Young adorable chick needs hard pleasuring hardcore and blowjob

Young adorable chick needs hard pleasuring hardcore and blowjob
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I am standing up against your car, my form fitting black dress hugging every curve of my hour-glass figure perfectly, the plunging neckline barley covering my breasts, my dark hair falling in soft ringlets around my face. My full red lips parted slightly.

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My pulse races as I see you walking into the parking garage in that charcoal gray suit. You walk towards me slowly, our eyes lock, I see that amused, hungry look in your gaze that I know must be reflected in my own. You are finally standing in front of me, that cocky grin on your beautiful lips. That grin that screams, "I know exactly what you are here for." You touch your hand to my cheek for just a moment, letting it slide down my neck, one finger drawing goose bumps all the way to my hip; I am hypnotized by your hand being there, so close to where I am wishing it was.

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You lean in and run your fingers through my dark curls, stopping at the nape of my neck, your hand still holding onto my hair.

Your touch is sending electricity throughout my entire body, making my porcelain skin flush pink all over. You lean in a little closer, pressing your body into mine, before I can object your warm, soft lips are on my throat, you're kissing, nibbling, licking; your tongue moving in circles up to my earlobe, you bite down, a moan hisses through my clenched teeth. At hearing my surprised moan you chuckle into my ear, both hands move to my hips and you pick me up and sit down hard on the hood of the car, you are now biting my neck, your hands grasping onto my thighs, no doubt leaving she likes big cock and lipstick blowjob euro trip, You move yourself in between my thighs, my dress now pushed up around my waist, my black thigh highs and four inch stilettos the only thing covering the bottom half of my body.

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My breath quickens, my breasts rise and falling with each inhale and exhale. The change in pace breaking me from the trance you had me in.

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I grab handfuls of your hair, pulling you to me and kissing you, deep, hungry kisses. I slip your jacket off of you; it falls to the ground, the sound echoing through old dude euro teen jizzy young old european garage. I loosen your tie and remove it, I begin unbuttoning the buttons of your white dress shirt as you pull me closer to you. I can feel you growing hard under your slacks and it's driving me crazy, I pull your shirt out from where it is tucked into your pants, a groan escapes your lips and you begin to rhythmically grind into me.

The sounds of your desire throw me into an animalistic frenzy and I pull your shirt open, buttons fly every which way and I can barely keep my hands steady as I unfasten your belt and pull it quickly from your belt loops. Before I have a chance to drop it, you grab my wrist hard, "I'm going to need that." Your cool tone at saying this sends shivers up my spine; you take the belt from me, holding it as you unbutton your pants.

Your eyes are wild; the energy in the air is palpable as you release your now throbbing cock. You grab your belt, I watch as you put it around me, your hands holding each end on either side of me, just below my waist. I close my eyes tight unable to keep my body from shaking in anticipation.

With one quick thrust you are buried inside me. My breath catches in my throat as I inhale sharply at the feeling of you filling me so perfectly, like you were tailor -made for my pussy. My arms wrap around you as your thrust into me again and again, pulling me onto your cock with your belt, rocking together on the hood of that car, our moans and groans filling the car garage.

I feel my body begin to tense up and the unmistakable feeling of a building orgasm growing inside me. I lower my head, biting down on your shoulder to keep from screaming as wave after wave of pleasure rocks my entire body. Just as I yell out "ohhhhh mmmyyy goooddd I'm going to cum all over you" you begin to thrust faster, both of ours bodies trembling, clinging to each other and then pleasure overtakes both of us, Cumming together, feeling your warm cum fill me; our animalistic squirt extreme compilation amateur first time robbery suspect apprehended and moans bouncing off every corner of the garage, our cum mixing, our bodies intertwined, we stay there for a moment spent and speechless, reveling in what we just did……