moan] aren't you?" "I just want to give that body of yours the fucking it deserves!" "Mmm, that's what I want to hear. Now pound me." She'd no sooner finished her request then he began to drive it in her harder and harder.

She opened her legs wide and rested her heels at the top of his ass. Bill pressed himself up and hit an angle that lit up every nerve in his engorged dick. He looked down to see her tits bouncing languidly to his thrusts. Her cute belly rippled with his impacts. Bill was always a visual person, and what he saw drove him wild. Amy saw in his expression and felt in her pussy that the countdown had begun. She felt his cock swell and harden.

"Spray me with your cum, Bill. I want to see you cum all over me!" Bill realized at that point that he hadn't even thought about using a rubber. But he kept up the pace until he paused and gave two slower and more deliberate thrusts. He pulled his pulsing cock out and she had a mini-orgasm with his head tugging on her lips.

He moved over her and began stroking his cock at her. It was veiny and his dick head was swollen and purple. Amy leaned up and set her tongue under his bell, her mouth opened wide.

He felt her hand touch him behind his balls, on his hairy and sensitive taint. Bill felt the surge up his shaft and he clinched to hold it in. "Oh!" He exclaimed as two quick shots of sperm were spat out on her upper lip and onto her tongue. "Mmm!" she answered, closing her lips on his head to take the rest of his orgasm. She felt it pulsing cum into the back of her mouth. She softly sucked it until it softened. She let it fall out of her mouth. Bill handed her the towel at the foot of the bed and then laid down sideways, his eyes closed and a slight smile on his face.

Amy leaned down and kissed him. "That was awesome," she sighed. She felt that his chest was wet with perspiration. She ran her hands through his chest hair and again over his belly. He put his hand to her cheek. "Beer?" He nodded. She returned with one for him and a Snapple for herself. He sat up and she sat next to him and put her head in his shoulder. His arm reached around her and his hand found her ass cheek. They drank silently for a few minutes.

"So did I scare Eric off," she whispered. "He said he would slip out if it looked like something was happening between us. He figured that three would be a crowd." "No," Amy considered. "That would be a threesome." She stood up and walked to the suite door. Bill loved the way her ass bounced with her steps. She knocked on it and waited for Eric to open it. He stood there in a t-shirt and boxers. She was naked. She reached down and lightly brushed his belly. "Why don't you come and join the fun, Eric?" She turned and walked back to the bed and laid down on it.

She spread her legs and ran her hands down the insides of her thighs. Without hesitation, Eric strode into the room and removed his shirt. He knelt down between her legs and began kissing around her wet pussy. He could smell that she'd just been fucked and it turned him on. Despite the muff above her pussy, her lips were soft and hairless.

Her inner lips billowed out of her sex. Eric sucked them between his lips and tickled them with his tongue tip. His arms wrapped around her thighs, allowing this hands to access her pussy. His fingers opened her up and his tongue slid in and upward.

Amy pushed her cunt against his mouth. She was pleasantly surprised at his oral skills. Then his tongue began on her clitorus. Eric had her hood pulled back and was licking her with the perfect pressure. Waves of pleasure radiated from her pussy.

She clutched her boobs and rubbed her nipples. She saw Bill holding his genitals, watching Eric feast on her pussy. She beckoned him to her end of the bed just as Eric pushed two fingers into her.

She felt an orgasm building and swirling through her nerve endings. When Bill lowered himself next to her and cupped a breast and sucked her extended nipple, the orgasm vibrated through her. "Oh my god! Eat me, Eric! Ugh! OH!" He licked and sucked in her flowing juice. When he accidentally made a slurping sound, she shook again. He licked her clinched ass cheeks to get every drop of her.

With her eyes closed, basking in the afterglow, she felt Bill's big hips xxx sexy fuck flaccid penis touch her chin.

She turned her head and opened her mouth, allowing him to dangle it and his balls against and into her mouth. The thick, wild hair of his scrotum tickled her, but she tongued them anyway. She loved that Bill was doing what he wanted to her. When he dipped his awakening penis into her mouth, she sucked at it and felt it behind to grow. She stopped and look past Bill at Eric. He had removed his boxers and was pulling on a very long and meaty dick.

The sight of it cause her pussy to yearn and leak. Who would have guessed that quiet, plain Eric ate pussy like a gigolo and packed a 11" porn dick? "Stuff that thing in my pussy, Eric. How do you want me?" "On your hands and knees," he said simply. She tapped Bill on the ass to have him move so she could roll over and present herself to Eric and his large cock.

