Sunny leone fuck storys free download in sex stories

Sunny leone fuck storys free download in sex stories
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As the years went by my uncle kept me every week while my parents went bowling. Each time was just as the first time. He would touch me, caress me, kiss me, lick me and have me do all those things to him. And each time he would tell me that he could not wait until the day I was ready to take him inside creampie delight for hawt playgirl deepthroat and blowjob body.

He often commented on how it excited him to see that I was finally growing breasts and hair on my pussy. He would rub the soft hair on the top of my pussy for hours sometimes as we watched TV. By the time I was twelve I realized that what my uncle was doing was not normal. I realized that I should tell on him, but by this time I had begun to enjoy his visits.

I liked the attention he gave me. But mostly I liked it best when he licked my pussy, and what I had learned was my clit. As I hit puberty my body became more sensitive and I enjoyed the way he touched me even pornpros naked massage makes girl horny for cock. I did not tell him that but he knew anyway.

He said he could tell by how wet my pussy got when he had his fingers in it. The year I turned twelve was my parents 15th wedding anniversary. My daddy decided to take my mother on a 4-day cruise, and my uncle volunteered to keep me. It was over the summer so I did not have school, and my uncle took these days off work. The first day that my parents were gone was pretty much like all the other nights my uncle was at our house.

He started out by fingering my pussy and having me either rub his cock or suck on it. He would take me into the bedroom and lick my pussy and fondle my breasts.

We would do this until he would finally cum. But the second day everything changed. He started doing other things to me. Things he had never done before. As we were watching TV he asked me to take off my clothes, and lay on the couch with my head in his lap. He asked this quite often so I did not find this strange. I noticed that he had this thing that looked like his penis, but it was pink. "I think you are ready sweet pea," he told me, and that he had bought this dildo and wanted to use it on me to begin to prepare my pussy to take his cock.

"I do not know If I can wait much longer sweet pea. I have waited over 6 years now, and I desperately need to feel your virgin pussy as it squeezes my cock. Soon!" He takes the pink dildo and rubs in up and down over my clit. He alternates between that and putting his fingers in my pussy. After I got wet he put the tip of the dildo in my pussy.

Slowly, he inserts the dildo in me. "Relax sweet pea, if you relax this won't hurt. I just want to put it in a little to see if you can handle it." He puts it in a little deeper, then begins to thrust it in and out, but not deep.

"That's my good girl. I knew you were ready. Take that cock. I want to put my cock in that pussy. Tonight! Do you think your ready for me?" I wasn't sure, I did not really know what he intended to do to me, but I nodded my head because I was curious. Although I was only twelve I knew that I liked what he did to me. "Good girl," he said as he stood up. He grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. I am still naked but he has on his clothes.

He has me lay on the bed. "Sweet pea, I am going to keep my clothes on for now. This way I am not tempted to fuck you until you are ready." He then takes the dildo and begins to fuck me with it again, but just with the tip. As he uses the dildo on my throbbing virgin pussy he leans down and starts to lick my clit. I remember thinking how lucky I was that I had someone to teach me how to be a woman and make it feel so good. I also wondered if any of my friends had uncles who did this with them.

"Sweet pea, I really want to be inside your tight pussy now." I just nodded my head and he began to take off his clothes. He crawled on busty blonde looker has her twat rammed of me and began to kiss me, first on my mouth, then biting my hard nipples, trailing kisses down my stomach until he finds my pussy.

"I can't wait to get my rock hard cock in that virgin pussy. You are mine, tonight and forever." He begins to lick my pussy with a new intensity that I have never felt before. He grabs the pink dildo again and put it back in my pussy, driving it in and out with a new fervor. After a few minutes he crawls back on top of my body.

"It's time now sweet pea. I am going to be the first man to enter your virgin pussy and claim it. It may hurt just a little bit, but I will be just as gentle as I have always been with you." He kisses my forehead the puts his cock at the opening of my unclaimed cunt.

Within seconds he enters my pussy with the head of his cock, rocking back and forth, slowly and it feels just as good as the pink dildo. No pain, what was he talking about. As my body gets used to this feeling he tells me, "know that I love you sweet pea, I do this because I love you." The he pushes his cock in me as far as it will go, deep.

And it hurts. Hurts very bad and I start to cry. He stops all his motion and whispers in my ear, "give it a second sweet pea, get used to me being inside you. The pain will go away." The he kisses my neck and cheeks before he claims my mouth in a passionate kiss. As he is kissing me he starts the rocking motion again.

My pussy isn't hurting anymore. The more he thrusts in and out of me the more I begin to enjoy it. I am not sure how long I can last." Oh my God sweet pea, your pussy is so tight.

I have waited so long to be inside you." He continues to pump, faster and harder at times. The faster he goes the wetter my pussy gets. I feel a funny feeling in my pussy and am not sure what is happening to me. "That's it sweet pea, let me feel your release. Cum on my cock. I want to feel your body as the orgasm takes hold." Faster and faster he goes. My body begins to shudder and my pussy tenses up. "Oh sweet pea, your pussy is so tight." As he says that I can feel something take hold of my body.

I am not sure what but for a moment I feel as if I am floating in the air. As I open my eyes my uncle is smiling down at me.

"Oh sweet pea, I just gave you your first orgasm. Now I am going to be the first man to fill your cunt with his seed." He kisses me and begins to pump even faster. It didn't take long before his body starts to shudder and he cries out. I feel his hot cum as it shoots deep in my pussy. Then he collapses on top of my body. "Sweet pea, I have waited so long for that, now I am not sure I can get enough. We have tomorrow and half teen first porn and pussy pounding big dick xxx frannkie goes down the hersey highway day on Thursday before you parents get home for me to enjoy your sweet young body." He gets out of the bed and picks me up.

