Girlfriend deepthroats his cock for a filthy

Girlfriend deepthroats his cock for a filthy
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Life story 2 -Original lemon by MISTER BIG T Due to request, I shall return to our friendly hermaphrodite! Shall there be more? I dunno, you readers decide! Good day again to those who actually care. It's me again, your friendly hermaphrodite typing. I lately suffered a huge loss as my boyfriend left me.

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No it super hot teen babe cristal showing off her pretty white lace panties not because of Jessie. And it was not because of me being a midget either. It was the usual "the fault's in me not in you" shit, which is basically a nice way to say "get the fuck away from my face". I felt sad but the tears did not come. I wanted to cry but I couldn't.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's been awhile since that day.

One day I met this man who, well, shall I say, was friendly with me. I liked talks with him and all that. Then one day he suddenly said he loved me.

I blushed. Not knowing anything better to say, I said I loved him too. So we began dating (I guess you call it dating, since we cuddle and hug always when we meet) but as you know we can't ever have children. After all, a hermaphrodite can make someone pregnant but not become pregnant. It's kind of sad since I love him and all… Some may wonder if my new guy knows about my.Well thing. Yes he does. I hate my body. I wish I'd be normal girl, not an ugly midget with a huge cock.

(Okay so not even huge! I'm a failure in everything!) I called him at my place. I'd be making my move today. I'm going to risk everything but I cannot live like this without knowing if he is able to.Well doing it with me. Call me nymphomaniac if you want but I want my partner to be able to please me sexually as well.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After he had come to my apartment I went to make us some dinner. Basically bacon, vegetables, and such. I also gave him couple of beers (No I wasn't trying to make him drunk) with the food.

After we had both had our share I decided to try out my plan. I suddenly leaned against the table allowing him to see between my tits. If something in myself I'm proud of it's my tits. And well okay my butt too. I then leaned towards my chair while sucking on my index finger and slightly spreading my legs a little.

He was beginning to blush. It excited me very much thinking how his cock was beginning to harden in his pants. Moving towards him I began rubbing his inner tight, while I gently kissed his ear. His erection was so big; it was turning me on real much.

I knew he'd be ready for me soon. "Can you suck mine too?" I said, as I took hold of my erect dick under my skirt. This is THE supreme test. If he is willing to suck on my cock he truly does love everything in me.

Well even more if he'll allow me to put it in his ass but I don't expect him to do so anytime yet… He moved his hand over my tits and began decreasing his head lower finally giving a kiss to my throbbing member before taking it into his mouth.

I moaned with my eyes closed. "Oh. Come over I want to suck on you too." I whimpered. He suddenly stopped and carried me to a bed, getting under me and taking my cock into his mouth again.

I gasped and returned the favor by pulling his pants and underagments down and beginning to suck on his cock, drooling over it's length. He then inserted a finger inside my pussy to add even more pleasure to the sex. I couldn't believe it; I was so close.

"I'm gonna cum." I moaned, sucking on his cock harder. He closed his eyes and accepted my sperm, while my pussy juices ran along his fingers. It felt so good.

But we were not done yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I stopped sucking on his cock and got over it, smiling at him while I inserted it into my dripping wet vagina.

I moaned, he was so big. While not bigger than Jessie, it was thicker. Oh, why did I mention Jessie? I'm getting hard and I still have to write!

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Anyway, I moaned as his manlihood (I wonder how I should call mine? Womanlimanlihood?) penetrated my tight pussy. He seemed to be enjoying this too. At least, I think so; I was having way too much fun to pay attention to his face. He suddenly reached his right hand to stroke on my cock. I gasped as I felt him rub alongside my length.

"Oh. I'm gonna cum." he groaned. "Oh yes. Cum into my pussy. Fill me with your hot cum…" I whimpered. Soon, he did as I had told him to do, causing me to cum too, sending few drops of my sperm along his chest and some hitting his jaw.

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(Which reminds me that one time I was masturbating, I came so hard I hit some sperm against my cheek. Why did I just write that?) We both panted heavily for short while. I was happy, since I knew, he was truly able to make me happy in every way and we'd live together in peace. MASTURBATION MATERIAL END!