Bill sat back against the headboard, his re-energized cock bouncing against his belly and pointing at the ceiling. Amy settled up to Bill's crotch and waited for Eric to enter her. He climbed up on the bed behind her and rubbed his head up and down her slit. In no time, it was lubricated.

Eric grasped halfway down his dick and pressed between her lips. As his head was not wider that his shaft, it slid in easily. As it deepened, it began to stretch her. "Oooohh," she moaned as she rubbed Bill's dick around her face. She wanted to wait until Eric had set his pace before she started sucking Bill off again. It felt like he just keep entering her. When he finally hit her cervix, he withdrew and began methodically humping her.

His hands grasped her buttocks and kept them spread so he could see her puckered anus and watch his cock slide in and out of her. She hadn't felt a plunging like that before. His cock felt so solid that she felt every inch that was buried inside her. She could feel her lips pull outward as he pulled back. Bill had started to soften without her attention. She took his entire member into her mouth and let her tongue draw along the underside as she pulled back.

Within seconds he was growing in her mouth. Now she was impaled on two cocks at the same time. "Such a dirty slut you are," she thought. She felt slutty. She felt empowered. Bill watched as Eric withdrew 7" from Amy and shoved it back in.

Her ass rippled with each push. Now she had taken Bill's dick in her hand as she licked the underside of his shaft. He raised up so she had access to his scrotum, which she obediently licked until she felt Eric get his last inch into her. When his pubic hair tickled her anus and his balls his her lips, another orgasm built quickly.

She commanded"Fuck me, Eric, I want to cum on your cock!" He started to hammer her harder and once he pressed a thumb tip to her anus, it was like her orgasm was released.

She bucked hard and Eric let her control the intercourse, holding himself in place. She reached under herself and rubbed her clit to bring connie carter lusty loft fucking brazzers the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th waves of orgasm. Once she settled down, Eric withdrew his cock completely.

"Can you ride me now?" "I'd walk across town for a dick like that," she thought. She got up for a second and let Eric lay down on the bed with his head at the foot. She felt the perspiration on her back and chest from her orgasms. Bill stood to the side and watched her straddle Eric and reached down and take his cock. It was still very stiff and her wet pussy gladly accepted it.

As she began to hop up and down on his pole, Eric took her big breasts in his hands and finally got to enjoy them. She could tell as his dick hardened that he liked them. Eric saw Bill off to the side, masturbating. He nodded him over and let go of Amy's tits. "Suck Bill's dick some more." She straightened up and took his now-familiar cock into her mouth. With her hand she stroked his base and bobbed on his head.

She felt another twitch in her pussy. It took a lot of concentration to ride a dick the size of Eric's while also sucking Bill off without accidentally hurting him. Her efforts were soon rewarded. Bill's breathing quickened and his cock expanded in her grip.

She took it out of her mouth and stroked more, knowing that Eric wanted to see Bill jizz on her. His first ejaculation shot onto the tops of her breasts and ran dow between them. The next open landed on her left tit and dripped off onto Eric's stomach. His last loads squirted onto her hand. This must have been what Eric was waiting for as he began to thrust up into her. "Upload your balls into my pussy - I'm on the pill." Unburdened, Eric pressed against her and began to cum. Amy could feel the blasts hitting inside of her and she had another mini-orgasm at that feeling.

He pulsed for another 6 times and relaxed. He hadn't made a sound, but now sighed. Amy leaned down and laid her head on his chest. Her breasts pressed into his stomach and smeared Bill's cum around. He stroke her hair. She felt Eric's cock slowly shrink, but it stayed inside her until she turned her head to look at Bill.

What felt like a pint of sperm slowly poured out of her. She smiled and winked at Bill, then blew him a kiss. When Eric retired to his suite, Bill joined her in bed.

They dozed until 4 am when Amy used the restroom before returning to find Bill asleep but aroused. She coaxed him awake and the sleepily made love. Amazing ebony lesbians skyler nicole and monice rae playing with a dil next morning when Bill took his shower, Amy slipped into Eric's room.

After she sucked on his cock and played with its size admiringly. She laid back and let him abuse her pussy with his 11" cock. She came three times in the span of 8 minutes until he again unloaded his voluminous seed into her. When they dropped her off at her apartment later that morning, she had Bill exchanged contact info for the next time she was in Chicago. She had also secretly done the same with Eric. She wasn't sure if she would ever see him again like she did Bill, but she didn't want to lose track of that cock.