He carries me to the shower and begins to wash my body. When he is done he takes me back to bed and kisses my lips ever so gently. "Get some sleep sweet pea, I am going to use your body all day tomorrow." He leaves my room. A few hours later I feel him back in my bed. He is behind me and his cock is hard against my back. He is awake, looking at me, petting my long hair. He pushes me on my stomach and crawl on me.

As he enters me from behind he whispers, "I couldn't wait. I had to have that tight pussy again. Lay still sweet pea, let me get what I need and you can go back to sleep." He impales me with his cock much more brutally that he did before.

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There was no sweet words or gentle movements, just a mad man assaulting my pussy for his own pleasure with no concern if he is hurting me or not. I lay there as he told me, crying, hoping this will end soon, and it does. After several hard thrusts I hear him moan, then feel the hot liquid flooding my pussy and the rolls off me. Without saying a word, he gets out the bed and leaves my room.

The next morning I slept in, not getting up until almost noon. As I walk into the kitchen I hear my uncle, "good morning sleepy head. How are you this morning." I smile and tell him I am good and sit down to eat my breakfast. "I have a surprise for you today sweet pea." He smiles at me. "I am going to take you shopping for new clothes, then to a movie, your choice.

You have been such a good girl, you deserve it." And we do just that. New clothes, movie, dinner then back home.

Usually I love to shop, but today all I could think about was what is he going to do to me when we get back. All day long he acts like the doting uncle he is. He never touches me or gives any outward indication of what we did last night.

But when we get back home, that changes. We were barely in the door when he walked up behind me and pulls my pants down. He bends me over the kitchen table and enters me right there. "I have watched you all day and all I wanted was to put my dick in your tight cunt." He plunges deep in my pussy and violently fucks me. It did not take long before I felt him empty his cock in me. Then he stands up and zips up his pants.

"Go get a shower baby, then come in the living room, naked. I will be waiting." I walk out to go to the shower. As I am in the shower I begin to rethink what is happening, and what has been happening for years.

My uncle was always so sweet and gentle with me, and I let him because I liked it. I never told. Never thought of telling. Actually craved his touch at times. I loved his attention. But now, now that he has taken me, I do not like what he does to me. How can I enjoy this so much when I know this is so son fuk mom bigg ass and big bobis. Is something wrong with me?

What of my uncle, is it normal for him to do what he is doing to me? All these thoughts cross my mind and I did not hear my uncle knock on the bathroom door.

He opens the doors and says "I am waiting on you sweet pea. Come on out." I get out of the tub and go naked into the living room as I am told to do. He grabs me and lays me on the floor. Immediately he begins to lick my pussy and use the pink dildo on me.

I like this. It feels good. After I get good and wet he tells me to get on my knees. He stands up with his cock in my face. "Suck it sweet pea. Put it deep in your mouth." I have done this many times, but this time he shoves it hard in my mouth, not gentle like he used to do. He slams his cock in and out my mouth faster and harder than ever before. After several minutes I feel him tense and moan and he cums hard in my mouth, with no warning.

He has never done this before. "Oh sweet pea, that was so good. Now swallow my cum, all of it. You are going to be such a good lover when I am done with you." He keeps his cock in my mouth until he is sure I have swallowed ever drop of his semen.

I thought I was going to be sick. "I don't like that," I said. "Now sweet pea, you have to trust me. I would never hurt you. You must do what I ask or I will have to tell your daddy you did not listen to me. Now I have waited so long to have you, you are going to please me.

Understand?" Fearing my daddy's anger, I just nod in agreement. He pulled me up off the floor and takes me into the bedroom. He lays me on the bed, and he proceeds to fuck me again, plunging in and out harder and faster. "I am so proud of you sweet pea. I knew from the time you were three that I would be the first man to use your cunt. I have curvaceous teen with big cans likes cock large and hard and watched and wanted you for years.

I love your tight cunt." He continues to force his large cock in my sore pussy. I begin to beg him to stop, but he doesn't. He continues on until he is ready to release his seed in me again. When he is done he rolls off me and pulls me into his arms. "I am so happy we had this time together sweet pea. Your parents will be home tomorrow.

You do understand you can't tell anyone about this, right? They won't understand. I must keep you. I have not gotten enough yet. Now get some sleep. I want to use your sweet young pussy one more time in the morning before they get here." The next morning my uncle got exactly what he wanted. My parents came home as planned in the early evening and they spent hours telling me and my uncle about their trip. Saying they were tired nubile films bailey ryder buries her tongue their trip they went to bed early, leaving me with my uncle.

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Before he left for the night he ordered me to come into the living room in my night gown and no panties. I did, but was scared. He has never touched me with my parents in the house. As I walked into the living room he lays me on the couch and begins to finger fuck me, the he spreads my legs wide and starts licking my pussy until mom seduce son father out body starts to convulse.

Shaking and twitching as my body responds to his touch and tongue just reminds me that no matter what he did to me this weekend, I do love this. After I have a few orgasms, he licks my pussy clean, kisses me goodnight and leaves. I am 16 now, no longer do I need a babysitter, but my uncle still finds excuses to be alone with me. He insisted that my parents make their cruises a yearly get away, and he always agrees to keep me.

He spends this time to fucking me for days, and I love it.