Curvy slut wife fucks her best friends boyfriend

Curvy slut wife fucks her best friends boyfriend
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Chapter 1 It was during the lunch break that I had the conversation that changed my life. I didn't realize it at the time, as it only changed my opinion of Claire; my best friend, but what she told me set off what some people would call the domino effect. We were sitting underneath one of many oak tress that formed a kind of perimeter around the school grounds, it was a pretty hot day and we were enjoying the shade.

Claire and I had been best friends for over five years, ever since our first day at this school. It was the usual discussion on boys and what we got up to the night before, Claire had made it perfectly clear to me that her and Matt were having regular sex and doing everything they could to find new and exciting ways to do it.

My part of the conversation was always the same, that I was playing the waiting game with Rob. I'd had sex before, it was at a house party and I don't remember much about it, just flashes of memory that would explain the pain I was in the following day. Rob however, remembered everything. His version of events were that I dragged him up stairs and inside of me, lived a horny beast that was begging to be let out. But that's just what he says whenever I tell him I'm not ready for sex.

Claire though knew the truth. She was the only one that did. It wasn't that I wasn't ready, I was just, a little inexperienced and worried about not liking the things he would probably like.

"You need a test dummy." she told me. "A what?" I asked. She laughed, "A test dummy. To try things out on, you know, blow jobs for example. Some girls hate doing them, but some love doing them. You don't wanna start your first blow job and realize you hate it, because I'm willing to bet that Rob loves them and will just force you down on it making you gag and choke.

That adds up to a horrible first time experience and will put you back off sex." She made some kind of sense, I guess. But what she said got me thinking; "So did you have a test dummy?" I asked her. Her eyes went wide, as though she didn't think I'd ask her.

She plucked the lolly pop from her lips and thought for a moment whether to tell me. "Yeah," she started. "But I wouldn't really recommend using the same one." she said. "Why? Who was it?" she could be as elusive in her answers as she wanted, I was still going to find out.

"Okay," she said, "But you can't tell anyone. And I seriously mean it. Matt knows I've been with other men and he's cool with that, but if he ever finds out femme de ans cul de reve by clessemperor my test dummy was I swear to god I will be ruined, I'd probably have to leave school.

In fact I know I'd have to leave school." she said with complete seriousness, her eyes were locked onto mine as she said it. "Okay no problem, you know you can trust me." I assured her. "Well you know how neither one of us have a full set of parents, as in, you an I both have a dad and no mother? Well, my dad was like, drunk. And I mean drunk. And so when he was dozing, I kinda just, unzipped his trousers and sucked him off." my mouth dropped open about half way through her tale, she wasn't looking at me while she spoke, I don't think she could have even if she tried.

"You sucked off your dad?" I asked her. "Fucking hell Claire." I blurted, she shrugged and started getting defensive, "It was to practise blow jobs. I dunno what made me think, 'oh there's my dad drunk and asleep, lets whip out the cock he fired you from and give it a good old suck.'" I burst into a short laughter, it made her smile and brought her eyes back to me.

"Janey, I've seriously never wanted to tell you that. But it's how I learned to suck a cock." she said. I couldn't help but ask her; "Did he.

you know." "Yes," she replied. "It's also how I realised I don't mind swallowing. I looked at her and knew she was the personification of confidence, whether it was her lacy red bra shining through the thin white school shirt like the bat-signal, or her manner, she was always confident.

Except in this moment. So I kissed her on the cheek and told her; "I still love you." Later at home I sent a text to Rob telling him that his patience with me will be rewarded some day soon, and that I promised. I looked myself up and down in the full length mirror and knew that it was confidence that I needed, but maybe not the confidence that Claire has.

It seemed that today she showed me that her confidence was a mask, hiding the fact that she used her dad as a test dummy for blow jobs. But with her telling me that I couldn't help but hope that she felt better for it.

I unfastened my school tie and tossed it onto the bed, then began unbuttoning my shirt, my cleavage came into view being propped up by my black push up bra. I dropped the shirt onto the floor and and unzipped my skirt at the hip, after it dropped next to the shirt I stepped out and continued to stare at myself in the mirror. My little black panties and long grey socks were all that I stood in.

using my two thumbs I lowered the front of my underwear, revealing to myself the small patch of pubic hair I had shaved around about an inch above my vagina. As I turned slightly to glimpse a portion of my ass there was a quick knock at my bedroom door and then it swung open, "Jane I-" my dad stopped mid sentence and seemed frozen to the spot, we both did. "Sorry." he quickly said and shut the door. I could feel sunny lone six story sex stories download burn on my face, my dark brown hair never did offer any sort of camouflage.

