Busty blonde looker has her twat rammed

Busty blonde looker has her twat rammed
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- I Dream of Demie 8 - Prophet and Loss (MF, best?, cons, magic, impreg?) by Krosis of the Collective --- I looked out over the rocky terrain from my high vantage point.

The parts of the land below that weren't pock marked with bubbling lava pools appeared to be ebony or some other jet black rock, as was the cliff I was standing on. The sky was full of big hips xxx sexy fuck, angry clouds that I knew would never rain. A flash in the distance was followed quickly by a boom of thunder that seemed to reverberate through my bones.

Demie was by my side, though she was wearing some sort of bristling black and grey metallic armor. A slight breeze blew her hair back.she was so beautiful. "He's coming," she stated worriedly, looking toward where the lightning flashed again.

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BOOOOOMM! "I know," I replied. I didn't take my eyes off of her.

She turned to meet my gaze. Why was she was acting so differently than normal? Less haughty? "What do you want me to do?" she asked. "Kiss me." Demie didn't hesitate, leaning her head toward me, her lips pursed. As our lips touched I screamed.

I was still screaming as I woke. She was kissing me! I was going to die! "ROWWRRR!" "What.what.?" I was in my bed, in a sitting position now. I looked to the side to see the cat -- well, the human woman who had once been a cat -- in a defensive position, her arms outstretched with sharp fingernails ready. My mouth was wet.

I realized that she had been licking my mouth to wake me up and that had turned into a kiss in my dream. That dream.what had it been about? It was fading.Demie.thunder in the distance. "Mowrr?" "Sorry," I offered to my new lover, "It's okay. I didn't mean to scare you. Tch tch." My calming tone seemed to have the right effect and she "sheathed her claws," so to speak. She promptly turned away and presented her butt.

"Mew?" Kate, my unexpected witch roommate (would that be the correct word for someone who created a whole set of rooms attached to my broom closet? Well, whatever she was) had transformed a neighborhood cat in heat into a woman for me to have sex with, as the unique sexual energy in my apartment apparently produced power that the witch could use for her spells.

The black cat had become a sexy black woman, and she was demanding! Sighing, I realized that I had "morning wood," so I proceeded to use it on the wanton cat lady. After I nutted in her I went and got her breakfast ready.

I had bought a big bag of cat food and a dish, as well as some kitty litter which I kept suspended in a box above the toilet. There canadian teen august if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the been a couple of mishaps but the last time she had to go, her crap had gotten into the toilet.

I had high hopes she'd be toilet trained soon. Maybe it was easier for her to learn because of her human sized brain? I wondered.with a larger brain did that mean she could learn to talk too? I went back into the bedroom with her food. She was still trying to bend in half to lick her vagina clean like a cat would. Well, she hadn't learned that she could no longer do that, and it had been a couple of days since her transformation.

Maybe my brain theory was wrong. "Here ya go, Selina." Yes, I had named her that.why not? She was literally a cat woman! I didn't know what her real name was, and I had to call her something. Selina stopped her attempt to clean herself and dove face first into the food.

Munch munch munch! Smiling, I headed back to the kitchen to make my own breakfast.

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--- After eating, I again banged on the wall where I thought my missing broom closet door was. I could neither see nor feel the door now that it was closed, as Kate had said would happen. Again there was no response. Kate had to change the cat back. She couldn't remain as a human, could she?

How was I going to explain a naked woman acting like a cat? And where was Demie? She had been gone for the better part of a week, part of the reason Kate's spells had started failing, requiring her to magic me up a replacement lover.

--- Demie was, in actuality, out of town. She stepped off her bus and scanned the street numbers, ignoring how the passersby stared at her.

Demie was still wearing her preferred clothing of 60's hip jeans and a tight leather half top. A bit out of style these days, but what everyone was really paying attention to were her womanly charms.

Her figure was a perfect hourglass, with a beautiful face that was a combination of Janis Joplin (at her most attractive), Demi Moore, and Tom's ex-girlfriend Laura. As a succubus, a female sex demon, she oozed female sexuality. She spotted the door she was looking for and headed to it.

As she was about to knock, the door opened and a blonde woman who looked in her mid-30's ushered Demie inside. Demie looked around the woman's shop. A cloud of incense hung in the air. Knick-knacks of varying price and quality lined the chastity lynne was always a horny gal. "I guess I don't have to tell you why I'm here.?" she asked the woman.

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"Nope." The woman's voice had an unexpected Southern twang. "Your price?" The woman smiled. --- "Princess!" I heard someone shouting down on the street so I unlatched the window, lifted it up, and stuck my head out.

Some old lady, calling out for. "Princess!" "Mowrr." I banged the top of my head on the window as Selina suddenly pushed her head through it next to me. She looked down at the old woman. "Mew!" The old woman looked up at us and then after pissloving babe vacums and toys her pussy moment became angry at what she thought were two young people making fun of her.

Shaking her head, she moved on. "Princess!" Selina (um, Princess, I guess) looked at me, confused. "Mow?" "Yeah, we'll see if we can get you back to your mum, but not looking like that." I again admired the naked, toned human female shape the cat was locked into and could feel my cock stirring again. "Time to make the donuts." I said toward the closet as I unbuckled my pants.

--- After another round of fucking my human cat, I was laying on the couch, thinking, with her resting her head on my chest.

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Cats went into heat so that they could get pregnant.was it possible that I could impregnate Selina? Was she just a cat shaped like a human, or was she fully human now, with a human reproductive system? Because if it was the latter, for the amount of unprotected sex we'd been having over the last few days, it would be a miracle if she wasn't pregnant.

Would there be a human baby, or a litter of cats? Or some kind of human-cat hybrids? I wished Kate would open the closet door so I could ask her. --- "Your price?" Demie asked. The woman smiled and said, "Nothing that you will miss.nothing that you currently have.it will not be yours, though you will be responsible." Demie considered. "Well, if I won't miss it and I don't currently have it, what do I care? I'll have everything that I need once our business is concluded. I agree." Then Cassandra explained what Demie would need to do to foil the greatest threat to her new life on Earth.

It didn't make much sense, but Demie was going to follow the prophetess' instructions. She didn't want what happened with Abe forty years ago to happen again. As Demie left Cassandra's shop a young man caught her eye, and she caught his. Beckoning him into an alley, she figured she would grab a snack and then head on home. --- "Mew?" "I have to go to work," I replied.

The poor cat lady looked so forlorn that I was leaving that I almost called in sick, but I had done that too often lately. Like any cat, she would be fine alone for the day. While I was away, though, Selina/Princess investigated her surroundings, also like any cat would. When I got home I found she had managed to clear pretty much everything off of the kitchen counter, though Maria bellucci private black label devil in the flesh did find that she finally managed to use the toilet correctly.

More importantly, she was gone, and the window was open! I had closed it before I left, so she must have used the increased brainpower of her new body to figure out how to unlatch and open it. I stuck my head out the window. "Selina!" Nothing. There was a ledge outside of the window going along the side of the building, but could she have managed that in her new body? I knew there was a maintenance ladder around the side that she could have used to get to. .the roof! I dashed out my front door, up the stairs, and out the roof access door.

She wasn't there. I looked from each of the four sides of the building, thinking. If she had the leaping strength of a cat in a human body then she could have jumped to one of the two neighboring buildings, and those had fire escapes.

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She was gone. To be continued.