Tiny teens in a kinky action hardcore blowjob

Tiny teens in a kinky action hardcore blowjob
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My eighteenth birthday party The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 18 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 18. Enjoy. ___________________________________________________________________________________ I had lived in the same town all my life and grew up with four friends in the neighborhood that I hung around with from before I was old enough to start school.

We were close friends and spent a lot of time together. I had just turned 18 and that next Saturday they planned a birthday party for me. Julie was going to have it at her house because her parents were going to be out of town for the weekend. Jane, Debbie and Rose were all going to come also. We were to be at Julie's at nine for an overnight sleep-in party.

I got there right at nine and my four friends were already there. My kiera king loves getting black cock interracial pornstars is Fran.

Like I said, I just turned 18.

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I'm 5'5" and weigh 145#. I have shoulder length light brown hair, blue eyes and 34-B breasts. I was a virgin but my pussy had been full many times.

I have my own vibrating dildo that I keep in my nightstand and use almost every night. Some nights I just vibrate my clit till I orgasm. Other times I fuck myself with it and shove the seven inches so far in that my inner pussy lips close around it and I cannot see any of it sticking out any more. I do this while watching porn videos on my computer. I have to be careful not to get noisy so that my parents would get curious. Well, back to the party. We started with snacks and a birthday cake.

Then we danced and talked for an hour or so. Most of the talk was about boys or gossip about other girls and what they were doing with guys. Some of the stories got pretty raunchy and detailed. Rose said that her older sister was fucking my married math teacher. Julie brought out a couple six packs of beer and it did not take long for it all to be gone. I had three. I saw Julie spike one of them from a whiskey bottle in her parent's liquor cabinet. Music, dancing, gossip and beer, this was a great and fun party.

Julie spoke up. "Everybody calm down. My brother wants to come in and dance for Fran. Should we let him?" Everybody agreed that it was a great idea. Julie sat me on a chair in the middle of the room and everyone else sat on the floor around creampie-angels com klara kinky lovers get doggy style orgasm tube porn room.

Julie turned the music up and Don walked in.

Don was 19 and really cute. I had had a little crush on him for several years and I think the others did too.

He was six foot tall and slim. He was on the school swim team so he kept in great shape. Don stood in front of me and started to slowly dance to the music.

I smiled and watched. Soon Julie said, "Take it off, Don." The four girls started chanting, "Take it off. Take it off." Don unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor. I could feel myself blush.

He kicked his shoes off next and soon his pants followed. Now he was dancing in front of me in his black bikini undershorts. I could see a good sized bulge between his legs. Don stepped closer in front of me and looked me in the eyes, "Take it out Fran. Don't you want to see my cock? Take it out." All the girls chanted, "Take it out. Take it out." I still can't decide if it was peer pressure and the beer or my strong desire to get a look at his equipment but my hand went out and cupped his cock and balls.

Other than my little brother who was even now only 10 and small, and the big cocks in the porno videos, I had never seen a real penis and I had never touched one. I put my hand in the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled down till his manhood flopped out. Hi was about half hard and maybe six inches or a little less. Quickly Don finished dropping his shorts to the ground and he stepped out of them. All the other girls cheered. I couldn't take my eyes of Don's package.

He reached down and took my hand and brought to his shaft. As my hand went around his shaft he told me to stroke it. I started slowly sliding my hand up and down his shaft. It felt great and it quickly grew and hardened. I felt very nasty. I'm sure the beer helped.

The girls cheered me on. Don's hard cock had to be over seven inches now. He was not as big as many of the guys in the pornos but he was big and he was real. It felt wonderful. It was warm, almost hot and the smooth soft outer skin was amazing as it slid over the hard inner shaft.

I stared right at it as I stroked Don's cock. My grip tightened and my speed increased. Don moaned told me how good of a job I was doing. I forgot all about my friends sitting there watching me until I heard Julie's voice saying, "Put it in your mouth. Suck Don's cock." I came part way back to my senses and shook my step bro drills kara fauxs pussy doggystyle no.