I quickly grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom joined on to my room, and as I peeled off my socks and turned the shower on I realised that I had locked my bathroom door behind myself. Something I'd never done before. I came down the stairs in a pair of pyjama bottoms and a vest top, I never really bothered towelling myself.

I always dried naturally just led in a towel on my bed, but I was late for dinner so just wrapped up my hair and threw on my night clothes before running down the stairs to eat. When I got into the kitchen dad was dishing up. "Sorry for bursting in on you like that, I was just going to tell you that I was doing curry tonight and wondered whether you wanted nan bread or poppadoms." he said.

"Dad forget about it, I'm sorry, I should've just undressed in the bathroom, I don't know why I didn't this time." Dad's shoulders dropped a little, "Honey, you're not a kid any more, I need to realise that I'm going to have to knock and wait rather than knock and walk in." He tossed the towel that was resting on his shoulder down onto the counter, and turned to look at me.

He smiled and for a moment, and then his eyes dropped down to my chest. I hadn't thought at the time, but my damp skin had seeped through my vest. His eyes were there and gone in a flash as he turned and reached for the pot of curry. I grabbed a couple of plates and made my way into the dining room. I thought about putting on a jacket but I figured that it would make him sexy ebony black phat booty texan freak fucked even more awkward.

I just set the plates down and took a seat as he brought in the perky tits teen nailed by stranger dude in the backseat of curry, he propped it on the table and went to get the rice, I picked up a poppadom and broke it in two, I knew what my dad had been through since my mother passed away.

The last two years haven't been easy on him, I certainly didn't help matters with my attitude. But the last few months have been better. Easier. After I cleared my plate I leant back and patted my stomach.

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"Dad you're the greatest." I told him. He smiled. "Well you could use a bit of fattening up, I've never seen anyone eat like you and not gain any weight. The girls at school must hate you." he joked. "Well, they're too busy hating on me for stealing their boyfriends to hate me for my body." I replied. I started laughing and he grinned and shook his head. Form the corner of my eye I no holes left unfucked doggystyle and deepthroat see him staring at me, with his head resting on his hand.

I didn't look at him, even though I was a little curious to see where he was looking. I glanced down at what Claire called my 'perky tits' and saw my stiff nipples poking against my vest, I quickly ruffled my top and scooped up my plate, taking it into the kitchen.

When I returned I held out a beer for him, he smiled at me and took it. "Thanks, I guess this is you volunteering to wash up while your tired father sits down and sips beer while watching manly sports." "Ugh, sports" I told him. "I know, the sacrifices I make while you slave away in the kitchen." he said getting to his feet.

Chapter 2 It took a minute for my eyes to adjust, the alarm clock said 4:23. I wasn't sure why I woke up at this stupid time, but my throat was dry so I decided to grab a drink from downstairs.

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I reached the bottom of the stairs and saw the light coming from underneath the bottom of the living room door. I pushed it open slightly and saw my dad asleep on the sofa, in nothing but his boxers and with one hand shoved down there. On the floor were eight or nine beer bottles. I didn't know if he did this every night, but looking at him here, I was amazed that he'd be up and alert at seven every morning to drag my lazy ass out of bed.

I was turning to walk down the hallway when I caught sight of what was on the television. It was the main menu for a porn DVD. 'Naughty Schoolgirl Babysitters vol.13'. By the looks of him he didn't finish, or if he did, then him keeping his hand down there was just gross.

I remembered what Claire had told me and for a brief moment my stomach tightened, as if it was trapping butterflies. I knew that Claire was feeling like an idiot for telling me, or at least felt like an idiot xxx classic alpha french movie actually doing it, and part of me didn't want her to, so quietly edged my way into the living room.

The television screen was the only source best friends share everything this is why these beautiful college gir light there was, and I needed it to dodge the beer bottles. I knelt down at my fathers legs and despite the complete sense of nervousness that was sweeping through me, I kept my eyes darting from his crotch to his eyes.

Whatever the visions were that he last saw before falling asleep, they kept certain parts of him alive. I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was stiff, even with his hand down the the shapes made no sense to think anything else.

With both hands I reached across his legs and gripped his boxers, and slowly edged them down. His hand fell free, causing his hard cock to sway to one side. I took a moment to stare at it, it looked pretty impressed, it wasn't a monster and yet it wasn't small. His pubic hair was trimmed short, I guess even at this point in his life he still felt the need to be tidy. I glanced up at his face once more and felt the tightness in my stomach strengthen.

