A hot welcoming fuck facial cumshot natural tits

A hot welcoming fuck facial cumshot natural tits
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S&M Diary part 2 I had met a very tight-nit group of new friends from my Master, a man I had only just met.

(See S&M Diary). I found myself trembling in the Master's bathroom after the events of what had transpired in the basement. I was staring at myself in the mirror cleaning cum up off my neck, nose, ear, and hair. My face felt tight from the dried seamen and as much as I wanted to inspect the mess that my new friends made, Yagr gulls xxx vide0 sex stories couldn't help notice my hands wouldn't stop shaking. My throat burned and it felt like I'd swallowed a gallon of salt.

There was a knock at the door and when I opened it, Master stood there concerned. He was back wearing his regular clothes and asked if he could come in. "It's your house." I explained and stepped aside. He brought me a beer which drastically soothed my throat. He could tell I was freaked out a bit and wanted to make sure he hadn't crossed a line.

I explained he hadn't and that he had done a very good job in hitting many of my fetishes but that it just felt overwhelming. He assured me me this was the way he trains other clients and that once my initial shock subsided, I would be begging for more. He was a good guy, he carried himself well and spoke in a sincere way much like a father figure despite him being only 6 years older than me. He gave me a pill to help me relax and when I came out of the bathroom I met all my new friends in his living-room watching golf on his TV.

They had a BarBQ fired up and conducted themselves as if nothing had just happened. All of the men were either married or in relationships. Master specialized in cuckold relationships which was how most of the group met.

That day ended and when I got home I jerked off probably a total of 15 times over the next 3 days. It was hot. It was exciting. I couldn't believe it happened.

The only way to describe it is, it felt like an outer body experience. I was a wreck at work. My mind couldn't stop thinking about that day. All the cum I ate. Prior to that day I had tasted cum, licked my own from my wife's gooey box over the years, but never had I had so much in one sitting.

In the past I had tried to eat my own after a jerk-off session but I could never really get there. Once maybe but the sensation would always go. So this was really a big deal for me. Sure enough I think it was 3 days later I sent Master an email saying I had a lot of fun and wondered when the guy's were getting back together.

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He got back to me that evening and explained Jack(blue mask from Part 1) was wanting to watch a bunch of men fuck his wife while she's passed out and they were trying to arrange something for that Friday. I explained I was in, assuming his wife had given consent of course, and waited. Friday came and a time was given, 7:30.

I arrived just as a few others did. Jack's wife was already there socializing with Master and flirting with the others. She was a knockout. Jet black hair straight to her jaw line, a one piece short black cocktail dress, open back, 34B chest, great long legs and a pair of designer heels with red bottoms that apparently cost a small fortune as Jack told anybody who would listen they were just shy of a grand.

Her name was Janet, and by far she was the most attractive of the wives. Jack and Janet were swingers and had met Master through Craigslist like me when they were looking for more than just a third party to join there fuck sessions. I was introduced to Janet and made the stupidest Three's Company joke, shaking her hand and telling her I was Chrissy Snow.

She didn't get it cause A) it was a stupid joke and B) she was probably only 23 sexy babe gets cum on her feet not even born yet when that show was on.

Needless to say it was awkward and I hid from her the rest of the night embarrassed. Normally I'm kind of smooth around women but this chick was different. I mean we were all there because she and Jack had a fantasy and they wanted it fulfilled. I wasn't sure what to expect, I had seen porn where orgies breakout and I guess that's what I thought was going to happen but bit didn't.

We all drank, socialized, there was a back room with drugs for anyone into that. Hookups for other nights were being arranged but this night was for Janet who was off dancing.

Jack would spank her ass every time he left to grab a drink, I couldn't help stare at her. She was intoxicating. At one point I saw her doing a line in the back room and when she bent down I got a great view of her black nylon panties that looked soaking wet.

Master approached me later in the evening to see if I was having a good time. I explained it wasn't what I expected but that yes it's a great group of people and a good time. He smiled devilishly and told me to just wait. The night went on. Some couples were making out, everyone was shit-faced, Tiny teen fucks huge cock ranch affair and Jack were nowhere to be found, and I was getting well lit.

Master stopped the music and made an announcement. That the party was moving upstairs. I was last to reach the upstairs bedroom and when I got there I found Collin, one of the guests, filming Jack drill the shit out of Janet on the bed.

She was out cold, a victim of her own partying. Jack was standing by the side of the bed slamming his cock into Janet who still had her heels on.