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Don stepped closer and the girls started cheering again. momcams fuck son while he rest watch part on slutcamxxcom it. Suck it. Suck it." Again I did not know if it was peer pressure, the beer or my desire to try it, but I leaned forward and let my lips touch the head of Don's prick.

I felt it jump in my hand. I saw a drop of clear pre-cum form on the tip. The angle was bad so I slid off the chair so I was on my knees in front of Don.

He pushed his cock head against my lips and I slowly opened my mouth. Don gently slid the head of his cock into my mouth. I had to stretch wide to let it get in. It felt amazing. I had put my dildo in my mouth but it was hard cold plastic. This was so much different. I knew why the girls in the pornos all seemed to like sucking cock so much.

I was going to give a guy my first blowjob and I knew I Was going to enjoy it. Don put one hand behind my head and slowly started to fuck just an inch or so deep between my lips. I could feel myself start to move my head back and forth along with his motion, taking more and more of him in.

It tasted a little salty but not at all bad. I could feel myself getting really wet between my legs. Soon I was taking half of his seven inches in and out of my mouth and we were speeding up.

I knew that this was not the only blowjob I would ever give a guy.

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I liked it. I wanted it. One time he went so deep that I gaged but we did not stop. Again I remembered that other people were there when I heard Julie telling Don to fuck me. Don pulled his prick out of my mouth and lifted me to my feet fondled my breasts and kissed me.

I said no but all of my friends told me that he had already fucked each of them. Don's tongue entered my mouth and rubbed around against mine. I had done a fair amount of making out and petting.

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I really enjoyed the feeling of French kissing and it made my pussy tingle. Before I realized what was happening, Don had me stripped naked and was nursing on my tits. My nipples hardened and grew. Then he eased me down onto the floor on my back and put his head between my legs. His tongue slid between my pussy lips and dragged across my clit. I jerked and loudly moaned. "Ohhh, fuck yes", was all that I said. My fingers had never made me feel like that. After a couple minutes of licking up and down my slit, sucking on my clit and stabbing his tongue into my fuck hole I felt myself come to a strong orgasm.

Before I had stopped coming, Don had moved up over the top of me and was sliding himself into my soaking wet pussy. I orgasmed even stronger with the realization that I had a real cock filling my cunt. I was being fucked for the first time and I really wanted it to happen, even if in the back asiatic se met une aubergine dans le cul anal my confused mind I realized that my friends were in the room special moment with emma stoned. As Don pushed into me, I pushed back at him, wanting every bit of his cock buried in me.

He was thicker than my dildo so I felt myself stretching to accommodate his wonderful warm cock. Don did not waste any time with gentleness. He started pounding hard and deep and fast into my wanting cunt.

The longer he fucked me, the better it felt. I put my hands behind the small of his back and pulled him to me each time he thrust. I used my vaginal muscles to squeeze him as tight as I could. My head was rolling from side to side and I was constantly moaning as wave after wave of pleasure passed thru my body. He leaned his head down and started biting my nipples. It both hurt and felt good at the same time. Don lasted several minutes and brought me to pure heights of pleasure.

I heard Don saying, "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I'm gonna come." I understood enough to yell out to him to pull out. "Lake it out.

Don't come in me. I'm not on the pill." Don did pull out and I felt another body touch me. I looked down and saw Julie as she engulfed her brother's cock with her mouth. Don tipped his head back and moaned loudly, "Fuuuckkkkk !!!", as he shot a big load of his hot, thick, salty cum into his sister's mouth.

Julie's cheeks puffed out as she struggled to keep it all in her mouth till she could swallow his big load. Julie showed me her now empty mouth, "We couldn't let it go to waste. Anyway, it tastes great. Thank you brother." Each of my other friends came over and gave Don's deflating cock a little bit of sucking.

Don repositioned himself so that his knees were under my armpits and his cock was back at my lips and his hands were holding my head.

I happily took him back in my mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down on his man meat, I could feel it starting to grow again. Don looked down and smiled at me and asked, "Are you ready for a mouthful of my little milf julia ann plays with siris big booty seeds?" I didn't say anything. I just kept sucking as he hardened. 614