Lesbian veronica vain with vannessa phoenix and lilith shayton

Lesbian veronica vain with vannessa phoenix and lilith shayton
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It's getting late when we arrive at the resort. We chat with the other couples as we wait to check in.

The bellman shows us around our cabin, it is a beautiful rustic log cabin with a fireplace, a king size bed, a large bathroom with a shower & jacuzzi tub and a little kitchette with a fridge and microwave. As soon as he leaves (telling us our luggage will arrive shortly) you say, "Jewelz, I have to tell you something and you'll probably be really mad that I didn't tell you sooner but." I say "Just tell me!" you start again "I would have told you sooner but there wasn't anything you could do about it and." Again I say "Just tell me!" so you blurt out "You have cum in your hair from this morning, I didn't notice it until we were getting coffee, we had already gone thru security and there wasn't a rest room and I was going to tell you when we got on the plane but then you said you didn't like using the rest room on the plane so I didn't say anything!

I'm sorry, Jewelz, I just didn't want you to be embarrassed, I don't think anyone else even noticed!!" I'm looking in the mirror in the bathroom and I can see a huge dried glob of cum in my hair!!

I just start laughing."I can't believe you let me go all this time without telling me!!! But you're right! There's nothing I could have done about it! So everyone I've seen today thinks I'm some kind of slut with cum defloration anna palatka anal creampie my hair!!! How embarrassing! Oh well, I'll never see those people again!!!

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I can't wait to get in the shower now, and wash my hair! I ask you to wait for the luggage and bring me my shampoo and conditioner when it arrives. I head into the bathroom, starting the water running for my third shower of the day. After the luggage arrives you let yourself into the bathroom and join me in the shower.

Without speaking, you turn me around so that my back is to you, you pour a little shampoo into your hand, and gently massage it into my hair, you take your time (I've never had anyone wash my hair for me--very nice! LOL!) moving me closer to the stream of water, you rinse the shampoo out and apply the conditioner, while the conditioner works you begin washing my body, starting with my feet, slowly and gently working your way up, stopping at my tits, sucking hard on first one nipple then the other, your hands are slick with soap and you pinch and squeeze my nipples, I moan loudly xxx cot com gals new story I love it when you tease my tits) they slide thru your soapy fingers.

You turn me around and pull my ass against you as your hand slides down my belly to my neatly trimmed pussy your fingers thrust their way into my soaking wet cunt and as you work them in and out your thumb rubs over my swollen clit, I am thrusting in time to the rythm of your movements and I am moaning loudly! I reach back and take hold of your long thick hard cock I lean forward a little as you slam your tool deep inside me in a single thrust! You slam into me time after time as I grind my ass against your hardness craving release!

"Oh yes! Fuck me!

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Harder, oh yes, harder please!!" You are pulling me to you with your hands on my hips, you move one hand down between my legs and work your fingers back into my slick cunt, I spread my legs a little wider and my hand joins yours to work my clit as my orgasm explodes thru me I scream out "Oh my God!! I'm cumming! Oh yes! I'm cumming!!" I feel your hot creamy cum fill my still spasming pussy a moment later, you pull out and our cum gushes out down between my legs and you clean my cum slick pussy with both hands, all your fingers flicking over my shuddering clit as I cum again and again!!

You rinse all the soap off my body and I make sure your cock is sqeaky clean before we turn off the water and get out of the shower. You wrap my hair up in a towel, and hold out one of the fluffy robes supplied by the resort for me to slip into.

You put on the other robe then you begin again with my feet, applying lotion, you rub it in firmly but gently, pulling the robe apart as you move higher, you massage it into all areas, the robe falls to the floor as you finish. I break the pleasant silence, "That was wonderful, so relaxing! I'm starving! We haven't eaten all day! Do you want to order room service or go out and get something?" There's knock at the door. You say, "Must be room service! I ordered before joining you in the shower!" You go answer the door.

I take my long hair down from the towel and braid it quickly, I don't want to take the time to blowdry it, I'm too hungry! I hear you talking briefly, then hear the door close, I come out of the bathroom (I left the robe on the floor where it fell) and you watch me walk toward you, I notice you have a fire going and the lights are dimmed, I kiss you lightly, then look under the covered plates to see what you've ordered. "Excellent choices, even dessert!

So, am I dressing? Or are you undressing, for dinner?" I laugh as I reach for the tie of your robe, giving it a little tug, I pull the robe from you, "Let's eat!!" You pour us each a glass of wine and I serve the food. We sit ass and pussy lanced with schlong hardcore russian the small table and eat, sipping the wine. After we finish immodest games in massage saloon hardcore and handjob the food, we move to the sofa, sitting close, warm against each other, just relaxing, our hands moving lazily over each others naked bodies, we finish the wine.

It's been a long day, I get up, pulling you with me and head toward the bed. Pulling back the covers and sliding in, I move over, you slide in beside me and pull the covers over us both.

The bed is comfortable but chilly, so you pull me close and I cuddle against the warmth of your body and in a moment I'm asleep and you drift off soon after.

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.to be continued in part 4