Was I really going to do this? I'd been seeing Rob for around six months, if I could at least somehow enjoy giving blow jobs I could satisfy him long enough until I was ready for sex. I leaned over his lap and took the head of his penis into my mouth. I held it between my lips while lightly lashing at the tip with my tongue.

I brought my hand up and took his shaft, pushing more past my lips. I started some light sucking, while slowly and carefully running my hand up and down. May thai first time in ball deep analampdp great dap pussy only for dp he'd of woken up I was sure he'd have freaked. But I continued slowly sucking the top of his dick, realising that this wasn't so bad I decided to tighten my grip around his shaft a little, still slowly jerking him off while my tongue moved around his 'helmet'.

I heard a sigh escape my fathers lips, my eyes darted to his and his were still closed. Though he was starting to feel what I was doing. Maybe I was coming to him as a dream, dreaming that one of the stars of his porno had her tongue wrapped around his cock. That single thought, that this was a porno sent a chill up my spine. My lower region was getting warm and it almost felt damp between my legs.

Dads hand raised, and then went behind my head. His mouth opened slightly as his fingers went through my hair, eventually resting on the back of my head.

I started sucking harder, my hand movements picked up a little bit of speed, but not much. I wanted him to dream whatever he wanted, whether some hot schoolgirl babysitter was sucking him off or fucking him, it didn't matter.

I was enjoying what I was doing and I seemed to be doing it well. His hand slipped down the back of my neck and around to my front, he reached under my arm and pinched at the tip of my breast, catching the nipple and squeezing.

This made me suck harder, and take his cock deeper into my mouth, I even let out a muffled moan. It didn't take him long to reach into my top and squeeze my breasts, I switched hands to allow him some room to move, I was starting to get a little worried and the dull ache I felt from between my legs. With my spare hand I reached down the back of my bottoms, my middle finger moved over my anus and to my vagina.

It was almost dripping and the slightest touch from my finger felt incredible. Like an itch that needs scratching, I needed to scratch more. I slipped my finger inside, I couldn't get it deep enough though, the angle of my body was all wrong and I didn't want to lose his cock from my mouth In case it would end his dream and wake him up.

I pulled my hand out and seeing as I was just full of crazy ideas tonight, I decided to execute another. I slid the finger I'd just slipped inside of me into his open mouth. He gasped slightly and sucked my finger dry. My head bobbed up and down on his cock and my left hand jerked him, his balls then started to tighten.

This was it, I thought to myself. He was going to shoot his load and I was going to either like it or hate it. Then I would never need to use my father for this again. He would shoot, and I would run upstairs and scratch this wet and warm itch between my legs.

Just then my father moved forward, his eyes still closed as he grabbed me and pulled my head away from his cock. With his hand he grabbed my ass and squeezed, I was frozen with shock, fear and anticipation for whatever came next. He pulled down my bottoms and though I tried to reach for them they were already at my ankles.

He pulled me on top of him, his hands squeezing and rubbing my ass cheeks. I thought about crying out, waking him up, but I couldn't. So many things raced though my head in the space of three seconds.

Was this the same as sleep walking?

If I woke him would it be dangerous? Would he hate me? Disown me? Carry on anyway? His fingers spread my ass cheeks and started furiously rubbing my wet vagina, I let out an involuntary grunt as the feeling of the itch being scratched felt incredible. His fingers rubbed my juices and seemed to smear them between my cheeks, he slipped his middle finger inside of me and my jaw dropped and my eyes closed.

His left hand moved to my right shoulder and pulled down one of my straps, exposing my breast. Still unsure whether he was awake or asleep I watched him scoop up my boob with his mouth and begin sucking ferociously on my nipple and surrounding area. And then I felt him fumble for a moment between my legs, and I felt his cock push up against me. "Dad.I-" I started to whisper, but I was cut off as he pushed himself into me. There was no holding back the noise that escaped my mouth as the tip of his penis struck the back of my vagina.

He slid back a little before pushing in as deep as he could again, and again, until he started to build up pace and rhythm. He gripped my ass while fucking me from the bottom, black hottie diana swallows a stiff white cock both my ass and breast while he sucked on my neck, he went at me as though he'd never done it before.

With each thrust a new sound came from my mouth, I too had started a rhythm. And I hadn't realised it right away, with his firm hand on my ass he guided me up and down and I felt it boiling me up from within.

This warmth that was coming up through me, it was getting harder and harder not to scream out, and eventually it exploded inside of me like a series of fireworks. A long shrill cry was coming from me, in the form of 'Dad'. And then with another big push from my father I felt more fireworks, as he emptied his load inside of me and washed my inside walls with his hot thick semen.