Her little black dress was still on but shoved up and her panties were roughly down by her knees. Wives and girlfriends watching became hungry. There was a lot of crotch grabbing suddenly. Mark another guest went around and jumped thin blond girl teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal the bed and shoved his dick her mouth.

I was hard as a rock. Master put porn up on the TV which happened to be a gangbang video of this sexy blonde girl with a bunch of huge black men. Mark was quick to drop his load and the cum poured out thick like syrup inside Janet's mouth. He pulled out just in time to leave her upper lip glazed. A beautiful sees string clung from the tip of Mark's dick, to her mouth, and fake eyelash.

Collin came in close and made sure he got a great closeup before handing the camera off and switching places. Jack pulled out and sprayed beautiful rope strings all over Janet's shaved little box leaving it caked in white seedy sticky goodness. One of the girlfriends climbed on the bed and exposed Janet's beautiful tits and sucked them for a moment before sprinkling a line of coke between them.

Janet was all of our to use and abuse like a toy. Jack looked at me holding Janet's legs in the air and said "Your turn rookie!" I was a bit caught off guard but I moved in grabbing her legs and looked at the cum now running all over her twat.

I dropped to my knees and shoved my tongue between her legs eating her out, slurping Jack's cum and her pussy slips. She tasted amazing. I made eye contact with Collin who at that moment pulled out of her mouth and jerked off all over Janet's face. Jack was now filming his wife and a few guys were getting fluffed by women at the party. Suddenly a finger was by my mouth sliding in to Janet's hungry gash and I pulled my face out.

Looking up with Janet's juice and Jack's cum all over my face I saw the Master standing there with a raging hard-on. He scooped all the remaining cum from around her pussy and spread it all over her ass hole sliding one then three fingers in there.

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I moved aside and he shoved his dick her ass ferociously and began pumping her hard. Janet moaned and her arm slightly moved but she was out. Master kissed and nibbled at her calves while sliding his dick in and out of her ass, I stood there now jerking off like the others. One guy Adam was fucking another guy's wife, Cecilia, over a desk off in the corner.

Jack was filming everything. His dick was salivating cum all over her while he filmed. It was like a amazing pregnant babe loves to get fucked not properly turned off.

Suddenly Adam ran up and had the Master pull out almost all the way out of Janet's ass before dropping a major load all over the Master's shaft. Not skipping a beat, the Master used his new lube to further fuck her ass until he exploded inside her.

This was too much for me who jumped on the bed and spurt my juice all over her tits. It was a fuck show. Janet got flipped on all fours at the point and triple fucked at one point. The place stunk of spunk and sex. Drugs and drinking continued. I got another shot at her around two in the morning. I climbed on and did her missionary.

I stuck my dick in her and litres of cum oozed out. The sounds were incredible. I was able to last longer having already shot my load earlier. Her eyes opened and we locked eyes. Hers were glassy but beautiful. She had dried and wet cum all over.

She smiled and said "Come and knock on my door, guy" and I flooded her with my seed. It was incredible. My mouth opened as I released and she kissed me passionately. Her breath had the stale taste of jizz on it. I pulled out and asked her if I could get her anything?

She said a beer if there was any left. I rolled off her and the stickiness left all over her body made my departure sound like pulling velcro.

I got out of bed and stepped over the many couples to head downstairs and find a drink. Jack was watching the video on playback down stairs in the kitchen stroking when I came down. I grabbed a beer and offered him one. He said nothing. He couldn't take his eyes off the video. I walked over and looked at the camera. On the screen was Janet, laying on her back with a spreader between her legs leaving her gaping snatch open.

Master was pouring two cups of seamen into her while people cheered. It became very real at this moment. I thought, shit that actually happened. I went back up stairs and found one of the girlfriends eating Janet out. I placed the beer by the side table not wanting to disturb them and looked around at the carnage. I grabbed my clothes and started to leave when Janet called my name. I turned back and looked at her surprised not thinking she new my name and she said, "Thanks for coming!" She was exhausted.

She could barely get words out of her mouth. I smiled and left for home to process everything. Two days later I received a DVD of the entire night. It was an incredible watch. I couldn't get through it without rubbing one out every 10min. I called Master to thank him for the video and he was unsure of what I was talking about.

I explained the video of Janet which he acknowledged editing but he insisted he did not send it to me. Only 1 copy was made and that was given to Jack.

He ended the call with "I believe you have an admirer.