Cute luscious bitch gets hard cock in hands pornstar hardcore

Cute luscious bitch gets hard cock in hands pornstar hardcore
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"Shauna, Emily asked me if I was "having an affair" with you. I asked her what she could possibly mean. And Sis, she persisted so I kinda fessed up." "What did you tell her, Stan?" "Well I told her about our childhood and how we discovered sex together and that we had been having sex since we were teens.

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She was skeptical and said that she had a hard time believing me since you are a lesbian. She wanted details of what we did. So I told her that we fucked." "Really? What was her response to that?" "She went on to ask if our fucking was conventional and did we do things like blowjobs and eating pussy.

So I told her. She wanted to know Janet's reaction to all this and I told her that our spouses have been kept in the dark all along. Emily kept asking me details and expressed curiosity about what you did with Janet when you had sex. She then remarked that she had often wondered if she (Emily) would find female love exciting." "Do you think that is a hint that she might like to join us?

Or at least me?" "Let's all have dinner at the house tonight and broach the subject." "Oooh, I think this might go somewhere! I sure hope so. So after dinner, we were sitting in the living room having wine and a little music, when Emily asked me, "How do you reconcile having sex with a man your brother, for heaven's sake - when you are all but married to Janet, another woman? Isn't that adultery?" Both Stan and I laughed at that, and I answered, "No, Hon that's incest!" And we all laughed.

"You're my sister-in-law, Emily; would it be incest if you and I had sex?" "I don't know, Shauna, but if you are willing, I have always been curious about sex with a woman." "You don't know how long I have waited to hear you say that" Rubbing his hands in theatrical glee, Stan exclaimed, "I want to watch!" "Honey, why don't you come and help?" Emily and I said at the same time.

Em came to me on the sofa and leaned horny hot babe shane blair having a large dick for pleasure my face and moistened her lips in preparation for a kiss, so I raised up a bit and grazed her lips with mine.

I reached up, placing my left hand behind her neck and pulled her down into a full, tongue-thrashing, face-sucking, deep kiss. My hands relaxed onto her shoulders and down her back to her waist. Pushing my pelvis forward, I began to undulate a little against her. She was wearing a summer cap-sleeve short-sleeve blouse which I began to unbutton from the top; she started unbuttoning at the bottom until our hands met in the middle. She spread the front of her top, exposing the laciness of her bra.

I cupped both her breasts and slid my hands around the sides and to the back and unfastened the clasps. The bra fell to the floor in front of the sofa and I kicked it aside.

I resumed cupping her tits, feeling the nipples harden and protrude in my palms. I guessed her size to be about a C-cup or maybe somewhat larger. I sunny leone hot twisty v to the top of her slacks, undid the button flap, unzipped them and began to slide them over her hips.

This time, it was Emily who kicked them aside. She stood before me in pale blue bikini briefs. Emily is blonder than blonde, her hair falling to just past her shoulders, and as I slid her panties down, I was amazed that her pussy hair was all but invisible.

Silky, transparent, wisps allowed full view of the slit at the base of her vulva.

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I stood and as quickly as I could, removed all my clothes, so that we stood looking at one another in full nakedness. I glanced at Stan and said, "My god, bro, you sure do have a beauty here!" I held Emily and kissed her again, this time sliding my right hand over her hip and around to caress the soft hairs of her sex.

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"I want you, Sis," I breathed, and took her hand and led her to her marriage bed. "Lie down, Honey; stretch out so I can really see you. Suddenly, I felt Stan behind me, so close that his hard cock was in firm contact with the tops of my buttocks. I moved to Em's feet and kissed one then the other, sucking the big toe of each and caressing each with my tongue., Then I moved up a leg, feeling the soft, ghostlike hairs along her shins and onto her thigh with the wispy platinum-blonde hairs, savoring the thought of getting to the very heart of her sex.

And when I did, it was heaven. I nuzzled my nose into the moistness of her slit, breathing deeply of the sweet muskiness. Extending my tongue, I pried a little opening to the outer lips and dug as deeply as I could.

I slid onto the bed and spread her legs enough french girls hard slaps selena amp anamera insanity me to emplace myself with my face against her cunt-hole. She moaned when I began to lick upward, contacting her clit with each stroke. I pushed hard against that button then lifted her legs and butt and licked back to her asshole. Again, I pushed my tongue forward, seeking entrance to the tightness of that hole.

"I've never felt anything like this before," she almost shouted. I ticked that rosebud for a moment more, then returned to her cunt.

I spread my tongue wide to cover as much of the tender flesh between those lips as I could and licked rhythmically for a minute or two then switched to running circles around her clit. I gently touched the opening and began to slide the middle finger of my right hand into her. With the finger fully inserted, I curled it upward to tickle the roof of the vagina.

By pulling the finger forward, I could increase the pressure of my tongue, now licking hard on her vibrating clitoris.

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"Oh, my god-d-d-d! I am cumming so hard! Help me I know I'm dying!" You just can't beat that kind of response, I say. So there I am; between Emily's legs on my stomach and Stan spread my legs and grabs my by the hips and pulls me to my knees.

I am soaking wet and flowing out my cunt and he has problem just sliding easily to the hilt in me.

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He locks eyes with his wife as he plunges in and out of me. I look at her and she winks at me then at him and reaches forward to squeeze my boobs as they bob back and forth with the force of Stan's thrusts.

His balls are slapping my clit and I feel the combined excitement of the sex with Emily and the fucking I am getting from the rear and I begin to cum at the same time that his cock begins to shoot searing-hot cum into my bowels. He an I both collapse forward onto Emily and lie there laughing and kissing our lover. "How does Janet feel about group gropes?" asked Emily. "And when can we find out?