For a long time I couldn't move my legs, the only thing I could feel was a slight twitch in either leg, and cold semen from my father, leak out of my vagina. That is what I remembered as I fell asleep on top of my Dad. That Morning my eyes slowly began to open, and then I was immediately hit with the realisation that I was still led on top of my dad.

I took a long deep gasp, and slowly raised my head. My dads eyes were twitching and before I could move any other part of me, his eyes opened. It took maybe a second for him to realise what had happened. "Oh. My. God." he said.

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Chapter 3 I scrambled to my feet as he sat up, I couldn't look him in the eye and before he could say anything I ran out of the room and upstairs. I closed the bedroom door behind me and went straight into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me.

I'd never felt so ashamed in all my life, I couldn't even imagine what Dad was thinking. Waking up on the sofa with me on top of him, bare assed with his cock covered in my dried juices. Not to mention his own. I turned on the shower and took off my top, I needed to get out of the house, that was for sure. It was a rare time when I was glad to be going to school. I knew that Claire would help me out and tell me what to do, she'd also understand, maybe. I managed to shower, dress and leave the house without running into Dad.

Though no amount of make up I had could fully cover the mark on my neck, from where Dad sucked at me as though he was a vampire. I text Claire while dressing and told her to meet me in the usual spot on the way to school, and as I rounded the corner she was there waiting for me.

She smiled at me and I managed to smile back. "Hey hot stuff, how're you?" she asked. "Can we talk?" I abruptly asked. She looked surprised but then quickly nodded and we then made our way toward the park. "What the fuck is this?" she asked loudly pointing to my neck. I took her hand looking ashamed and sat her down.

"Babe, I've done something that I can't ever come back from." I told her. She raised an eyebrow while I watched the cogs turning in her head. "I took your advise about a test dummy and -" "Wow." she cut me off. "The test dummy woke up?" she asked. "No," I started, "Not quite." I told her. She kept her eyes on me, and I think she could tell that it was a struggle for me to keep my eyes on her, "The test dummy stirred, and, kinda, fucked me." the words came out of my mouth a lot dirtier than I had intended.

The look of surprise on her face told me all Sexe en francais pour les supervoyeurs en france needed to know. "Janey babe, who was your test dummy?" she asked me, my eyes slammed shut and I winced, and then it clicked. Her jaw dropped into her lap, "Oh my god, your Dad fucked you didn't he?" it sounded a lot more like a statement than a question, but I had to answer.

"Yes." I confirmed. She turned her head away and then quickly brought it back to my direction. "What's worse is that I fell asleep. I mean, the orgasms I had sent me into a coma." "You came? With your Dad?" she asked in more disbelief. I brought my hands up to my face and buried my face into them. "So what happened then?" she asked, seemingly keen to know more. "Well, I woke up this morning and before I could move, he woke up.

He kinda freaked as I fake casting quick hot fuck up the stairs, showered, dressed and came to meet you." "Honey," she said, "you've got to talk to him. Fuck knows what he must be thinking, I mean this kinda thing can really fuck someone up. If not you then him. You have to explain things to him, try and make him understand that you were curious and things got out of hand." what she told me made sense, in a weird way though.

"And, if he still doesn't see it your way, put it to him like this; Dad, I was curious about blow jobs and you got out of control and forced me into having sex with you." "No, Claire, I couldn't say that to my Dad, I love him. I'd never accuse him of raping me just to have what happened swept under the carpet." I told her. "Okay," she said holding up her hands, "Well I'll tell you what, why don't you crash at mine tonight?

Go home and sort things out with your Dad, take the day off school and when I finish I'll meet you and we'll both go back to mine." "Like a sick day?" I asked. "What about Rob?" I added, she smiled, "Don't worry about a thing, I'll tell Rob you caught something last night and will text him when you're feeling better." she told me.

"You're amazing." I told her, smiling for the first time since yesterday. She leant in and kissed me on the cheek. We got to the edge of the park and turned to go our separate ways when she called back to me, "Janey, did you enjoy the end results?" it took me a second or two to figure out what she meant, but when it registered I thought for a moment, and then replied, "Yeah, Yeah I guess I did." she flashed me a big grin and flicked her eyebrows up and down before turning and waking away.

I reached the front door and took a moment to think, think about everything that had happened. I was relying on the bond I'd formed with him since Mom passed and that we will always have each other. I was a religious person but I thought for a moment about heaven, and if my mother was there watching over what she would think.

If heaven really truly existed, have my actions now banished Dad from ever going there and reuniting with his wife? I sighed heavily, my eyelids dropped shut, and after taking in a deep breath, I opened the door and walked in.